(The Raymond Troost Story)

Jesus Did It!

By: Raymond Troost Jr.

I gave my life to Satan at the age of six. My folks knew nothing about it because we were not close. I was a farm boy and I helped pick pickles so that I could be with my friends of the satanic cult.

I was born in 1943, and am the oldest of five sons. My brothers and I were never close, and I was a real bully and loved to fight.

My folks went to church on Sunday, and they raised me to go to Sunday School, and Catechism. I learned how to use the Bible as a weapon, to prove Christians wrong. In the denomination my parents were a part of, I don't recall of hearing the salvation message preached in the 19 years I attended there.

Editor's note: If you have never heard the salvation message that brother Raymond is speaking of, we encourage you to read: Are you really Saved and Born Again?

At age 16, I was kicked out of school for hitting a teacher. I was a very poor student, but I was very smart and I knew it. I started school when I was six and I failed the third grade. I really learned to fight at the age of nine. That was when some boys beat me up in the schoolyard, took all of my clothes off, and left me naked. They hoisted my clothes up on the flagpole. That turned me mean and unmanageable. I spent more time in the Principal's office than in the classroom it seemed.

On my very first day in high school, I got into a fight with a boy twice my size. I also joined the track team just to make a fool out of the fastest boy on the team. I did make a fool out of him, and felt good about it. 

At the age of 19, I met a girl who later became my wife. She was still in high school when we became engaged to be married. This was a way for me to get from under the rule of my parents. She wanted to wait, and I didn't. So being the way that I was, I got her pregnant. That did it. We got married! In order to make her parents happy and for me to get money from them, I was baptized in the church. I joined a Baptist church unsaved. I had all the head knowledge I needed to fool them all. 

After I got married, and a child was on the way, things were rough. I decided to go back to school so that my child couldn't say that I was a quitter. I signed up for the ICS correspondence course. It took me fourteen years to get my high school diploma, which was in 1978, and I was proud of myself. I started my own business in 1979, and started teaching school in 1980. I was without Christ and still secretly in the cult. I was involved in the black market, selling through a man I worked for. I sold a lot to people who professed to be Christians. 

I was a Sunday school bus driver, Sunday school superintendent, a deacon, and trusted pastor. All of this unsaved, and headed for hell. I was a fake Christian, a wolf in sheep's clothing, and served Satan while 'hiding in the church.' 

Matthew 15:8-9, "This people draweth near unto me with their mouth, and honoreth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men." 

For the first time in my life, I was put behind bars on Labor Day, 1988, and I have been there ever since. I was full of hate and bitterness that ran deep within me. When I came to prison from quarantine, they sent me behind the walls of Jackson Prison in Michigan. Here I was, with the worst of the worst.

On my way to the chow hall for breakfast one day, I came to a sidewalk that was blood covered from a man that was killed the night before. I stopped at the edge of the blood and stared at it. An officer told me to walk across the blood, or go back to my cell. Being hungry, I walked across the blood, yet it kept bothering me, and my stomach got really upset. For whatever reason the man was killed the night before, I knew it was just a part of what can happen behind prison walls. 

On February 16, 1989, I was transferred to M.C.F. in Muskegon, Michigan. I was given room #23. When I was escorted to my door, I told the officer that I wasn't going into the room. I told him to give me another room. He opened the door, and pushed me into the room. This prison was not going to be a pushover either, I was quick to discover. 

That night . . . as I was playing a game of cards. . . I could feel the presence of someone in the room with me. I knew that it wasn't Satan, because I knew him very well after serving him for 40 years. I said "God, this must be you, and you know that I don't worship you". A thought came to my mind, and I thought that I would outsmart Him. I said, "If you are as great as you say you are, and if you have something special for me to do, and if I am not going to spend all this time in prison, you win this card game." (This card game can't be won! I played this card game twelve hours a day, seven days a week, and couldn't win it). However, God won the game on the first hand! It scared me so bad, that I threw the cards in the trash can, and laid on my bed shaking with fear. 

The next day, everything was put aside and I went on as if nothing had ever happened. The seed was planted deep inside me though without my even knowing it. 

On October 17, 1989, I was transferred to D.R.F. in Carson City, Michigan. There my life would take a drastic change. On October 19, 1989, I started working in the chow hall, and stole food almost every day. Not because I was hungry, but just because I could do it.

