Jesus Did It!

By: Karen Parrish
Written: June 2013 

Editorial Note:  Spiritual deception under the guise of "Christianity" is all around us and GROWING, and the sooner we learn to discern it, the easier it will be for us to keep from being blinded to it and then becoming ensnared in it.  Some disciples with Jesus asked Him what would it be like in the last days prior to His returning to earth to set up His Kingdom, and we ALL need to remind ourselves constantly what the very first thing Jesus said in reply to them in Matthew 24:4 was:  "Take heed that no one deceives you."  Think He's giving us a HUGE clue about spiritual priorities as we anxiously await His return?

I greatly appreciate Karen's writing, because I personally believe it is sufficiently inspired by the Holy Spirit as to be useful to our heavenly Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.  If anyone feels Karen is herself deceived in what she says in this writing in any part thereof, be most encouraged to write our ministry ( ) and share your thoughts with us.  We desire to be corrected by true brothers and sisters in Christ to help US stay as free as possible from publishing spiritual deception ourselves, because NONE of us are so spiritually enlightened that we ourselves can't become deceived like anyone else.  Know however, that because of the growing demands of this ministry on our time and energy, I make no promise that we will answer you back about whatever you have to say, but I DO assure you we'll seriously pray about it. 

- Norm Rasmussen, Director, Precious Testimonies

I spent last week at my mother’s beach house in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  As I walked the beach in the mornings, I met several friendly people with whom I chatted.  One particular young man was used to supply my heart with a deeper personal knowledge of the Shepherd heart of God.  This young man was playing with his dog on the shore early that Sunday morning. I stopped to watch him throw the ball out and have his dog delight in picking it up and bringing it immediately to his feet. 

As is often the case, I don’t remember how the conversation turned to spiritual things.  This young man began to share with me about his childhood upbringing in Catholic school.  He said he was quite a problem for the nuns, for he did not just believe all he was told.  As he read and heard the miraculous stories of the Scriptures, he did not simply believe they were true.  He stood at odds with many things he heard and he would confront the nuns with his questions.  He constantly exclaimed with disbelief, “Really???  Now come on, I mean REALLY???”  One day a woman who he had continually harassed during class with his taunting questions – one day this nun decided to take this young man aside and help him understand the Scriptures.  I’m sure she thought she was doing this young boy a favor.  But as I listened to the answer this teacher gave this questioning child, my heart broke for him.

The nun asked this young child to reason his questions through from this angle.  “The Bible is just a collection of stories that were told from one person to another before they were written down.  Now tell me – if a person told a story to another person, and that person took what he had been told and shared it with another person, and that other person then shared what he had been told with someone else….  Tell me.  Would the original story be the same after all the retellings?  All the stories of the Bible are open to each of our own interpretation.  So, you just let your little mind be at rest about all of this and know that it is OK to believe your own interpretation.”

As this young man stepped back, retelling to me what had been told to him, he had a sense of peace that he was OK with all this nun had said and this had become his life philosophy.  I took notice of the atmosphere of satisfied unbelief that he was fully embracing at that moment, and I knew it was not the time to pursue my desire of unsettling this position.  I told him that I’d hope to see him later and that I’d like to share something of my own life with him, if he was interested in hearing about it.  He seemed interested and I left him with the knowledge that I’d see him again another morning.

I brought a few printed copies of my testimony with me when I came to the Outer Banks last week. Many years ago I believe God quickened to me this one sentence:  “I can only use you to the degree that you prepare yourself.”  Last October I realized the testimony God had given me was my own personal witnessing tool.  I might not have opportunity to share many of the truths God had taught me through 30-some years of walking with him, with many people.  But, I wanted to be faithful to prepare whatever God would give me in the way of a written testimony.  I wanted to have copies of my own testimony to share with whomever He would lead me to give it. 

I went back home that afternoon and took one of the booklets out and began to write to this young man.  My heart was yearning over his soul and I so wanted to have some single morsel of truth that he would taste and that could possibly lead him to consider the “Bible stories” in a different light.  For yes – these stories were certainly told and retold before they were written and compiled into what we have today as the Bible.  But, I felt he had not been told the most important fact about God’s Holy Spirit actually brooding over the human instruments He used to record in a written form the things of the Spirit of God.  I wanted to have him consider a line of questioning:  “If you believe in God, do you believe He has all power over all things?  Do you believe that it is indeed possible that He took charge of the faculties of men’s minds, directly inspiring their thoughts and revealing to them and through them exactly what He wanted recorded in a written form for all generations to have and to hold, from that time forth and forever?  Do you believe it is indeed possible that He then controlled every thought that came into their minds and was then written by their hands?” 

