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By: Norm Rasmussen

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The sooner you learn that the goal of life is to be pleasing to God in every way you know how, the easier it becomes to connect properly with God and stay properly connected to Him.

Over time, the Precious Testimonies ministry receives a number of emails that read something like this:

'I feel so far away from God. I used to follow Him, but I went my own way, and now I can't seem to find Him again.  Please, I'm desperate.  Can you help me find God again?'

Invariably ' if a person like this will take the time to share much of their spiritual journey, and explain what was their understanding of 'knowing God' earlier in their life, it becomes quite clear to us what the REAL problem is.  A person like this didn't either KNOW how to correctly play by God's rules to properly connect with God the first time around, or they chose not to play by His rules if they DID know.  Most likely, they 'modified' God's rules, and maybe added a few of their own 'more convenient - logical' rules. 

There is only one sure way to properly connect with God according to God so that you are fully pleasing to Him. You have to play by HIS rules.  If you play by any other rules than the rules He says you need to play by, you will have a very joyless and essentially meaningless relationship with God.  And sooner or later, you will find no real heart connection with God at all.

The rules God tells us to play by are contained in the New Testament Bible.  However, those rules are not clearly written out in a neat, organized fashion, as if I'm telling you something you didn't already know.  That's no coincidence the Bible is written that way.  God never made it easy and logical to properly connect with Him, and stay connected.  He did it that way to see who REALLY wants Him, and who is just playing games with themselves.  Hence, It requires a great deal of diligence; a great deal of persistence; to properly and wisely connect with God, and then learn how to STAY connected to Him. 

By God's help and grace, I'm going to do my best to help simplify God's rules for you in this writing, to help get you on the RIGHT path, so you can firmly connect with God.  This is not going to be an exhaustive directive by any means, but it will be a trustworthy writing to get your feet planted on solid spiritual ground. 

I'll repeat the very first sentence of this writing:  The very first thing God is looking for out of a person is someone who truly wants to please God with their life.  Have you come to a place in your life where that is TRULY the greatest desire of your heart?  If it isn't, you might be playing games with yourself about just how serious you ARE with wanting to fully connect to God, and STAY connected. 

You will find very little meaning ' very little true fulfillment ' in a relationship with God if you only want to do it part-time ' only dabble a little with Him.  God will take what you invest in Him  -- YES -- but don't expect to have the best connection attainable with God if you aren't prepared to give Him 100% of yourself.  

I'm now going to share with you some crucially important facts.  RIGHT FACTS.  After I've shared with you these facts, I'm going to ask you if you believe these to be TRUE facts, or UNTRUE facts ' hence, lies.  What you believe about these facts, and are willing to confess to anyone who asks you from this point on about these facts ' will help you to know whether you are truly connected or not to God, because the very first thing you are going to have to admit to yourself and God is that you are a sinner (spiritual rebel).  You are going to have to admit that you have sinned against a holy God.  You are going to have to admit that you have been more concerned about pleasing yourself than you have been pleasing God.  And then you will have to admit that you need a Savior, to save you from being punished by God for your selfish sins on the Judgment Day.  Let's now look at some right facts.


You were born a sinner.  Because of Adam and Eve's sin against God, (or disobedience to God; same thing) their sin nature was passed to every offspring that came after them, right down to include you and me.

God came from heaven to earth for one primary purpose.  To be born to die for your sins and my sins and the sins of everyone else.   The name given to God was Jesus Christ.  He lived the life of a human being for 33 years before being murdered on the cross. 

During his 33 years of living on Earth, he never sinned once.   This made Him the only acceptable sacrifice that God the Father found acceptable to pay full ransom price for your sins. 

Thus the punishment you deserve for sinning against God (disobeying God's commands) during your lifetime was taken out on Jesus Christ, so you could be FREED from God's wrath against you for those sins, and not be sentenced to suffer for them in hell for eternity, but rather, spend eternity with God in heaven ' fully forgiven ' fully acceptable to God -  fully righteous, because God gave you His imputed righteousness and took your sins, as promised in 2 Corinthians 5:21.

So what do you believe about what you just read about God dying for your sins and imputing to you His pure, Godly righteousness?  Do you believe this is TRUE, or FALSE?  Do you believe it to be FACT, or LIES?   

