Jesus Did It!

By: Jim Barbarossa
Director, Step By Step World Outreach Ministries

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NOTE:  The following transcript comes from a 3-Part series Evangelist Jim Barbarossa released on CD a few years ago that God is using to stir the heart's of God's people to be more fearless and effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.  If you struggle with witnessing, we can't encourage you enough to let the Holy Spirit minister encouragement to you through this 3-Part message.

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Today we're going in a different direction, which is about the Shofar.  It's involved in a way that I didn't expect.  You know God often gives us surprises when we're busy about His business; He just shows up.  One of the times He did it, we were out on the coast and we were at a lighthouse. I'm going to have Apostle Paul come in a minute, and I want him to share what he witnessed and what happened. 

When we were standing along the coast, he pointed out into the ocean and said there's usually an island over here; the Dominican Republic is over there, but it was so overcast that you could see nothing.  During that period of time I had my Shofar, and Carla asked me, 'Are you going to sound it?'  I said, 'Not right now.  When I get down to that very point, that's where I'm supposed to sound it.'  I didn't know why; I just know the voice of God, and I know when God tells me to do something.  Things happen when you obey the voice of  God.  Apostle Paul, would you please tell them what happened?

Apostle Paul:  When the Shofar was sounded, the overcast sky parted and I could see the Dominican Republic clearly.  I have been asking God when we were to start sending teams to the Dominican Republic and I felt the parting of the overcast sky was God saying the door has now been opened.

What Apostle Paul described, I believe has to do with what we're going to teach today.  When Carla and I first came to Puerto Rico last year, our very first meeting was held in Cabo Roho, which is on the west coast.  And then we came back a second time to the city of Hormigueros, which is a little bit further north but already still on the west coast.  Now we're here in Isabela, and it's further to the north, but still on the west coast.  I believe that God was preparing for something to happen on the west coast. 

On our first trip to Puerto Rico, I felt that God told me that we were to partner with people in Puerto Rico, and also that we were to partner with churches and with ministries in Puerto Rico.  Puerto Rico was going to be the hub or the center.  From Puerto Rico, we would go out to the island nations.  I believe the first island nation is the Dominican Republic.  I believe when the sky parted and we saw the island, God was saying 'now ' it is time,' and then further to the west is Haiti and further to the west is Cuba, but at the same time continuing to minister here in Puerto Rico, preparing to go to all of the islands of the sea. 

One of the reasons for last night's meeting was to raise up an army of Shofar sounders to send that army to the nations; to send them to the island nations first, but beyond the island nations, to all the Spanish speaking nations in Central America and South America.  That may sound like a big vision.  It may even sound nearly impossible, but I serve a God of the impossible.  I serve a God who can do anything! 

He's just waiting for somebody to believe.  He's waiting for somebody to say, 'Here I am, God.  You can use me.  I may not know what I'm doing, but I'll go and I'll do what you ask me to do.'

You see, Carla and I are a very small ministry, but I'm going to share with you how God can take the small and He can do big things.  And then God can also take the small over here and the small over there, and He can put them together and do a big work.  I believe that's why we're here.  We're here to reach the world with the gospel. It's all about Jesus. 

So let's start in Luke 19:1-5, 'And Jesus entered and He passed through Jericho.  And, behold, there was a man named Zacchaeus, which was the chief among the publicans, and he was rich.  And he sought to see Jesus who he was; and could not for the press, because he was little of stature.'  (He was a small man.)

'And he ran before, and climbed up into a sycamore tree to see him: for he was to pass that way.  And when Jesus came to the place, he looked up, and saw him, and said unto him, Zacchaeus, make haste, and come down; for today I must abide at thy house.'

What I want you to see here is Jesus was passing through.  You and I are passing through everyday.  Some of you are passing through your job.  Some of you are passing through the supermarket.  Some of you are passing through a school, but we're all out there passing through.  Here's what Jesus did when he passed through:  He looked up.  Are you looking up?  Are you aware of the circumstances around you? 

You see God has put a Zacchaeus in each of our lives.  There's a Zacchaeus out there, and you'll see him if you'll look for him.  Zacchaeus is hungry for something.  He's searching in all the wrong places.  There's a part of Zacchaeus, and it belongs to God.  The only thing that will satisfy that need is God.  So there's a Zacchaeus climbing a tree to look at God, but we have to be looking for Zacchaeus. 

