Jesus Did It!

By: Jim Barbarossa
Director, Step By Step World Outreach Ministries

NOTE:  The following transcript comes from a 3-Part series Evangelist Jim Barbarossa released on CD a few years ago that God is using to stir the heart's of God's people to be more fearless and effective witnesses for Jesus Christ.  If you struggle with witnessing, we can't encourage you enough to let the Holy Spirit minister encouragement to you through this 3-Part message.

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Several years ago as a young evangelist, I started doing five minute segments in my home church.  Today we call these five minute segments 'Take 5's.'  These five minute segments are done by an equipping evangelist or done in the drama department under the direction of an equipping evangelist.  The purpose of these five minute segments are to get the attention of the Body of Christ.  The reason that we must get the attention of the Body is because 97 percent of the Body is not sharing their faith.  One hundred percent of the Body is called to share their faith. 

Do you know Jesus today?  If you do, you are called to share your faith. It doesn't matter how young you are.  It doesn't matter how old you are.  It doesn't matter if you've been to Bible College.  It doesn't matter if you've been saved for two or twenty years.  Every person who has called upon the name of Jesus, every person who has asked Jesus to be Lord and come into their heart, is commanded by God, not asked, commanded by God to tell people about Jesus.

As a young evangelist in my home church many years ago, I was doing these five minute segments on Sunday morning and Sunday night.  I did these five minute segments for about six months, and it seemed like my words were falling on deaf ears.  One or two people were doing the things God was telling me to teach them, but the majority of the people were doing nothing.  They came to church and they worshipped.  They went home; they came back next Sunday and they worshipped some more.  But during the week they did nothing to share the gospel, and week after week, I'm sharing with them and encouraging them to share their faith.  

During that time I cried out to God and said, 'God, have I missed my calling?  Maybe I should go back into the business world.  God, they're not getting it! I don't understand, God.  Why aren't they listening?  Why aren't they doing the work of the ministry?' 

Also during that time, I received a newsletter in the mail; that newsletter came from a man by the name of David Wilkerson.  In the newsletter it said that there's a thing called hardness of heart.  I'm reading that, and saying, 'Well God, what does this have to do with why the church isn't understanding?' 

And God said, 'Your answer is in this newsletter.' 

As I read the newsletter, it said that the derelict, addict, or the street person doesn't have hardness of heart.  The prostitute does not have hardness of heart.  The people out in the world, they don't have hardness of heart.  Those that have hardness of heart are those that sit within the walls of the church!  They hear the word preached week after week after week.  God tells them, 'Go, go, go!' and they harden their hearts and say 'I'm not going to do it!' 

God showed me in that newsletter, the moment that I stepped before our congregation, they turned me off.  They said, 'I don't want to hear you.  This is ok for somebody else, but this is not for me.' 

Have you ever been watching a television station and you didn't like what was on?  What do you do?  You turn the channel.  So everytime I came up to do my five minute segments, those with hardness of heart turned the channel.  They weren't listening to what the man of God was directed to say.  They turned me off.  Their hearts were hardened.  They knew the gospel.  They knew what God was commanding us all to do, and they were in rebellion.  Their hearts had grown hard and calloused to the point you could not get through to them.  That's what God told me'you have to do something to shake them'you have to get their attention.  That's why we did the little skit today about hell, because we needed to get your attention.  We need to get the attention of the 97 percent of people that never share their faith, in every church, everywhere!  The army of God must be shaken.  The church has to be shaken!


When God spoke this to me, I went to the pastor of my church.  I said, 'Pastor, this is what God has shown me.  Pastor, we're not doing anything wrong; hardness of heart has set in.' 

He said, 'Jim, bring a message this Sunday.'

The message I'm going to share with you today is part of what I shared then, but let me tell you what happened.  At the end of that service that day, there were two important things that took place.  It was actually a husband and wife that this happened to.  The lady went to the pastor.  She said, 'Pastor, thank you! Thank you for allowing Jim to share those five minutes.  Thank you for allowing him to bring this message today.'  She said, 'Pastor, I've always known in my head that I had a job to do.  I've always known that it was my job to share my faith,' but she said, 'Pastor, today I don't know it in my head; I know it in my heart.' 

