Jesus Did It!

By: Jim Barbarossa
Director, Step By Step World Outreach Ministries

NOTE:  The following transcript comes from a 3-Part series Evangelist Jim Barbarossa released on CD a few years ago that God is using to stir the heart's of God's people to be more fearless and effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.  If you struggle with witnessing, we can't encourage you enough to let the Holy Spirit minister encouragement to you through this 3-Part message.

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God loves our worship, but I remember something He spoke to me as a baby Christian in a worship service.  There was excitement in the atmosphere.  Everybody was worshipping God, and the Father spoke to me.  He said, 'Jim, the highest form of worship is when you go out and tell somebody about Me.' 

That's the challenge I want to share with you today.  God wants you to have that same passion and take it beyond the walls of the church.  He wants you to take the shout to where you work.  He wants you to take the dance to the streets.  He wants you to take your passion and tell people about Him.  That's what it's all about.  Take your passion and go tell somebody about Jesus! 

The message that I want to share with you today is called 'Evangelist, Come Forth.'  I want to talk to you about two things: 

1) The gift of the evangelist

2) The ministry of reconciliation. 

Some have been given to the church as evangelists.  All of us have been given the ministry of reconciliation. 

Let's start in Ephesians 4:11, 'And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.'

What that is saying is that He did this for the teaching, training, and activating of the body of Christ.  It is not the job of the apostle, prophet, pastor, or the evangelist to do all of the work by themselves.  It is their job to equip all of you, and it is your job to go out and do the work of the ministry.  The work of the ministry belongs to every believer in Christ.  Say this now to yourself, 'I have a ministry, and I'm going to start doing my ministry.' 

Your first ministry is the ministry of reconciliation, and we're going to talk about that a little later.  It has been said over the years and it has been taught that God is restoring the gifts to the church.  The pastor and the teacher have always been accepted.  The pastor and teacher have pretty much been part of all the organizations.  It's been said that the evangelist has been restored to the church in the 1950's and 60's with the great tent and healing evangelists.  I disagree with that, and in a moment I'll tell you why. 

In the 80's the prophetic was restored.  In the 90's and through today, the apostles are being restored.  When I travel around the world, I see pastors and teachers in the churches.  I also see prophets and apostles in the churches.  But when I asked the senior minister, 'Who is the evangelist in the house?' they always say the same thing.  Well, we support a mission evangelist over here, or we support an evangelist over there.  My question is: Who is the evangelist in this house?  The answer I get 99.9 percent of the time is 'We don't have any.' 

If they were restored in the 1950's and 60's, I have to ask'where are they?  The tent evangelist has always been; the crusade evangelist has always been, and we know them.  But they're not in the house ' they're not in the local church.  They have a function, but my question is:  Where is the equipping evangelist?  The evangelist spoken about in Ephesians 4 ' every local church everywhere in the world should have an evangelist or a team of evangelists in the house. 

I remember when I first read that scripture, I was a young Christian, and a man came up to me.  He said, 'Jim, I know you're an evangelist.  I have a check for a $1,000 for you and it's for your tent.' 

I said, 'Who said I'm buying a tent?' 

He said, 'All evangelists buy tents,' and all evangelists go away from the church and start their own ministries.  That is not God's plan.  God's plan is to have an equipping evangelist in the house working with the apostle, pastor, and the teachers in the house.  That's God's plan.  So what I'm saying to you today is that God is now, in this hour, restoring the evangelist to the local church!  The evangelist must be restored to reach the world.  It is the job of the evangelist to share the Good News, but his job is bigger than that.  It is the job of the evangelist to teach all of the saints how to share the Good News.  Do you know that 97 percent of God's people never share the Good News?  I suggest to you that they don't share the Good News because the evangelist has not been in the house to teach them to share it. 

In Part One of this series, Witnessing Made Easy, we taught those who were here how to overcome fear and go out and share the Good News with their neighbors.  It's not the job of the pastor, prophet, or teacher to teach you that.  The evangelist is the bearer of Good News.  The evangelist is the one God has anointed to impart the ability to share the gospel with lost people.  I want you to know today that I'm not the only evangelist in the house.  There are many evangelists in the house.  Some of you just need to have it pulled out of you. 


I remember somebody who was in one of our meetings back in December.  She was an evangelist who was in the house, but you see God sent me to pull that gift out of that person.  She would have never believed that she was am evangelist, but she answered the call.  I am going to make that same challenge to you.  I'm going to speak these words to you, 'Evangelist come forth!'  Some of you are going to argue.  Some of you are going to say 'Oh it can't be me.'  Yes it can be.  One of the reasons that many have never answered the call of the evangelist is because we think you have to travel to be an evangelist.  That is not true.

For every one that God has called to travel, like Carla and I, He has called thousands and positioned them in the local church.  Yes!  You can work a day job, and you can still be the house evangelist.  You don't have to quit your job to be an evangelist. 