You see the problem is that Zacchaeus is looking for the answers in all the wrong places.  Maybe your Zacchaeus is looking for the answers in a beer bottle.  Zacchaeus is looking for the answer in drugs.  Zacchaeus is looking for the answer in the materialistic things of the world.  Zacchaeus is searching.  Are we going to be like Jesus?  As we're passing through, are we going to be aware of Him?  Are we going to look up?  Each of us needs to be looking up.  We need to be sensitive to the needs of everyone that God puts in our lives. 

In verse 5 again 'And when Jesus came to the place, he looked up, and saw him, and said unto him, Zacchaeus, make haste, and come down; for today I must abide at thy house.' 

He made haste; he came down.  Listen to this part:  'And he received him joyfully.' 

I know that there are those out there who will get ugly with you.  There are those who will curse at you.  There are those who will spit at you.  There are those who will laugh at you and make fun of you, but that is no reason to stop looking.  We have to be looking, because as you continue to look, here's what's going to happen:  'And he received him joyfully.' 

As you continue to look up, as you continue to search, you will find the one that God has prepared their heart and they will receive the Jesus in you joyfully.  It's worth facing the ugly ones.  It's worth being laughed at, because if you keep looking, you'll find the one that will receive you joyfully.  You see the devil's job is to stop you. 

The devil's job is to put the ugly ones in your face, because if he can stop you early, he'll stop you forever, but we have to keep pushing on because there are those who will receive the Jesus in you with joy.

Verse 7:  'And when they saw it, they all murmured, saying, that he was gone to be guest with a man that is a sinner.'

And just like Jesus did, we have to go into the darkness.  We have to go into the place where the sinners are.  We don't let them affect us, but we can't reach them if we don't go by them.  We have to be the light in the darkness.

Verse 8, 'And Zacchaeus stood, and said unto the Lord; Behold, Lord, the half of my goods I give to the poor; and if I have taken anything from any man by false accusation, I restore him fourfold.  And Jesus said unto him, this day is salvation come to this house forsomuch as he also is a son of Abraham.'

Verse 10:  'For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost.'

That verse summarizes the mission statement of Jesus Christ.  Jesus came to seek and save that which is lost.  He didn't come to have the biggest youth ministry.  He didn't come to have the biggest ladies' ministry.  He didn't come to have the biggest church.  He didn't come to have the biggest potluck dinner.  He came for one purpose ' He came to seek and save those who are lost.  If that's why He came, then that's where we should spend the most of our time.  But what has happened to most churches, we spend all of our time having ministries in the church.  We have wonderful dance ministries.  We have wonderful shofar ministries.  We have great worship, but that isn't why He came.  It's part of it, but it's not the big part.  The big part is He has called each of you to do the same thing that He did ' to reach lost people.  To seek and save those who are lost. 

If you're a leader of a ministry, and your ministry isn't effectively reaching lost people in some way, you need to change your ministry.

If you're a leader of a ministry, and your ministry isn't effectively reaching lost people in some way, you need to change your ministry.  You need to ask God for a plan, because every ministry of the church has a purpose greater than in the house of God.  Every ministry of the church has a purpose out in the world.  I'll give you an example. 

We do carwashes; we're on a busy highway.  On a Saturday morning we put a big sign up, 'Free carwash.  Free Coke.  Free lunch.'  Then we have ladies from the dance ministry, and people in the flag ministry who go out to the edge of the road by the highway.  They stand out there with flags and wave them.  They're worshipping the Lord while they're out there, but they're also getting the attention of the world.  When we get their attention, people drive their cars in.  We meet them and we greet them.  We escort them from their car over to the tent.  We have a free gift basket.  We allow them to sign their name to win the gift basket.  We also have a place for prayer requests.  After they fill out the card, we take them over and we show them where to get something to eat.  While they're eating, we have members of the church who will greet them, and who will talk with them.  Then we go back with the prayer card.  We lay hands on them and then we pray for them.  Most of these people have never been in a church in their life.  Many times they begin to weep.  The Holy Spirit goes to work. 

That's what we do on a Saturday.  Sometimes on Sunday morning, they show up for church.  They would have never come to church had we not washed their car.  After we washed their car, they always want to give us money.  Most churches take the money, but we say no.  We have a big banner, 'This carwash is free.  This is our gift for you.'

Many people will test us.  They want to see if we really want their money.  Yes.  They're used to the church saying something is free, and then having our hand out.  People cannot believe it when we refuse their money, we wash their car, we feed them, we love them, and we pray for them. They receive us with great joy. 