It's important that it's in your heart.  You see, you don't do what's in your head.  The words that you speak are the ones that come from the heart.  If you know in your heart that Jesus has called you to be a witness, it's alive in you.  You can't hold it in!  It comes forth!  If it's just in your head, you can turn it off, but what's in your heart is alive.

So that day, she said, 'Pastor, I've repented today.  I've been one of those 97; I have not shared my faith.  I have not allowed God to use me.  I purpose to change today.'

During that same service, that lady's husband got mad at the minister.  He stormed out of the church.  He got in his car and drove over the church lawn.  He said, 'Nobody is going to tell me that I'm in sin!' 

Those two people were confronted by God, and they had to make a choice.  My question is this:  which choice are you going to make today?  God has sent me here as an apostolic equipping evangelist, one who has been sent by God, one who has been sent to the church, one who has been sent with a very specific mission.  That mission is to shake the 97 percent that refuse to share their faith and bring them to a place of repentance, and bring them to a place to say'I've been wrong

Then my purpose of being here is to bring them to a place where they raise them up and teach them how to share their faith.  It is also to make them part of the army of God, and send them forth to win lost souls for Jesus.  Where are you at today?  Are you in the three percent that share their faith?  Or are you in the 97 percent that refuse?

 Take 5
(Done by Jim)

Do you have blood on your hands?

Several years ago, I was in a public building, waiting for the elevator to come down.  When it came down, I saw a man on a stretcher with several paramedics around him.  As they wheeled him past me, several more paramedics came in.  As this was happening, the Spirit of God told me to go and lay my hands on him and pray.  Immediately I heard a second voice.  That voice talked me out of doing what God said.  The next morning as I looked at the newspaper, I was shocked to see the man whom God had told me to pray for on the front page.


Yes!  He died.  I do not know if he knew Jesus.  I do not know if the people around him knew Jesus.  I don't know what would have happened if I would have obeyed God and prayed for the man.  But this I do know.  When I disobeyed the Spirit of God, I was in rebellion.

And rebellion is SIN

When God leads us by His Spirit to pray for our witness to someone and we disobey, we are in sin.  We, all Christians, are responsible to share the truth that we know.

I had to do as David would have done.  I had to repent for my disobedience and ask for forgiveness and purpose to do it right the next time.

Ezekiel 3:17-18' Son of man, I have made thee a watchman unto the house of Israel:  therefore hear the word at my mouth, and give them warning from me.  When I say unto the wicked, Thou shalt surely die; and thou givest him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life; the same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at thine hand.'

This man's blood was on my hands

Imagine what the conversation would be like if it was possible for a person to come back from hell and confront the person God had assigned to witness to them.

Christian:  What is this?  What is on my hands?

Soul from Hell:  It's Blood!  It's Blood!  It's my blood!

Christian:  Blood?  Why?  What is this about?  I don't understand.

Soul from Hell:  You never told me.  You never told me.

Christian:  Told you what?

Soul:  You never told me about Hell.  You never told me of the fires of Hell.

Christian:  Who are you?  Do I know you?

Soul:  Don't you remember me?  I was your friend.

Christian:  Who are you?

Soul:  We worked together.  We went to school together.  We had the same friends.  We grew up together.  We shared everything.  But you never told me.

Christian:  I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid.

Soul:  Afraid, afraid of what?  Nothing could be more frightening than the fires of Hell.  The fear of God and the reality of the fires of Hell should have been enough for you to overcome your fear and tell me.  You knew the truth and never told me.  You never gave me a chance.  My blood is on your hands.

Then out of the dark came several demons.

Soul:  I don't want to go back.  Help me.  Help me.  Help me!

Christian:  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  I'm sorry.  Oh Jesus.

Soul:  Help me.  Help me.  I don't want to go back.  If only you would have told me.

If this could happen, how many souls from Hell would have the right to confront you?  How much blood is on your hands?  The truth is that 9 out of 10 Christians have blood on their hands and have hardened their heart to the part of the Gospel that tells them to be a witness, and that tells them to be a minister of reconciliation, which also tells them to go into all the world and preach the Gospel.