[Side Note: For people like me in the sinful state I was in, there is little rehabilitation in prison without Jesus Christ doing a radical heart change. If you go into prison with bitterness and hate in your heart . . . feeling like the world owes you some justice and respect, (which in many cases it does) . . . prison only continues to feed that bitterness and hate, and usually one's attitude grows worse. Mind you, I'm not saying it's the prison system's fault for this happening, because as the Bible clearly teaches us . . . each of us will stand before God on the Judgment Day and give an account of what we did while on Earth. (See Romans 14:10-12).

Though prisoners can blame life's circumstances for the reasons for bitterness and hate, and the prison system as well, God will inform each and every one on that Day that we are responsible NOT for how life treated us, but HOW we responded to those circumstances. Bitterness and hate is a decision on the part of the individual who is bitter and full of hate. Likewise . . . so is FORGIVENESS. Most prisoners feel they cannot forgive the injustices they have experienced. It takes the power of the Holy Spirit through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to forgive].

Everyday, some friends and I would play pinochle and gamble. I drank $20.00 worth of coffee each month, plus whatever I could drink in the Chow Hall free. Coffee was my replacement for the amount of alcohol I used to drink before going to prison. (I drank hard liquor from the time I got up in the morning, until it was time to go to bed. I had it under the seat of my car, the seat of my truck, and in my shop. Each night before I went to sleep, I sat a glass on the nightstand so that it would be there when I woke up. I never got into trouble with the law while drinking, so my record was clean, and I sure wasn't going to tell them about it). When you are in prison, you take a dependency that you had, and replace it with something else.

One day in May, I was walking the yard and I overheard two men talking about some preacher. The one man said that he would come to visit anyone. I used a few choice words, and told the man that he was a liar, and that I would prove that he is like all the rest of the preachers. All the while I was in the church, no preacher cared about me, except the false love shown to me by the priest of the cult. I had cuss words flowing out of my mouth like water as usual. He gave me the preacher's address, and I wrote him a letter. 

Two days later, I was called out on a visit. When I got to the visiting room, I looked for my parents, but all I saw was a very short man. I asked the officer where my visit was. He pointed at the short man, so I approached him. He introduced himself, and asked if I would like to go to the visiting yard. I answered him with a mouth of blue flames. We went out and sat by a table facing each other. For the first time in my life, I was facing a man who had no fear of me, nor could I intimidate him with my talk. He took his glasses off, laid them on the table, and said, "You are wasting the good air that the Lord has given you." That made me mad and I wanted to tear his head off right then. He asked me to listen to him for a few minutes, and then I could talk. Something shut my mouth; I could not open it. 

I listened to him for an hour telling me how much the Lord loved me, and why He died for me. Tears came to my eyes, and I could not hold them back. I could feel my heart breaking and a want for this loving Lord. After the preacher finished, I laid my life on the line, and told him everything. He smiled at me and asked me if I would like to become a child of God. In addition, would I want to have a life of joy? That day of May in 1990, I gave my life to Christ Jesus. The cussing stopped right then and there, and to this day, I don't cuss or use substitute words. I had never felt such PEACE! 

The Lord forgave me for being the world's worst father to ever walk the face of the earth. He forgave me for not loving my seven children. I laid all my sins at the foot of the Cross and allowed God to cover them with the blood of Jesus. I didn't walk away with any pocket change, but totally broke of all sins. I could smile, and that was different; the stealing stopped and I knew I was a new man.

Grace to you and peace from Him who is and who was and who is to come, and from the seven Spirits who are before His throne, and from Jesus Christ, the faithful witness, the firstborn from the dead, and the ruler over the kings of the earth. To Him who loved us and washed us from our sins in His own blood, and has made us kings and priests to His God and Father, to Him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen. (Revelation 1:4-6).

The preacher continued to visit each week, and we really became close. On each visit, he would share the Word of God with me and teach me in the proper way. On one of our visits in 1991, the preacher asked me if I would consider working with him to build a Christian Rehabilitation Center. The thought of the card game I might miss out on in room 23 flooded my mind. However, eventually I accepted, and we continued to grow even closer together in the Lord.

In December of 1992, I got into some trouble that I had nothing to do with. An officer tried to accuse me of a sexual charge with a supervisor. There was no truth to his accusations. I went to the Lord crying, and asked for his help, because I knew without it, I would spend the rest of my life in prison because of a lie. That prayer was answered as I requested, and the assistant director of the M.D.O.C. (Michigan Department of Corrections) came from Lansing and vindicated me of all the charges. Of course, the D.O.C's way is to transfer the inmate, no matter what the outcome may be. I was transferred to O.T.F. in Carson City, Michigan. When I walked through the door of the control center, the assistant food service director came to me and told me to report to food services in the morning. I was given the lead Cook Position. I still had belly chains on, but once again the Lord was taking care of his child.

