GOD'S DIVINE INTERVENTION! INSIDES HEALED! (The Carol Jean King Miraculous Healing Testimony

Jesus Did It!

By: Carol Jean King

It is with great happiness and gratitude that I share with you what God has done for me.  At a time when I really needed my family, my friends and those who knew me through others, all of you went to God on my behalf.  I was in trouble.  As you know, I have been sick on and off for the last ten or more years.  This past August things made a turn for the worse.  I was getting sicker by the day, full of pain with no place to turn, and in addition to that I fell into a quiet depression.  Because, the doctors I had been seeing could not get to the bottom of the problem, I progressively got worse and I felt alone in my fears.  Oftentimes I simply couldn't eat; I lost weight; I tried different diets, and I could not stop the pain which often brought me to my knees or sent me home quickly so I could be sick by myself at home.  I vomited a lot.

Over the past several months I was only able to eat about four tablespoons of food at a time, and I could only sip liquids.  Every time I drank something, I had radiating pain through my upper chest.  I didn't know it then, but my stomach was pushing against my heart and lungs.  I learned to deal with it and go on with my life.  But then in August things really turned for the worse.  My situation got out of hand. I found myself in the hospital several times only to be told there was nothing wrong with me.  Each time I heard that-- my emotions took a dive.  I was tired of thinking others and even the doctors thought it was only in my head.  I knew there was something drastically wrong, but every time I had another test, I was told, "You are fine. We find nothing wrong with you. Your gall-bladder is good- you have no stones. Your lungs are good, your heart is strong, your liver is working normally, your colon is functioning at 90 plus percent, your kidneys are normal, your lungs are clear." 

I cried for days with fear and frustration during the last several months at what I was told, and what I feared was not known or not understood by the medical field.  The last thing my regular doctor said to me before he was replaced was, 'You are a very healthy woman. Continue to eat healthy foods, get plenty of rest and don't worry so much.'  I knew I wasn't healthy.  I felt bad.  I knew on the inside of me something was not right.  Crying once again, I went home and talked to my daughter.  After hearing what the doctor said, my daughter, who is a nurse, said "Mom, something is wrong. I will find a new doctor for you.'  She found a surgeon who was willing to start all over with me.  She ordered another test to check the entire inside of my body.  The test she ordered contradicted the fact that nothing was wrong.  Something was horribly wrong! 

The test that scanned my entire body took several hours, but it revealed that nearly my entire stomach (over 2/3 of it was sitting alongside my heart and lungs, and it was somewhat twisted and scarred.  I literally had two stomachs and that was why I would eat a little get sick and then vomit. 

She said, "No wonder you are in pain; this has to be corrected as quickly as possible, because if the stomach twists too far your entire blood supply will be shut down." 

She promised to find me a specialist quickly, and one who had a lot of experience in that type of surgery.

We were prepared to go anywhere in the country to find the right doctor.  Two were found.  One was in Ann Arbor, Michigan and one doctor was in Grand Rapids, Michigan.  They both had plenty of experience with this kind of surgery and were qualified to do the risky surgery.  These two doctors were researched thoroughly through the Internet, through local hospitals and by word of mouth.  I would have accepted a doctor that was not a Christian, but I had one huge request and I made it known that whomever was chosen, he/she should be a Christian as I am.  I thought that my emotional side would be better served if the doctor believed as I believe.  Within a couple of weeks all the searches led to one man.  He was a doctor close to home.  He was a doctor who was qualified, experienced and came highly recommended.  He had done over 550 surgeries like mine and had a reputation of being compassionate and Godly.  

When I went in to see him the first time, I saw that he was wearing a cross.  I will never forget what that little gold cross looked like, and how comfortable I felt seeing it on his neck.  I didn't ask him about his relationship with God, but after seeing the cross, I was given the peace I needed.  When he left the room, I jumped off the table, whispered 'YES' and cried while hugging my daughter.  I had found someone to help me. 