Some of you are hearing something for the first time in a way that you've never heard it before, and something is already stirring within you.  You're already asking yourself, 'Could that be me?  Could I be that evangelist?  Could I be the one that God has placed in my house of worship?  Could I be part of the team that God wants to use to stir up the body, to motivate the body, to equip the saints and send them out to share the Good News?' 

I remember so well the first time I read that scripture.  It was like something exploded inside of me.  I knew I was one of God's evangelists, but I also knew that I didn't fit in.  God didn't tell me to go buy a tent.  My passion was to win lost souls, yes, and I still like to do that, but I have a stronger passion.  That passion is to equip all of God's people to shake the church, to raise up the army of God and send all of God's people out with the Good News.  Do you know that's what it's all about?  It's about sharing the Good News.  Nothing else really matters.  It's about lost souls and sharing the Good News. 

Part of my job in my home church is to keep people moving; keep them stirred up.  I remember when we first got to the church we're in now; it was about seven years ago.  I didn't know it at the time, but the pastor of that church had been reading Ephesians 4:11-12, and he had been saying to God, 'Where's the equipping evangelist at God?  God, your book says there's an equipping evangelist.'  And he said, 'God I want one.'  He prayed and God brought Carla and me to that church. 

I remember as we sat in the back row, we were there for about a year, and I was hanging out in the back.  Do you know why I was hanging out in the back?  It was because I had lost hope.  I had lost hope in the church because there was no room for me in the house.  There was room for the pastor, teacher, and there was even room for the prophet, and room was being made for the apostle, but the evangelist had no place.  When the evangelist showed up, they wanted to send him out in the mission field.  They wanted to send him to a different country, but my passion was to stir all the saints right there in the local church. 

As hard as I tried to do that, there was no room; there was no place.  But in that church, in one Sunday service, the prophetic anointing came on the pastor and he started calling people out.  He called me out of the back row.  He said, 'You're my evangelist. You're God's evangelist. God has brought you into this house.'  I want to tell you what was amazing about that.  I wasn't even a member of the church.  I wasn't ordained in the church.  I didn't hold a license in the church, but the pastor spoke it anyway.  He said he was speaking what God said to speak. 

Man hasn't called you, but God has called you.  I want you to know today that you are the evangelist of this local church, and God will not release you until you have trained up a team of evangelists in this house.  I know the difference between control and the Spirit of God, and this was not control.  This was the Spirit of the living God, and I knew it.  I was hiding in the back.  I had been hurt by the church, and God called me out.  I met with my pastor that week.  He said, 'Jim, what do you need to get the job done?' 

I said, 'Pastor, I need five minutes of every service.'  So Sunday morning he gave me five minutes.  Sunday night he gave me five minutes.  On Wednesday night Bible study he gave me five minutes.  I started training others as evangelists.  We got five minutes of Kid's Church.   We got five minutes of the Youth Group.  We've done five minutes in ladies' ministries.  We've done five minutes in mens' ministries.  Everytime the doors of the church are open, we're sharing five minutes.  We're teaching people how to share the Good News.  We're bringing a shaking message.  It's convicting.  It touches the heart, and I'll be honest with you.  There are times when I got up to do the five minutes, and as I stood behind the pulpit, I looked out at the congregation, and by the Spirit, I heard people saying things like, 'I'd sure like it if you'd leave.  I liked it better before you got here.  I wish I didn't have to listen to you anymore.' 

I'm going to tell you something.  It isn't my job to tell people what they want to hear.  It's my job to give them the Word of God.  It's my job to give them 'Thus sayeth the Lord.' 

We had people who didn't like it.  We had people who went to the pastor and said, 'Pastor, do we really have to waste our time on these five minute sessions?  Why do we have to keep hearing about evangelism, pastor?  I mean that's really not important, is it?'

I remember one Wednesday night in the Bible study; the pastor sat everybody down.  He said some of you have been coming to me crying.  Some of you have been coming to me with complaints, and he said, 'I'm going to make a deal with you, and I believe Brother Jim will agree with me.  On the day that every one of you share your faith and tell people about Jesus, and you do that as a regular part of your everyday life, we'll stop doing those five minutes.'

We're still doing them today.  My pastor took a stand.  He said we're going to be a witnessing church.  Some people left the church.  Some people went down the road; they went where they could have their ears tickled.  They went where they could hear what they wanted to hear.  You may not like what I'm saying, but what I'm telling you is the heart of God.  I am one that can speak with authority, and I'll tell you why I can speak with authority.  It's because I am submitted to authority.  I am a member of a local church.  I come under the leadership of my senior pastor, and because I am under authority, God has given me the ability to speak with authority. 


God wants His people to be a witnessing people.  It's not easy to be a house evangelist, but it's worth it.  It's absolutely worth it.  When we started doing those five minute sessions, only three out of every hundred people in our church would share their faith.  Today, forty to fifty of every hundred people share their faith.  Why did that happen?  It's because God planted an evangelist in the house, but that wasn't enough.  You see, the evangelist can be in the house, but if a senior minister does not give the evangelist the platform, the evangelist cannot do his job. 

