(The Danielle Marie Lee Story)

By: Danielle Marie Lee

A testimony is a person's recollection of an event. My testimony is about how I received Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior. Here's how it happened: 

All my life I grew up in church. When I was at church I was a little angel but when I was anywhere else after church I was a little devil. I would talk back and disobey my parents and elders, curse my brother and others out, and just be a horrible person. I was very active in the church because it gave me friends and made me feel popular. I was popular in my church of about 15 youth. It made me happy because it filled the void in my heart. I wasn't popular or loved at my school. I had friends that I hung out with but they weren't in the "in" crowd. Unlike some people I didn't fill the void in my heart with drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or sex. I abstained from all of them. I think it was good for me to do that because my friends experimented with almost all of them and I stood out as an example by abstaining. When I was around they wouldn't do some things.

Then in 7th grade I started going out with a guy. He meant the world to me. I thought I was going to marry him. I know it seems funny for a 7th grader to think about marriage at a young age but it seemed right. Unfortunately the guy ditched me completely my sophomore year in high school for a freshman. I was torn. Since he meant so much to me, I just wanted to die. I didn't want to live anymore without him. I also wanted to kill him. If I couldn't have him I didn't want anyone else to have him. We're not even friends anymore. That hurts but I'm ok because I realize he wasn't a true friend to begin with. A true friend stays with you no matter what.

Breaking up with my sweetheart in 10th grade was very depressing for me. I cried my eyes out and caused myself to be in a state of depression. It scared many of my friends and family members because I was always a happy person. Then one day I finally found out where my happiness came from. It was Thursday, July 24, 1997 at 10:20 p.m. CST at Fort Bluff Camp in Dayton, Tennessee in the Tabernacle.

We were singing "Lord I lift your name on high". That song gave me chillbumps all week and I didn't know why. Finally on Thursday when we sang it I broke into tears. I realized I wasn't living for God the way I should be. I also realized it was Satan who was causing me to be depressed. That night I gave all my depression to God and received Jesus Christ into my heart to live in me. I serve him to this day! I praise him for all the things he's doing in me. He's blessed me with a loving boyfriend, awesome friends, a great family, and an Almighty Savior.

After I got saved, I went back home and went back to my old life. The church I was going to wasn't on fire for God so I wasn't. It was a Baptist church. I don't have anything against this church but I needed a church that would keep the fire inside me burning. One day the Lord sent a woman by the name of Marie. She reached out to me and invited me to her church. She went to an Assembly of God church. I could not come at the time she invited me. I was in the middle of a Christmas play at my church. I had a main part so I couldn't miss any practices.

After we finished the play at my church I went over to my friend Esther's house on a Wednesday night and asked her to go to church with me. She said she would so we went outside and waited on Marie. She drove right past us because she thought we were waiting on my church. Since we weren't we went on the street next to mine and waited on Marie there. She stopped and asked us if we wanted to come with her. We said yes. When we got to the church we were greeted with love. That really helped me because I'm a loving person who loves to be loved and to love.

I had some friends that went to the church already so I fit in. During the praise and worship I knew that church was for me. I fit in perfectly!! I'm a person who loves to clap, sing, dance, etc. and they do all that in their praise and worship. Pastor Glenn, the youth pastor, greeted me and gave me a hug. I really loved that. It helped me fit in even more. After a while, I started going to Marie's church regularly. Then, one day there was an evangelist named Michael Tegza. He was preaching one night about getting baptized after you get saved. It really touched me. So I talked to Pastor Glenn about getting baptized. Pastor Glenn baptized me on January 19,1998 after the Sunday night service.

After getting baptized, I became even more involved in the church as I started to fit in. I joined the youth choir and adult choir because I loved to sing. I wanted to join the drama team but I couldn't because they were getting ready for Fine Arts Competition. They made it all the way to Nationals for Fine Arts. After Nationals I joined the drama team.

While I was in the youth choir and adult choir, I signed up and took a discipleship class called X-Ploits. It was a 12 discipleship class that stressed on P-prayer, L- love, O-outreach, I-integrity, T-teaching, and S-servanthood. In the class I learned how to pray, how to love and have good relationships, how much character and attitude matter, and a lot more. What I learned in X-Ploits I will carry with me for the rest of my life. In X-Ploits I had to be accountable in many areas. I had to read my bible (We read the entire New Testament in 12 weeks.), pray for at least 30 minutes a day, date only Christian people, listen to no secular music, only watch up to 10 hours of TV, no questionable TV or movies, etc.

We got graded on each area. At the end our grades are all totaled up and if you get at least 80% you graduate. I graduated. After graduation, we have what they call Pizza with Potential. It's for all X-Ploits graduates. We have a pizza party and we're invited to be in Core Group, which is the leadership of our youth ministry. In Core Group there are several things we are still accountable for just like X-Ploits. We get assigned some people out of the youth ministry to minister to. We call them at least once a week and pray for them daily.

Another requirement of Core Group is that you have to be baptized in the Holy Spirit or seeking the baptism. I hadn't been baptized in the Holy Spirit. I didn't really know what it was. We had a lot of sermons on it and we'd have an altar call to get it but I would never go up there to get it. I guess you could say I was nervous and scared. Something inside of me was telling me to go get it but then again something else was telling me not to.

Then on Wednesday, October 28, 1998 I went up to Miss Vonda (Pastor Glenn's wife) and told her that I had been rejecting the baptism of the Holy Spirit. She prayed for me. I gave it all to Jesus and told him that "I surrender." When I prayed with Miss Vonda I didn't know that Pastor Glenn was going to be preaching on the baptism of the Holy Spirit that night! I was excited!! I kept

telling myself, "I'm gonna get it! I'm gonna get it!" At the end of the service I went up to the altar and had one of the youth leaders, Mr. Jeff, pray for me. I told him I wanted the baptism of the Holy Spirit. He told me that I'd been living the life and this was what I was waiting for. He told me I was going to get it big. He prayed for me then and I got the baptism of the Holy Spirit!!

I hope God is doing this in you too. If He's not then ask Him to come into your heart and let Him do a work in you. Let Him change you and you will never be the same. I did!

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