If you believe it to be TRUE, you are on the right path to connecting properly with God.  Here's some Bible scripture to back up my claim. In Romans 10:9-10, reading from the New King James translation of the Bible, it states:

That if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.  For with the heart one believes to righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made to salvation. 

This scripture may not make that much sense to you the way it reads, so please allow me to give you some understanding of what God wants you to understand about it. 

'If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus' ' Let's dissect what this is REALLY implying.  If you will confess to anyone who asks you if you truly believe that Jesus Christ was God in human form, and He was the ONLY One acceptable to take full punishment for every sin you'll ever commit against God (and others) while you live on this planet ' you can be confident of your salvation ... confident that you are fully connecting with God.

'If you believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead,' '  What's the importance of believing that God the Father and the Holy Spirit raised Jesus Christ from the dead, regarding assurance of your salvation and you properly connecting with Him?

The resurrection of Jesus is important for several reasons. First, it witnesses to the immense power of God Himself. To believe in the resurrection is to believe in God. If God exists, and if He created the universe and has power over it, He has power to raise the dead. If He does not have such power, He is not a God worthy of our faith and worship. Only He who created life can resurrect it after death.  Only He can reverse the hideousness that is death itself, and only He can remove the sting that is death and the victory that is the grave's. In resurrecting Jesus from the grave, God reminds us of His absolute sovereignty over life and death.

Second, the resurrection of Jesus is a testimony to the resurrection of human beings, which is a basic tenet of the Christianity. Unlike all other religions, Christianity alone possesses a founder who transcends death and who promises that His followers will do the same. All other "religions" were founded by men and prophets (false prophets) whose end was the grave. As Christians, we take comfort in the fact that our God became man, died for our sins, and was resurrected the third day. The grave could not hold Him. He lives, and He sits today at the right hand of God the Father in heaven.

In 1 Corinthians 15, Paul explains in detail the importance of the resurrection of Christ. Some in Corinth did not believe in the resurrection of the dead, and in this chapter Paul gives six disastrous consequences if there were no resurrection: 1) preaching Christ would be senseless (v. 14); 2) faith in Christ would be useless (v. 14); 3) all the witnesses and preachers of the resurrection would be liars (v. 15); 4) no one would be redeemed from sin (v. 17); 5) all former believers would have perished (v.18); and 6) Christians would be the most pitiable people on the earth (v. 19). But Christ indeed has risen from the dead and 'has become the first-fruits of those who have fallen asleep' (v. 20), assuring that we will follow Him in resurrection.

Another important reason why Jesus Christ had to resurrect from the dead and go to heaven -- until Jesus Christ rose from the dead and went back to His rightful place in heaven, where He had been forever prior to coming to Earth in the form of a mere man ' there was NO righteous and holy enough ADVOCATE that God the Father would accept in the highest heaven to sponsor, or represent, you and I there.   To make it a bit more simple ' the ONLY 'lawyer - advocate' God the Father would allow to be in the highest heaven with Him to represent you as SPOTLESS ' TOTALLY BLAMELESS - is Jesus Christ.  Certainly no mere Godly angel could do such a thing, nor even want to try.

Had Jesus Christ not been raised from the dead, you and I would have no LEGAL ADVOCATE to represent us in that wonderful, glorious place.  And that would then mean if Jesus Christ was NOT qualified to be translated into the highest heaven, neither could you or I be qualified. 

There is a crucially important statement of fact found in Hebrew 7:25 concerning the role Jesus Christ plays for those who BELIEVE He died and resurrected, and is currently representing them, yet waiting to represent them in the highest heaven once they die here on Earth and change their address to there: 

Therefore He is also able to save to the uttermost those who come to God through Him, since He ever lives to make intercession for them. (Hebrews 7:25)

If you read the several scriptures preceding this above passage, you'll have no doubt that this 'He' being spoken of is Jesus Christ.   Jesus Christ is in heaven 'ever living' to make intercession for those who believe that He paid full penalty for all their sins by dying on the cross on their behalf, and imputed to them God's holy, pure righteousness.   In one sense - from our human perspective - God the Father is not 'ever living' to do that, nor is the Holy Spirit 'ever living' to do that.  Jesus Christ was and IS the only One qualified to do that, by what He ultimately accomplished on the cross for sinners, by being 100% obedient to God the Father's will.

