Jesus Did It!

By: Robert Crain

I was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and raised by my Grandmother, Ester Crain.  My mom and dad were divorced and married to each other three different times. That is how I came to be raised by my grandmother.

I remember Momma Crain taking me to church a few times when I was little, but nothing steady. Years later, after My Uncle James came home from Vietnam and became a Baptist preacher, he started telling me things about this man named 'Jesus'.

One Sunday, while Momma Crain and I were over in Jacksonville, Arkansas, visiting my uncle and his wife Onita, she took me to church, because Uncle James wasn't feeling well.  I can't remember what was preached that day, or who preached it, but even at the early age of nine or ten, it stirred me so much.  I don't believe a team of wild horses could have kept me from answering that alter call for salvation.  There's no way of denying that God placed His hand upon my life that day.  

But sadly ...

After that, Grandma and I went back to Hot Springs, and back to our old routine. The struggles of every day life, and little to no Church - I had no discipleship and no training. Grandma did the best she could to raise me right, but I grew wilder as I got older and it was easy to get around Grandma on anything I wanted to do.

Somewhere about this time period, I would guess around 10 or 11 years old, I snuck in and saw my first 'Hells Angels' movie. You talk about planting seeds of rebellion in a young boy's heart and mind. Those 'Hell's Angels' didn't have people that lied to them and got away with it. They didn't have people who messed them over and get away with it and they didn't have people who ran off and left them.

By the age of eleven or twelve, I was riding motorcycles. It was a passion planted in my heart by stories I had heard of my dad and mom riding in their younger days. With my new found freedom of going wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted - it didn't take long before I found all the wrong people and things (as in drugs and alcohol) to keep me occupied.  By age thirteen I was a regular user of drugs and alcohol. Mostly pot and beer, but it wasn't long before things got worse. I started drinking whiskey and I started experimenting with much more dangerous drugs.

I dropped out of school in the ninth grade, and by age seventeen I was a member of my first motorcycle gang. I was a little too wild for their taste, and by age nineteen I had progressed to a little more hardcore group, but the same became true with them also. These guys told me that if I wanted to be a real, genuine, bad-to-the-bone outlaw, then I needed to go join up with the 1%-er's (one percenters) The elite of the outlaw motorcycle gangs. 

I moved to a town where they had a chapter. I met them; hung around them and found the family I had desired all my life.  By age twenty three I was a full patched-out "one percenter," - the worst of the worst.  By age twenty four or twenty five I was an officer -- a Sgt-At- Arms. My job as Sgt-At-Arms included 'taking care' of people who became a threat to our people or the club as a whole. It also included taking care of club members who disobeyed directions from the chapter President. I took care of security issues and was put into the position of  bodyguard on numerous occasions.  By this time I was also a drug dealer-addict, a womanizer, alcoholic, and an extremely violent curse to be around. I always had a pocket full of speed and one if not two pistols stuck in my belt -- always ready to 'take care ' of any one or anything that challenged our (the club's) way of life.

By 1985 I had been a patched-out member for five years and an officer for three or four years.  I had been involved in so much drug activity and violence that I had drawn the attention of the Federal Government - namely the F.B.I.  In March or April of 1985, an indictment was handed down for 100 members of our 'club'. Coast to coast 97 of them were served a visit, while by a stroke of chance two of my partners and I were not home that day. We ended up running and hiding for two weeks before we finally gave ourselves up.

I was charged with multiple felonies, including: Continual criminal enterprise; three counts of conspiracy; four counts of using federal communications to further a conspiracy; and the overt act of torture of a federal witness. After paying a lawyer tens of thousands of dollars, I ended up with a 13 year federal sentence. I ended up serving five of those 13 years before they released me in 1990, on federal parole. In the five years I spent locked up, I didn't learn anything except how to be more corrupt.

Upon my release, I returned to Little Rock and picked right up where I left off. But things were different. I don't know how to explain it, other than to tell you that it seemed that prison made some of the other members a little wiser and a little more cautious, but not me!  I went back to the old life style like I had a torch lit under me. By now, prison and my attitude had driven my first wife and step-daughter away. I was foot loose and fancy free. I denied myself of nothing. I did whatever I wanted to and with whomever I wanted.

I married a woman who's father was well off, thinking I'd be in the middle of all that money. I went back in heavy drug dealing and weapons collecting. No one was safe around me, and I really started hating myself and everything I was involved with.