That night the pastor came to see me, and told me that the Lord said for me to go to the first full Gospel service, and receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. ("Did you receive the Holy Spirit when you believed?" -- Acts 19:2). This was Tuesday, and the service was on Thursday. One of the guys there took my name and number, and took it to the Chaplain's clerk. The clerk typed my name on the Call Out that night.

I got my pass to go to the service, and when I got there a volunteer who I knew from D.R.F greeted me. He asked me why I came to the service. I told him I came to be baptized by the Holy Spirit. He replied, "This isn't the service that this is done in." I told him that the Lord told the pastor to tell me to come to this service to be baptized by the Holy Spirit. Believe it or not, a black man came to pray, and he prayed about the Holy Spirit. In all my life, I have never been around the black race. The man sang about the Holy Spirit, and when he preached, he preached about the Holy Spirit. At the end of the service, I was baptized by the Holy Spirit. That black man dared to come and give me a kiss on the cheek, and I hugged him right back. That was the first time in my life that a black man had ever touched me, let alone hug and kiss me.

The man that said 'the Lord didn't do this in this service', didn't have anything to say. The very next day, I went to the track to walk, and a man saw me and began to run the other way from me. This man was a satanic priest that knew me from the cult church. A man stopped him and asked him why he was running from me? He explained that I was a very powerful man in the Church of Satan, and he had no power over me. The man talked him into coming to talk to me, and that day the man left Satan, and came to Jesus Christ.

That same year I started studying for the ministry. I sent for every Bible study that I could get my hands on and the pastor gave me a Bible course that, when finished, would allow me to be a licensed pastor.

In September of 1994, I was transferred to A.T.F. in Adrian, Michigan. I was like Jonah not wanting to go to Nineveh. This was the last place on the earth that I wanted to go, and I told the Lord just that. I fought with the Lord all the way there. I was mad! About thirty miles from A.T.F. the Lord told me to "shut up", and I did as I was told.

Upon arrival to A.T.F., we were treated worse than dogs. This I knew had to be the worst place on the earth. They rushed us into a room, and we were called one by one for a strip search. After my strip search was finished, and I was getting dressed, I asked the officer if this was an easy place. He just shook his head NO! I smiled at him, and felt peace within me. Then it came to having our property searched. As I looked, I could see legal papers flying all over, and inmates getting angry with the officers.

When it came to my property, the same officer that did my strip search called me and said that he was to do my property. We got my footlocker and I opened it. He saw that my footlocker was very neat, and everything in it's place. The officer asked me to unpack the locker while he asked me some questions. As I laid things out neatly, he asked the questions. I got half done, and he told me to pack it back up. Then he told me what unit I was in, and sent me there.

When I got to the unit, the officer at the desk asked me if I had been to the quartermaster yet. I told him no. He told me to leave my property by the desk, and that he would watch it while I was gone. I took my pass and went to the quartermaster. He gave me extra issue of everything, along with a new pair of shoes. I never had it so easy at the quartermaster. More of God's divine favor! Usually the quartermaster will short you on everything, and never give you any extra. I also got all brand new bedding.

I returned to the unit, and the officer told me where my bunk was. When I got to the bay, I thought the other man was still there. There were books on the shelf, in the desk, and on the bunk. I asked the other men in the bay about the books, and they told me that they were left for me! I had asked the Lord for four books, and within these books were three of those that I had asked for. The Lord had blessed me with all the extras.

As I was unpacking, I heard someone yell, "Ray - you're here." I turned around to see a friend that had gotten there earlier. He said "I have something for you." He brought me the fourth book. The man's name was Larry. Larry was a runner as I am. I thought the Lord had brought me to A.T.F. to spend time with Larry. One day while Larry and I were playing two handed pinochle, a young man came and stood by the window watching us. His name was Douglas. Douglas locked on the bunk on the opposite side of the wall from me. There were times when I wanted to strangle him, because he played his TV and radio loud, refusing to use his headphones. The music that he listened to drove me up the wall.