Now then, from the Hebrews 7:25 scripture passage, intercession means that Jesus Christ represents us before the throne of God and we do not have to represent ourselves.  In fact, it would be foolish to even try!

If Jesus Christ doesn't 'ever live' to make intercession for even one sinner, do you know WHY that would be?  Because He would still be dead, and can't, or He isn't qualified, or BOTH!  Somehow He had to get from his grave to the highest heaven to represent those who have made Him their Lord and Savior.  How did that happen?  God the Holy Spirit raised Him from the dead so He could GET there because God the Father willed it to be so!

Now, there are other reasons why Jesus Christ 'ever lives to make intercession' for those who have placed their trust in Him to be saved from their sins by His sacrifice for them on the cross, and there are also other reasons why He had to be visibly raised from the dead so eye-witnesses could see Him for a short while, but let's keep this as simple as we can for the sake of this particular writing. 

Let's do a bit of self-examination at this juncture.  Please answer these questions as truthfully as you can.  It's very important that you do, if you're truly serious about wanting to be 100% pleasing to God. 

Do you believe Jesus Christ was fully God ' fully One of the three persons of the eternal Godhead before He came to earth as a mere man?  If not, why not?  Because you were taught differently?  Because it makes no "logical" sense to you whatsoever?  If you are struggling to admit from your heart that it was none other than God Himself who died for you on the cross in your place, when He didn't even HAVE to, but CHOSE to, to prove His love for you ' what would be so harmful in admitting you believe it to be SO ' believe it to be TRUE?  You can't prove it WASN'T true, I can guarantee you that. 

Do you believe Jesus Christ is the HIGHEST Lord above all, over all, having full power and authority over all, because the Father decreed it to be so ' or something a little less than that?  If you believe He is NOT the highest Lord of all, over all, is that because you've never really thought much about it?  Is it because maybe you've even been taught differently?  Here's the question you need to ask yourself, and never STOP asking yourself:  'Can I prove Jesus Christ ISN'T the very highest most powerful Lord of ALL?  No I can't.  Thus it comes down to what I choose to believe about the statement, isn't it?  It comes down to one's faith ' one's trusting whether it be true or not true.  This is the greatest reason why God wrote the following scripture:

The just shall live by faith.  (Romans 1:17)

If you chose to believe and are willing to tell everyone who asks you what you believe about WHO Jesus Christ WAS and IS ' exactly what the Bible says about Him is true ' you can have peace and assurance that you are on the right path to be fully pleasing to God.  It makes no difference what you feel about the matter; it makes no difference what others have to say about the matter.  The only important thing that matters is that you agree with the TRUTH of the RIGHT FACTS that have been presented to you in God's Word. 

Now then ' is this the END of the matter as to one having assurance of one's salvation ' having full confidence that they are 100% pleasing to God?  Fortunately, NO.  It's not that simple.  It's THE key to get you walking down the right path to God, so to speak, but it doesn't assure you that you'll get to the pot of gold in glory at the end of the path, so to speak.

Your confession and willingness to confess your belief about the RIGHT FACTS is only HALF of the equation ' half of the 'salvation test' of whether you are truly saved or not.  It doesn't cement assurance that you are 100% properly connected with God. Let's now look at the SECOND half of what is necessary to make you 100% properly connected with God.

If you are not soon to die, God says that those who truly belong to Him through trusting in Jesus Christ will start demonstrating visible evidence of OBEYING God's commands in the New Testament Bible.  

Confession of the RIGHT FACTS (Truth from God's perspective, in other words) is all you need to have assurance that you will be saved from your sins, if you are soon to die.  (Example: The thief on the cross who was promised he would be in Paradise with Jesus).  But if God extends your life and you stick around awhile down here on Earth, God says you are to learn to discern who are the TRUE disciples of Jesus Christ by walking in Truth, and those who are not.

Seeking to not be a slave to sin like you were before you became saved is a critically important part of showing visible evidence that you are a true follower of Jesus Christ, but there is something else very important to be included with your pursuit to be 100% pleasing to God.  What would that be?  Knowing spiritual Truth from spiritual deception, and DOING something about it. Diligently seeking to know spiritual Truth from demonically inspired spiritual deception ' or otherwise known as spiritual lies, and standing up for spiritual Truth no matter what it costs you, if God so requires you to do so, is tops on God's agenda of importance. 