I thank God that He put me in a church with a pastor with vision, with a pastor who was willing to see the call on my life and release us to do what God has called us to do. 

If my pastor were here today, he would say to you, 'Oh yes, I can teach like Jim teaches.  Oh yes, I can encourage you to share your faith, but do you know when I did it, people didn't move.  But when Jim does it, they move.  It's nothing about Jim.  It's nothing about the pastor; it's about the anointing.'

God has anointed some to be apostles to plant, to keep things in order, to have an overall vision of everything.  God has planted prophets.  They speak thus sayeth the Lord.  They give direction of what God wants us to do today.  He's planted pastors.  They love the sheep; they shepherd the sheep.  They hold the sheep, and He's planted teachers who can teach.  They disciple you; they give you an overall knowledge of the Bible, and we need all of that.  But, if we don't have the evangelist, the church will die.  There will be no growth.  Without the evangelist, people go to the hottest new church in town.  That's where the growth comes from.  We run from here to here to here; we're fishing in other churches.  God says stop that!  It's time to fish in the world.  It's time to reach the lost. 

Some of you, God has called as evangelist in the local church and it's your function to be part of the body to equip, stir up, motivate, and send out God's people.  Could that be you?  So some are called as evangelists'

Turn with me now to II Corinthians 5:17.  How many of you know it's important to obey the voice of God at all times?  You see, I was starting to go in one direction, and the Holy Spirit said'Whoa!  You've got to do something different.  How many think we need to do something different?  We need to do it God's way.  Before I read this scripture, I felt like He wanted us to do something else.  I'm going to describe it to you. 

Several years ago, God had my wife, Carla, and I do this little drama in a Sunday morning service.  He told me then to do it in every Sunday morning service the first time we go into a church.  I started to go past it, but the Holy Spirit reminded me.  So imagine this:  I died and I went to hell.  Carla was the person who was supposed to witness to me.  God had spoken to her to share her faith with me, but she did not.  Now I have come back to confront her.  Imagine me with torn and tattered clothing, with flames from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.  Imagine the burning smell of flesh.  Imagine what this would be like. 

By the power of the Holy Spirit, I ask you right now to imagine what this scene looked and sounded like:

Carla:  "I don't understand.  Something awful has had to happen.  I'm covered with blood, but I don't understand what happened.  Hello?  Is there somebody there?"

Jim:  "The blood; the blood on your hands.  That's my blood."

Carla:  "I don't understand.  What are you talking about?" 

Jim:  "The blood on your hands.  The blood on your hands is my blood.  You don't remember me do you?"

Carla:  "No, I don't understand.  Who are you?"

Jim:  "We went to school together.  We grew up in the same city.  We hung out in all the same places, and now my blood is on your hands.  It's on your hands because you never told me."

Carla:  "I don't understand.  It can't be you.  It can't be you!  How is this possible?"

Jim:  "Why didn't you tell me?  Why didn't you tell me about God?  Why didn't you tell me what would happen to me if I refused Him?  Why?!"           

Carla:  "I was afraid!  I didn't know how to say it ' I was afraid!" 

Jim:  "You should have been afraid for me.  You should have been afraid for what would happen to me.  You didn't tell me!!"

Carla:  "I thought'well maybe you wouldn't be my friend anymore.  Maybe you wouldn't want to have anything to do with me anymore.  You just wouldn't be my friend, I thought." 

Jim:  "If you were really my friend, you would have been concerned with my soul.  You would have told me about hell.  You would have told me!  You would have told me!"

Carla:  "But it was hard for me; I didn't know how to say it.  I tried.  I wanted to.  I just didn't know how to say it." 

(Then three shadowy figures come out.  They grab ahold of me, and they start to take me.) 

Jim:  "I don't want to go back!  I don't want to go back!  No, no, no!!!!!"

Carla speaking: 

The part that I played in that little drama was my life.  About the first 25 years of my walk with Jesus, I was very shy.  I was very backward, and I was intimidated by people.  I would rather do anything else than talk to someone about Jesus.  I just had a paralyzing fear.  It was like the enemy had my mouth taped shut.  If I wanted to say something, I was so bound.  How many know that the enemy's greatest weapon is fear?He knows exactly what your fear is.  He knows your limits, and he will do anything to stop you from sharing your faith, from talking about the Lord; anything. 

When Jim and I were married, I was a Christian and Jim was not, but I thought it was okay if I married him.  I thought...I'll just pray for him a short little while, and eventually he'll be saved.  But that short little while was 19 years.  So my instructions to you are that if you are seeking to marry someone, you need to be equally yoked.  It was a long hard road for me; it wasn't easy, but I had to keep praying for him.  There were times I thought he would never be saved.  I thought to myself'what have I gotten myself into?  I just kept believing, and in 1993, Jim was saved.  I praise the Lord for that after 19 long years. 

