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The messages below are by Norm Rasmussen, founder of the non-denominational Precious Testimonies Evangelistic Ministry.

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Note: Anyone wanting to use any of the messages below on their own websites; blogs; etc. are welcome to do so without permission.  Permission is also granted to make DVD and CD copies of them as the Lord impresses you to do so.

Don't Let Your Afflictions Become Undue Distractions

The Wisdom Of Taking The Gospel To The Poor

His Legacy:  "The Guy Who Talked Too Much About God"

Is Your Anger At God Justified?

God Himself Died For Sinners - "How Foolish!"

God Never Promises That Finding Intimacy With Him Was Going To Be Easy

Understanding The Dangers Of A Hardened Heart

To Understand Hell, You Have To Understand The Divine Attributes Of God

What Is Eternal Life?

Understanding God's Sovereignty V's Man's Free Will

Giving Of Our Firstfruits To God Pays Huge Dividends

Who Will Be The End times "Beast" And The "False Prophet"?

You Either Control Money Or It Controls You

Let's Talk More About Tithing

One Key Strategy I've Learned To Keep Undue Conflict Out Of Your Marriage

Trials Reveal What We're Going To Do

What You're Missing If You're Not A Born Again Christian

Investing In The Holy Spirit - Wisely (Pt 3 of 3)

Investing In The Holy Spirit - Wisely (Pt 2 of 3)

Investing In The Holy Spirit - Wisely (Pt 1 of 3)

What Are Satan's Goals For Your Life?  "Quit!"

Have You Been A Victim Of Demonic Doubt Without Realizing It?

Exhorting Ambassadors For Christ To Be More Visible Ambassadors

How To Maximize Your Returns In Your Investments In The Kingdom Of God

What Is The Difference Between Trust And Faith?

Crucial Differences Between "The Prayer Of Faith" and "The Prayer Of Asking"

Tips For People Seeking Healing

The Limitless Power Of Christ To Change What We BELIEVE

Worry Opens Up Legal Doors For Satan To Rob Us Of Peace And Confidence In God

Conquering Worry:  Our Demonstration To God Of Our Love Is Praise (Pt 1 of 3)

Conquering Worry:  Use The Spiritual Weapon Of Thanksgiving (Pt 2 of 3)

Overcoming Worry: Prayer Helps Drive Away Worry And Fear (Pt 3 of 3)

The Wisdom (Reward/s) For Praying For Our Enemies

The Wisdom Of Praying With Your Children

God's 401K Investment Fund - Unlimited Returns!

The Wisdom Of Taking The Gospel To The Poor

You'll Need God's Priceless Wedding Garments To Stay In Heaven

If Cellphone Became Bibles - There Would Be Fewer Accidents

My First Vision (Of What Jesus Christ Did For Humanity)

Why Nullify Any Rewards God Wants To Give Us?

Why Is The Bible Silent About Our Supposed Pre-Existing Lives?

Exposing The Workings Of The Antichrist As End-Times Unfold

God Himself Died For Sinners: "How Foolish!"

What Are You Lacking In Your Survival Kit?

His Legacy:  "The Guy Who Talked Too Much About God"

Our Faith And Trust In God Is Greatly Diminished If We Aren't Thankful

Young People Especially - You Need To Know Who God The Father Says You Are In Christ

What Everyone Needs To Know Before Dying

Why Was I Created?

Here's An Easy Way To Lay Up Rewards For Yourself In Heaven, As Jesus Says To Do

Your Testimony Is Worth More Than The World's Most Valuable Painting

Christianity Is Not About Keeping Rules

Which Is The TRUE "Church"?  (Hint: It's NOT a denomination)

What Does It Mean To Be "Saved"?  (And ... Can You STOP Being Saved?)

The Number One Reason Why People Fall Away From God

A Touching Glimpse Of What Heaven Will Be Like ...

Prayerlessness Can Lead To Depression

Fasting - A Spiritual Nuclear Warhead Weapon

Give God Your Heart At Christmas - He Gave You His

Being An Evangelist Or Doing The Work Of Evangelism - Which Is Most Important?

Seven Reasons To Share Your Salvation Testimony

Seven Reasons Why Satan Doesn't Want You Sharing Your Salvation Testimony

What Is The Value Of One Lost Soul Saved?

Do Yourself A Huge Favor And Watch This Before Getting Married Or Divorced 

Judgment Day Awaits Each Of Us. Are You Ready?

The Bible Says Hell Is Real?  Can We Prove It ISN'T?

Helping Win Faithful Lovers To Our Heavenly Father

Why Does God Require Our Faith To Please Him?

City-Wide Prayer Is No Longer Optional Engaging In

Do You Know That God HIMSELF Died For You?

The Only Way To Find True - Lasting Peace With God Is To Know Truth

Struggling With Trusting The Lord?  This Might Help Some

"Why God Why?" - Asking The Right Question Gives Better Results

The Importance Of Reaching Out To Prisoners

Why Doesn't God Save The Righteous, But Yet Saves Sinners? 

Are You Righteous Enough To Get To Heaven?  You CAN Be!