A long time ago, Satan became deceived in his pride ' his self-centeredness - and in his deception, he deceived one third of the angels who chose to believe his lies, and hence they too became deceived by being more concerned about pleasing themselves than pleasing God.  From that deception came rebellion against God and the rest of the angels who remained pure in desiring to please God ONLY, and that got Satan and the angels that served Satan kicked not only out of the highest heaven, but will one day in the future be judged for and sent to the lake of fire to suffer forever for their rebellion against God. 

God is NOT interested in having one other created being in the highest heaven with Him who doesn't quickly thirst to KNOW the difference between truth and lies -- truth and deception ' if they want full assurance that they are truly saved and fully pleasing to God.  He had to put up with that once before. NEVER AGAIN will it be tolerated in His presence.

Who will those people be in heaven with Him, besides the holy, obedient angels?  Those who have only ONE solitary desire; one solitary purpose in mind for existing.  That purpose is to be pleasing to their Creator and Lord and King and Savior. 

There is mercy, grace, forgiveness ' for those of us who for whatever reason/s believed lies about spiritual Truth, and come to the sobering reality that we had been 'conned' by demonic powers to believe things that were NOT pure spiritual Truth.  But to the degree that one refuses to persistently believe they could possibly be deceived spiritually ' the Holy Spirit often departs from that person and that person then becomes more and more deceived, essentially being nothing more than an open vessel for demons to do Satan's ongoing deceptive work through.  That person can be forgiven before they die, and become fully restored back in good standing with God, but it might be the most difficult thing they could imagine doing.  God most likely would cause it to happen that way so that they NEVER AGAIN give into temptation to let it happen ever again -- learning their lesson well.

There is scripture passage of sober warning that we all need to ask God frequently if we're guilty of violating it or not.  Here's that scripture passage: 

'Not everyone who says to Me, 'Lord, Lord,' shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who DOES THE WILL of My Father in heaven.  (Emphasis mine).

'Many will say to Me in that day, 'Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?' 

'And then I will declare to them, 'I never knew you; depart from Me, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS!''   (Emphasis mine; Matthew 7:21-23 NKJV). 

What is the significance of the last four words written in this sobering warning?  'You who practice lawlessness!'  Do you suppose God wanted to make it easy for us to understand every specific KIND of LAWLESSNESS He was talking about?  No doubt in my mind.  Back up just a few verses, to Matthew 7:15, to learn what is right at the top of God's list:

'Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves.'

God tells us in the Bible that leading right up to the very return of Jesus Christ for those who have made (and KEEP!) themselves ready for His return ' the compromising of Gods Word and spiritual deception would be everywhere.   False prophets teach false Truth about God and spiritual things.  Oh yeah ' they'll tell you 99% Truth sometimes, to trick you into believing their 1% lie ' their 1% spiritual deception.

False prophets try to convince everyone they represent God, but because they are so spiritually deceived themselves from believing the lies Satan handed to them, they have a burning desire to pass along their spiritual deception to everyone else they can ' all the WHILE believing with everything in their being that they are pleasing to God.  That burning desire comes from their REAL father, none other than Satan himself.

Jesus says about them in the spirit of Matthew 7:21-23, and I paraphrase:  'I find nothing valuable in having a relationship with people who practice lawlessness; who seek ways to pass along their spiritual deception to others who are seeking to know spiritual Truth. It is one thing to believe spiritual error ' spiritual lies.  It is something much more serious to look for ways to pass that spiritual deception on to anyone else ' especially putting the label of 'Christian' and/or "Christianity" on it!

Spiritual lawlessness (spiritual deception) is the most lethal and serious kind.  Acts of physical lawlessness are nothing more that demonstrating one's core heart condition, otherwise known as 'Fruit' ' as is addressed one scripture later in Matthew 7:16:  'You will know them by their fruits.'

Our sins were taken care of on the cross by Jesus Christ.  Our ability to be spiritually deceived was NOT  

Thus the Holy Spirit is freely given to us when we make Jesus Christ our personal Lord and Savior to lead and guide us into all Truth (That Truth found in the New Testament Bible), and to help us understand that Truth and how God wants us to apply it, but we must diligently WILL to know the difference between accurate revelation of Truth and spiritual lies and deception disguised as Truth.