You see, there's a lot of ways to get the job done.  That's just one of the ways.  Let me say this; I usually never talk about the carwashes.  I believe that was for here.  I believe that's an outreach that can work here.  You see when we come, there are so many things that I have in my heart to share, but I can't share them all.  There's not enough time.  So I try to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to share the ones that are for the place we are at.  God wanted some of you to hear about the carwash. 

Now I want to talk to you about what we call the tract and tape outreach.  Many of the testimonies I'm going to share with you happened in very poor countries in Asia and Africa.  In most of those places, they are still using audiotapes and not CD's.  Several years ago, I was sitting in a restaurant.  I was listening to people talk, and the language was terrible.  The room was filled with smoke.  Everybody is killing themselves with cigarettes.  I said, 'God, I can't possibly talk to every one of these people.'  And I'm saying, 'God, what can I do?'  The Lord reminded me that a few weeks before I had shared my testimony at the church, and when I shared it, somebody recorded it.  So I had a copy of that story; it was called 'The Healing Testimony.'

You see, 14 years ago, the doctors said I was dying.  I was retired out of the job that I'd worked for 20 years.  I went to Mayo Clinic; they diagnosed it there.  They basically sent me home to die.  I laid around for close to a year.  I wrote out my will and prepared to die, but God had a better plan.  I came to know Him as Savior and in one service I was kneeling and God spoke to me.  He spoke to me so clearly: 'My son this night, as you confess your sins before Me, I wash them away with the blood that was shed for you on the cross.  I'm not only washing away your sins, but I'm cleansing your diseased blood.  Go back to the doctor; I have made you whole.'

To make a long story short, we sent the test back to Mayo Clinic and my blood was perfectly normal; washed by the blood of the Lamb! 

So I took that story, that testimony; as the Lord directed me.  I went to the owner of that restaurant and I said, 'I have these cassette tapes, and I'd like to put a little sticker on the front of it 'Compliments' with the name of your restaurant.  Would you allow me to do this?' 

He looked at me and said, 'How much does it cost?'  I said, 'It's free!'  He said, 'You're going to give me the tapes; you're going to put on the labels and I'm going to give them to my customers, and they don't cost nothing?'  He couldn't believe it!  He said, 'Yes!'

So we started leaving ten tapes at a time at his cash register. They had a little label that said, 'Free ' take one.'  People started listening to them.  I started getting calls of people getting healed while listening to them.  Then God told me to start teaching people how to do the same thing.  So at the very first church that I had an opportunity to teach about using tapes, there was a young Christian in the service that day, and she did what we taught.  I said, 'Take them and give them to the people you work with.  Give them to people you meet in the stores.  Give them to people you work with and give them to your neighbors.'

This young girl, she was the newest Christian in the church.  She immediately went out and started to use them.  She went to her neighbor.  She handed the tape to her neighbor.  Do you know what her neighbor did?  She got mad!  Do you remember what I told you earlier?  It's the devil's job to stop you.  You're going to meet the ugly ones.  You're going to meet the ones that will get angry with you; it's going to happen.  This was a baby Christian.  This was the first time she tried to share her faith, and the devil was smacking her.  But we have to keep going because there's one out there that will receive you joyfully.  That young lady left.  That tape was still lying there, and the lady came when nobody was looking.  She picked the tape up.  She was mad, but on the inside there was something going on.  She took that tape and she went home and listened to it.  On Sunday morning, that lady showed up at their church!  She showed up in the house of God.  The pastor said, 'Does anybody have a testimony today?' 

Now that lady was never in church before.  She didn't know what a testimony was, but she walked up front and grabbed the mike.  She started to cry, and she cried and cried, and just cried.  Finally when she could speak, she said, 'See that young girl over there?  She got me so mad!  She came and gave this tape to me and I threw it down, but I went back and picked it up.  I listened to it.  As I listened, I knew it was time to change.  I did what it said to do on the tape.  I confessed that I was a sinner.  I repented of my sins, and I asked Jesus Christ to come into my heart.'

Because a young Christian was willing to obey what she heard, three months later that lady went on to be with Jesus Christ.  Had that young girl not obeyed God, that lady may have burned in the fires of an eternal hell; but because of that young lady and because of the word of God that is contained on these tapes, she is with Jesus now.  My wife Carla ministers in dance to a song called 'Word of God speak.'  When we speak God's word, God's power is released.  When we give somebody an audiotape or a CD with God's word on it, God's word speaks.  The scripture says 'faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God.' 