Only you and God know where you're at in your heart.  I don't know, but God does.  He knows everytime that He's whispered in your ear'talk to that person at work'talk to that person in the grocery store'talk to that person in the barber shop'talk to the person you met on the street today.  He knows everytime He's whispered in your ears.  He knows when you said, 'Yes Lord!' and you've gone and did what He said.  He knows when you said'I don't have time.  He knows when you refused.  He knows. 

Each of us will someday appear before God, and He will talk to us.  What's it going to be like for you on that day?  How do you want to be recognized before God?  I want Him to say the words, 'Well done, well done, well done my servant.'  Jesus said he will confess before the Father those who confess Him before men.  Is Jesus going to confess you before the Father?  He will if you're confessing Him before men.

How many believe that at the moment when you said, 'Jesus, I'm a sinner; I repent, and I invite you to come into my heart,' that He came in immediately?  How many believe that?  Do you know what?  He did that, plus He did more. 

You have probably heard this scripture that I'm going to share with you many times, but today I believe you're going to hear it with an open heart.  And today I believe you're going to have a life-changing experience. 

II Corinthians 5:17, 'Therefore if any man or woman be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things have become new.'

Are you in Christ today?  If you are a new creature in Christ today, that is something to shout about.  I'm glad I'm a new person in Christ today, are you?  Being in Christ is something to shout about!  But there's more to shout about:

Verse 18:  'And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us''  

To reconcile means to make compatible with.  To reconcile means to take something that was once one that has been ripped apart, and put it back together again.  'Who hath reconciled us' (say 'us') to himself by Jesus Christ.' 

So God sent Jesus Christ; Jesus paid the total price so that every man, woman, and child that ever was could have favor with God, so that they could be reconnected to God. 

God created man in His image and likeness.  God created man to fellowship with Him, but man sinned.  There was a falling away, but God knew that; He knew it would happen.  He wasn't surprised, and He made preparation.  The preparation was the blood of the Lamb.  The preparation was Jesus Christ.  He bridged the gap so that every one of us could be reconnected to God through the blood of Jesus Christ.  But He did more than that; listen to what He did. 

'And hath given to us (say 'us' again) the ministry of reconciliation.' 

Reconciliation is the putting back together again.  First you are reconciled.  When you were saved, you were reconciled.  Now it says you're to go beyond being saved, to go beyond being reconciled and that now you are to be a minister, a servant of reconciliation.  What does that mean?  It's real simple.  Every one of us is to tell lost people, 'You can be reconciled unto God.  Yes, you may have sinned, but you can have your sins forgiven.  Jesus paid the price.  Jesus died on the cross for you.  Because of what Jesus did, you can now be connected to God.'

That's the ministry of reconciliation.  Who does that ministry belong to?  Say, 'ME!!'  It belongs to me, and it belongs to every one of us. 

How many of you have ever watched the Olympics?  And you watched the relay race.  The first runner has the baton.  He runs with the baton, and hands the baton to the second runner.  The next runner hands the baton to the next runner, and if you get to the end of the race with the baton and you're in first place, you win the race.  Jesus was the lead runner in the ministry of reconciliation.  Jesus came out running the race.  God is calling each of us to run the race.


Now listen; you said when you were saved you believed that Jesus immediately came into your heart.  Is that correct and do you believe that?  As soon as you were saved, He came in.  Let me tell you what else He did.  When Jesus came into your heart, He had the baton in His hands.  You cried out, 'Father, forgive me.  I'm a sinner.  Jesus, would you come into my heart?'  He came in and saved you, and then He said, 'Hand off!  The ministry my Father has given me; I now give it unto you.  Go run the race!' 

Here's the problem we have.  Many have cried out.  Many have asked for forgiveness.  Many have invited Jesus into their hearts, and Jesus came in.  And He said, 'Hand off.'  Where's your baton?  Where is your baton??  Ninety seven percent of the Body of Jesus has dropped the baton. 

God isn't as concerned about where your baton is as much as He's concerned about where your baton is going to be.  He wants you to pick it up.  He wants you to pick up your baton today. 

