You Don't Need to Clean Yourself Up First...

Jesus Did It!



Note from the editor:  The author of this writing wishes to remain anonymous due to the nature of this testimony.  We too feel strongly that this should be done.  We pray you will read this with an open heart & mind and let the Holy Spirit speak to your heart if He wants to.  Thank you and God bless!  Please read on...

Strange, weird, crazy are some of the names that I've been called in my lifetime. These names came from friends and family. Putting my testimony together was not an easy thing. However I feel compelled to do so because we are living in the last days before the coming of Jesus to rapture His Church from the earth. This may be a long story, however it was a long journey before coming to the Lord fully. It's my prayer that someone will read this testimony and realize that Jesus is Lord, Savior and God Almighty.


He is the Lover of My Soul and I beckon the day that I am with Him for all eternity


Since I was a child, I can recall being sensitive to the things that go bump in the night. I was the child that was able to see faint images by my closet or in the corner of my bedroom. I could feel the presence of others in my room that was not friendly. Why were these things happening? What were these things and what did they want with me?


I was not born into a practicing Christian family, but the consensus was, that Jesus was Lord. Sending us kids to church on Sunday was my mother's way of getting a break from us. She never really attended church with us but we went anyway. I’m sad to say, I did not learn anything in the Baptist church I attended as a child. It was more like attending a show rather than learning about the Gospel of Christ, salvation, sin or what was expected of me as a follower of Christ. I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior at an early age and I was baptized by water. However I didn’t know Him personally, I only knew about Him. How I looked forward to going to church and how I loved the church dinners with those brown and serve rolls. My fifty cents for God went to the corner store after church. In those days I could get a lot of penny candy with God's money. As time progressed things changed dramatically. Those things that taunted me as a child in the night became more visible during the day.


The events that I am about to share with you will reflect different spiritual occurrences in my life that pulled me closer to Jesus. With Jesus as my witness, I pray that nothing is missed and nothing is embellished in my testimony.


To start, I would like to share events that took place at one of my old residences on Colfax Street. I was about thirteen years old and I was sitting in the livingroom watching TV when I saw a white flowing image pass by me, in front of the TV, then through the wall. I thought I was seeing things. However that was not the case. My mother once dabbled in Para psychic energy methods. We all thought it was cool because of the movie Carrie. While sitting at the dinner table one evening, my mother said that she could move the vase on the table without touching it. We said, “Yeah right mom, whatever.” The vase then moved. We jumped from the table and she told us to sit back down. The table then lifted from the floor and was elevated above us at least two feet. After that, we were freaked out. My mother told me I could do that too if I wanted to. She said that it was done with her mind. I learned later through the grace of God it’s not done with the mind. It’s demonic spirits moving the objects in order to deceive the person into thinking they’re causing it themselves. It’s one of their many diversionary tactics that keep a person off track from trusting in the Lord.


Going forward to my next residence on Trinity Street....I was about sixteen years old. This is the street I lived on for eleven years and where my spiritual events increased. One event that I recall is the one I like to label ‘The Battle over my Soul’. I could hear my mother and aunt upstairs in the kitchen talking and I could smell breakfast cooking. I was laying in my bed resting (not asleep) and in came an unpleasant visitor. This thing that I didn’t see came and sat on my chest. I did not see him because my eyes were closed. I didn’t want to open my eyes and see something that was not of God. Nonetheless, I could hear him and feel him walking around my bed, coming to a stop and sitting at the foot of my bed. When it sat on the bed, I opened my eyes because I could feel it sitting, and I saw the imprint on my bed. When I saw that, I shut my eyes.


When it sat on my bed the weight was also on my chest


When it sat on my bed the weight was also on my chest. I couldn’t move. I called for my mother and aunt several times but they did not hear me. I then started saying the Lord's Prayer. When I started praying, this being started chanting loudly over me in a language I did not understand. I started praying harder, and then I called on Jesus to come and help me. Suddenly, when I called on Jesus, a second presence entered my room from above. The being on my chest fought with the second being that came to help me. I could hear them arguing loudly in their language. While they were battling I continued to pray to Jesus. Moments later I was released. I felt the being lift off of me. I jumped up and quickly realized that my heart was beating so fast and I was pouring with sweat. I ran upstairs to the kitchen yelling at my mom and aunt. I told them something was in my room and it was trying to get me. I asked them if they heard me yelling for them. They both looked at me like I was crazy and said no.


