Jesus Did It!


By: Rami "Rasmus" Kivisalo

Rami was a former gangster who had such a difficult time believing God would forgive him of all the evil he had done to people.  If you are of the belief that God could not forgive you of whatever it is you have done, please read this testimony.  There is nothing we have done that God will not forgive.  NOTHING!  It doesn't matter if you were responsible for hundreds or thousands who have died, or multitudes who may have suffered by something you may have done.  God's mercy for us is infinite; His forgiveness stretches beyond the stars; His love knows no end.

I am a former professional criminal, gangster, drug dealer, weapons dealer and everything else you could ever imagine. To put it bluntly, I was a very sinful person, full of all kinds of evil. I would like to share my testimony with you; how my life changed years ago, through God's power, while I was in prison. This is a genuine testimony concerning things that have happened for real to me.

When we come into such a situation in our lives were nobody can help us, or solve our problems, I want to tell you: Do not give up; there is great hope! Whatever the matter or the situation in your life might be, all can end up well! The best yet can come, if you're willing to make a course change in your life.  I made one so please allow me to continue ...

When I was 12-years old, I became interested in Marshal Arts. I had my first boxingssack and I began weightlifting. A few years later, my parents moved to Tanzania for work and I had to go with them. There I got to know one of the best African teachers in marshal arts. He started to teach me Kungfu, Karate and Tae Kwon Do.

These things soon became the most important things in my life and they took me over completely. Because I had completed the Senior Grade, I used all the days from morning until evening training in Marshal Arts. We trained really hard and when we returned back to Finland two years later, I had reached the highest level, having black-belts in three different disciplines of Marshal Arts. I had gone so deep into marshal arts that I had opened myself to the spirits of violence. They made me very violent and dangerous. I stopped going to school due to continuous fights in the streets.

I then got acquainted with many professional criminals. Because I was extremely violent, I got rapid appreciation and I was finally involved in all kinds of criminal activities. I started to create international relationships with criminals and very quickly began having dealings with the Mafia. Everything became lawful and normal to me. I didn't care about anything else. Still nothing in this world could give me real satisfaction. Consequently I drank more alcohol and took greater risks. Many times I was near death, but miraculously I didn't die, though I should have many, many times.

The first day of 1997 the police captured me. I got a four year prison sentence. While in jail, I was full of hatred and bitterness. Even though I knew I deserved a prison sentence of more than 10 years, I was still bitter. I realized that I would never be able to build a normal, peaceful life and change my lifestyle.

Something that no human could make whole again had broken inside of me. From prison, I started to plan bigger and bigger international criminal businesses.

But one day something happened that changed the course of history for me. Suddenly - in the middle of the day - a voice from out of nowhere told me: "Rami, unless you turn away from your bad ways and repent of your sins, you will die soon and die in your sins."  I knew immediately it was Jesus that had spoken to me.

After this, Jesus called me everyday, seeking to draw me to Himself. I tried to escape His call, but after a few months, my back was against the wall.

One day ... I knew in my heart that now I had to decide what my answer to Jesus was going to be, who had called me to salvation months earlier.  I had a supernatural knowing that time was very quickly to run out for me, in this life, anyway.

I made my decision and dropped to my knees in my cell and said, "Jesus, if you can forgive me of my great sins and change my life, I will give my whole life to you. Forgive me of my sins".

After this I stopped my criminal businesses. I told some of my friends, "I do not practice them anymore." Even though I had made my decision, I was not whole.  There was great conflict going on inside me. Satan pressed me and I felt that somebody inside of me was trying to get me back to my old life.

A few months later I got vacation from prison and I went to my parent's place and asked them if they could pray with other believers for me, that I would be delivered of the things that made me feel troubled and pressed.  My parents, along with one believing woman, laid their hands on me and started to pray that Jesus would set me free from demons. They commanded Satan to depart from my life in Jesus name. Suddenly the power of Jesus came over me and I fell to the ground and I got free from all bondages in my life.

After this, I continued to experience freedom that I had not felt before in my life.  I was free from violence and all criminal stuff that had bound me for years.  One year after this I got released from prison.

However, adjusting to normal life was not easy for me. I have had many hard times of testing and trials since that, and sometimes I have felt that I can't go on, but Jesus has always given me a new power to arise and go on. Jesus never leaves or rejects a person who comes to Him. I'm thankful to Jesus for what He has done for me. Jesus came to the most failed and sinful man I know of.  He came to my prison cell and gave me new life.