Not too long after he was saved, he began sharing his faith telling everybody his testimony of how the Lord helped him, delivered him from alcohol, delivered him from smoking cigarettes, and talking bad language.  I
was watching him, and I saw how he was able to do that, and yet I was still timid.  I was a Christian longer than him'how can this be?  I don't understand, and so I got jealous.  How dare he?  I mean - I'm supposed to be doing that.  Who do you think you are?  Jealousy led me to conviction in realizing that wasn't the Christian thing to do, so I had to repent of the jealousy.  Then I had to ask the Lord to help me so that I could have what he had, and that I didn't have to deal with that fear all the time.


As Jim began to have invitations to go share his testimony, the Lord began to give him messages.  Whenever we go out, we're always a team, and we go together. I'm sitting under the Word and again, I'm getting convicted.  The Word was convicting me and showing me the truth - that I had a job to do ' that I needed to be sharing my faith.  The Word began to show me how I can do that through the messages the Lord was giving Jim, and I was listening because faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. So, what did I have to do?  I had to repent and say, 'Father forgive me.  I don't want to have this fear.  I know you can help me.  I know you can give me boldness and you can help me do what I can't do in my own strength.' 

So He helped me.  Do I get it right all the time?  No.  But what do I do?  I repent again, and I ask the Lord to help me. 

One day we were in a store, and I handed the lady one of these CD's with the Gospel message on it in Spanish.  She began to cry, but I don't speak good Spanish to converse with her.  In my mind I thought I heard to ask the pastor's wife to just begin to speak to her, but I pushed it down.  I didn't do anything, and of course, I felt bad.  I asked the Lord to forgive me and to give me another chance.  So on another day, we were in a store again, and we only had one CD.  So the lady that helped me, she spoke some English.  I handed her the CD, and she thanked me and said, 'Just pray for me.'  As I walked away, I thought'I've got to do this now.  So I called her back out and said, 'What do you need prayer for?  I want to pray with you right now.'  Then I called the pastor's wife over to tell her where the church was, and she said she remembered when the church was a tent, so the pastor's wife was able to tell her how to come to the church.  I got to pray with her, and the seed was able to be planted.  Please pray for Jessica, and for the Lord to touch her so that she can get back in relationship with Him.  So I thanked the Lord for a second chance of speaking to someone when He told me to.

Jim speaking: 

God has done a great work in Carla.  She was so shy, bashful, and fearful, but when she purposed in her heart 'God I want to be your witness,' God helped her.  And faith does come by hearing.  She's evidence of it, because as she heard the words that I taught, the convicting power of God touched her heart.  That's why it's important to hear from the evangelist every time the doors of the church are opened. 

It's part of the evangelist's job to get you to do things that you just don't want to do.  You'll get mad at the evangelist sometimes, but when you lead somebody to Jesus, you are going to become one of the happiest people in the world.  There's nothing like the joy of taking somebody by the hands and leading them out of darkness into the light of Jesus Christ. 

It's a sad thing that 97 out of every 100 Christians have never experienced that joy.  So if you were to draw a circle around a hundred people right now, 97 people in that circle have never led a lost soul to Jesus.  The reason is that 97 percent of them are not telling people about Jesus, because Jesus promises'if I be lifted from the earth, I will draw all men unto Me.  That's a promise of God's word!  What that means is if you will lift Him up, if you will tell people about Him, He will draw them into the Kingdom.  So ninety seven percent are not telling anybody about Him, and the heart of God today and the message today is to call the ninety seven percent to repentance. 

You see, you have a choice to make today, and I remember the first time that I ever brought this message.  There was a husband and a wife in the service and at the end of the service the woman was very thankful.  She went to the pastor; she was so excited.  She said, 'Pastor, thank you for having Jim bring the message today!'  She said, 'Pastor, I've repented.  I've always known I should share my faith, and I know I haven't, but I repented today, and with God's help I'm going to learn!'  But you know what else happened?  During the same service, her husband stormed out of the church.  He was mad!  He didn't want somebody telling him he was wrong.  He was so mad; he got in his car and drove it over the church lawn.  You see, he wasn't fighting with me; he was fighting with God. 

You see, if you don't like the message today, you're not fighting with Jim; I'm just the messenger.  I'm just telling what the word of God says, and the word of God says we're to tell people all about Him.  So we all have a choice to make today.  We can receive God's word with joy.  We can repent like that lady did, or we can storm off and allow our hearts to get harder than they already are.  Hardness of heart is a dangerous place.  You see the truth, ninety seven percent of God's people have hardened their hearts to the part of the Gospel that says go ye into the world.  Ninety seven percent of the people all over the world reading this message today have hardened their heart against the message to tell people about Jesus.  My question to you today is are you in the three percent that is effectively sharing their faith on a daily basis, or are you in the ninety seven percent that does not tell people about Jesus?  If you're in the ninety seven percent and you know it, are you ready to do something about it?  Remember Carla's words?  God helped her to change, but she had to repent.  When we refuse to share our faith, it is a sin. We call it many other things, but it is a sin.  As I pray, allow the Holy Spirit to search your heart.