The next day, Douglas was standing by the window watching us play pinochle, but this time he came to the table, and asked what we were playing. Larry said, "Two handed pinochle". Douglas turned to me and asked, "Will you teach me to play?" He didn't realize what he had asked. I said, "Yes, I will teach you". My spirit jumped, and I felt a complete peace. This was the turning point in his life, and he didn't even know it. I told him to pull up a chair and watch. As Larry and I played, we talked about the Lord, and how great He is. Douglas started asking questions, not about the game, but about the Lord. This is what I was to teach this young man, and I knew then why I had been sent to A.T.F.

I spent a lot of time each day with Douglas. We walked the track and talked about him and things he liked. Each morning I ran with Larry, and walked with Douglas every evening.

The Lord gave me a job in food service, after being at A.T.F. only three days. The first day on the job, the food service director called me into her office, and told me to sign a job change slip. She said that I didn't belong on the job I had been assigned. She asked me if I would consider being her commissary clerk. She said she didn't have an opening, but she needed me in that position. They had a real mess, but I accepted the job. Between the two of us working together, we had things in order within two months. I worked from 8AM to 4PM five days a week.

Proverbs 22:6, "Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it."

In order to run with Larry, I had to skip breakfast and get up very early. I got up each morning at 4 AM, so that my prayer time, Bible reading, and stretching for the run could all be accomplished. We were on the track by 6:30 AM. As we ran, we talked about the Lord and our walk with Him. Larry had some real health problems, and running helped him fight.

Douglas and I would skip supper and go to the track to walk and talk with him. Douglas was 24 years old. At night we would play pinochle, and have a time of Bible study and prayer together. One day I asked him to run with me. He said that he had a problem with asthma, but I knew better. He agreed to run three laps, which is one mile, and he did it without a problem. The next night we ran again, and the third night, we ran four laps.

Douglas was from a broken home. Many times he had been abused; beaten for no reason. Each one of his parents had been married five times, and Douglas had been on his own since age 17. Douglas was scared and confused, and without direction. One night I asked Douglas to run nine laps with me, and he agreed to try. He made six, and was ready to stop, but I turned around and ran backwards, telling him that he could do it, and that he was a real man, not a quitter. He ran lap #7, and I did the same for lap #8. At the end of the eighth lap, he was done in, so I ran the ninth alone while he waited for me.

Douglas would really test me. One day I had power-walked 13 laps on a 1/3-mile track, and he stopped me and asked me to race him half way around the track. I told him that the Lord teaches us not to do things half way. Therefore, I told him that if he wanted to race, it would have to be the whole 1/3-mile all out. He agreed, and was all smiles, which would turn into sweat fast. I made him sprint it all, and did not allow him to win. Douglas was half my age, but I had a power, which he needed.

One day I went to the store and spent $63.00 for food, which I didn't eat. When I came near the unit, Douglas met me, took the bags, and ran to his bay with them. He later came back with a big smile, and said, "I took them. Now what are you gonna do about it?" I looked at him and said, "How can you take something that is yours to begin with?" Did that ever confuse him!

That night as we walked the track, he gave his life to Christ. The next night while walking, he asked me if he could call me dad. I told him that I would like that very much. I later helped him to get his parole, and he returned to society. The Lord had sent me there to bring his child home, which I did. God gave me a son that really loved me.

Each day when I got off work, Douglas would meet me by food services, with a cold pop and his smile, along with a big hug. Douglas started to give, instead of just taking. He opened the door to his feelings that had been hidden for years and taught me what it really meant to be a father. I was his protector and best friend, and he just wanted to spend every minute of the day with me. One day as we were walking the track and talking, I showed him some pictures of my children which I kept in a special wallet that I had gotten made. He saw the wallet, and asked me if he could have it someday. I knew that his birthday was coming real soon, so I took everything out of the wallet, and gave it to him for his birthday.

The day I left A.T.F. was a day like none other I had ever experienced in my life. I left a big part of myself there. Larry went to the track so that he wouldn't have to say good-bye. However, I went out there and met him, and we ran our last nine miles together, me in State blues and State shoes.

All the while I was at A.T.F. the Lord never laid upon my heart the desire to go to the services there. The Christians there called me all kinds of names, but I knew why the Lord had sent me there, and I was going to do His work, no matter what the cost. The year I spent at A.T.F. was to bring Douglas to Christ, and to train him in the way that he should go. Douglas and I are still very close to this day. His wife told me that he loves me more than he loves his real father. Douglas is a God-given son, and I love him as a son.