I know that there is no one who is such a big sinner, that Jesus could not help that person. He can help and He wants to help and save everyone. That was the reason why Jesus came and died on the cross for all of us. The Bible promises that everyone who calls on the name of the Lord shall be saved. (See: Acts. 2:21)

It is not possible for me to share here concerning all the miracles and God's supernatural protection in my life that I have experienced, but I am going to share one very wonderful experience, in order for us to be able to understand what it feels like when a human being leaves this physical body and dies. I have experienced how my spirit left my body and I have died and returned back to my body. Something happened to me, that caused it, but I am not going to share it here. I remember that prior to my spirit leaving my body, I was laying down in the ground and I felt like I was from top to bottom covered with sweat and I felt really hot. Suddenly I didn't feel anymore pain or agony.

I was looking at myself and I saw how I was laying on the ground without moving.  I looked into my own eyes and I wondered why I was staring at just one place without any eye movement.  I thought to myself: I am in very bad shape. I remember how some folks who were very close to me arrived in that spot and found me. I watched how they were touching me and the other one of them cried out: "Rami is cold as ice! He doesn't breath anymore!"

I remember how I suddenly returned back into my body and started breathing again. Before my spirit left my body, I remembered that I felt very hot and I was perspiring throughout my whole body. During that whole time period, I didn't cease from thinking or remembering things, yet I didn't comprehend that I was practically dead.

If someone thinks that when a human being dies, that person doesn't know anything and that everything is over, I can tell you based on my own experience - you don't even know that you have died.  When it happens, you won't cease to exist or just disappear. Death is not an end. It is the end of your physical body, but a real man or woman isn't the physical body. Man has got a spirit, soul and body.  Our physical body will eventually turn to dust, but our soul and spirit is incapable of ceasing to exist.  It will live forever. 

It is God's great grace, that I am alive. I shouldn't be, as death has been more than close to me on various other occasions.

Many folks who hear my testimony or read concerning my life, tell me: "It was a very good thing for you, how God has helped you and all those miracles that have happened to you, but it just isn't right for me."

I want to tell everybody: It doesn't matter at all how good or bad folks have been, if Jesus Christ is the Lord of our lives and our personal Savior. Each one of us has to make a personal decision and to confess our sins, whether they are little or big things, and to ask Jesus to become the Lord of one's own life.

The Bible tells us in (John 3:16-17): "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, so that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. For God didn't send his Son into the world to judge it, but that the world would be saved through him."

We will get saved only by faith in Jesus Christ, by what God the Father accomplished through Him by His dying on the Cross, and not through our own works - our own personal merits - our own religious thoughts that are contrary to the clearly stated warnings from the Holy Bible of trying to be "good enough" to be forgiven for our sins on the Judgment Day.  I know that I have committed a lot of sin and wrong. However, I need to live close to God on a daily basis. Things like the drug deals, robberies, violence and murders are sin and are things to be judged.  Likewise, we have to repent of our lies, evil thoughts, evil speeches, our lusts, all of our sexual sins, our fornications, etc.  The Bible makes it very clear what sins we need to confess and be cleansed of (forgiven) by the shed blood of Jesus.  It is easy to pay attention to big mistakes and to be blind to lesser things that are also wrong in God's eyes.  One sin will send us to hell for eternity, no matter how "small" and "insignificant" we think it might be, if we don't acknowledge our need to be cleansed by the innocent shed blood of Jesus.

Remember, that every sin we keep secret -- we try to hide from others -- it has power over our lives.  It gives the devil legal rights to place a curse upon us to one degree or another.  A curse from the devil hinders the full blessings of God to come upon our lives, either in this life or the next, or both.  Sinning always has negative consequences if we don't quickly confess it and stop doing it over and over.  All sin is forgiven when we commit it ... but that doesn't automatically assume their aren't "lasting scars" left behind that sin leaves.  

We are saved by God's grace, when we believe, that Jesus bore our sins on our behalf and that He rose again from the dead through God's power and He lives today. Yet we cannot practice or approve of any kind of conscious sin in our lives once we become saved - not indefinitely anyway.  A conscious approval of sin and continuing to practice it consciously separates us further and further from God, one way or another. You can believe in God and be very much aware of  spiritual matters, but don't let the devil deceive you because of the goodness of God. God is a God of mercy, but he doesn't approve of sin, whether it is big or little sin. 

God does not always judge our sin speedily.  Sometimes he will allow us to keep repeating that sin over and over, and it can become somewhat easy to begin to believe that evidently our committing that sin evidently isn't so "bad" or "harmful to us" afterall ... because otherwise God would have done something sooner, we rationalize. This is the classic "testimony of woe" many Christians can tell who didn't judge themselves in time before God did the judging for them.  God tells us in His Word that if we will judge our own sins, He won't.  But He also states that if we don't judge our own sins, He WILL.  And when He allows our sin/s to be judged ... woe is me!