So all we have to do to help reach our neighbors, those we work with, those in our schools, those we see every day, is just carry tools like this.  They are very simple tools.  You go to the person and say, 'Please listen to this.  I'll be back in three days to get it from you, and I'll answer any questions you have.'  We can all do this.  Every Christian can do this!  I don't know how many CD's Carla and I have given away since our plane landed here in Puerto Rico.  Everywhere we go, we carry them with us, and we even personalize them.  When we meet somebody, we take out a marker and put two 'Josephine' or whatever the name would be on it.  We put a little note on it like, 'Thank you for helping me today.  I hope you enjoy our CD,' and then we sign our name.  There's a personal connection there.  You give them something of value, because you would pay money for this in a store, and so you bless them.  That helps to develop a friendship.  It helps to open the door.  Maybe you're not a gifted speaker.  You don't have to be, because the message will speak.  All you have to do is say 'please listen.'  It's very easy to do. 

Another time when Carla and I were traveling in Texas, we were down at what they call the River Walk.  It's down in the main part of town.  We were with the pastor and his wife, and they were taking us on a little trip on a boat through this canal.  Before we got on the boat, a young man took our pictures.  He said, 'Would you make me a promise?'  He wanted us to promise that we would come back and look at the pictures.  He wanted to sell us pictures.  So I reached into my pocket, and I pulled out a tape.  I said, 'Yes, I'll make you a promise if you'll make me a promise.  I'm going to give you this tape.  Do you promise that you will listen to it?'  And he said, 'Yes, I will.'  That was at six o'clock in the evening.  Now one of the things you always need to do is you need to make sure there's a phone number or an email address, or some contact information.  If it's a stranger, they will not know how to find you. 

Well, because Carla and I were in Texas, before we left that young man, we gave him the pastor's home phone number.  Again, that was at 5:00 in the evening, and at 11:00 that night, the pastor's phone rings.  He answers and says, 'Hello?' 


'Pastor, I made you a promise.  I listened to the tape.'  He said, 'Pastor, I did what it said to do on the tape; I confessed my sins.  I repented.  I gave my heart to Jesus!'  Hallelujah ' hallelujah!  Word of God speaks!  If we'll put the word of God out there, the word of God will speak.  That was only six hours ' six short hours!

Another time, I had hired a man to work for my business.  I have a mini storage warehouse facility.  I was contracting a new building, and I needed the roll-up doors put in.  So I hired a man from the State of Wisconsin to drive to Indiana.  He did a great job.  Before he left, I gave him a tape.  I talked to him a little bit, and he said goodbye.  Six years later he called me.  He said, 'Jim, do you remember that tape you gave me?'  He said, 'Jim, I listen to it all the time.  Every once in a while I just put it in.  I have to talk to you about something important.  The doctors tell me that I'm dying.  Jim, as soon as I can get strong enough, I want to come to your house.  I want to drive down there and I want you to pray for me.  I want you to pray that God will heal me.' 

And he said, 'But Jim, I want you to pray something more important.  I want you to pray that my soul will be saved.' 

He got strong, and his daughter drove him to our house.  His daughter didn't want anything to do with God or religion.  She sat in the car and waited, but we sat at my kitchen table and he prayed.  He asked Jesus to come into his heart.  When he was ready to leave that day, he said, 'Jim, whether God heals me or not, it doesn't matter.  What matters is that I've got the answer now and I'm going to heaven.'  And then he said, 'But Jim, I want to take more with me.  Could I get 50 more of those tapes from you?'

He spent his last two months taking tapes to all the people he knew that didn't know Jesus, and then he went on to be with Jesus.  His daughter called me; I could tell that God was doing something.  She said, 'I know my father would want you to know and I want you to know what it meant to him that you were willing to invite him into your home.'  I believe that his daughter will be saved.  I haven't heard it yet, but I believe it. 

So sometimes, you'll sow a seed and it could be six hours later or sooner that you hear something about it.  Sometimes you'll sow a seed, and it'll take six years, but if you keep sowing seeds, the seed is going to grow.  As it grows, you're going to reap a harvest!  I don't know about you, but I want a harvest.  I want a big harvest ' big, big, big harvest.  I want a worldwide harvest! 

