Jesus Did It!

By: Mary Simmons

EDITORS' NOTE: When you look at the title of this story, you may be asking "GET SOME WHAT?!"  The following story you are about to read is a true-life, down to earth account of a young woman trying to find love and fulfillment in her life.  By making many wrong choices, she finally found and realized that only the love of Jesus Christ was what she was looking for all of the time.  

Do you find yourself in similar ways of thinking at this point in your life?  If you do, we encourage you to read on and learn how this woman found her way out and still does today through many struggles that come her way.

I was born in Chicago, IL to an alcoholic mother and a workaholic father. I was the youngest of six children. My parents divorced when I was two years old, because my dad was having an affair with my mom's friend. My mom rather went off the deep end at that time. She started to drink more than she normally did, which was quite a bit in the first place. My older sisters had to take turns staying home from school to take care of me, because my Mom wasn't able to. Some of my earliest memories are of her throwing up all over the floor, and not being able to wake her up and she falling in the bathroom and hitting her head. My older siblings put her in the tub to clean her up and she almost drowned.

About that time we were all taken away and sent to live with other families. My older sister and I went to live with my dad and his new wife (my mom's friend); I was around 6 years old then. My stepmother didn't like us being there and she let us know it. We weren't allowed to be around the house unless it was bedtime or mealtime. If we absolutely had to be there, we had to stay in our room. She became very verbally and physically abusive to me. She would beat me for things, like using too much toilet paper (she said I could use only one square), standing up in the bathtub, and many other ridiculous reasons. After about two and a half years my mom took us for a visit to Michigan, where she was living and never brought us back. She said that I was so withdrawn that I wouldn't talk to anyone and I wouldn't leave her side.

My mom had gotten help and was sober at that time, but she married this man so she could get custody of us again. He was a drunk. One day I had missed the school bus, and he had to drive me to school. He was really drunk, and swerving all over the road. That was probably the first time I ever really prayed to God. I asked Him to please get me to school safely. He answered my prayer (the first of many).  My stepfather was also starting to molest me. They got divorced shortly after that, so nothing really bad happened. THANK YOU, LORD!!!

After that my mom was born again and we started going to a charismatic church called Maranatha. I was about ten years old and I was saved and baptized. I remember that God was very real to me, but I don't think that I understood what it meant to be "saved". I was just going with the flow, so it didn't really stick.

My Mom was still drinking on and off. Life was very unstable. I never knew when the other shoe was going to drop and I would have to go stay with some other family while she dried out. So there I was, left feeling very unfulfilled, unstable, and looking for something and not really knowing what. Therefore, at age 14, I started using drugs. I loved escaping from the reality of my life, and thinking that I was happy. Life was a big party and the only thing that mattered was how I was going to get a buzz and that was pretty easy to do.

When I was 15, I met a guy and lost my virginity. I thought he was so cool because he sold drugs.  Everyone

knew him and he knew where all the good parties were. I also started selling drugs at school. When I was 16, he moved in with us. My Mom pretty much let me do whatever I wanted - I had no discipline. Then we got married when I was 17, because we thought it would be the "cool" thing to do and we would have a reason to throw another party. Moreover, it made me feel grown up.  Shortly after that, I quit school. I was never there anyway not mentally or physically.  

When I was 19, I became pregnant. I stopped doing most drugs, but I was still smoking pot while I was pregnant.  Thank God, He still blessed me with a healthy, happy (sometimes), normal son (my son is a real character).  While I was pregnant my mom passed away. She basically drank herself to death. It just destroyed her. I loved my mom. She was a very good person. She was just very unhappy and I think that she just didn't have enough faith to be set free from that "demon in the bottle". She just never found the fulfillment that she was searching for - probably because she didn't fully surrender her life and her inner pain to Jesus, so He could heal her. She thought she could do it on her own, but nobody can. Nevertheless, God knew what was in her heart and she did love Jesus, despite her own weakness. I believe she is with Him today and is totally fulfilled and gloriously happy.

After my mom died, my husband and I had to move out of her house because it was being sold. Therefore, we moved out on our own. When our son was born, I grew up a little. I had to take care of this child that God had given me. However, my husband didn't; he was still partying a lot and blowing all the money on drugs. I had to baby-sit so my son and I would have food to eat. In addition, the bills were not being paid, the utilities were shut off, and we were evicted twice. We went half a winter without any heat. He was never home so it didn't bother him. He was drinking more and more as time went on and became very verbally and physically abusive. I tried to leave a couple of times, but he would cry and say he would stop drinking. I really had no where else to go so I would stay. He never stopped drinking for long and it was back to the same old song and dance. 

I didn't want my son growing up in an alcoholic family, but I was afraid to be on my own. I didn't think I was worth much, at least that's what my stepmother always told me, and then my husband confirmed it for me by his verbal abuse. That's when I probably made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I got hooked up with a friend of my husband's. I knew he liked me and I saw him as a way out. He had a good job, and was very responsible. He said what I wanted to hear, and he could also supply my still lingering drug habit. I thought...Wow, what a package deal! 

I moved out from my husband and in with this man. In the meantime, a divorce shortly followed for me. I knew I didn't love this man whom I was living with and most likely never would, but that didn't matter. He was secure and he bought me a lot of nice material things that I had never had before, and I was liking that kind of lifestyle. We lived together for a year and a half and then got married. I still didn't love him, but I thought...nobody else would ever want me so I may as well marry the guy. I still didn't think much of myself.