Through a series of events, (with my new parole officer), I eventually left my second wife, and my chapter, and I moved to Oklahoma.  Somehow I knew I had to change my life, or I was going to die a very violent death. And I knew that when it happened, I would go alone. As much as I wanted to change, I didn't have a clue as to how. My move to Oklahoma was a simple move to new places and faces with no changes otherwise in character.

Her Mother's First Impression Of Me Was That Hell Had Just Walked Through Her Door

I went right into all my old tricks.  I moved in with a stripper who eventually took me down to a little rural town , about 30 miles south east of Tulsa, where I met her parents. I didn't know it then, but on that day my life did truly start to change. Her mother's first impression of me was that hell had just walked through her door.

But instead of freaking out, she began to pray for me and her daughter.  Her dad was an honest to goodness rancher-cowboy-business man, and much to everyone's surprise, we did hit it off. We had a love of weapons and drinking.   Plus, I found out years later, that he (as a young man in California) had had his taste of being involved with a 1% (one percent) motorcycle club.

I ended up going to work for him in his construction company. After a couple of years, his daughter moved to California and left me in Tulsa with my parole. That's when I ended up moving in with her mom and dad and living closer to a normal life than I had ever experienced in my life.  But Satan wasn't through trying to kill, steal and destroy my life.  Between the lifestyle I had lived and my appearance -- I'm talking about hair almost down to my belt, a full black grizzly beard and tattoos that covered my back to half of my chest, and both arms from shoulder to wrist, in the little Oklahoma town where I was now living -- I stuck out like a skunk in a perfume factory.

Clay and Mona did everything they could to make me feel at home, and they did a great job of it. But - I was lonely and the farming and ranching ladies around there weren't exactly flocking to my door. I ended up hanging out in Tulsa again, and sure enough, married another stripper. It didn't take long for bad to go to worse. My new bride and I were together for less than a year when things fell apart, due to drugs and infidelity. Clay had had to fire me because I was burning the candle in 7 - 8 places at one time.

Once again I had helped my whole world fall apart.  I was tired; I was angry; I was at a point to where I could see no hope.

"You Need To Stay Away From Me, 'Cause I'm Fixing To Start Killing People."

I jumped head first back into the dope business, not really wanting to make money, but wanting to have all the dope I could stand without it costing me any money. I grew more bitter every day, and lost my ability to care much about anything or anybody. I even told 'Brothers' that I had ridden in the club with for years, "You need to stay away from me, 'cause I'm fixing to start killing people."

About this time, two young men that I did dope business with had gotten real cross-ways with me and I had made up my mind that I was going to kill both of them. I made up my mind that I was going to end their lives and end the misery that I was living in. My plan was to use the explosives I had, to blow the front of their house off, then shoot anyone who survived. But that wasn't the end of my plan. Next I was going to wait in the street for all of the police that I knew would be coming. I was ready to end it. The hurt, the anger, the frustration, the disappointments, and the pain ... and I had a plan. 

Little did I know ... but God had a plan too, and it didn't involve me becoming a murderer, or getting blasted to death by the police. 

Within three to four days of me initiating my plan, the mercy and grace of God started intervening in my life, no doubt due to prayers offered up from friends and loved ones.

In what I considered to be a total fluke at the time, but later learned it was God's loving grace, I got busted. The guy I was staying with off and on was a small time dope dealer. On this particular day, while I was in the shower, his cousin brought with him an undercover county deputy to buy some speed. The transaction took place; they left; my buddy left; then I came out of the shower; got my things together and left. I had no idea of what had transpired in the trailer.

I spent the rest of that day and that evening with some old friends from Arkansas. Most of that time was spent drinking whiskey and snorting cocaine and meth. The trailer where I had been staying with Jim was out in the middle of nowhere. So - when I pulled in there that night around 10:00 and saw a strange truck parked there, I figured the two boys that I was going to kill had found me.

You have to remember now that at this point I am high as can be on drugs and alcohol. I get out of my van and head toward the house, with a 15 shot Glock .45 automatic in my hand. 

All of a sudden, 10 -12 deputies in street clothes come running out of this house trailer, all with guns drawn and shouting, 'Drop your weapon and get on the ground!'  When the door flew open and all these people came running out, all I could think to do was to throw down on them.  They yelled three or four times for me to drop my weapon before I realized that they weren't dope dealers out to kill me.

As I dropped my gun and they wrestled me to the ground, I knew something real unusual had just happened. At the time ... I didn't realize it for the miracle that it was. I just knew that there wasn't any logical reason for me to not be laying there full of bullet holes. But God had a plan!