Again, I have so many notes.  I have so much that I could tell you, but there's never enough time to tell it all.  Once you start using these tools, you set yourself up to go to another level.  You use these for a season, and you kind of depend on them, especially if you're shy and a little bashful.  It's sometimes hard to speak the words.  A little fear comes in.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  A little fear comes in.  Fear comes on me.  I have a choice to make when the fear comes.  I can obey fear, or I can obey God.  Sometimes I obey fear, but you say'you're the evangelist!  I'm flesh and blood just like you.  Fear comes on me just like it comes on everybody, and when it comes, we make a choice.  We'll obey the fear, or we'll obey God.  When we make the mistake of obeying fear, what do we do?  We do what David did; we say'Father, forgive me.  Help me to do it better the next time.  We don't make excuses; we repent.  When we repent, we put it behind us.  We say, 'God help me to be strong.  Help me to do it right the next time.'  If you do it wrong five times, you repent five times, and five times you say 'God, help me to do it right!'  If you'll keep doing that, you'll start doing it right.  You'll end up being a powerful witness for Jesus Christ.

I was headed down to my warehouse one day, and I was praying for the man I was going to meet.  When I got out of my car, I reached into the back seat to find a tape.  I always carried my tapes; they became part of who I was.  There usually was one in my pocket, and one in my car; I could always find one.  But this day, I couldn't find one, and the man is there.  I wanted to give him a tape and I said, 'God, what am I going to do?!'   He said, 'TALK TO HIM!'  That's what God said.  Talk to him.  'But I'm afraid God.'  TALK TO HIM!  So I said, 'I've got this great tape and I wanted to give one to you, but I forgot to bring it.  Would it be alright if I tell you the story that's on it?'  And he said, 'Yes!'  I shared my whole testimony with him.  I shared with him that I was lost for 38 years; how I came to know Jesus as my Savior and how Jesus changed my life.  I told him I was dying and had a blood disease.  God healed me.  In the midst of all of that, he said to me, 'My wife's a pushy Pentecostal!  Her whole family is a bunch of nuts.  They keep pushing this Christianity on me.'


Listen to me:  You can't push somebody into the gospel.  You can't twist their arm into the gospel. You have to speak God's word with love, and let the Holy Spirit draw them.  This man had a hard heart.  His wife and family pushed him too hard.  He didn't want anything to do with the gospel, and God allowed me to see that.  He allowed me to see that so I wouldn't push.  The Holy Spirit had to do it, but an amazing thing happened.  When I finished telling him my story, he asked me for a tape.  He said, 'Can I get one of those?'  So he followed me three miles home.  I went in the house and got the tape.  He was sitting in an old truck at the end of my driveway.  This was about the oldest truck I ever saw.  He was sitting in a cloud of smoke.  It was loud, noisy, and exhaust fumes everywhere. 

After I found a tape for him, I went down by his truck.  I reached in the window and handed him the tape.  He took it and said, 'I've got to go.' 

You see, that's where the enemy gets in there.  The enemy likes to get in there and stop what God wants to do.  When this happened, I was a baby Christian.  I was only 18 months in the Lord. I didn't know anything, but I knew Jesus, so I knew everything.  I didn't have a bunch of religion.  I didn't memorize a bunch of scriptures.  I didn't know a lot, but as soon as he said 'I have to go' I reached in and put my hand on his shoulder and said, 'I want to pray for you.'  He bowed his head.  I started to pray like he was me, I said, 'Father God, melt his heart.  God don't let him suffer.  Don't let him suffer 38 years without you the way that I did, God.'  When I got done praying, I looked down at him.  Tears were rolling down his face.  He was weeping. 

I said to him, 'Amado (that was his name), I have to ask you, are you ready to receive Jesus?'  I couldn't believe it when he said, 'I can't.'  He was crying.  He had a need, and I had the answer; and he said, 'I can't.'  He didn't say he didn't want to; he said 'I can't.'  Immediately, a conversation came to my remembrance.  My teacher, my mentor; he came to me one day a couple of months before that.  He said, 'Jim I read this in a book today and I want to tell you about it.  Now, I never did this, but as I was reading it, God was saying for me to tell you''  It's so important that we obey God. 

So here I was; this man says 'I can't.'  The conversation comes back to my remembrance.  What this man told me was that he read in this book that you have the power to loose somebody's tongue in the name of Jesus.  When he told me that, it didn't mean anything to me.  I just filed it away, but here, God brought it back to my remembrance.  This man said, 'I can't receive Jesus today' and the thought came to me and this is exactly what happened:  I loudly said, 'In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I loose your tongue and set you free!'  I was only 18 months in the Lord.  I didn't know very much, but God brought that back to my remembrance, and I spoke His word.  I looked down at Amado, and said, 'Amado, are you ready to receive Jesus now?'  He said, 'Yes, I am.'  Hallelujah!