Many like questions came forth as I began this reflection.  “If you profess to be a “good Catholic,” then you profess to believe that Mary conceived a child supernaturally as a virgin by the power of God.  Cannot this same supernatural power give to us an accurate record of truth?  Is God not so powerful and so loving that He would not leave us to our own interpretations, but give to us a Divine Teacher, even His Holy Spirit to teach us and guide us into all truth?  Do you think that we simply intellectually read the Scriptures?  Or is this not a Divine Book written by a Divine Being and in need of a Divine Interpreter?  Would you like to be 100% certain that the Scriptures are indeed the very God-breathed words from His heart to your own?  You profess to be at peace with your life and seem self-assured that you’re OK just as you are.  But, if this peace you now possess could indeed one day evaporate before your eyes as you stand before the all-penetrating eyes of a Holy God who will call you to give account to Him of every single word you spoke, every deed you did or did not do and every motive of your heart?  If this peace you have come to embrace is indeed a false peace and will lead you to believe lies and depart from the God who is so earnestly seeking to reveal Himself to you?  Would you not want to do all you could now to open your heart and mind to consider what this one person is pouring out to you?  Not to “prove you wrong and prove herself as right.”  That is not the motive of this one heart.  For this one heart has felt the agony of rejection as God has felt the agony of rejection.  This one heart has nothing but your eternal well-being in consideration.  I have even wept over you, longed over you in the heart of God for you.  I sought you out and looked for you each morning – longing to see your face and speak to you.  My insides were moved with compassion over you.  A stranger to me but a soul known by God and loved by God and being pursued by the Father’s heart.

What I have just written is the revelation of the heart of the Shepherd looking for His one lost sheep.  This was what God added to my own heart as I prepared the specific things I wanted to share, to reach out and take hold of this young man, the once-a-boy who had believed the nun’s interpretation of the Living and Eternal Word of God.  I found myself weeping over this man as the Spirit of God began to flood my soul with the knowledge of the multitudes in the earth today who have been robbed of childlike faith by mis-education and religious-but-lost teachers.  As I went back to the shores to revisit him, as I searched and could not find him, God opened my heart to feel His yearning over souls.  He used this one “chance” meeting and conversation to change me forever.  To enlarge my 1/8 teaspoon size heart to receive the ocean of His love for lost children, wandering children, wounded and rebellious children.  And yet children who really think in their minds that they are OK – that surely, the God they believe in won’t require much of them.  For they aren’t like others who have done evil things.  Yet, they are blind to the sin of unbelief which God says comes from an evil heart.  And God sent Jesus to give sight to the blind and to open deaf ears and to enable the lame to walk with Him and run with Him and forever live with Him.

This past month has brought me to a conclusion about the wondering I’ve had, a conclusion that has brought me to a final sense of peace with all of these things that I have pondered, put aside, pondered again when they would arise.  God has made me one hopeful soul.  He has used my own longing to bear a child, then children – He has used this longing for children to form my heart to long over His children.  And I want to hold every one of His dear children in my arms and comfort them and help them to come to know the love of the Father.  I want to answer every question they have with truth.  I want to be faithful to God and give only what He has given and established as the way, the truth and the life – the offering of His Son’s own blood and very life to enable each of them to receive His forgiveness for all their erring ways, for all their unwillingness to believe those He sent to lead them into simple childlike faith.  For, like Peter, I have also been converted.  And, like Peter, I am a fisher-woman.  For as I have now walked with my God for over 34 years, I finally understand the promise Jesus gave to Peter and to all who would follow Him.

“Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”  As I visited the Outer Banks last month, I thought much upon fishing.  From the time I was a child, I loved to fish with my Daddy.  He taught me how to put that little earthworm on my hook “just right,” and how to cast it out and how to watch it – and how to know just when to pull and just when to wait a bit longer.  I have no idea of how many fish I caught over the years.  I do remember one day in particular – the day I caught a 3-1/2 lb. large-mouth bass in the morning and then a 7-1/2 pounder that night.  Ruined me for fishing – for I’ve NEVER had a day like that since.

But what I remember now is the patience and the persistence it takes to catch fish.  The older the fish are, the smarter they have become.  It takes certain lures and certain ways of casting and trolling and enticing them to come off their beds or out from under those logs and open wide their mouths and clamp their jaws down on that deception.  Deception?  Yes – deception.  For that is exactly what a lure is.  And the world is filled with lies and deceptions to catch the ignorant and take them captive.  In fact, a famous name-brand of fishing tackle is PLANO.  Plano is from the Greek word family – it means passively drifting, wandering or roaming.  In the New Testament, it is translated in English as to deceive, to lead away from the truth, to lead into error.

When I caught that 7-1/2 pound bass that evening, I didn’t catch it using the first lure I tried.  For those of you who are not familiar with artificial baits, I’ll explain the two lures I used.  The first was a Mepps minnow.  It is a small gray rubber fish, about 2-1/2 inches in length, with a little silver whirly blade in front of the fish.  As you pull it through the water, the little silvery blade turns and catches the sunlight, attracting the fish by sight.  I cast this little minnow into the corner of the pond several times with no success.  My husband was at the other end of the pond, still trying to catch up to my morning catch.  I remembered then “The Rattletrap.”