Father, pour out your spirit.  Convict our hearts this day God.  Lay our hearts open before you God.  Father, for those who are actively sharing their faith, I thank you, and I commend them as you would do.  Lord, but for those who are not, help us come to a place of setting pride aside, of setting all the excuses aside.  Help us come to a place of repentance.  Holy Spirit, I even ask that you would bring before us the faces of the people that we have passed by. That you would remind us of the times you've told us to stop and talk to somebody.  Help us God to clean the slate today.  Help us to remember and help us to repent.  Amen.

If you know you haven't been the witness God has called you to be and you're willing to set pride aside and repent, please stand to your feet.  Only stand if you mean it.  If you're one that's already sharing your faith actively, I want you also to stand to your feet.  Help us God.


Now in your own words, ask God to forgive you.  Help us God.  God as I look out at your people, I see a vast army.  If we'll just do what You tell us to do, help us to put this behind us now.  Help us to put this behind us God. 

I want you to read something in Acts 3:19, 'Repent ye therefore, and be converted (changed), that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord.'

If you've confessed your sins today, they are blotted out!  They are gone forever!  They have been thrown as far as the east is from the west.  God doesn't see them anymore.  Do not allow the devil to condemn you.  This is not about condemnation.  The sin is forgiven, and now God says it is a time for change.  It's a time to learn how to do it right, and if you'll apply yourself, God will help you to do it right, amen?  Amen?  No condemnation.  It's gone; the sin's gone.  Now we're going to change. 

Another scripture that I want you to read is II Corinthians 5:17.  This is where the change starts.  'Therefore if any man or any woman be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold all things are become new.'

Do we have any new creatures in God's house today?  Hallelujah!  I'm glad I'm a new creature in Christ, 'and all things are of God who hath reconciled us.'  Say the word 'us.'  This is talking to every born again Christian.  This promise is for every born again Christian; to reconcile means to make compatible with.  To reconcile is to take something that was once one that has been ripped apart, and put it back together again.  That is referring to the relationship of God and man.  God created man in His likeness and in His image.  God created us to fellowship with Him.  Because man sinned, there was a ripping apart.  Man was separated from God, but God had a plan that He would provide provision so that man could be reconnected to God! 

'And all things are of God who hath reconciled us to Himself by Jesus Christ.'  Jesus paid the price so every person would have the opportunity to be reconciled unto God.  Now if you've been reconciled unto God, you ought to just shout!  That's something to shout about. 

Do you understand that this world doesn't have a hold on you?  You're going to go to heaven someday.  You're going to be with Jesus.  The price has been paid, but listen, the verse doesn't end there.  The verse goes on, 'and hath given to us''  Say 'us' again; this us is the same us as before.  This is talking to every person that has ever called upon the name of Jesus.  Have you called upon the name of Jesus?  This is talking to me and this is talking to you.  Now listen to what it says, 'And hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation.' 

What is the ministry of reconciliation?  It's telling sinful man who's over here how to get reconnected to God who is over there.  How does he get reconnected?  By the cross of Jesus Christ that's in the middle!  By the blood of the Lamb!  So what is the ministry of reconciliation?  It is to shout from the rooftops!  This is what God has done for you!  And if you want to be with Him in heaven, you have to bow your knee to His Son, to Jesus Christ.  That's the message of reconciliation.  And who does that message belong to?  Say to yourself, 'ME!'  Every person that has called upon the name of Jesus is His minister of reconciliation; nobody is left out.  Nobody is too old.  Nobody is too young.  If He's alive in your heart, you have a message! 

Have you have ever watched the Olympics?  Have you watched the race where they run around the track?  It's called a relay race.  One of the runners has a baton.  Jesus is the runner of the race of reconciliation.  Jesus was the first runner in the race.  God sent Him.  He gave Him a mission to seek and save those who are lost.  It was Jesus' job to pass on His ministry so that it would be carried on.  This is what happened.  When a young Christian gets saved, they cry out for forgiveness, 'Forgive me God!  Come into my heart, Jesus.'  Do you remember doing that?  There's more that happens though.  Here's what else that happens:

When Jesus forgives you, He comes into your heart.  Do you believe that?  He comes into your heart.  When He comes into your heart, He comes in with the baton, the ministry, and He says, 'The ministry that My Father has given me, I now give it unto you.'  He did that with every one of you, but the problem was that we dropped it.  But today, if you have repented and asked God's forgiveness, He is happy because you bowed your knees.  Today we all need to pick up the baton.  It's time to pick up the baton.  It's time to run the race!


