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1. 4 Levels of Spiritual Warfare Against Demonic Spirits

Many people are asking us questions on exactly how to do battle with demonic spirits when they do move in for an actual attack. This first article will give you a broad overview of the 4 basic levels in which demons can move in for an attack. As Christians, we need to have some basic knowledge of our enemies and how they work and operate so that we will know how to do battle with them if they should ever move in for an attack on either us or any of our close loved ones.

There are rules to the war games that are going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm between God and the devil for all of our souls. Demons themselves have to abide by these rules.

This article will give you the 4 main ways in which demons will try and take advantage of you so that they can then set things up to be able to move in for an actual attack. Knowing exactly what these 4 levels are all about is what can give you the appropriate battle strategy in which to defeat them and drive them out should they ever attempt to come directly against you.

2. Battle Prayer to Break Legal Rights of Demons

This article will be going into much more detail on the second level in which demons can move in for an attack mentioned in the above article. In this second level - demons will move in for an attack once they have a legal right to be able to do so - and one of the ways that you can draw heavy demonic activity in your life is by crossing over and committing some of the heavier type sins and transgressions that will be mentioned in this article.

In this article, I will show you what some of those heaver sins and transgressions are that could cause a hole to occur in your protective hedge that would then give the demons legal to be able to come directly after you.

For those of you who may have drawn heavy demonic activity in your life as a result of crossing over into one or more of these heavier type of sins - I give you a basic 5 step process which will show you exactly how to break the demon's legal rights so that you can then cast them out and off of you for good.

I then end the article with an exact battle prayer that I had given to another woman who had drawn heavy demonic activity in her life as a result of crossing over into some of these heavier sin areas. I show you exactly why certain parts of the prayer were worded as they were and how you can do the same thing for yourself if you have been caught in the same type of demonic grip as this woman had been.

3. Battle Prayer to Break A Generational Curse Line
This next article will be dealing with another level of attack as mentioned in the first article above. In this level, demons can come after some children in a family if one or both of the parents are committing some severe transgressions against the Lord.  The Bible tells us that the sins of the father can be "visited" down 3 or 4 generations of future children.

What happens in some of these more extreme type of cases is that demons will try and attach to some of the children to form out a curse line - so that they can then follow that child into their adult life and try to get them to commit the same kind of sins that their parents were engaging in. This is why alcoholic parents sometimes  produce children who end up become alcoholic themselves as they move out and move into their own marriages. Many of these children are operating under heavy direct demonic influence with the demons trying to "visit" the sins of the sinning parent or parents down on them.

In this article, I will give you the 5 basic steps you will need to do in order to be able  to break this curse line. Once you have properly broken their curse line, then you can verbally engage with the demons and cast them out and off of you for good.

In this article, I also give you an exact battle prayer that I had given to a 16 year old girl who had demons trying to attach to her as a result of her father's severe transgressions against the Lord. She was immediately set free the first time she did the battle prayer and these demons had been attacking her on and off for a good 4 years.

She had tried to verbally command them to leave, but that would only work for a short period of time and then they would keep coming back. The reason for that was because she never properly broke the curse line that had formed out as a result of her natural father's severe transgressions against Lord. This was a very interesting case and perfectly shows how demons can try and attach and transfer to some of the children at a very young age if one or both of the parents are severely transgressing against the Lord.

4. God is No Respecter of Persons
This article has been added to the Sanctification Section of our site. In this article, I give you 4 very good verses which tell us that God the Father is no respecter of any persons and that He will not be showing any type of partiality or favoritism to any man or woman He has ever created.

What this means is that we are all on an equal footing with the Lord. We all have an equal standing with Him.  However, some Christians have a hard time in believing in this revelation.

If you can't or won't believe that God will treat you just as fairly as He would anyone else - then you will have a hard time in climbing and reaching to the goals and aspirations that He has in store for you in this life. This particular revelation has to be believed and acted on. This revelation has to become a permanent part of your right thinking in the Lord. If it is not, then you will continue to remain grounded and stuck in your walk with the Lord.

5. Prayer Secret #4 - Stating Your Case Before God

In this article, I give you 2 very interesting verses from the Old Testament that will tell us that we can approach God to try and reason with Him, to state our cases and contentions before Him. These two verses are giving us a very interesting strategy and angle in which to approach the Lord with in our prayer room.

In this article, I give you the appropriate commentary on how to properly do this with the Lord, and how in many cases, it could be the thing that will help turn the tide for you on something that you may have been praying for very heavily with the Lord. I also give you two good stories where this particular strategy helped turn the tide with God the Father on two very heavy life or death situations.  

Till next time, God bless - and keep on growing in the knowledge and grace of our  Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Michael Bradley

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