Here's another problem we have.  We cry out 'God!  Send us new believers, God.  Send us new converts, God.  Send them in God.'  Do you know what happens if 97 percent of the church doesn't share their faith, and God sends in a hundred new believers?  Ninety seven of those hundred new believers will not share their faith, because they will blend in.  They become what we are!  We have become a non-witnessing church, and God is calling us to repent!  He's calling us to change. 

Holy Spirit, prick our hearts today.  Convict us God.  Father, I pray by the power of your spirit, that you would flash before our minds right now the faces of those that you told us to witness to, and that you would show us our rebellion, God.  God, bring us to our knees today.

(Shofar playing)  A cry of repentance is sounded.  God isn't looking for empty promises today.  God isn't looking for repentance that repents today and goes back to the same things on Monday.  God is looking for change.  If you're one of the three percent that have been doing what God has called you to do, God says 'Well done.' 

If you're part of the 97 percent who's been in rebellion, God is saying today, 'Repent.  Pick up your baton today and change.' 

If you know that you haven't been the witness God has called you to be; if you fall in that group of 97 percent that do not share their faith and you want to change, now is the time.  If you know that that is you, and God is talking to you, and you're ready to change, you're ready to say 'God, I've been wrong.'  You know, that's a hard thing for us.  You can be like the lady who went to her pastor and said, 'I repented today; I'm changing.  I'm going to be a witness.' 

Or you could be like her husband, and you can storm out of here today. You can get mad at the minister, but let me tell you something.  You aren't fighting with the minister; you're fighting with the God who sent him.  This isn't about me; this is about what God has commanded his church to do, and He's saying it's time for change.  It's time to quit playing church, and it's time to be the church.  It's time for every one of us to do what God's called us all to do.  If that's you today, and you want to change and you're ready to repent, you're ready to admit that you've been wrong, I ask you to stand to your feet right now.  If you don't mean it, don't stand, because God knows our hearts.  He knows what we're doing and He knows what we're not doing.


At this point, there's one of two things going on.  Those of you who are still sitting down, you are busy about the Father's business.  You are sharing your faith.  You are telling people about Jesus.  Some of you are still sitting for that reason.  If you're still sitting for that reason, the Father will say 'well done' and the rest who are sitting, you have hardened your heart, and you are in rebellion; one or the other.  God knows.  Jim doesn't need to know. 

In your own way, right now, ask God to forgive you.  Ask Him to forgive you.  Purpose in your heart to change.  (Shofar playing again)  A cry of repentance is sounded on the rams horn.

I believe as the Father looks down upon us this morning, He's happy.  He's looking at his army and He's happy.  Acts 3:19 says, 'Repent ye therefore and be converted.' 

First you repent, and then you change.  Repentance without change is worthless.  In other words, you said, 'I haven't been sharing my faith, but now I'm going to.'  Repent and change that your sins may be blotted out.  That sin of not sharing your faith (now get ready to get happy); it has just been erased!  It has been blotted out!  It's gone!  The Father doesn't see it anymore! 

When the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord after we've repented, and we've purposed to change, and our sins are blotted out and forgiven, we can enter in for a fresh touch of the Lord.  In a little bit I want to share with you the easiest way for you to share your faith.  It is one of the most effective ways that I have ever seen anywhere. 

In May of this last year, there was a worldwide contest on evangelism.  This method of evangelism that I'm going to share with you was entered in that worldwide contest, and it won first place.  It's being used all over the world.  Thousands are coming to Jesus.  Thousands in Africa are coming to Jesus.  God has brought us here because His plan is to now impart this vision to you to bring thousands on this island to Jesus, but to go beyond this island to the islands of the sea and Spanish speaking nations all over this world. 

Here's how that can happen.  In the scripture, it talks about the walls of Jericho.  Those walls were bondages.  Those walls were things like fear.  Those walls were the things to stop you from witnessing, and it's time to bring the walls down.  It's time to bring the walls down!  The scripture says the walls came down with the blowing of the Shofar and a mighty shout.  I've got the Shofar; does anybody out there have the shout?!  But wait a minute ' we want to shout with a purpose.  We want to shout to bring the walls down.  We don't just want to bring them down; we want to keep them down.  We don't want victory on Sunday and go right back to where we were on Monday.  We want to bring the walls down to stay.  We want to destroy the walls.  Here's how we're going to do it.