'However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.  He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you.'  (John 16:13-14) 

This is a serious matter that we need to frequently take to God and ask Him to have the Holy Spirit show us clearly where we need our spiritual belief system 'tweaked' if necessary to see accurate, spiritual Truth as clearly as we can discern it, and understand it, with a willingness to then walk in it by our confession and our actions.   

Are you ready for a possible stunning revelation concerning hell?  In numbers, there will probably be more tormented souls in hell who considered themselves 'Christians' while on Earth than their will be TRUE Christians who make it to heaven.  Why would that be?  Because God came to save those who acknowledge to Him that they are sinners, and they need a HUGE and HOLY Savior to save them from the huge amount of sins they have committed, or WOULD have committed had they not feared of the retribution that might have came their way in case they got caught.   Hell will be filled with God haters; truth haters; people who demanded to be and remain their OWN king rather than letting the TRUE King become their king; people who refused to admit they were sinners against God; self-righteous people filled with various levels of spiritual pride.  It will also be filled with people who thought they were Christians, but were not the quality of Christians Jesus wanted to "know" -- Jesus and the Father and the Holy Spirit wanted an intimate, personal relationship with through eternity ... in other words.

Hell will be filled with 'self-righteous people'.  Self-righteous people become Satan's most effective wolves in sheep's clothing, to do his bidding ' to help perpetuate his spiritual deception across this planet, to hinder people from comprehending the RIGHT FACTS ' spiritual Truth.  

Not one human being will ever be found righteousness enough in God's eyes by what they have done while on earth to try to EARN that righteousness to remain with Him for eternity in heaven.  Yet every person God will allow to remain with Him in eternity in heaven will be fully righteousness enough by God's standards because of what they BELIEVE and demonstrate a willingness to confess when given the opportunity to do so, or called upon to do so if need be. 

BELIEVE?!  Absolutely!   No one can come up with a way to make themselves righteous enough to meet God's demands to remain with Him in heaven in good standing.  Because God knows that ' He simply gave true disciples of Jesus Christ HIS righteousness!  Here is the proof of this claim ' this promise:

For He made Him who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.    (2 Corinthians 5:21)

We are righteous because we are clothed in Jesus Christ so when God looks at us He sees our perfect Savior, not all our flaws. Galatians 3:27 addresses this very issue: 

For as many of you as were baptized into Christ have put on Christ. 

1 Corinthians 1:30 reinforces this amazing truth about our position in Christ Jesus once we make Him our Lord and Savior:

By HIS doing you are in Christ Jesus, who became to us wisdom from God, and righteousness and sanctification, and redemption.  (Emphasis mine)

Here's another helpful clue to understanding and BELIEVING this incredible Truth:

'For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.'  (Matthew 9:13)

He came to call sinners, not the SELF-righteous.  Called them to WHAT?  Repentance.  What does repentance mean?  It means to recognize what is not pleasing to God and stop doing unpleasing things to God and others any more.   What is the very most displeasing thing a wolf in sheep's clothing does?  Satisfy the lust in his/her heart.  First ' the wolf tries to rob the weak sheep of life (peace and joy; well-being).  But ' a shrewd and persistent wolf in sheep's clothing will even tackle a healthy sheep, and three or four wolves or more working together can kill a lot of healthy sheep, if the sheep don't stay on guard for their lives, and stay close to their master and protector ' their Sheppard ' trusting their Sheppard in doing everything he tells them to do to remain safe and secure.

How does a shrewd and persistent wolf best disguise his/her true nature and purpose?  They work hard to look like a real sheep; smell like a real sheep; sound like a real sheep.  When it's time for the sheep to go to Sunday school to worship God, the wolf in sheep's clothing follows right along ' because as we ALL KNOW ' there is no one you can trust MORE than a 'man-sheep or a woman-sheep of God' ' especially one or several million of them who carry a 'holy' book around and prays a great deal with wonderful sounding words with hands folded and/or raised high and yet are willing to bow low.

God is not looking for 'fruit pickers, but 'fruit trees.'  God is fully capable of assigning His angels to pick His fruit for Him.  God tells each of us that He has given us the power to determine what kind of fruit our tree will grow.  The fruit He is looking for ONLY grows in the life-giving soil of Truth. 