On June 19, three days before his birthday, I was transferred to M.T.F. in Muskegon. Everything that has happened for the ministry depended on me doing something. In 1990, my parents came to visit me, and I told my mother and father why I didn't want to be around them for so many years. After I finished, my dad asked for forgiveness, and then he told me the reasons that he didn't want to be around me. I asked him for forgiveness, and today, my parents are the best friends that I could ask for. My parents look forward to visiting me, and to my release from prison.

I was at the lowest point of all time, upon arriving a M.T.F. However, I met some men that I had done time with in other facilities, as I was moved around. The next day I went to the track, and ran my frustrations and the hurt I felt because of having to leave my son. As I thought about my own children, it saddened me that I had not ever learned how to love them while we were together. It had taken all of this for me to see the light. Satan can and will steal the true meaning of love from us if we allow him to do so, just like he did from me. I gave my life to Satan at the age of six, and served him well. Whatever the Bible said, I did just the opposite. Now I know the love of Christ, and how to love.

I was cautious of the church body here, because many of the men from A.T.F. were here also. I did a lot of praying, however. I did go to the services, and enjoyed them very much. I didn't do much in the chapel, except sit, listen, and watch. I did feel like I belonged there, and I knew that the Lord had a plan for my life, because He had told me so. Once the men got to know me, and I gave my testimony of why the Lord had sent me to A.T.F., they began to ask for forgiveness, and forgiveness took place.

One night I went to supper, and had my locker broken into. Thirty dollars worth of store goods had been taken. One of the men in my bay did it, and that night he made a glass of tea that belonged to me, and as he drank it, he looked at me and smiled. I just sat in my chair unable to move. The Lord had to take me to rock bottom, and He did just that. He really humbled me that day. Some of the Christian brothers gave me things, however. It was very hard for me to accept them because of pride. They moved the man out of my bay, and that night, a man from the cult that I was in before I accepted Christ came to me. I was sitting by a table alone, and he asked me if he could have what I had. He said that he wanted the change in his life that I had in mine. That night, he came to Christ, the changer of his life.

I had a black man come to me that I had known before I came to prison, and he asked what happened to me. I asked him why he thought this. He said, "You never used to hang around black people, but now you hug them." I told him that in 1992, I received the Baptism Of the Holy Spirit, and all racial dislikes had been taken away. That night I allowed the first black man ever to not only touch me, but to give me a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I really felt clean, and I knew that my life had taken another turn.

I had to see the Therapy Review Board, in order to get into State Group. On my way to see the T.R.B., I told the Lord that I needed His help with my temper. I had a very hot temper, with a very short fuse, and it didn't take much to light it.

The T.R.B. was not nice to me, but I sat in my chair very calmly during the entire interview. The three of them became very upset when they couldn't get to me. They didn't care about the things I had to say; only about what I had done in the satanic cult. I refused to talk about it. They put me in denial, and refused me group because I would not play their games. To tell you the truth, it didn't upset me at all. In 1992, while at O.T.F., the Classification Director called me into his office, and told me that he had taken my files home with him, and had his church pray over them. He asked me if I wanted to get into group, and if I did, he would put me in. I told him that I would have to pray about it, and I went before the Lord with the matter, and poured my heart out before Him. Three days later, I went back to talk to the Classification Director, and told him that I could not do it at this time. The reason being is that if I were to take the group at this time, I would be released before I was ready to go. I knew that I needed more time to get my life where the Lord wanted it to be.

I had seen the Parole Board in 1996, and they gave me a flop. In 1997, the Parole Board gave me a second flop, and in 1999 they told me to discharge. Remember the choice that I had made in 1992? The Lord had paid for everyday of these past eleven years. I have been misconduct free for all eleven years, and the only reason they gave for the flops, was that I had not taken state group, and they believed I was in denial. I have had the privilege of leading many men to Christ, and I have also met many good men. I have become a licensed preacher through my studies from the Assembly of God. I am also a Promise Keeper's leader, and enjoy teaching the Bible; helping men to find the truth.

Two years ago, a man who was a good friend was released. He wrote me each week. I was able to lead him to the Lord through writing letters. George has really grown in the Lord, and he asks many good questions about the Bible. I write over thirty letters each month to inmates, ministries, and men that have gone home. I have a small card business that helps to supply stamps for the postage.