Are you ready to run the race?  It's time to run the race!  Every one of us is called to be ministers of reconciliation, but some of us are given as evangelists to the local church to teach all of us to do the ministry of reconciliation.  So we're all ministers of reconciliation, but some of us have been given an endowment of power.  We have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to stir up the body, equip and teach the Good News, and empower you to go out and share the Good News.  So we know who the ministers of reconciliation are.  It's all of us!  Now we need to know who the evangelists are, which are some of us.

Let's turn to I Corinthians 4:15.  It's always important to be willing to stop what we're doing and obey the voice of God.  'For though you have ten thousand instructors in Christ, yet have ye not many fathers: for in Christ Jesus I have begotten you through the gospel.' 

We have many teachers in the body, but we have not many fathers.  We have many teachers, but we have not many mothers.  Let me explain that to you.  When God placed Carla and me at Jubilee Worship Center, He not only said that I am the evangelist in the house, but He also said that I was to train up other evangelists in the house.  We have fully trained six evangelists in our local church, and are in the process of training six more.  The first six were in the congregation before I got there.  They had heard from many teachers.  They heard the word; they heard it from different perspectives.  They heard it in different ways, but when they heard it from a father; they responded and answered the call.  Anyone who is a leader today, you need to understand this.  You are called to find your replacement.  You should be training somebody today to do your job if you're not there.  That's what a father does, and that's what a mother does.  Let's look in the scripture, I Kings 19:19.  This is talking about the prophet Elijah.

'So he departed thence, and found Elisha the son of Shaphat, who was plowing with twelve yoke of oxen before him, and he with the twelfth:  and Elijah passed by him, and cast his mantle upon him.'

Back in December, when I taught on this same subject, I gave a call for the evangelist to come forth.  One of those evangelists was a woman named Michelle.  At that time, I cast my mantle.  My mantle was cast upon her.  She didn't receive the fullness of it, but she was identified as an evangelist. 

Please go to II Kings 2:8-11, 'And Elijah took his mantle, and he wrapped it together, and smote the waters, and they were divided hither and tither, so that they two went over on the dry ground.  And it came to pass, when they were gone over, that Elijah said unto Elisha, Ask what I shall do for thee, before I be taken away from thee.  And Elisha said, I pray thee, let a double portion of thy spirit be upon me.  And he said thou hast asked a hard thing: nevertheless, if thou see me when I am taken from thee, it shall be done so unto thee; but if not, it shall not be so.  And it came to pass as they still went on, and talked, that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder; and Elijah went up in a whirlwind into heaven.' 

Elisha first received the call when the mantle was thrown, but then had to serve in the capacity of a student.  Notice that there was a promise:  If you serve and if you serve well, and if you keep your eyes on me, and if you see me go, your wish, the double portion anointing will fall upon you.  My anointing as a father will fall upon you!  And Elisha saw it, and he cried, 'My father, my father!'  He didn't cry 'my teacher, my teacher!'  He didn't cry 'my friend, my friend!'  He cried, 'My father, my father!'  The double portion anointing for ministry only passes from a father to a son or from a father to a daughter.  We have missed it in the body of Christ.  We have been selfish in ministry.  We have been more worried about our own thing, and we have ignored those that God has called us to be fathers and mothers to. 

Back in the other scripture, it said that Elijah went and looked for Elisha.  Who are you looking for?  Every leader of every ministry, you need to be a father or a mother to someone, and you need to start looking for them today.  And when you find them, you need to cast your mantle upon them.  You need to call them into service, and you need to tell them, 'I'm going to train you.  Follow me.  Keep your eyes on me.  And when God takes me out of here, a double portion of my anointing, a double portion of the miracles, a double portion of the healings will be upon you!'  I'm going to tell you what ' that excites me!  Do you know why that excites me?  It's because I've got sons and daughters in India; I've got them in Puerto Rico; I've got them in the United States;  and I've got them in Rwanda'hallelujah!  And they're going to operate in a double portion anointing; they're going to see twice the salvations.  Hallelujah! 

If you allow your ministry, God's ministry, to die with you, you have failed God!  We ask where's the power?  The power's been lost because we haven't been mothers and fathers to the next generation of ministers. 

Now it is time for the evangelist, the house evangelist.  Please turn to Matthew 4:17.  We are now at the most important part of our journey.  What we have been talking about up to this point is important, but to have life and growth in the church, we need what we're talking about right now.  Some of you already know who you are.  God's already identified you.  You've been sitting there on the edge of your seat, and you've been saying, 'I have that passion.  I want to stir up the church! I want to be used of God!  I want to excite the church, and I want to teach them, and I want to send them out to share the Good News.'


Some of you have been working as teachers, only because that's what you knew to be called.  The truth is that you've been an evangelist all the time, but you were accepted as a teacher.  You wouldn't have been accepted as an evangelist, but a change has taken place.  Now you will be accepted as the gift that Jesus gave you to be. 

Matthew 4:17-19, 'For that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, 'Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.  And Jesus, walking by the sea of Galilee, saw two brethren, Simon called Peter, and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea: for they were fishers.  And He saith unto them, Follow me, and I (Jesus) will make you fishers of men.' 

