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Here is a brief video segment on the topic of becoming born again, by Norm Rasmussen:

By: Norm Rasmussen

In the third chapter of John, Jesus speaks of the necessity of becoming SPIRITUALLY born again. As with so many other words that Jesus spoke that is recorded in scripture, it requires the Holy Spirit to bring revelation and understanding as to their meaning.

In one simple explanation of what it means to be "born again" -- I'll point you to the words Jesus spoke at the end of John 3:8:  Born of the Spirit.  Becoming born again is the human spirit becoming born again (spiritually enlightened) of the Holy Spirit.  It is the rebirthing of one's spirit by the Holy Spirit.  The facts of how that process happened in someone's life is one's "born again testimony."

As is the belief of many, there is no "clear-cut formula" to become spiritually born again.  Jesus didn't specifically give one, other than be willing to give up all that we love and cling to in this life if necessary, and follow Him -- to become a disciple of His.  However, Jesus did give a couple of vitally important statements that were necessary to become born again:

"Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God."  -- (John 3:3)

Then Jesus went on to say moments later:

"Most assuredly, I say to you, unless one is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God."  -- (John 3:5)

What then, does it mean in words we can easily understand to be "born again?"  Simply stated, becoming spiritually born again means: To become saved.

Saved from what?  Saved from being punished by God's wrath for our sins on the Judgment Day.

Having one's understanding made more clear of what it fully means to "be saved from punishment for our sins on the Judgment Day" becomes a bit more challenging.  To do justice to the topic, it requires a little more in-depth understanding of some other truths recorded for us in the Bible.

Salvation, or becoming saved, consists of three different stages.  These three stages are:     1):    Justification;    2):    Sanctification;    3):    Glorification.

Simply stated (click on each one underlined for a more thorough and complete understanding):

Justification means:   Just as if I had never sinned.
Sanctification means:  To be set apart for God's purposes.

Glorification means:
  To be given glory from God ... which is yet to happen in the future.

Therefore ... becoming spiritually born again is the rebirthing process (spiritual enlightenment) of the Holy Spirit with our human spirit (One's spirit literally becomes spiritually enlightened and alive to the Creator and Biblical Truth, and delivered from Satan's kingdom of spiritual darkness).   Although this process can happen in a short amount of time, often it is a process that happens over a longer period of time.

Once a person's spirit has truly (or fully) united or connected with the Holy Spirit, (or perhaps better understood as one's willingness to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ), there becomes a strong desire to obey God and an increased desire to stop sinning, by obeying His commandments in the New Covenant (New Testament).  This is the initial evidence of when a person becomes initially "saved" -- initially "spiritually born again." 

Though a desire may have been present in a person for years to know what "spiritual truth" is, once a person turns their life over fully to Jesus Christ, that hunger intensifies a great deal more than ever before to know what truth is.  A person who is in the spiritual process of becoming born again instinctively knows (it's the work of the Holy Spirit putting this hunger for truth in the person) that the only reliable truth is to be found in the Holy Bible, and a hunger continues to intensifies in them to feast on God's Holy scriptures.

As that person stays immersed in God's Word, their mind (or soul) and spirit is now being regenerated (Regenerated -- more fully meaning: Our way of thinking and believing needs changed for our actions to change) as well, (we are a three-part being: Spirit, Soul, Body.  Your soul is comprised of your mind, will and emotions) and it is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to help bring that about, but the individual who is spiritually born again must will that to happen.  The individual must work diligently in cooperation with God, in fact, to wash his or her mind with Truth, seek God for understanding of that Truth, believe that Truth, and do all they can to obey that Truth.  (This is what is commonly referred to as the process of sanctification, and also referred to in the Bible as "working out your salvation daily). 

Being born again of the "water" means that we must "wash ourselves" (wash our mind and spirit) with the truth of the Word of God (primarily New Testament, but not excluding the Old Testament completely either).  God's holy Word is truth.  All truth starts in God's Word, and all truth will be sustained through all eternity by God's Word.  What does not line up and agree with God's Word is very temporary, opposite of truth (which is a lie and satanic deception), and will pass away.  God's truth will never pass away.  Gods Word can be viewed as His "spiritual contract with the human race."  It is also God's law book. 

"Sanctify them by Your truth.  Your word is truth."  -- John 17:17

Since you have purified your souls in obeying the truth through the Spirit in sincere love of the brethren, love one another fervently with a pure heart, having been born again, not of corruptible seed but incorruptible, through the word of God which lives and abides forever.  -- 1 Peter 1:22-23 NKJV

Another passage of scripture confirming the above two scripture passages is found in Ephesians 5:25-27:

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ also loved the church and gave Himself for it, that He might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word, that He might present it to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that it should be holy and without blemish.

A secondary revelation of being born of the "water" speaks of baptism into the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.   When a believer gets water baptized, they are giving a visible demonstration of obedience and faith likened to two things:

1):  A funeral: They are saying to God and others that they want their sinful nature to die in the "watery" grave, and ...

2):  A resurrection celebration: They are saying to God and others that they want to be raised to newness of spiritual life -- empowered by the Holy Spirit to help live with power over sin and obedience to the will of God on a daily basis, and to be courageous and fearless in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ with the lost. 