For years my husband had gotten a magazine from Bass Master.  He read it every month and I certainly thought, “What can you possibly get out of reading something like THAT?”  I teased him, often telling him that the only thing he read was the cartoon in the back section.

Well, I really did want to have some interest in what he was interested in – so one month, I picked up that magazine and decided to read it.  This month had an article about one of the guys they call a “Bassmaster” by the name of Rick Clunn.  He won the Bassmaster’s Tournament four times.  His favorite lure was the Rattletrap.  He swore it caught more bass and bigger bass.  This lure is shaped like a fat little fish and was loaded with small round metal balls.  When you pulled it through the water the little balls moved around and it made quite a rattling sound.  Thus its name – the Rattletrap.  I took note of that and thought that I’d buy one of those and give it a try.

The day before going to my grandparents’ farm, we went to a local bait shop.  I had forgotten all about Rick Clunn’s favorite lure, until I heard two men talking about lures.  One said, “Hey – I bet this one would really catch them at the pond.”  What was he talking about?  My curiosity led me to walk over and see what this guy was holding in his hand.  Ah-HAH!  A pumpkin-colored Rattletrap!  So, I brought one up to the cash register and gave it to my husband.  He looked at me wide-eyed and wondered why I wanted THAT lure!  I smiled and told him, “Well, Rick Clunn swears by this one.”  I think he got the picture that I had read his magazine.

When I was standing there in the corner and had gotten no hits off the little minnow lure, I remembered the Rattletrap.  I went to the truck, dug through the PLANO tackle box, and then tied on my brand new Rattletrap.  I returned to the same spot I had been casting the minnow and threw that lure in the same spot.  It was quite easier to cast, as it was a much larger and heavier lure.  As I brought it back to the shore, I could feel the way it swam, side to side, just like a fish.  So, I cast it again – but still, no response. 

But on the third cast, something hit the line with such force that it scared me.  As I said, I had caught a 3-1/2 pound bass that morning, the largest I had caught up to this moment.  I knew what that felt like on the line, though I was using a live minnow with a cork bobber that morning.  But this pull?  I thought I had something huge – and I was having trouble pulling it into the shore.  I cried out for my husband – “HELP!  HELP!”  I saw him throw down his rod and start running my direction, exclaiming as he came “Karen, if you ain’t the BEATENEST thing!”

Well, the end of the story is this – I did use the lure that lured a mother bass off her bed.  She hadn’t taken too much notice of that little Mepps minnow.  It most probably just irritated her.  But that loud noise – that Rattletrap?  She couldn’t stand it any longer.  She just HAD to see what the noise was all about.  As I pulled her over to the shallows, I could see her back fins arching, standing up out of the water.  And, I knew she was a whole lot bigger than what I had pulled out that morning.

But, I didn’t catch that fish.  It latched hold of the lure and I reeled it to the shore.  But just as it got to the shore, the line broke.  However, my husband’s hands were already there to catch that bass and throw her up onto the bank.  So, I must not deceive anyone to think I caught that bass.  For my husband caught it – barehanded at that!  And, that one day of fishing kept him regularly a-fishing, to catch up to my one day’s catch.  He is quite a competitive soul – sorry to say that he has not yet made it past that day’s 11-pounds- in-two- fish limit that his wife was blessed to receive.  But, his day is coming.  His day is coming!

If there is one thing that I am certain of after almost 58 years on this planet, there is nothing to be compared with walking daily with my Lord.  For He is the true Master – and the Master Fisherman.  He is the Chief Shepherd and He is the Way, the Truth and the Life.  And I am more convinced today that He is so very soon to be appearing in the heavens, in the same manner that the angels told those who saw Him ascend into heaven after His resurrection --  for it is written in Acts 1:7-10, that Jesus will return in the same manner in which He left after His resurrection --  In the heavens, in the clouds.  His first return will be for His Bride.  Only she will see Him.   At His second return, every eye will behold Him in His coming glory as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

I live every day to share the truths God has so mercifully granted me to hear, to ponder, to pray about and to be assured of are indeed His truths, written by His Spirit, kept by His Spirit and revealed to all who will seek God with all their hearts.  I live this day to give a final call to all who will read and hear God speak to their own hearts.  I pray for each of you who have gotten this far, that you will indeed respond with words from your own heart to God.  For my journey began in crying out to God as a lost soul, “GOD – I am so afraid.  Show me what I must do in order not to have to BE HERE when these horrible things happen.” 

As I said, there is a promise of escape for those who are hidden in Christ Jesus and who are expecting, looking and preparing for His soon return in the clouds.  These are those who have been born again into the family of God by personal faith in His Son’s atoning work – for this is why Jesus came as the Lamb of God to take away the sins of the world.  For the Old Testament Jew knows the truth of the blood sacrifice.  But the blood of bulls and goats and lambs could never deliver man from the power of sin.  But faith in the story that God forever recorded for each of His children to hear, believe and respond to – the very gospel truth written in the Scriptures.  This simple childlike faith is all that is needed to come to know that you are a child of God and that God will never leave one of His obedient children behind to suffer the outpouring of His wrath upon those who rejected Him, refused Him, hated Him and hated those who He sent to deliver them.