I want each of you to speak words of life from your own mouth.  I want you to speak to the thing that's stopping your faith.  Maybe you're bound in fear'you're shy... or you're bashful.  You're afraid of being embarrassed.  You're proud.  Do you know pride will stop you from sharing your faith?  Pride is the enemy of God, and pride stops more people from sharing their faith probably more than anything else.  Pride and fear ' they grip us.  But today, it is time to get free.  So here's what you need to do. 

Come against that thing right now.  In the name of Jesus, spirit of fear let go.  Get away from me in Jesus' name.  Spirit of pride, I bring you down in the name of Jesus.  You have no part of me.  I am loosed today.  I am free today!  I am free today in Jesus' name.

Name that thing; whatever is holding you back.  Name it right now.  Take authority over it in the name of Jesus. 

At this point, the Shofar and music were playing and many people were being set free from their bondages that were preventing them from sharing their faith. 

Okay, if you believe God heard you, and you believe God's answered you, I'm going to sound this trumpet and I'm going to do it long and loud, and I want you to shout.  I want you to shout a shout of victory.  I want you to let it rise up deep.  I want you to shout until you've got a full release!  I want you to shout until every wall has come down, and until every wall has been destroyed and they aren't coming back anymore.  It's done!  It's done today.  It's done in the name of Jesus! 

Fifteen years ago, I was saved; I came to know Jesus.  I got saved on a Sunday night.  On the following Wednesday at a Bible study, a young man of 78 years old came and taught us.  He taught us based on the scripture in Revelation 12:11.  This is my favorite scripture.  'And they overcame him (the devil or Satan) by the blood of the lamb' by what Jesus did on the cross 'and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.' 


Every person who is born again has a testimony.  Every person that is born again has a story to tell.  On that Wednesday night, that 78-year-young man taught us how to take our personal story and simply write it out on a piece of paper, and then use that piece of paper to give it to someone that did not know Jesus.  I accepted the challenge that night; I hope you accept the challenge today. 

I went home that night, and wrote my story to the glory of God.  I put on my story how I was lost and hurting.  I shared that I had an empty hole in my chest.  I wrote in my story that there was something missing in my life.  I tried baseball and softball.  I tried RV's and snowmobiles.  I tried big houses and new cars.  None of those things filled the hole inside of me, but one day I came to know Jesus.  Everything changed! 

Just like I have a testimony, every one of you have a testimony.  You know what God did for you.  You know what He delivered you from.  Some of you, He has set free from drugs.  Some you, He has set free from alcohol.  Some of you, He's just delivered you from everything imaginable.  Some of you have been a Christian all your life, and He's had you in the palm of his hand, and He has never let you go. 

Every story is different, but let me tell you what can happen if you would simply write it down on a piece of paper.  After I wrote my testimony, I made 25 copies of it.  The next day I'm sitting at my desk and the Holy Spirit says, 'Mail your testimony to David.'  I had met David a month earlier before I was saved.  The Jim that David knew was not a nice guy.  So he received my testimony in the mail.  When he got it, he went to his wife.  She called me and told me about it.  She said, 'Jim, you know that story you sent to David?  He read it and then he came to me.  He said you know if God can change Jim, there's hope for David.' 

One month later, I see a man coming down to my house.  I'm looking and I don't recognize him.  He gets up to my door; it was David, but he looked different.  He had a look about him that he didn't have before.  He said, 'Jim, I have to tell you what happened.  Do you remember those papers you sent me?'  He said, 'I read them, and they spoke to me.'  He said, 'But Jim, this Sunday I went to church.  I gave my heart to Jesus!'  He said, 'Jim, there's more.  Three of the members of my family went to the altar with me and gave their hearts to Jesus!!'

Just think what could happen.  Apostles or pastors, think about this.  You know the stories of your people.  Just think what would happen if every member of your church wrote their story and you put them on brightly colored pieces of paper, you'd have 500-800 different stories.  If you start giving them to all the people in your church, and you take them out into the community and put them in stores and businesses, imagine what would happen!