After this event I started seeking Jesus. Every time I sought Jesus, an attack came soon after from Satan. This is how he deterred me from really learning about Jesus. It worked for a while all the way into adulthood.


The next spiritual event that took place was in the same house. After the event downstairs, I moved my bedroom upstairs. However, this did not stop them from coming. One evening after getting home from work I got ready for bed, and fell across my bed on my front side to go to sleep. While on my way to sleep I felt someone tapping me on my right leg. Without turning around to see, I thought it was my sister coming to talk to me about work. I said “Leave me alone I'm tired and I just want to go to sleep.”


A few moments passed and I was tapped again on my leg but a little bit harder, as if the person was trying to wake me. So I said, “Mag stop it I'm trying to sleep, we can talk in the morning!” I sat up and turned around to look at my sister. To my surprise it was not my sister tapping me. It was a man dressed in 1970's clothing...beige turtle neck sweater, checkered knit green and beige bell-bottom pants.


His face was not normal. His eyes were bulging out of his head. He leaned over while looking directly into my face. I kicked at him and my leg went through him. I screamed, jumped up, flicked on the light and ran out of the room. When the light turned on it disappeared. I ran downstairs to my sister and told her what happened. Of course she too thought I was insane. I did not sleep in that room for two weeks and when I did go back I slept with the light on for some time.


Moving along, the next thing happened a few years later in the same house. I was around twenty years old and was dating my child's father at the time. This was before my child was conceived. It was in the summer, a really beautiful Saturday afternoon. We wanted to take a nap because we had been busy all that morning. We were in my bedroom, door open and the window open for the breeze to come through. While drifting off to sleep I soon noticed I was looking down at us. It looked as if I was sleeping. He was watching me sleep and playing in my hair. I was puzzled because I was looking at myself lying on the bed from above.


I looked around my room and I saw two demons standing in the opening of my closet talking and pointing at us. They were about four feet tall and looked reptilian. I started calling for Jim. I could hear myself calling Jim's name. But he did not hear me. I'm thinking what the hell is going on!? Is this some outer body experience? I continued to call for Jim, but to no avail. He shook me and then all of sudden I was back in my body. I sat straight up and looked over to the closet but I could not see the little demons. I looked at Jim and told him what happened and that there were two demons standing there at the closet. Of course he looked and did not see a thing. I asked him why did he shake me? He said I was whimpering, and he thought I was having a bad dream.


Continuing on, while driving to work one day there was a terrible accident on the expressway. On the three-lane expressway I was in the right lane because my exit was coming up in about three miles. There was a pickup truck in the middle lane with the hatch down. The pickup truck had a wheel barrel in the back that was bouncing towards the back end of the truck. While driving I'm looking at the truck and I'm thinking that wheel barrel is going to fall off of that truck and cause an accident. It happened exactly as I thought. When this occurred, my car went up on the shoulder and passed the whole accident. Something else took over the control of the car and drove me to safety. The car that was behind me crashed into the car that was in front of me.


The next event took place on Trinity street was when I found out I was carrying Jim's child. I got pregnant at the end of a four-year relationship with him. It was our last weekend, romp in the sack, together. I remember making a joke, stating you better pray to God that I don’t get pregnant now that it's finally over between us. Sure enough I was pregnant. I was not ready to become a mother, I did not want to have a child by somebody like Jim, and I did not want any children. Broken and distressed, torn between getting an abortion and adoption I cried out to Jesus down on my knees in prayer and tears. I said, "Lord I am not ready to have a child. Please forgive me for having sex outside of marriage. I will not make a good mother, please don’t make me do this."  A voice spoke to me outside of my head and said the child will be all right. Hearing the voice broke my prayer. I looked around the room and did not see anyone. I said Lord was that you? Please tell me if that was you? I did not hear anything else.


Even though that happened I still contemplated abortion, all the way into my eighth month. However, I could not afford one and Jim would not consent to one nor give me any money to pay for one. One night I had a dream. The number 129 appeared to me in a dream. The next day while at work I said that I would go out on my lunch break and play 129 in the lottery. I was not a lottery playing person, but I figured since this number was so clear in my dream why not play to win. If I win I can still get an abortion. At that time it was one thousand dollars to get a saline abortion. When my lunch break came I went to the lottery stand to play. The line was very long and the baby was kicking and I was hungry. So I said I will stop back after lunch and play it. When I finished lunch and went back to the lottery stand the line was still long and I was running short on time. I said okay I would come out on my last 15 minute break and play. Time passed and I got so busy at work I could not get back to the lottery stand to play that number.  Around 8:30 PM a female customer came into the department to purchase a few items.  She was so happy she told me that she hit the lottery yesterday and tonight.  I said really, I tried to play today but did not have time.  What was the three-digit number?  She said 129.  I was floored.  I had to excuse myself from her.  It was clear that my child was meant to be.  By the way, having my son turned out to be the best thing next to Jesus in my life.