This promise is indeed known today as “the rapture.”  This is the reason I so fervently seek to share all God has caused me to know with whoever will listen.  For I don’t want ONE of you to have to endure what I know is coming – who would CHOOSE to be here to suffer at the hands of the godless demonic antichrist system rather than CHOOSE life in Christ now and be ready to meet Him in the air?  Only those who are either ignorant or willfully unbelieving.  I pray that you have simply not heard what God has to say about some things.  I pray that you will consider only what He wants you to know and will find His Spirit faithful to give you understanding and aid you in your cries to know the truth – to be 100% absolutely sure of His absolute truth. 

For God is not like deceived men and women, men and women who have believed lies and only spread the same to others.  It is absolutely impossible for God to lie.  He is the God of Truth and His truth is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Only hear, consider and ask Him to reveal Jesus to you – ask Him to prove to you that He is who He says He is.  Ask Him to help you in your unbelief TO BELIEVE, and ask Him this simple thing from your own heart, not your intellect.  For it is with our hearts we believe.  Consider the words below, and if your heart agrees with them, then take these words God has given to lead you to His very throne room.  From your own heart, pray:

 “God, if I am deceived and think I am OK with you and yet I am not, please don’t leave me in this state.  Please open both my mind and my heart and give me your help to seek you with all my heart.  For you have written a promise to all who will believe.  And I speak back to You now what You wrote through the prophet Jeremiah.  You wrote to us, God:

11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

12 Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall go and pray unto me, and I will hearken unto you.

13 And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.

14 And I will be found of you, saith the Lord:

God, please take pity upon me.  I’ve only known You today by what I’ve heard and been taught by others.  If I’ve not been taught the truth as You want me to know it, surely You are now yet giving me an opportunity to hear and believe.  So, please help me by your Holy Spirit to believe all that is necessary in order to experience what people call the new spiritual birth, to be born again into Your family and to become a child of God.  I want that, oh God.  I want to know You in the way Jesus said He came to reveal You to us – that we might know You as our own Father, just as He knew You as His Father.

I ask these things now, in Jesus Name.  And I thank You that You never turn away anyone who comes to You through His Name and calls upon You in the Name of Jesus.”

I know not which you may be - a willfully ignorant unbeliever who has rejected God’s many approaches to you, or a deceived unbeliever who has never heard the truth.  But you are truly one or the other.  There is no middle ground here. God has sent you His truth and what will you choose to do with it?  That is your choice, and I leave you with it for it is only your own to make.  But God knows, and if you’ve from your heart prayed what you’ve just read, then I know that He is set upon you in His love and you will be led into all the truth you need to come to know Him, to love Him and to follow Him.

I think the better and best for each of you, and pray for all of God’s elect.  For He has promised that IF it were possible, IF the days ahead were not cut short, that even His ELECT could be deceived by the lures and the pressures that are ahead.  But God is so loving and faithful that He promises to save all who will receive His truths and call upon the Name of Jesus to save them.  That is where I began and what I live to testify – whosoever shall call upon the Lord Jesus, He shall save!  To the end of the earth, to the end of all time as we know it.  For Jesus ever lives to save to the uttermost all who will receive and trust Him. 

So, in closing, I want to put give you what I personally consider as the best lures I’ve come across in my own searching.  For there are many deceivers in the earth today.  They have been deceived and have formed entire false religions upon deception and lies.  And this will only continue to increase in the days before Jesus comes to catch away His Bride. 

For He is yet coming in the clouds twice more before He sits down to reign and rule from King David’s throne in Jerusalem for 1,000 years.

The first coming in the clouds will be the event that could take place today, before I even complete the recording of what He is giving me to write.  The rapture – the catching away of the Bride of Christ to meet Him in the air and be with Him in heaven for the seven years known as The Tribulation Period.  

The second coming in the clouds occurs as Revelation 19 describes it – Jesus returns riding upon a white horse, followed by those who have overcome, those saints who return with Him also riding upon their white horses.  These return to the final battle at Armageddon, where Jesus will destroy all of those gathered to fight against Him and His armies – and He will destroy them by the very breath of His mouth.

I want as many who will hear and heed the Holy Spirit to be prepared and to be preparing, to be doing what Revelation 19 describes to us:  the bride has made herself ready.  I want every single soul to know the hope of their calling – to be made members of the Bride of Christ and to be ready for their Groom.  So, out of this heart’s fervent motive, I leave you with the following places where you can study and ponder and pray for the truths you need to be made ready.