Another day I was going into the bank.  When I got up to the counter, I found a wallet lying on the floor. I took the wallet and gave it to the bank teller.  The bank teller was so happy.  She said, 'People don't do this today.  All the money's still here.  All the credit cards are still here.  I can't believe you gave this to me.'  And I left.  I'm going back to my car and the Holy Spirit stops me and says, 'You get back in there.'  He said, 'You're stealing in God's glory.'  You see, I let that lady think highly of me.  The Holy Spirit said, 'Take your testimony and give it to that lady.'  So I got two testimonies.  I took them in and gave them to the teller, and said 'one of these is for you and one is for the lady who lost the wallet.'  Now Jim doesn't get the glory.  The lady reads the testimony, and Jesus gets the glory! 

Whatever we do in God's name, people must know that God did it.  We can't allow people to think highly of us when it's the Jesus who lives inside of us that makes us different. 

So one week later, Carla goes into the same bank.  God has a way of working out the details.  She gets the same teller that I had.  The lady says to Carla, 'I read that story.  You know those papers your husband gives out?'  She said, 'I have that void.  I have that same emptiness your husband had.'  She looked at Carla and said, 'Can I go to church with you?'  Hallelujah!

It was because somebody cared enough to just write their story, and then take it and give it away.  Do you know what happens when you write your story, and you hand it to somebody?  God puts his anointing on it.  Do you believe that? 

Let me tell you what happened to another man.  I was driving down the road one day, and I stopped at a storage facility.  God told me to go talk to the owner.  I went in; the owner was there and I started to talk to him.  I gave him an envelope with three testimonies in it, and a little tiny tract Bible, which was only one inch ' very small.  That was in February of that year. 


In May, Carla and I are shopping at a discount store.  I see someone walking towards me.  He sticks out his hand and says, 'How are you?  It's good to see you!'  I'm looking at him and thinking'who are you?  I didn't recognize him.  He said, 'Jim, do you remember the day you came to my business?  Do you remember the day you gave me that envelope?'  He said, 'I took it home that day, and it's been sitting on my desk.'  He said, 'A few weeks ago, I just had this desire to open up the envelope.  When I opened it up, this little tiny Bible fell out.'  You have to imagine this:  He was a big man with big hands and a tiny little Bible.  He said, 'Jim, I picked it up, and when I picked it up something shot through my hands!'  I said, 'Brother, the Holy Ghost gotch ya!'  The power of God shot right through his hands! 

God will anoint your work.  God will anoint His work.  That man went to his wife.  She had gotten saved a month earlier.  He said, 'I've got to tell you what happened.  I picked up this little Bible.  Something shot through my hands.  She said, 'Oh Lonnie, I know what that was.  That was God.  The only place I've ever felt that was in church.  That was God!'  So Lonnie went to church that Sunday.  They gave an altar call.  Lonnie gave his heart to Jesus.  They threw him in a tank of water.  Lonnie got baptized, and he came out of the water praying in other tongues.  He got filled with the Holy Ghost!  It all happens because somebody was willing to take their story to the glory of the Almighty God, to write it on a piece of paper and take it to give it away. 

Let me tell you what happened next.  After about eleven months at the church we're at now, we had over a 100 people write their stories.  They're all in this book with the faces of the members of our church.  We've taken these books into our community.  To date, we've give away over 86,000 of them.  Carla and I were in a restaurant one day.  A young lady by the name of Nicole waits on us.  When it's time to leave, we leave her a book.  We put a generous tip in the book.  We write on the inside, 'To Nicole, Thank you for serving us today.  You can read our stories on page 144 and 96.'  That was on Friday night.  On Sunday morning, Nicole is in the house of God!  She said, 'I read that story; the one your wife's number was on.'  She said, 'When I read Carla's story, it was like I was reading about me.' 

Somebody out there in the world needs to hear your story.  My story won't work.  Your story will touch somebody's heart.  God wants to use your story.  It's His story.  Everything Jesus did for you belongs to Jesus. 

How would you like to have a book like this in Spanish with all of your faces on it?  Wouldn't that be awesome?  You could take it on the job.  You can take them in the schools.  You can give them away all over town.  Then people will start showing up at your church. 