In less than two weeks after that initial office visit, I was in Butterworth Hospital (located in Grand Rapids, MI) ready to be operated on and to have my new doctor pull my stomach back in alignment from the chest area to the stomach.  I truly was blessed with the right people around me, the right doctor, and I was blessed to know that Jesus was there with me from the start.  I want to back up though and tell you what happened on Dec.15, 2011, and why I believe I was part of a Divine Intervention. 

Before my big surgery in Grand Rapids could take place, I had to have minor surgery or a procedure known as an upper GI to go down into the throat through the esophagus and into the stomach to see exactly what would be encountered with the scheduled surgery on the 20th of December.  The doctor from Holland who did the procedure told me after recovery that he could not finish the exam because of the location and the twisting and massing of my stomach.  The stomach was way out of position, and he was afraid that he would do serious damage if he tried to enter the stomach with his instruments - not knowing where the stomach opening was.  The X-Rays and reports were sent on to Butterworth Hospital.

For two days, I could not gather my thoughts.  I was worried. 

So, when I went in for the biggest surgery of my life, I did not know if I was in real trouble or not.  I did my best to keep a happy heart, but not knowing for sure what the probable outcome would be, I worked myself into a state that likely was not good for me.  I prayed constantly.  I prayed all the way down the hall towards surgery and I prayed until I was into the deep sleep they put me into for surgery. When signing the paper of release ... if there were complications, I had agreed to let them cut into my chest bones to save my life and that was probably one of the last things I thought of while still coherent.  I knew that cutting into my chest to get at the problem was risky and that kind of cutting could take a long time to recover from.  I was terrified.   

I prayed as much as I could pray, and I had asked everyone I knew to pray for me.  My dear sister, Kathleen and my brother-in-law, Norm, heard me and immediately went to battle on my behalf.  Kathleen promised to drop whatever she was doing to be with me if my daughter could not care for me at any given time.  Norm said that they would cut short whatever holiday plans they had to come and be with me.  I heard that all of you at West Shoreline Church Correctional Facility (prison) prayed for me.  I will always cherish you for that.  My friends in churches of different denominations, and friends who wanted to help me got on the phones and had 3 and 4-way prayer sessions offered up on my behalf.  God heard those prayers.  He answered those prayers.  A miracle was about to happen...

When the doctor came of out surgery to talk to my daughter, Roxanne, he said to her, "Something happened in there.  I was expecting to see something far worse than what I saw.  Your mother's  X-Ray and report from the doctor in Holland showed an out of alignment, out of place and twisted mass of a stomach.  This morning when I went in, I found her stomach and esophagus in perfect alignment away from the heart and lungs and laying on the diaphragm ready for me to pull it down, reposition it, sew up the diaphragm and secure the stomach to the esophagus, so it will not move again.  I did the surgery easily and in less time than it could have taken.  She should be good for a long time now.'

When I later heard what the doctor had said, I was stunned, speechless and very happy.  Not only had the surgery gone smoothly, but there was no scarring, no burnt esophagus, no tumors, no cysts, no anything that would be considered abnormal-- nothing that could lead to cancer of the esophagus.  How could this be?  Problems that go along with having a hiatal hernia usually lead to some burning from acid reflux, which can cause problems later on.  I have none of those problems.  My entire upper and lower abdomen is now medically described as very healthy.  After years of pain and discomfort, I asked myself, "How could I be described as clear and free and described as medically very healthy?'  It is as if what was ---never was and isn't now!  That is what I call Divine Intervention.

I believe that God listened to the prayers offered.  I believe that He moved my stomach away from my heart and my lungs.  I believe that He placed it exactly where it needed to be for surgery that day.  And I believe that God had His hand in mine, and His hand upon the hands of the surgeons and everybody connected to me that day.  I have always believed in the power of prayer and now I do more than ever.

It is now six days since my surgery and every day I can notice that I am stronger than I was the day before.  My prognosis?  In two weeks I was told to start soft foods instead of liquids only.  On the sixth day, I was able to be at the two-week mark.  I have stopped losing weight and am now just about where I should be.  , pain medication?  I take none.  I am totally pain free.  My daughter was my angel.  She stayed with me (away from her family) for five days when I came home, and for that I am truly grateful.

I thank God and all of you for caring enough to pray for me and help me through those dark days.

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