While there is yet time, I plead with you to use your computer internet for the good of your soul.  As my final closing to this testimony that God began, that He has kept, that He has enlarged and that I now sense is complete, I leave you with these “lures.”  Simply type the links into your web browser and browse with an open heart and mind.  May God be faithful to do what He has promised through the work of His fishermen and fisher-women.  Some of us just tease fish.  And some of us actually catch the fish.  But one day, every single child of God – every single one of us will see the great harvest before the throne of God and then shall every single one of us receive the rewards God chose for us to receive before we were ever born to become His sons and daughters, His fishermen and fisher-women.  There is no joy like that which takes place in heaven when one soul is born into the family of God.  All the angels rejoice in the presence of God!  All the angels!

God, please be glorified in my feeble attempts to be faithful to the truths of your Holy Spirit.  Please guide all whom you may lead to read and consider these words, guide them to the source of the true words of Life and pour upon each the grace to follow after You and cry unto YOU in the Name of Jesus.  Save them.  Deliver them.  And keep them unto Your Heavenly Kingdom.  For faithful are You who have promised, who also will DO IT!  In Jesus’ Name I ask – and I thank you for the grace of faith to believe and receive this request that You authored and finished in me, your needy servant.

Revelation 22:17 – Maranatha!

17 And the Spirit and the bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely.

I may have only this one opportunity to give you all the helps that God has given to help me understand what is so soon to take place as He completes all of His Divine Plan for mankind.  It may take you a few hours or even a full day to consider all that I’m giving to help you – but what are a few hours or days in comparison to an Eternity apart from God and in eternal darkness and torments?  I think it would be prudent for me to do all I can now to be assured of where I will be for Eternity.

I have divided these helps by topics below.  These videos are presently found on Youtube.  Simply type the link below into your web browser and consider what these authors share to shed God’s light into places of confusion and darkness. If you are viewing an electronic copy of these words, then simply click the links and the teaching video will open.  These helps have been invaluable to many of us in the body of Christ.  We thank God for the means He has made available to fulfill the great commission – to take the gospel into the earth and to teach all who respond to the gospel and become born again into the family God – to teach all how to obey all God has commanded of His children.   God is sending His word forth to deliver us from the destruction that comes by believing Satan’s lies.  The God of truth is sending for His truth and great is the company who is publishing it (Ps. 68, vs. 11 in particular).

False Religions and False Prophets

Jesus warned those living in these days to beware of false prophets, and to take need that no man would deceive us into believing lies parading as truth.  There are many today who profess to know God and even appear to have supernatural powers that they say come from God’s Holy Spirit.  But what do the Scriptures say?  If you are following a way that you think will lead you to God and to be accepted by God, and that way is false, would you not want to be sure you are on the right path?

·        The Jehovah’s Witness Lure

·        The Mormon Lure

·        The Roman Catholic Lure

·        The New Age Lure

·        Occult in the World – The Love of Money is the Root of All Evil

·        Occult in the Church

·        Mass Deception: Oprah, Osteen, New Age & The Anti-Christ Global Religion

·        Shining the Light on the Secret

·        False Spirits Invading the Church

·        The Emergent Church, the Whore of Babylon

Wide is the Gate – The New Age Movement and the Emergent Church

·        Making Provision for Sin of Adultery – A Rampant Sin in the Church Today – America is compromising God’s will regarding marriage because His people, His church-- we have compromised His will regarding marriage (2 Chr. 7:14/Ezra 10)

·        They Preach Another Jesus

·        Discerning the Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing – False Prophets

Many today have been ensnared by their own ignorance.  These have no foundation of personal Biblical study.  They have not been taught to take every thought captive and hold it up to the light of the word of God.  If it feels like God, they swallow these lures hook, line and sinker.  And unless God sends the truth to deliver them, and unless these who are now held captive by these demonic powers are willing to receive the words sent from God to deliver them – the end result of the way this multitude believes is of the Holy Spirit, what will that end be?  It will be what God said He would send upon those who reject His Holy Spirit’s counsel and refuse to receive a love for His truth.  God will send strong delusion upon those who refuse to receive His truth, love His truth and depart from all lawless, unclean spiritual darkness. 

2 Thessalonians 2 is a warning to all who are ensnared in these false movements being touted as of the Holy Spirit today.  God’s Spirit is Holy.  God’s Spirit does not force Himself and override a person’s will, taking control of them so that they cannot exercise the fruit of the Spirit of God, the fruit of self-control.  God’s Spirit can be grieved, resisted and quenched.  The spirits parading as the Holy Spirit today cannot be resisted by those who avail themselves to be “touched” by this power.  They plunge headlong into the river, but they will drown and die unless God pulls them out.  I am seeking with all that is within me to sound the trumpet, to awaken those who are embracing a false power, a demonic power, and calling it The Holy Spirit.   For I can say without a single speck of doubt, things such as the video above describes are of the demonic realm.  People are attributing this power and works and words to God’s Holy Spirit when it is in reality of the spirit of lawlessness and rebellion, the very spirit of antichrist.  And all who continue to embrace and follow such evil spirits shall not enter the Kingdom of God.  This is so very serious – and the time is so very short.  I cannot do anything but cry out to all who will hear and consider God’s Words. 