You see, using these tools is not an end in themselves.  Using these tools is just a place to get started, and as you're out there doing God's work, there will come a day where He'll say, 'You don't need the tape today, open your mouth.  I'm going to fill it.  I'm going to speak through you.  I'm going to release words of

power!'  And that man came to Jesus, but that's only part of it.  That happened on a Friday.  I got a call on Monday, and it was from Mrs. Amado.  She said, 'I don't know who you are.  I don't know what you did to my husband, but I want you to know that this was the first weekend in 13 years that my husband hasn't been drunk all weekend!'  God not only saved him, but He set him free! 

Now listen to this scripture in John 12:32, 'And I, (this is talking about Jesus) if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.' 

I was reading that one day, and I said, 'God, what is that 'if' about?' 

God said, 'That 'if' is for you Jim.  That 'if' is for every person that has ever called upon the name of Jesus.  If they will continue to lift Jesus up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me.' 


That's a promise of God's word!  If you and I will lift up Jesus in a carwash by handing out a CD, or by handing out a tract, He will draw our families.  He will draw our neighbors.  He will draw our co-workers, but we've got to lift Him up.  But it's even bigger than that; I looked up that word 'draw' in the original language.  That word means to drag by force, and I asked God to show me how this applies. 

This is what He showed me:  When somebody cared enough to hand Amado a tape; when somebody cared enough to lift up Jesus before Amado; when Amado came to that place of decision, God literally drug him and pulled him out of the grasp of the enemy, and He broke a 13-year alcoholic addiction like it was nothing!  If you want to release that kind of power in your life, there's only one way to release it.  Lift Him up!  Lift Him up'speak words of life.  Start with a tract.  Start with a tape.  Start with a carwash, but lift Him up somehow.  And the more times you lift Him up everyday, the more times He's going to draw people unto Him.  That's our commission.  That's what God has called us to do.  That's why Jesus came.  Jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost, but let me tell you what God can do with just a little when you allow Him to have it.

Our ministry consists of me and Carla, our intercessor, Ed, and Jesus Christ, Ok?  Now listen to what happens.  We were diligent about doing what God called us to do.  We were diligent about giving away tapes.  We would take them everywhere and give them away.  One day I got a letter in the mail saying, 'I want to tell you that I just listened to your tape titled, 'Do You Ever Feel Like There's Something Missing In Your Life?''  I really enjoyed it, and I gave my heart to Jesus.  A little later we got another one:  'Hello, my name is Dennis.  I've listened to your tape.  I confessed that I'm a sinner.  I gave my heart to Jesus.' 

So we started getting letters and calls, and then one day I'm sitting at my computer and I got an email from India.  The pastor from India said, 'I have an orphanage.  I need food for the children.  I need metal for the roof.  I need pencils and crayons.  We need everything.'  I printed it out and was looking at it, and I thought'we can't help.  I took that letter and crumbled it up and threw it away.  As I threw it away, I heard this, 'Send him tapes.'  And I thought'God, he needs food'God, they've got orphans'but I heard God say to send him tapes.  So I obeyed God.  I put 46 tapes in a box, and as I was putting the tapes in the box, I got specific instructions from God.  He said, 'Tell the pastor to take these tapes and go business to business, door to door, house to house, and person to person. Tell him to give the tapes away, and then go back later and talk to the person.'  One month after I mailed these tapes out, I got an email from that pastor.  Attached to the email was five pictures; those were the first fruits from the harvest.  Five souls were baptized; they came to know Jesus Christ because I heard God's voice and obeyed.  I sent the tapes to the pastor and he obeyed; five souls came into the Kingdom. 

I've been a business man a lot longer than a minister and one of the things I learned in business is if it works, you keep doing it.  You do it until it doesn't work anymore.  So I got another email from another part of India.  I sent 46 tapes again.  A few weeks later, another email comes'five more souls come into the Kingdom in the nation of India.  I've never stepped foot into the nation of India, but we're reaping a harvest there.