Going on, my next place of residence was on a street called Plainview. Here is where I fully came to know Jesus. The events that happened here led me to surrender to Jesus. By this time I am well into adulthood. This was my first purchased home and I was on my own. I once had six close girlfriends. Every weekend we would have what we called 'The Girls Gathering' at each other's home. We talked about life, children, men, sex, God, money and future plans. During one particular gathering at my home we were gathered in the downstairs family room drinking and smoking and somewhat watching TV. While we were talking the TV turned off. At first I did not think anything about it. I got up and turned it back on. The TV was old and previously belonged to my mom, but I never had any problems with it. About ten minutes went by and the TV turned off again. I grabbed the remote and turned it back on. Five more minutes passed and the TV turned off again. My one girlfriend said, "Girl, you got a ghost in your TV!." We laughed and joked about it. I said, “I don't believe in ghosts,” and turned the TV back on and said “In the name of Jesus if there is any demonic spirits in this house and messing with this TV get out now and go back to the pit of hell where you came from! You are not welcome here and can no longer stay!” Believe it or not the TV did not turn off again.


At this time in my life I started doing some soul searching. I went through the whole..."What are we here for? What should I be doing? What about marriage? Shouldn't I be married by now? Some of my close girlfriends were married and getting married? Where's my husband? Where’s God in my life?"


So, I started going back to church. This time I attended a Church of God & Christ. It was a little bit better than the Baptist Church I grew up in. However, I still did not learn what my spirit needed.


Continuing on, I made the drastic mistake of marrying for all the wrong reasons. And yes I did pay for that mistake. The thing is, God or my Angel spoke to me and told me that he was not the one for me. I was in prayer and I was thanking God for finally sending me my husband. While I was praying a voice spoke to me and said "He is not the one." I said “What do you mean Lord he is not the one? He's this he's that yada yada yada,” so on and so forth. Trying to make a case for this man that I was planning to marry. The voice never said anything else. So again I was puzzled and I told my then fiancée what the voice said to me during prayer. At first he was calm about it trying to help me understand why this voice warned me against marrying him. But that soon changed and he got very upset about it. So I called around to people who were very spiritual and asked them about this. Was God trying to tell me something or was it Satan trying to trick me into not marrying the man that I believe God sent to me? Well after four months of marriage and 25,000.00 dollars later we were on our way to the divorce court. The honeymoon was over before it began. To this day I never knew if he loved my money or me.


After the divorce, I stayed single for a long time and started attending a new church, Word of Faith Christian Center. This is my church home till this day. I've heard people say that WOF is a cult and the pastors are out for money. I don't agree. In this church I have learned so much...more than any church that I've ever attended in my life. My spirit is fed with the word of God constantly.


While I was single, I started chatting online with different people. There was one guy that I chatted with for almost a year. There was talk of marriage and relocating. Needless to say and without going into deep details on this one, this guy broke my heart into tiny pieces. He broke my heart like it's never been broken before. This is when the transformation took place. I called on Jesus. When things got really bad with this guy, I told Jesus that if this did not work out that I would surrender my will to him. There are some who will understand this. I was tired and could not stand anymore. When I said that to Jesus, things went from bad to worse to downright ugly with this guy. I did not eat, could not sleep, did not want to be bothered with anyone and lost 40 pounds. The only one I could turn to, was Jesus. I said, "Well Lord, here I am. Have your way." I knew nothing material could mend my heart. I told the Lord that He would have to mend it. So, I got down on my knees and asked Jesus to come into my life completely, to fill me with His Holy Spirit. I asked Him to forgive me for my sins that I have committed and to create in me a new heart. I asked him to deliver me from smoking and drinking. I prayed so long and told Jesus everything in my heart and mind. I told Him that it was no longer my will but His Will be done in my life. So I let go of the reigns of my life and gave it all to Jesus. From that day on my life has changed and keeps changing. He mended my heart quickly, delivered me from smoking and drinking. I went through what I call ‘A Cleansing Process’ and soon after this process I was filled with His Holy Spirit.