I care not what you may think of me.  I have only your present and eternal well-being in my mind and heart.  I am speaking to you what I would hope you would share with me, if you understood God’s Spirit as He has revealed Himself.  For He does not change.  He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  And we must humble ourselves and put aside all our preconceived notions and search the Scriptures prayerfully, humbly – admitting that we may indeed be deceived and need to repent.  But how can we repent unless God sends the truth to show us the error of our ways?  God, have mercy and send grace to help in time of need as any one who reads this may feel offended and be shaking his or her head at the one who is pleading on behalf of God and His Holiness.

God’s Spirit does not magnify Himself and call attention to Himself.  God’s Spirit points every single man, woman and child to the Lord Jesus Christ and to the word of God which He authored.  He exalts Jesus Christ.  He does not exalt His own gifts and supernatural powers.  

I used to wonder how in the world anyone would be deceived by the appearance of many people in the earth who professed to be Christ.  I simply asked the question:  “Will people be so dumbed-down that they think Jesus is appearing all over the earth in all of these deceived people who say, “I am Christ,”  “I am Christ.”  “Christ is HERE – Christ is THERE?”  But one day the Spirit of God cleared all of this up for me.  Yes, many are coming in the “Name of Jesus” and many profess to be moving in the Spirit of God.   Yet in works these deny Him.  They deny the Holy Spirit to produce all the fruits of the Spirit in their lives.  They do not test the spirits by the Word of God.  They refuse to consider anyone who presents a contrary opinion of movements such as these.  And, most sadly, they teach others to follow them and their pernicious ways.  Rather than to reprove these things and have absolutely no fellowship with them, they take pleasure in bringing others into this same delusion – all the while thinking they are doing God and the individuals the greatest favor. 

This sounds to me just like what occurred during the very days in which Jesus walked the earth.  And it was these who refused His words and who thought He was a lunatic and even possessed by devils Himself – it was these who mocked Him, hated Him and put Him to death.  These were those of the religious system of that day.  And it is no different today, except – Except that the time is so very short now and the world is filled with strong delusion.  The stronger the delusion, the stronger the word of God being sent forth to deliver these from destruction.

God tells us in Proverbs 31 that His virtuous woman is His bride.  She is to give strong drink to those around her who are ready to perish.  This is indeed what I hear pouring into my heart and out of my fingers as I continue to write.  I hear the heart of God pleading, pleading, pleading:  “Turn you at these words sent to reprove you.  Ask of Me.  Consider Me.  And I will show you the things you have not yet seen and heard.  But you must humble yourselves to receive, to consider and to repent of all that I am seeking to show you.  If you refuse Me this and continue to reject My messengers who are calling you to repentance, you are choosing your own ways, and the end of those ways will be death.”

These are strong words – yes.   But they are true words and cannot be denied.  If we deny God’s word, we deny Him.  And this is what causes Him to deny us and reject us as reprobates.  For we have proven that we profess to know Him and yet we deny Him by refusing to give His Holy Spirit total Lordship over our lives.  We are not holy as He is holy.  For we have become defiled with the beasts that have entered into His temple.  Our temples, our bodies – they belong to Him.  And we are to glorify God in our bodies and in our spirits which are His.  Where do any of these abhorrent demonstrations in the flesh, where do they bring God any glory?  They bring feelings and these feelings are deceiving the masses.  And God’s people love to have it so.  They LOVE to feel the power and fall “under the power.”  They seek to be “touched” by God when “God shows up.”  But is the power that is “showing up” when they gather and frantically stir themselves up in the fleshly chanting, dancing, contorting – is this the power of the Holy Spirit? 

God’s Holy Spirit does not manifest Himself in these ways.  And if you believe He does, I can only tell you plainly – you are deceived and God wants to deliver you from the error of your own way.  This is why He sent this little booklet into your hands.  Now what will you do with what He has sent to help you?  Your actions will indeed either bring the blessing of God into your life, or you will only go forth into stronger and stronger delusion, all the while proclaiming that this is of His Holy Spirit. 

The devil is very cunning – he knows that there is only one sin that God says He will not give repentance.  And that sin is the sin of blaspheming His Holy Spirit.  Many think that this sin means someone attributes to the devil what is actually of God.  So, they could accuse me of committing this sin.  But I ask you – does it not blaspheme the Holy Spirit to attribute to HIM what is demonic?  This is what I believe with all my heart is at hand.  God is giving people over to this strong delusion, a delusion that He says will damn them – and why is God giving them over and sending this delusion upon them?  Because they refused in their own pride to consider His words and love His truth.  They held to their own carnality, they continued in their fleshly lusts and loves of wicked pleasures, all the while calling it God’s Spirit – and they refused to repent. 