In the midst of that, I got an email from a young man from Rwanda.  Rwanda is an African nation.  The young man says, 'I've been saved only a year, and I've been trying to do the work of an evangelist for a year.  I've struggled and worked so hard.  I've only reached three souls in a whole year.  I've prayed and said 'God, there has to be a better way.'  And he said, 'I found your website, and I believe there's a better way.'  I packaged up all of our teachings and all of our training materials.  I put 32 of the audiotapes into a box and sent them to Jerry.  Three weeks later, I hear back from Jerry.  He said, 'Jim, I never knew fishing could be so easy!'  In three weeks, he reached 15 souls for Jesus!  After struggling for a whole year, he said, 'Jim, I can't believe it!  I'd go up and give them the tape.  They can't believe I'm giving them something for free.'  I mean, this is a poor nation'they have nothing, and when you hand them this, it's valuable.  He said, 'They listened, and it's like the Holy Spirit prepares their heart.  Jim, when I get back there, some of them are already saved, and the rest of them, all I've got to do is just reel them in.  It is so easy!' 

Do you know why it's so easy?  It's a God idea!  The business world has used audiotapes and CD's for years to promote business and make big money.  This is God's instrument.  God created everything.  This media belongs to the Almighty living God, and He wants his people to start using it.  This particular translation, the one that you have, was actually done a few years ago in the Dominican Republic.  Isn't that interesting?  That is amazing'help us Lord.  The list that I can share with you is so big, but let me share just a couple more things with you.

In the nation of Pakistan, God introduced me to a pastor by the name of Naomi in the year 2005.  I sent all of these tools and teachings to Naomi in Pakistan.  She had them translated into the Urdu language.  From 1999 to the year 2004, Pastor Naomi and her team worked very hard.  They used crusades.  They used street witnessing.  They used all of the conventional ways that we know.  They reached 400 souls in five years, and that's a good thing; that's a lot of souls.  But look what happens in 2005; they started using the CD's, the tracks, and the audiotapes in their own language.  In the year 2005, Pastor Naomi and the same group of workers reached 7,000 souls for Jesus!  Do you see the difference?  In five years, using all of the conventional methods, 400 souls; but in one year using these God ordained tools, they reached 7,000 souls for Jesus.  Imagine what could happen if we started sowing these type of tools all over Puerto Rico.  Imagine what would happen if we taught just one church in every city.  Imagine what would happen if we sent a 100,000 of these to the Dominican Republic.  Imagine what would happen if we did it French Creo, and sent 100,000 into Haiti, oh what God would do! 

In the year 2006, Pastor Naomi and her workers reached 11,000 souls for Jesus.  Now listen to what's happening over there.  For $220.00 we can buy a 1,000 CD's completely duplicated, in a box, ready to give away.  Only $220.00.  For every $220.00, we get a 1,000 CD's.  For every 1,000 CD's that we give away in Pakistan, 500 hundred souls are coming to Jesus!  That's almost like for nothing!  The investment is so small, but there are ministries and churches all over the world; they're sending crusade teams to Pakistan.  They're spending 15-20,000 dollars for one crusade, and only a few hundred people get saved.  If we were to take $15,000, we could buy 75,000 CD's in Pakistan and 37,000 souls would get saved.  In crusade evangelism, only one to three percent of those who get saved stay saved.  Using this type of evangelism, anywhere from six to eight out of every ten get saved and stay saved.  This is a God idea! 

You see, crusades were for a season.  The old methods that we used were for a season.  God is calling us to change.  The message does not change.  The message is the gospel of Jesus Christ, but the way we package it to get it out to people has to touch them.  A carwash, free.  A free lunch will grab the attention of the world.  Handing somebody a CD, something of value; please take this and listen to it, will touch them.

I've been working also in the nation of Kenya with a young evangelist.  In three years, Evangelist Wilford has been giving away thousands of these tracts, thousands of the CD's, and thousands of the audiotapes.  In three years, we have reaped a harvest of 200,000 souls for Jesus.  It's staggering!  Our ministry is just me and Carla, Ed, and Jesus!  Imagine what God could do if everybody here pulled together under your apostle and your pastor, and said, 'We're going to do this!  We're going to do this in Puerto Rico.  We're going to do this in every city of Puerto Rico.  We're going to do this in the Dominican.  We're going to do this in Haiti, Cuba!  Imagine the harvest collectively that you could reap for God. 


We've been doing this for three years.  We've established outreaches in Pakistan, India, soon in Myanmar, very soon in Nepal, Rwanda Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Uganda, very soon Ethiopia, and why am I telling you all this?  I want you to see what God can do with something small!  We are a small ministry.  We don't have 1,000's of people supporting us, but God can take you right where you are and use what you have and bring a huge harvest to the Kingdom.  It's all about His Kingdom.  It's about seeking and saving those which are lost.