The filling of the Holy Spirit is a day that I will never forget. It was May 23, 2000 close to the midnight hour. I was in bed asleep when I heard the walls in my room cracking. (I heard these cracking noises often. I thought it was the house settling). I awoke. Then there was a presence in my room; I felt it but did not see it fully. At first I was scared. But then peace came upon me and I was rendered motionless. I knew that it was the Holy Spirit that came for me. The Holy Spirit entered into my body directly in my chest straight into my heart. Once inside I was filled up completely from the inside out. Tears came from my eyes because I knew that it was the Spirit of God coming to dwell within me. The love, joy and peace I felt was not like anything in this world. Then I drifted off to sleep. Over time I developed a passion for His Word. I could not wait to get home from work to spend time with the Lord in His Word and in prayer. I was floating on cloud nine. I fell in love with Jesus. I will say this that no man in this earth can ever take care of me how Jesus does. He became my husband, the lover of my soul, my best friend, my comforter and my disciplinarian.


Now come the bad guys again


Now come the bad guys again. In gangs this time. There are some things to know about when you become a born again Christian. It's not all cake and ice cream. You are constantly in a spiritual against Satan and his minions. They will do whatever they can to get you off track, to turn away from God, cause confusion, have your friends and family come against you, mess with your finances, and if need be, physically attack you and try to kill you. They do not want you to become saved and trust Jesus with your life. They especially don't want you telling anybody else about the Good News of Jesus.


Since I have accepted Jesus as my personal Savior and became born again I experienced new levels of attacks from Satan. As I've said early on, I've always been sensitive to spiritual things. I could feel beings around me but could not see them fully. Well, I prayed and asked Jesus to open up my spiritual eyes that I wanted to see into the spiritual realm. I will tell you right now, DON’T DO IT unless you are ready. The things that I have seen are scary, beautiful and amazing. In the beginning of my walk with Jesus, he made it clear what my calling was. He told me to feed His sheep, to spread His Gospel. This is what I do on the Internet. My personal web page is dedicated to witnessing and exposing the false world religions and false professing Christian religions.


My first attacks after coming to the Lord fully were demonic beings coming to my bedroom and keeping me awake at night. I knew they were there and I could hear them and feel them. I would command them to leave in the name of Jesus; they would leave, but they would come back. I was losing a lot of sleep and did not understand why if am saved why am I being attacked so? I later came to realize that being a born again Christian is why I get attacked. Satan does not attack those who are already serving him. A Christian brethren told me to pray for a camp of angels to come and surround my house and protect my family from demonic beings. So I incorporated that request into my bedtime prayers. It worked every time I included it in my prayers. On those occasions that I did not, I would get visitors.


One night I had a dream that I was choking to death. I could not breathe and was losing air rapidly. In this dream I took my last breath of air and my thoughts were of my son. I said, "Lord what about my son? Who will take care of Him? Who will continue to lead him to you?" Then my next thought was that, I was about to be with the Lord. Yippy! I’m outta here! However, in reality I was actually choking. I had stopped breathing and I knew it. All of a  sudden, air entered into me and I awoke to realize that something was in my mouth, and hands were around my neck. I sat up and the hands released me and whatever it was down my throat was coming out. I didn’t see it but I felt it. The first thing that I could say was “I rebuke you in the Name of Jesus!” The presence left my room. I said “Darn it, Satan is trying to kill me in my sleep.”  I started laughing because Jesus thwarted his plan.


That day, I was telling another Christian brethren my experience and I realized that I was going into Satan's playground and pulling people over to Christ. He did not take it lightly. His methods of attacking was no longer stopping me from growing closer to Christ and sharing the Good News about salvation and eternal life. Therefore, it was to be expected for Satan to use whatever means he could to try and stop me. However, once you realize that Satan was defeated when Christ rose from the dead, all his little attacks are of no consequence. Whatever he tries to do, Jesus will always be there to protect you.


Another night while I was sleeping, I just woke up, and above my bed, floating by my closet, was a grayish colored being. I thought, all right, an angel or Jesus is visiting me’. I said, “Jesus is that you?” This being turned and looked at me and I saw it’s fiery red eyes of flame. When it looked at me I soon realized that it was not Jesus and it was not a good angel. I closed my eyes to make sure I was not seeing things. I opened my eyes back up and it was still there looking at me. So again I said my favorite words, “I rebuke you in the name of Jesus, get the heck out of my house you demon, and do not come back here anymore!” It evaporated right before my eyes.