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  He was in the beginning with God (John 1:1)

Then take special note:  'Sanctify them by Your truth.  Your Word is truth.  (John 17:17)

How can you really KNOW what Truth is, you might be asking yourself right now?  Truth is a PERSON, my friend, first and foremost.  And every word Truth spoke and the Holy Spirit recorded for us in the New Testament is Truth in print.   You can't prove it's not.  

And so we conclude:  'I am the way, the Truth, and the light.  No one comes to the Father, but by Me.'    (John 14:6)

No truer words have ever been spoken than those.  If you believe them, or at least WANT to believe them, you're moving in the right direction in connecting properly with God.  But if you are spiritual deceived, and are totally content to remain that way by not letting the Holy Spirit quicken to you any vulnerability to spiritual lawlessness that lurks deep inside ' I can't encourage you enough to do some real serious business with THE Lord who has all power and authority, and has been assigned by God the Father to judge every soul and execute His just reward or punishment.

This very same Lord had something very important to say to everyone who has spiritual ears to hear about the times leading up to His return back to Earth for those who will be alive at that time and truly belong to Him and are walking in DETERMINED OBEDIENCE to the FULLNESS His Word:

'Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.  And because lawlessness will abound, the love of many will grow cold.'  (Matthew 24:12-13)  (Some explanation: People's love to please God fully will become less and less; their desire to please Him according to His New Testament rules will grow colder and colder; they will exist mostly to please themselves; they will pacify their guilty conscious's by following after spiritual deception).

'And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; for the elect's sake those days will be shortened.'  (Matthew 24:22)  (Some explanation:  God's judgment to various degrees is promised against rebellion to Him.  Part of God's judgment will be to allow Satan to have greater influence over humanity until Satan is bound up in hell.  Satan rules by tyranny.  You do things HIS way or you suffer his wrath.  You obey his will no matter how evil his will may be.  The same is ultimately true about God regarding wrath, but God never forces His way on a person, and He certainly never expects us to do something evil.  God does everything in His power to try to entice us to obey Him willingly from the depths of our being; hence allowing us to operate in free will.  That is love at its purest.

Now BECAUSE lawlessness is steadily going to increase, God says that for the elect's sake -TRUE followers of Jesus Christ alive at that time, in other words - God will shorten the time-span of His return for His true followers, rather than force them to be subjected to such unrighteousness - such evil.  That is a POSITIVE for those who TRULY belong to Jesus Christ, but it will be major NEGATIVE for those who aren't, because after that, evil will be allowed to proliferate unlike anything most can fathom).    

'For false christs and false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders, so as to deceive, if possible, even the elect.'  (Matthew 24:24)  (Some explanation:  God allows spiritual deception to various degrees to give us a choice to choose spiritual Truth from spiritual deception (lies).  Our final judgment will in some capacity incorporate how we lived our lives on this planet in accordance with Biblical Truth.  In another sense, God allows spiritual deception because the Body of Christ becomes negligent in frequent personal and corporate prayer, which often is supposed to include Holy Spirit led fasting.  Engaging in frequent spiritual warfare against demonic powers was never something a few Christians were to be engaged in.  Way too many Christians in certain regions of this planet can't be bothered anymore to engage themselves in frequent spiritual warfare.  They are quite content to let someone else do that.  Many are so selfishly lazy and deceived they don't even KNOW they are supposed to be vessels of God to be actively engaged in effective spiritual warfare!  A time is coming, and fast approaching, when they will greatly regret their slothfulness).

'Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words will by no means pass away.'  (Mark 13:31)

As we close this out, this bears repeating:  The people God died for on the cross so they could be with Him forever are people who have one solitary purpose for existing.  They exist to please God in every way in accordance with the guidelines ' the rules - He has provided in pleasing Him.  Those guidelines ' rules ' commands - are recorded in the New Testament Bible.  They are to be believed, understood and obeyed.  In so doing, God will walk hand in hand with you all the way to glory with Him the moment you purpose to BELIEVE, seek to UNDERSTAND, and OBEY those guidelines.   He'll lead you to the highest glory with Him and make certain you won't stray off the RIGHT path during your journey in this life to eternal glory with Him.


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