In April of this year, Carla and I partnered with Evangelist Wilfred from Kenya.  We helped send him to the nation of Nigeria.  He went to Nigeria and taught 500 pastors and 200 bible college students.  He taught them what I'm sharing with you right now.  Listen to what a couple of the pastors had to say:

The week after Wilfred left, I took the tracts and the tapes that he gave me.  I went back to my home church.  I trained our members how to do this.  We went out into the field.  During the course of the week, we reached 200 souls for Jesus.  He says in the email, 'I could not believe my eyes.  One hundred and fifty of those lost souls showed up in church on Sunday!'

Could you imagine that?  Could you imagine that as a pastor, a 150 new souls showing up at church on Sunday morning!  How many would like to see that?  Wouldn't that be awesome?  One hundred fifty!  I'm sorry if I get too excited, but this is exciting!  Hallelujah!

There was another pastor.  In his email he said, 'I've been a pastor for over 35 years.  I've tried everything possible to grow my church.  I've had a church of 200 people for most of the 35 years.  I've done crusade evangelism.  I've done street witnessing.  I've done all of the conventional ways, but I learned something new at your conference. I learned how to use tools one on one.  I took this back to my church, and I taught our people how to do this.  Our people went out and applied what I taught them.  Four weeks later, my church had grown from 200 people to 650!'  Hallelujah!  That's a God idea! 

This will work in your neighborhood.  This will work on your job.  I encourage you to listen to the CD.  Listen to it two or three times.  Understand it before you give it to someone. 

Before you give it to someone, pray about who it is.  Say, 'God, who do you want me to give this to?'  Take it to them and say, 'Please listen to this.  I want you to listen to this.  I'll be back in three days to get this from you.'  If you go back in three days and they haven't listened, that's ok.  Then you say, 'You know, I'm going to give it to you for three more days; please listen to it.'  Almost everybody listens the second time, so you have to be persistent.  When you go back, be prepared.  Be prepared to talk to them, to find out what their need is, to find out what their struggle is and help them.  You see, you have the answer. 


Say this with me and point to yourself, 'I have the answer.  His name is Jesus!' 

We held a conference two years ago, and a pastor came from the country of Kenya.  He learned how to do these same things we're now talking about.  When he came to be with us, he had thirty churches.  He took these teachings and applied them in his thirty churches.  Ten months later he contacted me.  He said, 'Jim, I want you to know that I now have 52 churches.'  They planted 22 new churches using these principles in ten months. 

Another pastor was at the conference from Rwanda.  When he came to the conference, he had a congregation of 1,000 people.  Ten months later, after taking these and applying them, teaching his people how to do this, in ten short months his congregation grew from 1,000 to 4,000 people.  That's a harvest!  That's the kind of harvest that I want to be part of.  I want to be part of the harvest in Puerto Rico.  I want to be part of the harvest in the Dominican Republic.  I want to be part of the harvest in the islands of the sea.  I want to be part of the harvest in Spanish speaking nations all over this world.  I would have never imagined that God would allow Carla and I to be a part of this harvest.

In the last three years, we have seen a half million souls come to Jesus.  We're small.  It's okay to be small.  When we take our little bit, and when we put it in the hand of a BIG God, and if we will take your little bit, and his little bit, and her little bit, and put all those little bits together, we could reach millions for Jesus.  If you had these types of tools available to you, would you carry them and would you use them?  If you're one that would carry them and use them, please stand up, I want to see you.

(Please Note:  At this point, people in the church that Jim was speaking to have come forward to answer the call and receive prayer and to have hands laid upon them to receive an impartation of the anointing on Jim and Carla's lives.  As Jim and Carla prayed for each person, they spoke prophetically whatever the Father revealed over some of those that came forward to answer the call of the Ephesians Chapter 4 Evangelist.)

Look, this is the army.  Hallelujah, praise God!  Your assignment is to listen to that CD two or three times; understand it and then pray, 'God, who do you want me to take this to?'  You take it to the one God tells you to.  You give it to them and tell them you'll be back in three days for this.  Please listen, and be prepared to bring in the harvest.  This is the day of the harvest.  This is a new season for this church.  We are entering a new season for these islands - a season of harvest. 

Father, is there anything else?  Is there anything else God?  Please be with us tomorrow morning

In my next message of this series, I'm going to talk to you about a key that will unlock all of this.  This message will start a new future for many of you, and for the direction that your life is going.  Be prayed up and be ready to receive from tomorrow's message entitled 'Evangelist Come Forth'.


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