Don’t think that all of my spiritual visitors were evil; I did experience good beings as well. However, they were not full fledge angels. I started seeing floating lights everywhere I went. Not the floaties you see when someone takes your picture with a flash camera. I thought my vision was getting bad. I went to have my eyes examined and they were fine. The floating lights came in different colors. They came in gold, silver and white. I would see them floating around people and around me. I was having lunch with my Christian brethren and I told him about the lights and he just looked at me and said "You are not crazy and you are not seeing things." I said "How do you know?" He said, "Because I see them floating around you too!" I said, "Praise God do you really seem them?" He said, "Yes, they’re floating around you right now."


One day while driving to work on the expressway, I smelled something wonderful. It was such a sweet smell and I could smell it in my truck and it was the same smell that I smelled while at home one day. It had such a wonderful aroma. It was nothing that I had smelled before. It was hypnotic and calming and I felt a presence right next to me each time.


Time has passed about three years since I came fully to the Lord. (Coming fully to the Lord means, you have a complete understanding of who Jesus really is, what He has done for you, and who you are to Him). There is unconditional love with a bond so solid no man or thing can break it.


Continuing on, I was starting to wonder if I would every get married again. I started feeling lonely even though I had Jesus in my life and I had made new Christian friends and was attending church and bible study every week. I started reminiscing about a relationship that I once had with a married man. This man always wanted to get back with me but I kept him at bay. I’m saved now and I have no business messing around with a married man. However, I was so tempted to call this guy up so I could get busy once more. I started being more concerned about where my mate from God is more so than where my relationship with Jesus was.


One evening I was on the verge of calling this guy but I called a long time friend who had come to the Lord before I did. She told me not to call this guy and to come to her house and stay the night instead. I did not feel like driving to the east side but something told me to go anyway. I got over there and we started talking and I told her the things that I have been through and what I was going through. She said ‘lets pray’.


Being honest ...


My flesh did not want to pray -  my flesh wanted to get laid. She started praying and praising Jesus and singing songs. I’m sitting there halfway praying, thinking about this guy. She left the room and went and got her blessed oil and started rubbing it on me, and praying in the spirit (tongues). I started praying in tongues, and then I really felt the Holy Spirit working and delivering me from this fleshly lust. We both were in tears praying and calling out to Jesus for help. All of a sudden I felt the demon leap from my shoulder and release me. This goes to show you that you can be saved and still be demonically oppressed by Satan. Not possessed, because the Holy Spirit and demonic beings cannot both have dominion in your body.  It was amazing I actually felt it leave me along with those lustful thoughts of being with this married man.  That night, after we were done praying together, I went into a prayer closet to talk with Jesus alone.  I wanted to know if it was in his will for me to be married or am I to remain single and serve him. 

While in prayer, I asked Jesus about my husband.  He said to me, ‘Here you are asking me for your husband but you have not done all that I have asked of you’.  
I said, ‘Okay Lord, what is it that you would have me to do?’  He said, ‘I want you to pray more in the spirit, read the bible more, give unselfishly, to walk in love more 
and to forgive completely.  Once you do all these things, I will send you your husband.’  I said, ‘Okay Lord, I will do what you have asked.’  


I told him everything that I wanted in a husband and told him to include everything that I needed.  I was very specific with him.  After prayer I reviewed what he said to me. I realized that He was right.  I was not reading my bible like I should.  I have the old and new testament on cassette and CD.  Often I would listen to the gospel in the truck and on a cassette player at work and I would play the gospel while sleeping at night.  However it’s not the same when you sit and meditate on the scriptures and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal His Word to you.  I knew that I was not giving whole-heartedly to others or paying my tithes like I should. 

I grew up without really any help from others.  I had to rely on my hard work to obtain the material things that I wanted.  Often it was family members or friends that needed help 
and I would be reluctant to assist them, my motto was ‘If it’s over twenty dollars I cant help you.’  When I needed them, they could not help me.  I did not agree with paying tithes 
because my way of thinking was, ‘I attend a church that’s prosperous. Why does this man need my hard earned money?’  God told me that I am obligated to give 10% of my money 
to the church to go towards spreading the gospel to others.  God showed me that it’s not up to me whether or not the church does what it supposed to do with the money as long as I 
give what was expected and more if need be.  I knew that walking in love was correct also.  When I started witnessing for the Lord, I was on FIRE and dripping with the Holy Spirit.  
Often I would get into debates with people of other beliefs and I would tell them, ’Look, you’re going to hell if you don’t get out of that false religion and come to Jesus for salvation.’  
I would beat them with the bible instead of walking in love and sharing the love of God.  My attitude was. ‘Hey, I got the truth and you don’t.  I told you what the truth is and you don’t 
want to hear it.  Oh well it’s not my problem I told you the truth.’  God dealt with me on that and showed me how wrong I was in my witnessing.  You cannot bible beat people and expect 
them to come to Christ.  With forgiveness, I would forgive but I would not forget.  God showed me that forgiving also includes forgetting and moving on.  He said to me, ‘How do you expect 
me to forgive you for your wrong doings when you have not forgiven those who have wronged you?’  I knew what God said was right.  As time went on I did all that God told me to do and 
came to what I call the next level in my walk with Him.