We were married about four or five years and still doing drugs. He was kind of in his own little world in front of the TV set and I was feeling unfulfilled again. The material things just weren't cutting it anymore. We were trying to have a baby. I thought that's what I needed, but I was unable to get pregnant. Then my husband's 19-year-old nephew started spending a lot of time over at our house.  Well, one thing led to another...he and I started having an affair. That's when I became pregnant with my second son.  I know though that the man I was married to at the time of this affair, which was my second husband, is his father because he looks and acts alot like him. Anyway, I didn't love this 19-year old guy either; he was just a boy-toy to me. He was young and irresponsible, and I did not intend to have a future with him. It was just another way to try and fill the emptiness I felt inside.

Two years later I had another affair with a guy that lived down the street. That guy, I fell head-over-heels in love with! He was everything I thought I wanted in a man, So, I told my husband that I didn't love him and maybe we should separate for awhile. He thought that there might be more to it, so he put a tap on the telephone. He found out about everything, even about the first affair. He filed for a divorce and took custody of our 2-year-old son. The guy down the street bailed out of our relationship while he still could.

We went to court. The judge gave me temporary custody, let me stay in the house, and my husband had to move out. That's when he just snapped. He purchased a gun and threatened to blow my head off. I thought he was just saying that because he had never been the least bit violent to me, but then he pulled the gun out of his pocket. I started to run but he said he would kill my oldest son. So I stopped and said I would do anything he wanted.

He got me down on the floor and held the gun to my head. I called out to the Lord and said "JESUS HELP ME!!"   Then he took me into the other room and sodomized me against my will for an hour. I just prayed the whole time, "Lord please just get me through this night alive - my children need me." I kept asking my husband, "Are you going to kill me?" and he said he hadn't decided yet. Then he finally said, "I won't kill you, but if you tell anyone about this, I will!" I know God intervened that night, because he really intended to kill me. He told somebody later that SOMETHING stopped him. God is so awesome!!

It didn't end there though; a week later he started threatening me again. I was afraid to stay at the house, so I went to stay at my sister's. I couldn't go through that again. I had been through many things before, but that was by far the worst. I was overcome by fear. I filed a police report, because if he did succeed in killing me, I wanted it on record that he had tried it before. Then I was even more afraid because he said if I told anyone he would kill me.  Consequently, we went to a shelter for battered women so he couldn't find me.

It was disgusting, it was dirty and they had a cockroach problem. My kids cried at night because they were in a strange place and some of the other women would yell at them and say they were spoiled brats. I couldn't stay there any longer. I would have rather stayed in my car if that's what I had to do. However, I went to the house of a Christian lady I knew and respected a lot. She was kind of a mother figure to me.  I didn't think my husband would find me there. He had only been to her house once and I had only visited her maybe once or twice a year. 

After I explained to her what was going on, she said to me, "Honey, I know God is in this, because your husband was here looking for you last night."  I didn't know what to do at that point. I was running around trying to keep myself safe. However, I didn't feel safe anywhere I went. So I got down on my knees and prayed to the Lord. "Lord I can't do this anymore, I give up. Please help me."  I surrendered it all. I laid the whole situation at His feet.

That following Sunday I went to church and the guy sitting in front of me went up front with a word from the Lord. He said, "There is someone here who is in a very desperate situation, and feels like there's no hope. God wants you to know that He is going to clear away all the wreckage (he was seeing it like a train wreck) and there's a new train coming for you."  WOW!! That was for me, straight from God. He was giving me the hope I needed to get through it all. 

God is faithful and He kept His word. It didn't happen overnight, but after a couple of weeks my husband found a new girlfriend and stopped stalking me. I let him have the house, and I got an apartment and a job on the same day.  About four or five months later, we divorced and he let me have custody of our son. Moreover, in the midst of it all I stopped smoking pot after 15 years of doing that. Praise God!!! I don't need it anymore. I haven't done any drugs for six years. God not only took care of my physical needs, He also filled the holes in my heart that I was so desperately trying to fill with everything else.

I'm at peace, I'm fulfilled, and life is good. GOD IS GOOD!!! He cleared away all the wreckage and I'm riding the Jesus train straight to Heaven. And it's a pretty smooth ride, but when it gets bumpy, it's okay because I know I'm in Good Hands. (Thank you Lord for all you've done for me, I certainly didn't deserve it!)   These are my life verses that I live by now:

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths. (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Trust in the Lord and do good. Dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalms 37:3-4)

All things work together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purposes.  (Romans 8:28)

If I had the choice to change anything that I've gone through, I wouldn't change a thing. Because without those experiences, I probably wouldn't appreciate God's grace in forgiving me for all the sin and bad choices that I have made in my life. The fact is, He just took me out of a pitiful, unfulfilling, sinful life and cleaned me up, healed me, and filled all the holes in my heart. He did this all because He loves me unconditionally. He didn't do it overnight and He's still not done with me (not by a long shot). But I can say that in the last 6 years He's been changing me so gradually that I don't even realize it until I look back at where I once was. I am confident of this, that He who has begun a good work in me will carry it to completion until the day of Jesus Christ.  (Philippians 1:6

Don't think that you can just kick back and let God do all the work. It takes a lot of sacrifice and surrender (which isn't always easy) to gain the peace that God has for you. However, it is well worth it, because God is the ONLY one that truly satisfies the soul. Not drugs, alcohol, material things, sex, money, power - not anything in this world - it's all worthless. The only thing in life (and death) that's worth anything is the Love of Jesus Christ.

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