Let's elaborate a bit more on Point number 1, before moving on:  The 6th Chapter of Romans basically is stressing this fact: The Christian dare not feel free to 'live in sin,' because he or she has 'died to sin' when joined by faith to the person and work of Jesus Christ. Dying to sin is symbolized in Christian baptism. By going under the water, we proclaim in a symbolic way that we died in Christ, and were buried. By coming forth from the water, we proclaim that we have been raised from the dead, in Christ, now enabled to live an entirely new life. To continue to live in sin is to deny everything we believed when we were saved, and everything we symbolically proclaim when we were baptized. 

Nevertheless ... the act of water baptism saves no one - not the act of water baptism in and of itself.  It is one's believing that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross paid full penalty for all of their sins is what saves them. This alone is what saves a person from being judged for their sins on the Judgment Day and punished for them through eternity.  Never be confused by that.  Furthermore, it is incredibly wise to gain full understanding of what Christ's sacrifice on the cross fully means - fully accomplished for believers who place their trust in Him.  I would encourage you to read this explanation of the matter, if you haven't already, to gain a fuller understanding, because it is incredibly important:  WHAT WAS FULLY ACCOMPLISHED ON THE CROSS FOR CHRISTIANS?  

Truly, the innocent shed blood of Jesus Christ on the cross is what washes the sins away of those who have asked Him to save them from their sins, and continue to believe that He has until it is time for them to pass into glory.

Being born again of the Spirit also means to desire the Holy Spirit to be your moment-by-moment Comforter and Helper and Guide into all Truth, and the clearly revealed, accurately translated Word of God never disagrees.  The Holy Spirit is also referred to by Jesus as the Spirit of Truth. When someone starts making statements that do not clearly line up with the balanced - rightly divided - correctly interpreted - wisely applied  New Testament Word of God ... you want to be extremely cautious about believing what they say.  (Every Christian believer will do well to understand and apply:  The Eight Rules Of Bible Interpretation).  The function of Holy Spirit is not to bring new and different revelations that contradicts the Word of God -- that is the function of Satan and all his demonic activity ... which is to deceive.  The function of Holy Spirit is to bring illumination -- to bring revelation (understanding) of both the Old Testament and the New Testament Word of God.  The function of Holy Spirit is to glorify Jesus Christ and God the Father.  (Note: The omission of "the" Holy Spirit in this paragraph is wholly intentional).  If the early church needed the power of the Holy Spirit to be Christ's witnesses, (See: Acts 1:8), how much more does the church today need it?  The Holy Spirit also imparts spiritual gifts to believers as is spoken of in 1 Corinthians chapters 12 & 14, to help the Body of Christ stay strong and effective.

As you seek to be pleasing to God the Father and Jesus Christ by the help of the Holy Spirit, He will translate you from being a servant of God into the friend of Jesus Christ.  Jesus states that if you are obeying His commands, you can be His friend.  Just a few hours prior to His crucifixion, Jesus told His closest disciples that He was no longer going to call them His servants, but His friends.  (See: John 15:12-15).   If you are willing to die because of your love for Jesus Christ, He considers you more than just His servant -- He considers you His friend.  After all ... He died on the Cross to prove His love for you every bit as much as He did for his disciples. 

Dying for Jesus is painfully much more than confessing your faith in Jesus Christ just prior to the moment your heart stops beating (though better late than never to have your spirit and soul saved (sins forgiven, in other words) prior to passing over into eternity!).  It is the process of "dying daily" -- dying regularly to our selfish will and purposing to obey God's will.  We obey God's will by knowing (hearing - studying - meditating on) His New Covenant Word.  That is to be a life-long process (though God desires that we do not postpone until tomorrow what He desires for us to do today!), which is what makes being a disciple of Jesus Christ the most painful spiritual relationship one can have with God at different times in this life, yet the one that will bring you eternal life - eternal joy with Him, and qualifies you to one day co-reign with God.  (See: 2 Tim. 2:12; Rev. 20:4 & 6).  Through many of the trials and testings we go through in this life -- we are being trained to co-reign for the next life (eternity!).

It is the function of the Holy Spirit to not only lead you to all Truth (which is the Holy Bible), but to reveal to you what that Truth means, and to help you apply Truth to every situation you are confronted with during your lifetime.  Every word Jesus spoke while on earth was and is Truth.  The Bible states that Jesus Christ Himself literally is Truth!  (If you ARE Truth personified, how could anything you say be anything other THAN Truth?).  It is impossible to have the healthiest relationship with God without one's acknowledgment of the necessity of The Holy Spirit to draw you to God the Father and Jesus Christ, and keep you through all the storms and trials that life will hand you, and be assured, there will be many.  Furthermore, the Holy Spirit is the giver of Godly gifts - and any gifts that God desires to give us so others can benefit from must never be refused if we are to be truly pleasing to Him.

Jesus again addresses what the "born again" spiritual re-birth process is in John 4:23-24: 

"But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.

"God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."