I understand why Paul at times pleaded with the church, even asking that they bare with him because he was jealous over them.  He did not fail to warn them of the many who would creep into their assemblies and seek to pervert the truth.  Paul faithfully recorded all God gave of His warnings and he did not fail to speak as God tried his heart.  Paul was given these words for this generation, the generation alive now as the antichrist is awaiting his final moments of history:

2 Thessalonians 2:9-13 –

9The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, 10and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

And Paul wrote these words to Titus that reveal what the grace of God is truly all about:

Titus 2:11-15 -

11For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. 12It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age, 13while we wait for the blessed hope—the appearing of the glory of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ, 14who gave himself for us to redeem us from all wickedness and to purify for himself a people that are his very own, eager to do what is good.

15These, then, are the things you should teach. Encourage and rebuke with all authority. Do not let anyone despise you.

Reader, if your heart is burning within you as you read these words, may you be quick to bow your heart and ask God to show you if you are indeed deceived.  May you be swift to acknowledge what He shows you and ask Him to bring you out of all darkness into His pure light.  May you know His love for you has brought you to hear and consider these words and may you not reject His approach to you through this means.  But, may you find Him faithful to hear your cries, to send you His truth to deliver you and to forgive you all your iniquities – all your lawlessness. 

For that is what is at work in these days in the church – spirits of lawlessness.  These evil spirits seek to convince us to cast off all restraint.  They promote dullness of hearing the words of the Lord.  They seek to convince us that their way is truly God’s way, and this other way is a way of bondage and law. 

But God indeed does have a law.  His law is two fold – the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus and the law of Love.  We are to love God with all our hearts, soul, strength and minds.  We cannot love God with all our minds and mind other things, mind things that make us feel set free from restraint.  We are commanded to daily be about the business of the Kingdom of God – we are to be taking up a cross daily and denying self and only living to be obedient children of God.  God has every right to expect obedience from His children.  Some of us are simply ignorant of all the ways God wants to conform us to the image of Christ Jesus.  There is always repentance offered for ignorance.  But willful ignorance?  This is even more serious to the Spirit of God.  For to be told what God requires of us but then refuse to even consider His words?  This is willful ignorance.  And this is an ignorance that is sure to bring us under the judgment of God. 

For even the prophet Hosea cried to Israel in His day:

Hosea 4:6

“Because you have rejected knowledge,

I also reject you as my priests;

because you have ignored the law of your God,

I also will ignore your children.

One thing is for certain – nowhere in Scripture is our Lord Jesus revealed as a man out of control, a man who acted in haste and handled himself as these who profess to know Him are handling His word and leading others astray in their strong delusions.  Nowhere in Scripture do we see Jesus, who was filled with the Holy Spirit in all His fullness, we never once see Jesus acting in a manner that was totally out-of-control.  Jesus never laughed uncontrollably and rolled on the floor.  Jesus never barked like a dog or clucked like a chicken and declared that this was the power of the Holy Spirit that was causing Him to act in such a manner.  Let me ask you – where do you see such in Scripture?

Jesus did only those things that His Father showed Him – and no word that He ever spoke returned to God void.  He never once missed the mark of total yieldedness to the will of His Father.  And, HE is the example we who profess to be His disciples are to be following, are to be emulating through the power of the same Holy Spirit in our daily lives as Jesus experienced in the days of His flesh.

Today’s emergent church is coming forth and it will be the false church, that which will be yoked to Satan’s Antichrist and will persecute the true church, even unto death.  Yet, we overcome Him by the blood of the Lamb of God and by the word of our testimony.  And we shall not be disappointed when God completes the work that He has begun in purging out all rebels from His church and then having a people who have prepared for their Groom, these people will be caught up to the  Lord in the air, and then shall we ever be with our Lord.

I no longer think it strange that many who once embraced the truth of a pre-tribulation rapture have been talked out of that belief.  For it makes perfect sense that the devil, who knows his time is so very short – he would espouse every opposition to this truth so that many who could have been made ready for the Lord’s coming are looking to other things and are not prepared daily to meet Jesus.  These poor dumb sheep are deluded to think that either there is no rapture of the living off the face of the earth at an instant in time quicker than the twinkle of an eye.  Or they believe that this event will occur after the seven year tribulation, or in the middle of it.  But Jesus says otherwise. 

We are in desperate times – times our Lord Jesus warned us would come and told us we must be watchful over, taking heed that no man deceive us by any means.  And if we are to guard ourselves, are we to only keep God’s words to ourselves?  Are we not made our brother’s keeper?  Are we not to go to our brethren that have been overtake in this fault and in love show them the error of their ways?  Are we not to love as God commands?  In deed AND in truth?  Aren’t we to warn every man, woman and child to “Come out from among these and be separate – hating the garments spotted by the flesh, and not having any association, any fellowship with these unfruitful ways of darkness – but rather – rather reprove them.”  This is the call of God to each of His true disciples today.  And few are willing to prepare themselves with the word of God so that He can send them forth in these closing hours of history.  But, if any man will hear God’s voice and choose God’s holiness, this man will come to know the truth of God’s words.  For He has promised us in John 8:31-32:  If you will continue in my words, you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.”  Only truly free disciples can be sent to free others. 