You don't even have to know how to do it.  All you've got to be willing to do is say, 'Here I am God.  Here I am; use me.' 

And He saith unto them, Follow Me.  Those words, follow me, they mean be willing to learn of me.  Just be willing to learn, and I, Jesus, I'll make you a fisher of men.  You know, these two men, Andrew and Simon, they already knew Jesus.  They had already met Him.  It's like us; we're Christians.  We've already met Him, but today He's not calling you to be a Christian; He's calling you to be an evangelist.  And He's not calling all of you to be an evangelist; He's calling all of you to share your faith.  He's calling some of you into ministry, into the fivefold ministry.  He's calling some of you to be His evangelist in the local church.  He's calling some of you to release the passion inside of you; the passion to train people how to share the Good News.  Could that be you today?  Could that be you? 

There was a man in the Bible; his name was Lazarus, and he died.  And Jesus went to him; he laid in the grave and was dead.  That's just like the evangelist in the church today.  The evangelist has been dead in the church, but when Jesus spoke, 'Lazarus, come forth!'  He came to life.  He was still wrapped in grave clothes.  Those grave clothes represent the past.  Those grave clothes represent religion.  Those grave clothes represent what the evangelist used to be; the guy out under a tent.  But today, God says 'I'm doing a new thing.  I'm calling forth a new evangelist.  I'm calling forth an evangelist that knows authority ' that will place himself under authority, and will teach my people how to share the good news of Jesus Christ.' 

And so, just as Jesus called forth Lazarus, He has commissioned me under His name, under His authority, to call forth the evangelist.  Could that be you?  In the scripture it says that the shofar was sounded very long and loud.  When it was sounded, Moses spoke to God, and God answered him by voice.  God spoke to him.  As I sound the shofar long and loud in my meetings, I ask every person in the room to ask God one question:  Am I your evangelist?  I want you to ask Him that question right now. 

If His answer to your question was yes, please stand to your feet. Remember we're not all called to be evangelists, but some are.  If God has spoken to your heart and you know it, you need to stand to your feet.  There is none too old, and there is none too young.  Now is the time.  The mantle is being cast upon you; it's time to catch it.  And you need to get things out of the way.  Some of you are battling right now.  You're saying things like'my ministry has always been 'teacher.'  If God said it is, okay.  But if God says you're an evangelist, you need to be an evangelist.  Some of you are saying'but I'm an usher.  You need to be an evangelist if God told you to. 

Some of you are saying'I'm part of the worship team.  My ministry is worship.  If God's calling you an evangelist, you are what God's called you! 

Some of you are saying'but you're messing up my plans today'I've got my own plans'I already know what I want to do.  It isn't important what you want to do!  What's important is what has Jesus called you?  If He's called you an evangelist, then you have to be what He's called you to be.  Evangelist come forth'come forth! 


The spirit of the Lord is showing me that there's somebody out there, and you know who you are, but you've got a stubborn streak.   You are saying 'well it can't be me.'  If God said you're an evangelist, you need to rise to your feet and you need to obey God, and you need to respond to His call and obey God!  Hallelujah.

You may be saying'well, I'm too young.  No you aren't!  That's when you start ' when you are young.  Lord, help us. 

Let me say this; if you're responding to this call today, the only one that can make you an evangelist is Jesus Christ.  And as you obey Him, there will be evidence, and your gift will make room for itself as you obey Him. 

Remember as an evangelist, you must do everything first yourself.  You can't teach somebody to do something that you do not do yourself. 

Prepare your heart to receive.  As we pray for you a prayer shawl is being placed upon you, which is symbolic of the mantle, like when Elijah threw his mantle on Elisha.  When Elisha caught that mantle for the first time, he was called into service.  Years later when he served well, he caught the mantle again and he walked in a double portion anointing.  Today is your first step.  Receive of the impartation today.  Evangelist arise!

(Please Note:  At this point the Evangelists in the house have come forward to answer the call and receive prayer and to have hands laid upon them to receive an impartation of the anointing on Jim and Carla's lives.  As Jim and Carla prayed for each Evangelist, they spoke prophetically whatever the Father revealed over some of those that came forward to answer the call of the Ephesians Chapter 4 Evangelist.)

I feel like the Lord is saying that He wants to remind you today that you are an Evangelist, arise; God is showing you some new ways.  You already know what needs to be done, but He's showing you some new ways to do it. 

You've gotten more than what you expected when you first started reading this message.  It's like God just put the last piece in the puzzle.  You've said 'God, where exactly do I fit?  And the last piece was put in place today in the puzzle; the gift of the evangelist has landed.  Receive it, evangelist arise. 

Innovative ideas, new ways to do what God's called you to do.  There are no limits; but God, nobody has ever done that before!  It doesn't matter; obey God'new ways, new ideas, new concepts.  God, can you really use me?  This is no mistake today.  You didn't bring yourself to this place.  You were here by the power of the Holy Spirit.  Remember this day; do not forget this day.  Obstacles will try to get in the way.  People will try to get in the way.  Other gifts and other talents and other abilities will try to get in the way.  Evangelist, arise'receive more. 