After about a week and a half, I woke up in the Sapulpa County jail, charged with 'felon in possession of a firearm' - 'use of a firearm in the commission of a felony", and 'possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute.'  As it goes with all dope dealing buddies, within an hour of busting me, they busted my buddy Jim. And of course he felt that it was his civic duty to tell the police that all the dope they found in his bedroom was mine

My federal parole officer dropped in to let me know that my two years special parole was being revoked, but he also told me that by some mighty strange circumstances, he was not going to be able to charge me with the 27 weapons that were found in my room. Each weapon would have been a sentence of 'life without parole' all on its own. 

Sapulpa County jail cells were under ground, and the two main cells were designed to hold 18 prisoners each. It seems like the whole time I was there, there were never fewer than 20 to 25 prisoners in each cell. After about a week of being conscious, I started noticing a young black guy who was just different than the rest of the prisoners. He wasn't running back and forth to the phone, checking on bond or a lawyer. He wasn't freaked out and he wasn't stressed, and I had to know how he kept this peaceful attitude. After I introduced myself to him and told him what was on my mind, he asked me if I had ever read the Bible. I told him that I had, but couldn't make heads or tails of all those 'thees' and 'thous' and all that weird language.

He just laughed and asked me if I would like to read the Bible with him. God has such a sense of humor. Here I am, raised in the South and brought up very much prejudice, and He has sent me a black man to both disciple me and to teach me humility. The young black man's name was Kenneth, and he started me out in Matthew, and we read all the way through to Acts. Word for word, and verse by verse, he led me through the gospels, answering all the questions I had.

In the mean time, Pastor Jerry Murphin and his wife Judy, would come every Thursday night to bring the Word of God ....and milk and cookies! You'd be surprised at how many grown, locked up men, would be quiet and listen to God's word, at the promise of milk and cookies afterward.

Between the discipleship I received from Kenneth, and Pastor Murphin bringing the anointed Word of God into that cell, I learned for the first time in my life that there was one that truly loved me, and His name was Jesus.  In that cell ... I surrendered to Him.  I sold out for Him, and I knew in my heart that I would serve Him all the days of my life.

That Thursday night, in November of 1994, I felt God wrap me up in His arms and tell me, 'Welcome home.  I've been waiting on you for some time now'. 

I Felt The Weight Of The World Lift Off Of My Shoulders, And I Felt A Peace Come Over Me That I had Never Known Before.

I felt the weight of the world lift off of my shoulders, and I felt a peace come over me that I had never known before. After that night, I knew that no matter what my future was to be, I had been set free.  Free from drugs and alcohol, free from all the bonds of this earth,  Praise God!

I ended up spending almost eight months in that cell.  After my born again salvation conversion, I stopped worrying about what they were going to do to me. I knew I would serve God no matter what.  As it turns out, God knew that too. After about my sixth month in there, a court appointed attorney came to see me and said,  "Here's the deal. The court has agreed to drop the felon in possession of a firearm charge, give you 10 years apiece on the other two charges, then run them concurrent (which meant that they became one 10 year sentence) and suspend 5 years of the 10 year sentence."

You could have fanned me over with a feather. No one gets that kind of a deal with a court appointed attorney, or without snitching on all of your crime partners. But God knew my heart, and He knew that what I had received from Him had nothing to do with 'jailhouse religion'.  

They put me on a bus and my first stop was McAlister -- Oklahoma's maximum security penitentiary. I was only scheduled to stay there as a hold over, but my holdover status lasted three months. I see clearly now, how even that was a part of God's plan. In those three months at McAlister, I worked in 'H' unit, which is where they housed all the 'lifers' and the 'death row' inmates. God allowed me to see the end of my path, had I not received His truth.  

Next they moved me to Ft. Supply, Oklahoma, where I would spend the next two or so years immersed in the Word of God. The Ft. Supply Chapel had the best Christian audio-visual-and book library I had ever seen. And Chaplain Ron Grant, who eventually took over the Chapel, was one of the greatest mentors I have ever met. (It was at Ft. Supply that my roots were sunk deep, to hold in God's word.)   There were 6 - 7 church ministries from the surrounding area of Woodward, Oklahoma that would come in and minister to us, and they told us about one of the biggest needs the Church had at that time. The need was for men to take their God given position in the Church and in the family. 

There was another Pastor there named Victor Gains. He was an inmate, but still a Pastor, none the less. God had given Victor a vision of raising up godly men, to send back out into society.  I caught that vision from Victor, and with God's help, will carry it on.   From Ft. Supply they sent me to Texarkana Federal Prison, to finish up my federal parole. Texarkana wasn't a time of real growth, but it was a time of clinging to what was true and real ... Jesus.