One young lady lived in a trailer park.  She showed up on a Wednesday night.  We asked her how she happened to come here.  She said, 'I found a book.  Somebody put it on my doorstep.  Nobody ever told me about God before.'  She got saved because somebody cared enough to write their story and helped us put it in a book.  Praise God!

There's a place called Fort McCoy, which is where all of the soldiers go who are going into the army.  Everybody goes through this place that's going to Afghanistan and Iraq.  I got a call from the chaplain.  He said, 'Send me 200 books.  I want to give these to the soldiers that are going into battle.'  We sent him 900 copies.  What better thing for somebody in a fox hole to have than a book about Jesus.  To make a long story short, because we obeyed God, because the members of our church obeyed God, we wrote all of our stories.  We published them in a book.  That book today has been all over Europe, India, Asia, and Pakistan.  We are affecting the world, and we are only a tiny church.  Imagine what could happen in the islands of the sea and Spanish speaking nations all over the world, if the members of this church would all write their stories to the glory of God.  Put it in a book and start giving it away!  Giving them away; the more you sow, the bigger the harvest! 

I could go on and on and on.  I could tell you testimony after testimony.  There's a little card in the back of the book.  People will get saved and they fill out the card and then send it to us.  We've received them from prisons and from places all over the world.  This is a God idea!  It is so simple, everyone can do this, everyone; none left out.  Here's my challenge today. 


God has gotten your attention today.  He brought us to our knees.  He brought us to a place of repentance.  Now He wants to help us to change.  Are you ready to change?  I want you to think about this before you react.  Would you be willing to write your story to the glory of God and allow it to be put into a book with your faces on the cover to use it to reach lost souls for Jesus?  Think about it for a minute ' count the cost.  If you would be willing, please stand to your feet.  Don't stand if you don't mean it. 

(At this point, there were enough people standing for four or five books to be written.  Hallelujah, shout to the Lord!  Glory!)

Well there's a whole lot more to this, and I know that I know that I know that God is going to raise up not just one evangelist in the house, but many evangelists in the house.  We're going to work in cooperation with them, and we're going to teach you how to write your stories to the glory of God.  And then use it in a book in the Spanish language to reach lost souls for Jesus.  Does that excite you?  It excites me!  It does ' it just stirs my heart to think what God is going to do. 

I believe with all my heart that this was a divine connection.  This was God's season, Gods' timing.  I'm not going to go beyond the anointing.  I'm done, but I felt like God said to bring you together with Apostle Hector and Pastor Evelyn, and you just close this service as you would normally close it.  Look how many stood.  They said they're willing to write their stories.  They're willing to work.  Now we have to teach them how to do it.  God gave you a bunch of evangelists.  They're going to need training.  God gave you this evangelist (lady translating for Jim).  She's already written her testimony.  She's already handed it to me.  She's already giving it away.  My heart and my passion is to work with you to continue to reach the city, to reach this island, to reach the islands of the sea, and to reach Spanish speaking nations all over this world.  That's my heart.  God bless you.  Thank you for having us here.  We love you!

(The pastor (female) is speaking here now in Spanish with an interpreter)

Glory to God!  Yesterday in the service we shared that our brother Jim and his team came at the precise moment and God confirmed this morning that there's a divine connection in what God has done.  While he was ministering today, I felt strongly in my heart that he's going to return because we're going to keep working, and because we're going to win the whole island.  We're going to take the message.  We're not going to stay quiet.  We're going to move, and we're going to do the part that corresponds to each of us. 

I think that the Lord has revived the fire that is in our hearts.  Pastor Josie was sharing with me that while Brother Jim was speaking, she wanted to run.  She wanted to get out of her seat.  She was crying and she was sharing with me how she felt in her heart strongly the firmness of the call that God has not only given to her, but to a lot of people here, and to all of the church.  There is something that God has ordered us to do, and we're face to face with a challenge and with a responsibility.  What we're doing today, we can't forget it because we're making a promise to write our story, our testimony, to be able to take it to people who need it.  People who need to receive this word, our testimony, has touched some people and yours can touch someone else, and one another, they're going to get here.  They're going to come to Jesus.  Hallelujah.


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