Many folks are sometimes shocked and even angered when such a person like myself, who has such an evil past and full of sin ... admonishes others to repent of even their minor sins.   The wisest person walking this planet is the person who walks in fear and trembling realizing that compromise with God is just one step away from coming under His possible judgment in one form or another.  Desiring God to bless you while you keep on sinning would be no different than Satan expecting God to bless him while he keeps committing sin both against God and those of us alive here on this planet.  God does NOT bless sin.  He forgives it; but the NEXT step He expects is for us to get serious about stopping committing it AGAIN.  If you can't seem to get lasting victory over a stronghold of sin in your life, here is a weapon God has given His people to permanently break strongholds of sin in their life:  The Awesome Power Of Fasting

My testimony is an encouragement concerning what God can do for a human being. It is an encouragement for each one of us, whether you are a killer, drug dealer, murderer, terrorist, prostitute, a thief, a cheat or however of a sinful person.  I would like to tell you that Jesus came into the world just for you; He died on a cross and bore God's punishment for your ALL yours sins. You can be delivered and live a spiritual life you didn't know was possible!

I also have an announcement for those who are attending church and who have received God's blessings already upon your life to one degree or another.  You might be rich, famous, or a person who has had success in some area. Folks would like to be your friend or they are envying you, and in spite of all of your blessings, you might be addicted to various kinds of addictions: like pornography, lying, cheating on your partner, lusting after things that are none of your business or you are stuck with another kind of bondage. If Jesus can set free a big sinner and criminal, He can also deliver you and give you power to put away your smallest sin. 

Sometimes ... we have to get so sick and tired of our sin that we need to go to God and refuse to leave His presence until we get assurance from Him that He will provide a way for us to have that stronghold of sin broken off our life.  Sometimes we even have to do more than just THAT.  Sometimes we need to pray and trust that God will make us determined ENOUGH to even WANT an area of sin broken off our life.  Again, fasting with prayer can do that, as the Holy Spirit leads you. 

In God's eyes one sin is as wrong as another, (though the immediate consequences of some sins have more serious ramifications than others, I realize), and all manner of conscious sin will eventually keep separating us from God, even to the point where we totally stop even praying to Him or being able to trust Him for anything, up to and including our very eternal salvation!

God, who delivered me from my "big" sins, has awakened me from the spiritual dead and has given me a new spiritual life. He forgives you and sets you free, whoever you might be, a "small" sinner or "big" sinner. God's grace is powerful enough to allow you to live right and free from all bondage of the sin, what ever kind they might be.  Just because you haven't realized victory over one or more sins in the past does not mean it can't happen or won't happen.  Keep pressing in with God.  His mercy is different for each of us, so don't ever get so discouraged that you listen to the devil's voice in trying to convince you that hope in God has run out for you.  That is always a classic strategy of the devil when we are trying to walk in victory over areas of sin in our life, once we've committed our lives to Jesus Christ.

I just want to say, in conclusion, that I am not here to judge anybody. You might have gotten upset due to something that you read here, or you do not believe any of what I have told you. I love you! I do not judge you or accuse you. The Word of God says that anybody who does not believe in Jesus Christ, has already been judged.

"For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.  He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God."  - John 3:17-18

"He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him."  - John 3:36

Jesus died in order for us to be free from eternal judgment for our sins, and with eternity in hell as our punishment for them. Believe in Him. Each one of us has to choose either spiritual life or continued spiritual death. We have a free will. We ourselves decide what we choose. We are not perfect; only Jesus is perfect, but the Bible tells us in 1. John. 1:7:

"But if we walk in the light as he himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin. (1:8):  If we say we do not bear the guilt of sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us. (1:9)  But if we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous, forgiving us our sins and cleansing us from all unrighteousness. (1:10) If we say we have not sinned, we make him a liar and his word is not in us."

It is my prayer that this testimony will encourage you and give you hope and will bring about change in your life for His glory and you spiritual growth. Whoever you are, I call you my friend.  I want your life to be fully blessed by God.  What kind of friend would I be if I didn't want that for you?  Yet I also know your life will never be fully spiritually blessed until you surrender to the Truth of what God accomplished for you on the cross.  Knowing about that Truth is one thing.  Surrendering to that Truth is what qualifies you to enter into spiritual life that will bring you eternal blessings.  To be blessed, you have to walk down the correct path.  I've made it perfectly clear which path that is.

Thank you for taking the time to read what I've shared, and may you never be the SAME from this moment on - to the glory of God!

Rami "Rasmus" Kivisalo



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