I was released November 10th of 1998. My mom and dad, and Clay and Mona, (who I mentioned earlier in this testimony), were there to pick me up. I went back to Wagoner, Oklahoma with Clay and Mona and was in Church that very night. Before I left prison, I had prayed that the Lord would send me to a Church where the people loved God and they loved each other. That Church turned out to be the First Assembly of God, right there in Wagoner, Oklahoma.  Pastor Scott Ballard was the Sheppard of that flock, and he is one of the most devoted men of God that I have ever met. 

After a little over a year, Pastor came and asked if I would take over the men's ministry there. I guess I looked kind of funny to him, because he said to me, 'Don't look at me like I'm crazy.  Don't you think I've prayed about this and heard from God?'. I told Pastor that I would think and pray about it, but I didn't think I loved these men enough to minister to them. In the year that I had been there, most of what I had seen of the men were what I called: SMO's (Sunday Morning Only Christians). For the most part, they didn't show up for prayer nights; they didn't teach Sunday school; they didn't raise their hands or even look alive during praise and worship; none were in the choir, and hardly any were reaching outside the four walls of the Church to help anyone ... except themselves. I didn't believe I loved them, and I sure as heck didn't want to hang out with most of them.

But true to my word to Pastor, I did go home and pray about it. The Lord led me to scripture in the fifth chapter or Romans, the fifth verse, where it said that God HAD poured out His love into MY heart, by His Holy Spirit which He HAD given me. 

Well, I had been walking with the Lord long enough by now to know that if God said it, it was the truth. I did have enough love in me to minister to those men. It was just up to me to obey God and to manifest the truth of His word in my life.

I did get appointed as Director of Men's Ministry, and by God's anointing and direction, the men of that Church rose up, got involved and started walking in victory. Praise God!  Since I received Jesus as Savior and Lord of my life, the victories and miracles in my life are way too many to write down, but I do want you to know some of the many highlights.

As mentioned before, I was completely delivered from drugs and alcohol in 1994. On the first day of  February, 1999, I was Baptized with the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. That very same night I was completely delivered from smoking cigarettes and dipping snuff.  March 23 of 1999, the enemy tried to kill me with a heart attack. They life flighted me to a Tulsa hospital on Tuesday evening.  My Pastor and praying ladies from the Church were there when the helicopter landed. I left the hospital Saturday morning completely healed by the will and word of God! 

In 2000 I was appointed Men's Pastor at the Assembly of God in Wagoner, Oklahoma.  In 2003 God opened the door to start a jail ministry at the Wagoner County jail. Through the anointing of God, and my first hand experience in jail, well over 150 men came to know the truth and saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Later in 2003 , my best friend kind of horns-waggled me into riding motorcycles again. This was something I never thought I'd do again. I figured I had been set free from all that junk and I wasn't going anywhere near that stuff again. BUT GOD HAD A PLAN!  That's when I got introduced to the 'Tribe Of Judah Motorcycle Ministry' -- a ministry that goes back into the exact same lifestyle that I had been delivered from, and shows the 1%-ers world the love of Jesus.  

In 2004, at a large Tribe of Judah Ministry function, I met the woman that God, from the foundation of time, had created just for me. She too was a Tribe of Judah member. She has her own Harley and can ride better than a lot of men. She too had come from an outlaw motorcycle background. God spoke to my spirit, and I knew she was to be my wife. Within a few months, I flew back to Denver and met her spiritual Father and received his permission to court her.

In July she flew to Oklahoma. I proposed to her on July third, in the prayer room at Church, and she accepted. Then we drove to Arkansas to introduce her to my parents and give them the good news. By God's leading, in September of 2004 I moved to Denver and stayed with the Tribe President and his family until Marisa and I were married on the second of October. According to scripture, we both took a leave of absence from ministry - for the first year of our marriage. After that God spoke into my heart that we were to come to 'Calvary Temple', in Denver, and to serve under the Senior Pastor, Barry Palser, in the ministries that God would open up for us. 

Thank you Jesus ... and my constant prayer is that you will move the heart's of people around the world ... especially the 1%-ers who are the "worst of the worst" who need to understand they are loved by their Creator, like we all need to be loved by Him.  None of us were created to be "bad."  We become "bad" because we've never truly met the Creator of all "Good" - Yet!  We can meet Him right now and get right with Him ... or we can wait for the Judgment Day when it will be too late to get right with Him. 

I exhort you - don't waste another moment getting right with Him. 

My current mailing address is:

Calvary Temple
ATTN: Pastor Robert Crain
200 S. University
Denver, CO 80209



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