May you, dear reader, may you choose to seek the Lord while He may be found.  May you call out to Him alone as your help and ask that He remove you from every false way, expose to you anything in you that He deems corrupted and in need of cleansing.  And may He give you repentance to the acknowledging of the truth.  Then, may He raise you up and give you His anointing by His Holy Spirit and send you forth to sound the trumpet and awaken those who sit in darkness and sleep the sleep of death.  May His Spirit use you to save those who hear you so that Your Father then says to you, “You are my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.  Enter thou into the joy of the Lord.”  God tells all that He has no greater delight than to hear that His children walk in truth.  How will we come to know the truth unless someone is sent to share God’s heart with us?  If we truly are His disciples, then He commands us to teach others to obey ALL that He has commanded.  The things that He has committed to us and taught us, we are to be willing to share with and teach to others.  Woe be unto me if I withhold a morsel of truth that could save one who is perishing in sin.

There is no greater joy than that which fills heaven as one soul is saved, whether that is to be born into the family of God by faith in Jesus’ atonement, or whether that is to be saved from Satan’s snares and be loosed from his influence, control and dominion.  Lord Jesus, do what You have come to do – seek and save that which is lost and overtaken in captivity.  And, do what You delight to do – save each of Your own to the uttermost and keep us unto the coming of Your Kingdom.  For truly, You are coming to establish Your Kingdom and it shall break forth in an instant as You return with Your heavenly army of all saints and quite break down all pagan satanic images and put all your enemies under your feet.  Come, Lord Jesus.  Come Holy Spirit.  Establish Your people and may they indeed be willing in the day of Your power.

 In Jesus’ Name

Final word to those who profess to be Jesus’ disciples and who are looking to be found faithful only to Him alone.  If you have embraced any error and teach others to follow you down paths that are leading them astray, you will one day face a judgment that God wants now to deliver you from.  If you deny the truth of the rapture and are teaching others to embrace your own unbelief, please take time to read both of these teachings in their entirety.  Be like the Bereans and you will NEVER regret walking on these same old paths.  Surely, if Jesus went about preaching the gospel of the Kingdom and calling all men everywhere to repent, how much more are we, His disciples – how much more are we to be following His same steps now?  For the Kingdom of God is at hand and we are the chosen generation of all generations to hear and see and preach without compromise the words of life that will accomplish the purpose for which God sent them.  And how will they hear and repent unless we who know are sent?

God’s pure truth can be found in two series of articles by Dr. Andy Woods on The Rapture and The Coming Kingdom here:    Simply scroll down through the listing.  The Rapture is in 12 parts and The Coming Kingdom is currently 16 parts.

Many today who profess to be Jesus’ disciples no longer believe in a pre-tribulation rapture.  They have been robbed of this blessed hope and then they go about teaching others the same lies that they have themselves been deceived by.  It is a fearful thing to deny truth.  But it is far more fearful for those who teach others to join them in this apostasy.  For this is indeed the hour in which we now find ourselves – the hour of apostasy, the great falling away.  And Jesus warned the church through Paul that this hour is the season in which Jesus will return as a thief in the night to take His Bride. 

Lord, I want to be among that number and I want to bring as many sons and daughters to return to truth and to be purifying their hearts so that they are indeed accounted worthy to escape all that is so soon to be unleashed upon this entire earth.  But Your Bride will be with You, safe inside the place You went to prepare for all who would believe all He gave in way of promise from our Father (2 Cor. 1:20).  As a Jew, Jesus often used parables to speak to His own.  The teaching below is one of the most beautiful illustrations of our Groom’s preparation for us and His coming for us at the time known only to His Father, our Father.

And finally – to those who have not yet been convinced that there is life after death, and that the time to prepare for eternity is now, please read these final words and take this one hour to view this from a man who God allowed to experience the torments of hell for less than half an hour.

I want to thank you, God – for your faithful servants who spoke your faithful truth at the time I so needed to hear it.  I want to thank you in particular for my Nannie.  For that one sentence she spoke to my Daddy that day led me to search for Your loving hand.  My Daddy told me one day that there was no such thing as hell.  His mother was sitting beside me.  A woman who I had never heard correct my Daddy.  But when he said there was no such thing as hell, my Nannie said:  “RAYMOND, there is so!”  Those four words were used to lead me out of darkness into light.  And I thank GOD that He did not allow me to remain ignorant of the truths of the Bible, but gave me a seeking heart and mind.  And truly, He has brought me to know the truth.  And the truth has made me free.  May He do the same for you and may you be born again into His family and serve Him with all your life.  In Jesus’ Name

What Happens After You Die?

What Does the Bible Say About Hell?

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May God be glorified, the devil horrified, the church of God edified and many come into the Kingdom of God, and God’s army be multiplied!


Revelation 12:11

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb,

 and by the word of their testimony;

 and they loved not their lives unto the death.


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