Not long after I went through my lesson from God, He sent me my husband. I met my husband online. It was so strange because when he came to me I was not interested in him at all. Nor did I have the thoughts of where's my husband, God? While witnessing online, this guy sent me a note. I went to his page and I thought, “Oh no, I don’t want any more pretty men." This guy was very good looking and when you have a good-looking guy, there are plenty of other women that want him as well. I did not want the headache. So we sent notes back and forth but I was not really interested in him. However, from his notes I could tell that he was very intelligent and had a sense of humor. These were some of the qualities that I prayed for in a husband. So after sending notes back and forth we finally exchanged phone numbers and had several five-hour conversations over the phone.


The conversations were really good. He told me that he did not want to wait forever to meet me in person. I was leery. I had not been around a man in that way in about three, four years, not to mention I had gained weight. Once God delivered me from smoking and drinking I had a normal appetite again. I was uncomfortable about meeting this guy and I told him that I had gained weight. He said "That he did not care if I had one leg and was 300 pounds that I was beautiful to him." So we set a date on a Friday, April 5th. I was so nervous and scared that he would not be attracted to me. He came to my door and I almost fainted; the butterflies were fluttering in my stomach. I was having a bad hair day - I needed my perm touched up and my dress made me feel like a cow. He came with roses, candy, and a card with poetry that he wrote and a CD with music for our trip to wherever he was taking me. He was so handsome and smelled so good and was dressed so nice and polite. It took the Holy Spirit to keep me from jumping on this man. He opened the doors for me and was a true gentleman. He took me to this wonderful gourmet restaurant.


I would like for people to know that God can and will tell you that there is someone specifically shaped and made just for you.  After we received confirmation from God, we were married one year later.


The last event that I want to share is when I went to heaven and met Jesus. I was sleeping and then suddenly I awoke in an area that was filled with people of various races. They were all dressed in white robes. In the center was Jesus standing with His arms stretched out with open hands. He said, “Children come and meet the Father.” He was dressed in a white garb with sandals on His feet. There was a light shone about His face. I could not see Him clearly. But I could see His beautiful smile and His mustache and beard. Immediately I started moving towards Him, pushing by the other saints. When I got up closer to Him, I was stopped and fell down at Jesus' feet. I grabbed His ankles and started kissing His feet. I said "Lord please don’t send me back. I don’t want to be there anymore I want to stay here with you. Please I want to stay with you." He put His hand on my head and called me by my name and said, “Now is not your time. You must go back, there is still work for you to do. Everything will be alright." I started crying and holding on tighter to Him. My thoughts at that time were, I finally have come to Him fully. I did not want to take any chances on remaining in the earth and doing anything that may harm my relationship with him. When I awoke I was sitting up in my bed hugging myself crying. I looked up and saw a white spiritual arm and hand moving away from me with the index finger pointing at me.


I will stop here, I pray that you will come to know Jesus as Lord, God and Savior. There have been many more spiritual events that have taken place in my life. I've been in my house that God has prepared for me. I have received the gifts of healing, casting down demons and I have visions of things to come. My walk with Christ has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I pray that you will come to know Him as I do. He is Wonderful and will change your life forever. Don’t think that you need to clean yourself up before coming to him. Just come to him as you are and He will cleanse you and set you free and place you on the right path and grant you eternal life with Him forever.


May God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit come into your life and give you rest, peace, joy, love and happiness in Jesus Name I pray.  He wants to so bad.  How bad?  If you were the only sinner on planet earth, Jesus would still have died that painful death on the Cross to take the punishment for your sins.  Who else do you know who would do that just for you?


"And this gospel of the kingdom [Jesus died for sinners] shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come." (Quote from Jesus Himself: Matthew 24:14).

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