Our Need To Be Needed Can Either Imprison Us Or Liberate Us

Something Very Important Addicts Need To Realize

Wise Caution In Giving Finances To Christian Ministries

Who REALLY Is Jesus Christ?  Here Is An Amazing Testimony That Sheds Some Light!

Important Matters To Consider Prior To The Return Of Jesus Christ

Does Anyone CARE That I Am Hurting?

Two Things To Be Thankful For You May Never Have Given Much Thought To

Why Did Jesus Christ Ask Forgiveness For Those Who Crucified Him?

What Category Of Investment Are YOU To God?  30%  60%  100%

Laying Up Treasures In Heaven - What Does It Mean?  

Your Private Conversation With God Before Your Life Began?  

"In The Son, We Live And Move And Have Our Being" So Don't Stop Hoping And Believing 
What's The Secret Of Holding On When All Hell Seems To Be Breaking Loose? 

Is Hell Real?  Listen to a man's testimony who died and went there! 

God Wants To Give You The Desires Of HIS Heart 

Testing Deceiving Spirits (Including Angels) As God Tells Us To Do 

The Number One Reason Why Christian Marriages Fail 

My Unconditional Love Encounter With God On A Dusty Road  

How Is End Time Deception Unfolding? 
Born A Homosexual Or Born With A Sin Nature? 

The Prayer Of Faith - What Is It?  How Are We To Use It?

Don't Feel God Could Forgive You? 

Heaven: Total Unworthiness - Highest Royalty 

I Want To Kill Myself 

The Mystery Of God Now Revealed

Why Some Christians Go Through More Suffering Than Others 

Be Wise!  Use The Weapons Of Thanksgiving And Praise Frequently!  (Part 1)  

Be Wise!  Use The Weapons Of Thanksgiving And Praise Continually! (Part 2)  

Be Wise!  Use The Weapons Of Thanksgiving And Praise Continually! (Part 3)  

Be Wise!  Use The Weapons Of Thanksgiving And Praise Continually! (Part 4)  

Be Wise!  Use The Weapons Of Thanksgiving And Praise Continually! (Part 5)  

Be Wise!  Use The Weapons Of Thanksgiving And Praise Continually! (Part 6)  

Be Wise!  Use The Weapons Of Thanksgiving And Praise Continually! (Part 7)  

Be Wise!  Use The Weapons Of Thanksgiving And Praise Continually! (Part 8)  

Be Wise!  Use The Weapons Of Thanksgiving And Praise Continually! (Part 9)  

Be Wise!  Use The Weapons Of Thanksgiving And Praise Continually! (Part 10)  

Be Wise!  Use The Weapons Of Thanksgiving And Praise Continually! (Part 11)  

A Little Insight Into The Power And Wisdom Of God 

How Jesus Is Destroying The Works Of The Evil One 

Calling On The Strength Of Christ To Help Us Deal With Our Weaknesses 

God Wants You Executing Miracles - Seriously! 

Having A Local Church Fellowship Is So Wise 

You Are Special To God 

eel Like God Couldn't Forgive You For Your Sins? 

Satan's Power Is In The Lie 

How Desperate Are You For God's Help? 

Satan's Power Is In The Lie 

Can A Christian Lose Their Salvation? 

Once Saved - Always Saved? 

Anyone For A Picnic?

Eternal Life Starts At Death, For Christians

There Are Three Ruling Over All 

The Tree Of Life 

Accepted In The Beloved 

The Greatest Battle We Face Is In Our Mind

What Is The Number One Marriage Destroyer? 

Losing Your Life To Find It 

Caution With Addictive Prescription Medications

Are You Special To God? YES! 

Tips On Writing Your Christian Testimony
- Pt 1 of 3 

Immeasurable Value Of Your Christian Testimony (God Story) - Pt 2 of 3 

How To Write (SHARE) Your Testimony With Impact - Pt 3 of 3 

Help In Trusting The Lord - Part 1

Help In Trusting The Lord - Part 2

Help In Trusting The Lord - Part 3

Help In Trusting The Lord - Part 4

How To Hear God Clearly Speak To You

Training Your Children To Experience God's Reality Through Prayer

How To (Unknowingly) Have The Blessings Of God Removed Off Your Life -        Longer video

Prayer Encouragement For Unsaved Loved Ones

Why Were You Created? - Pt 1 

Why Were You Created? - Pt 2 

Why Were You Created? - Pt 3

What Are You Worth? 

Can You Define Christianity In Just Four Words?

Many Are Called But Few Are Chosen?  What Does It Mean?

What Does Righteousness Mean?  How Important Is it? 

Do We Have To Pay God To Get Saved And Stay Saved?

Are You Righteous Enough To Get To Heaven?

Sin Will Kick Your Butt!

Build Your Spiritual Foundation On Solid Bible Doctrine To Your Benefit

Comfort For Those Going Through Life's Trials

Dealing With Guilt

How Can I Get God To Heal Me?

Who I AM In Christ

Who REALLY Is Jesus Christ? 

Anger: The Lethal Killer

Why Forgiveness And Thanksgiving Are So Liberating

I'm Sorry But You Are Blessed

Feel Betrayed By God?

Forgiving Others Is Ultimately For Our Own Benefit

The Wisdom Of Honoring God

Some Advice To Help Your Troubled Marriage

What Is The Message Of The Cross? 


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