Jesus Did It!



Yes! God turned my past into a purpose. That is why I am here today.

Isaiah 44:2: 'He who made me, formed me in my mother's womb will help me.'

I was born in a Roman Catholic family. I have 9 siblings, 4 sisters and 5 brothers. I am the youngest in my family. Though all of us attended church on Sundays we were all living like the rest of them ' having a mindset 'All gods are one.'

My dad was an alcoholic; he stopped working in his mid-30s after being caught in smuggling. Since then he remained unemployed till his death. He abused my mum with vulgar languages; beat her up most of the time. I always saw my mum in tears. My brothers were addicted to drugs; most of the time I saw them indulging in drugs -- regular prison goers.

We lived in poverty. My mum struggled her whole life to feed us and bring us up. A time came when two of my brothers who were at two different prisons accepted the Lord through the prison ministries. They informed my mum by writing letters to her. When they returned home, both of them were very excited to share their new faith in Christ to us.

During this time, I was 11 years old. I was very poor in my studies and my position in class exams used to be in the last batch. So one day when I was sitting down, I casually prayed and said 'Lord Jesus, I heard from my brother that you answer prayers. If you are a prayer answering God, help me pass my exam.'  A simple prayer from a 11 yr old girl!

Yes indeed Jesus answered my prayer. I did extremely well. God changed my class position from last to second in class. Since then, Jesus became my best friend ever after. I confessed my wrong doings and invited Jesus into my heart.

I spent most of my time in prayer, attending church services and reading the word of God. I told Him everything. Like how a little girl talks to her father, I was talking every minute with Jesus. Small child-like faith.

As I grew up, I started my first career in Singapore Air force. I found favor in my officer's eyes. I was promoted much earlier than my scheduled time. It was a stable and respectable job. I glorified the Lord in every way possible.
But Satan is always there to mislead God's people. He trapped me with 'Love.'  I fell in love with a backslidden Christian. I thought I could turn him to Christ after marriage. It never worked like that. Instead, I moved away from my dear Lord Jesus.

Everything, seemed to be good at the beginning. I got married -- settled down in a big Maisonatte (double story house). I owned a BMW car. My in-laws were living together with me. I was enjoying my new family life.  Five years later, it turned out to be a disaster.

My whole life was ruined. Family broken - I had to leave my 1-year-old boy. My big house had to sell off at a loss. I was left on the streets without a house. I could not turn to my siblings for help. Due to bank credit cards I was deeply indebted to the banks. Banks were after me for payment. I lost my Air Force job.

I stayed in the cemetery for days at my mum's tombstone ... crying and pleading with her to take me with her.

With all these things happening, I decided to end my life as I came to the conclusion it was not worthy to be continued.

The night when I had planned well to end my life, that evening my sister called me. She asked me to accompany her to visit her pastor. She didn't know about my plans, but I wanted to fulfill her last wish as I wouldn't have a chance to be with her anymore.

My times are in your hands. (Ps31:15)

The meet-up changed the whole situation upside down. Pastor Joseph spent hours listening to my problems and advised me to return back to the Lord. He said, 'Jesus is the answer- God is enough. Come back to him. He always gives a 2nd chance." He led me into a prayer re-dedicating my life to Jesus.

Ps 23:1, The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

Lord Jesus, is my shepherd.  He accepted me and loved me. Jesus gave me a new life.  Here are some of the highlights ...

' In the midst of all my problems, there was joy bubbling into my heart.

' I became a faithful member in my church. My pastor guided me spiritually with God's word.

' He helped me build a strong foundation in Christ.

' Now , I am standing here as a servant of God.

' Jesus re-united me with my family. My husband and son both re-united.

' Jesus blessed me with a nice beautiful house again. God blessed me with the exact amount to pay full payment for my house. No loan.

' Jesus blessed my son with great wisdom and he did extremely well in his GCE 'O' levels and he was able to enter in a good junior college.

' By God's Grace! I have gone to Malaysia, South India, North India & Bangladesh for missions to share his love to others.

' All Glory and Praise to my loving Jesus Christ. Amen.

Romans 8:28, And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Please - I want to let you know one thing. Do NOT think that once you come to the Lord, all your problems will necessarily disappear. Satan will not stop trying to find ways to hinder your relationship with the Lord, constantly trying to discourage you and constantly trying to get you to believe God isn't REALLY for you afterall. Its not like instant noodles or a 3-in-1 drink. Relationship with Jesus Christ is a process. It's a long walk with many obstacles to overcome along the way. BUT KNOW: God sees your faithfulness and will slowly guide you to overcome your problems one by one. Not necessarily all at the same time. He will give you the grace to patiently endure your trials. He will surely deliver you according to His perfect timing. It took me over 10 years to get back my family.

None of us "arrive" at a place where there will never be new trials to overcome in this walk with Jesus. Spiritual warfare comes lot and parcel with our relationship with God. Ephesians 6:10-18 assures us of it. We need to understand what the spiritual weapons ARE that God has given us to use daily in Ephesians 6:10-18, and how to WISELY use them - daily.  If we don't, our relationship with the Lord will constantly be less fruitful than what it CAN be. 

Three KEYS to stay victorious through the trials that come our way is to KEEP praising the Lord (ESPECIALLY when we least feel like it!) -- KEEP being thankful to Him (ESPECIALLY when we least feel like it!) -- be QUICK to mentally forgive those who offend us (ESPECIALLY when we least feel like it!), because becoming offended happens often. We open a door wide open for the devil to put a wedge in our relationship with the Lord if we don't slam the door in Satan's face IMMEDIATELY by REFUSING to react to those who offend us. God wants us to ACT - not REACT. How do we ACT? We mentally forgive first. Sometimes we have to take it a step further and engage in spoken forgiveness with the one who has offended us. It depends on the situation. The Holy Spirit will give wisdom in the matter.

Forgiving those who hurt and offend us is an act of our will -- the OPPOSITE of our "feelings." These three spiritual disciplines are potent "Spiritual nuclear warheads" God wants us fighting the devil with until our time is done on earth ... to keep our peace and joy in our relationship with Him at all times.  

God wants us always asking Him what He may want us to learn during our trials. Trials ultimately mature us in our relationship with Jesus...or they tempt us to pull away in our relationship with Him (Which is ALWAYS the devil's desire in the matter).  

Trust God -- KEEP TRUSTING GOD -  and stay faithful to His Word in all circumstances. It makes this life much easier.

God bless you!



 (By: Annie De Laure)

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