This is a word for many of you, and especially for some of you young people.  There's something you really need to get ahold of.  You can have many gifts, talents, and abilities.  You can have many plans for your life, but there is no higher calling than the calling into the fivefold ministry.  There is no higher job on earth than that given to an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and a teacher.  There is no higher calling, and no other gifting should get in the way.  The gift of the evangelist must be precedent; it must have first place above all of your other talents and abilities.  You see, from this day on, if you answered the call of an evangelist, you no longer belong to you.  Do you hear me today?  You do not belong to you; you've been given to the church.  You are not high on the pedestal, but you are the servant of all servants.  You belong to the body of Christ.  You've been given as a gift to the body of Christ, and that calling must rule and reign in your life.  Receive it in the name of Jesus. 

Saints, I feel very strongly about this'by the Spirit of the Lord, somebody has been holding back.  You've been disobedient to God, and you know you're supposed to respond to God's call of an evangelist.  You need to move and you need to move now. Receive.  Arise, evangelist arise.  Receive it now.  Receive more of God. 

The Lord says this is not a mistake.  He knew this day would come.  This day has been planned.  Receive it now.  The Lord says never never doubt what I have done.  This day receive it.  Arise' evangelist arise!

God says as you answer the call, 'Watch what I will do!  Your enemies will be scattered.  Your enemies of sickness will be scattered.  Watch what I will do.  I will strengthen you.  I will strengthen you as you walk in the call that I've placed on you.'  Receive it and arise evangelist, arise. 

Let's worship Him.  God is doing a great thing in His house!  Again, I can see a puzzle, and I can see a piece being placed in the puzzle.  You see the picture a lot clearer now.  You have a better understanding than you had before, and that's for many of you today.  You understand the evangelist now.  You have more knowledge of what an evangelist is. 

You've learned some things today, and now you know how to hook up.  You know how to plug in.  You never expected this today, but God had a plan and He invited you to be a part of it.  He cast the mantle upon you.  Receive it'more, Lord; more of You, the wind of the Spirit. 

The Lord says there's more.  Take a drink.  Take a drink; take a big drink.  There are no limits, and you need more.  Because the more you have, the more you can give away.  So drink deep'.drink deep.  Let it overflow you; let it overflow you.  You had no plan to do this.  This wasn't a part of your plan, but it was God's plan.  It was God's plan for you.  Oh the passion has always been there, but now you have an outlet for that passion.  Receive more this day.  Be a vessel.  Let Him flow through you.  Arise evangelist'arise.    

I just keep getting the same thing; you didn't expect this today.  This wasn't part of your plan, but it was God's plan.  Just receive it.  Arise evangelist'arise.  I have a plan says the Lord.  Seek My plan.  Follow My plan.  I will show you a harvest; a greater harvest than you have ever imagined, but follow My plan.  It's not man's plan, but God's plan, My plan.  Seek Me, says the Lord.  I will share My plan.  I will show you how to use My plan.  Do it My way.  Receive evangelist'receive. 

Arise evangelist'arise.  There's more to your ministry than you ever thought there was.  God's brought some understanding and some clarity that was needed.  Again, I see the puzzle, and there were a lot of pieces, but something was not right.  That piece of the puzzle has been set in place today.  Evangelist arise.  Arise! 

God is speaking to some of you.  He is going to use you to train up others.  You march to a different drum beat; a different sound, but it's fueled by the voice of God.  You've marched to the voice of God, and you're going to be able to express it so that others can understand it.  To some, it confuses them right now, but God's going to bring clarity and you're going to speak and train others, and people are going to understand.  They're going to go to work.  God's going to use you as a fire starter, as a catalyst to stir the body, to motivate the body.  Hallelujah. Receive it more in Jesus name.  Evangelist arise!

You no longer have to ask the question, 'God what did you call me to do?  God, where do I fit?'  You don't have to ask that question anymore.  Receive it.  Evangelist arise! 

There are times when God will show me by the Spirit, His evangelist.  Never doubt this day.  Remember, that as a gift that Jesus gave to the church, you belong to the church.  Your highest calling is that of the gift of the evangelist.  You have other things that you can do, but nothing should ever get in the way.  Receive.  Arise evangelist, arise. 

I am speaking to the body of Christ now; with the evangelists' strength together, they become a double braided cord.  A double cord is stronger than a single cord.  With your strength and your prayer with them, they become a triple braided cord. That cord cannot be broken.  Support what they do.  Support them in prayer.  Be a strength behind them.  They're learning, but they still have a lot to learn.  And they need wisdom and they need prayer. 

The Lord says how much of Me do you want today?  There is no limit.  Take a drink.  Take a deep drink.  Receive from Me today.  Receive it. 


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