There are men that the Lord has brought here, and we have become very close. One man, Delbert, calls me dad and is a big hearted person. I am honest with him, and don't treat him like dirt, as he has been treated most of his life. Delbert cuts grass for me to put in my garden, and he also makes sure that I am up for all of my call-outs.

The Lord has also brought another young man into my life. His name is Todd. Todd is like a son to me, and I love him as I love my own sons. Todd has given me so much joy, and has really opened the doors that have been shut tight. Todd shows me such love, and each day I look forward to spending time with him. He took the shell that I had over me, and threw it off and away. He really encourages me when I preach in the chapel, and he has taught me what a great relationship with a son can do to bring new life to a man such as me. The Lord knew what I needed.

Each day, Todd and I spend time together praying and sometimes just talking. Todd loves the Lord with all of his heart! However, Todd and I have come from very different sides of the track. For the first time, I stood and watched Todd run a race and he won it. I never had time to spend with my children, because I was always too busy making money. To see the smile on his face when he saw me standing there made my heart melt. I was really proud of that young man, and I told him so. Todd and I spend time walking the track with other men, leading them to Christ. Todd has also been called by the Lord for the ministry.

The Lord has also brought a most wonderful woman into my life. She is the second best thing that has ever happened to me. Christ is the first. I love her like I have never loved a lady before. I use the word "lady" because she is just that. I asked the Lord for the lady of His choice for my life, nearly seven years ago. I had my name sent to different women's prisons, but never received a letter back at all. The woman I did write dropped me like a hot potato when she found out I was a true Christian. She wanted me to be kinky in the letters, but I refused. I did tell her about Christ, but I thank the Lord for the lady that he brought to me.

For the past six weeks, I have had a problem with a bone spur, which has kept me from doing the things I would like to do. I have a garden plot here, and a good Christian brother named Mike has been helping me out with it. I am also very busy in the chapel with Bible study groups; meetings with the new men coming into the facility; along with being the leader of services and preaching when volunteers don't show up.

Mike also takes care of the watering, planting, and caring for the plants. Delbert mows the grass for the garden since I am unable to do it right now, but through all of this, I have seen the Lord at work, and it has humbled me so.

I was a person who never asked anyone for anything. I have not asked any of these men to do any of these things for me. The Lord has laid it on their hearts, and He shows me such divine favor. Christians, as well as non-Christians show me the highest respect.

I will be discharged next year from prison, and will pastor a church, and also build the center the Lord has laid on my heart for Him.

I must also tell you about a young man named Keith. Keith is a man who had very mixed thoughts about relationships, and love. Keith has given his life to Christ, and will be getting married to a lady that he has two children with, instead of just living with her. Keith asks many questions about many things, and he really is overwhelmed with the walk I walk for the Lord.

The Lord can use us all if we only allow Him to do so. There is no life without Jesus Christ. Open your hearts, and be honest with yourself about your walk with Christ. I am open to letters asking for help and encouragement. Prison life is not fun, or something that makes you a big man. When you come to prison, you bring your family and friends with you, and they all do time as you do. I have lost 16 family members in the past 11 years. I lost my youngest brother last year at the age of 45. My children, (that is six of them), have gotten married since I have been here. I have grandchildren that I have never seen. I have been locked up for so long and haven't made choices for myself. I am told what to eat; when to eat it, where I can and can't go and everything else to do. They don't help us get ready to leave this place. Each man just gets to leave here with the fear of the free world, and what awaits him.

I don't recommend this life for anyone, yet I know that when it's my time to leave, the Holy Spirit will lead me and guide me, and enable me to be victorious in whatever challenges I must face. To Jesus be all the glory, and my heavenly Father who sent Jesus Christ down from heaven to die for me . . . and you.



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Dear Reader - are you at peace with God?  If not, you can be.  Do you know what awaits you when you die?  You can have the assurance from God that heaven will be your home, if you would like to be certain.  Either Jesus Christ died for your sins, or He didn't (He did!).  Are you prepared to stand before God on the Judgment Day and tell Him that you didn't need the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross to have your sins forgiven and get in right-standing with God?  We plead with you ... please don't make such a tragic mistake.

To get to know God; to be at peace with God; to have your sins forgiven; to make certain heaven will be your home for eternity; to make certain that you are in right-standing with God right now ... please click here to help understand the importance of being reconciled to God.  What you do about being reconciled to God will determine where you will spend eternity, precious one.  Your decision to be reconciled to God is the most important decision you'll ever make in this life.

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