One cannot be a TRUE worshiper of God ... the kind of worshiper that God finds most pleasing, in other words . . . without their spirit being first "reborn" by the Holy Spirit.  Their spirit must be truly born again FIRST ... otherwise they don't even know what or who truth really IS.

Jesus Christ is truth.  He is the sum total of all truth.  Until a person is baptized into Jesus Christ (which importantly includes being baptized into Christ's righteousness) ... they remain incapable of satisfying the demands of our heavenly Father of being a true worshiper.   

We liken this Precious Testimonies website to an art gallery:

God's art gallery.  As you tour it, you can gaze at the different varieties of "art work" on display. No two people see a painting exactly the same way. In fact, the way you view a painting today may strike you much differently the next time you view it. Please keep in mind as you tour this "spiritual art gallery," God is the Master artist, and the people you will be reading about are each of His masterpieces in the making.

Jesus taught that EVERY human being born into this world is cut off from the living reality of God on a personal, intimate, meaningful level.  (See: John 3:18 and John 3:36).  This intimacy with God was severed because of the sin (disobedience to God) of Adam and Eve. The testimonies in this section are the facts of how OTHERS came to have intimacy restored back with God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ (See: Romans 5:8-11), by having their sins forgiven, though that intimacy will most likely be tested time and time again.  Like all believers, they are in the process of being perfected.  None of us are perfect yet, this side of heaven.  Yet scripture says they already have Christ's robe of righteousness covering them ... which is what really makes anyone perfect anyway.  (For understanding, you might want to read:  The Breastplate Of Righteousness).

If you desire to have closer intimacy with God . . .to ultimately have Jesus Christ call you His friend ...  we encourage you to let Him wet your appetite by reading how it has happened in the lives of OTHERS. To live life KNOWING that God desires to have close intimacy with each and every person on this planet . . . and that it is available to each and every one of us and is FREE for the asking and subsequent trusting . . . it is part of what we desire to communicate to everyone visiting this website.  

After all ... Your eternal spiritual well-being is God's highest concern for you.  We can't express that enough.  The end result of being healthy spiritually is to be set free to love and obey God with everything in your being.  Loving and obeying God is based on our actions.  Our actions come from what we believe.  We either believe God's Truth, or everything else but God's Truth.  Jesus Christ says, "I am the way, The truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."  (John 14:6). 

He also said, "All things have been delivered to Me by My Father, and no one knows who the Son is but the Father, and who the Father is but the Son, and the one to whom the Son wills to reveal Him."

Precious One ... God created you primarily for one purpose: to have you for all eternity as one of His special, personal friends.  Believe it.  It's the truth.

There will be many that will not immediately be able to receive what I'm about to say: In one aspect, your born again testimony may have more value to God than all the wealth of this world.

Before elaborating on the above statement -- that your born again testimony may have more value to God than all the wealth of the world, we believe it would be well served to define some fruits of a truly born again Christian.

A truly born again Christian has come to believe that Jesus Christ is the only acceptable sacrifice that God would accept for the atonement of humanity's sins. The death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ wasn't just an atonement, it was THE atonement; it wasn't just a sacrifice for the sins of humanity, it was the ONE AND ONLY ACCEPTABLE SACRIFICE TO GOD for the sins of humanity.

A truly born again Christian will eventually realize that it requires a daily, ongoing dependence on the Holy Spirit to help us in our relationship with God to maintain any on-going joy.

A truly born again Christian will come to realize that a belief system contrary to the written, revealed Word of God is not a proper foundation on which to build.

A truly born again Christian will grow into the understanding that being born of the water is receiving and acting (obeying) on the truth of God's Word. Being born of the spirit is coming to the full realization of the utter need to rely on the Holy Spirit every second of one's existence, which is a life-long, ever-learning endeavor.

If you have been truly born again for sometime, you have come to realize that getting 'SAVED' was just a phase of your born again relationship with God. An important phase, no doubt, but as time grew on, you came to realize that there is a big difference between being "saved," and then letting Jesus be LORD of your life thereafter.

If you are truly born again, God is real to YOU. Though you may experience disappointment and hardness of heart toward God at different times during this lifetime, His reality is only a confession away.

Your born again testimony is the story of how you came to realize that Jesus Christ has FULL DIETY as one of the three persons of the eternal Godhead. Jesus Christ was fully man when He walked this earth, but He was also FULLY GOD. His functions may differ with God the Father and God the Holy Spirit, but He always WAS God, and always WILL BE God. He was co-creator of all things, and is fully qualified to hold the title of: I AM.

No monetary value can be placed on your born again testimony. God has used multitudes of born again testimonies from times past to draw others to the salvation knowledge of Jesus Christ. God has used, and WILL CONTINUE TO USE, born again testimonies to give HOPE, ENCOURAGEMENT and INSIGHT to others. As long as sinners are still becoming born again, God will use their stories of how it happened to touch others.

Contrary to our human reasoning, God doesn't obligate Himself to use only DRAMATIC born again testimonies. A person who heard the gospel truths at a young age and chose to respond to them in a positive, fruitful manner has every bit as much, if not MORE, insight into God than many whom can share a dramatic conversion story. Life teaches us that people who have "dramatic" born again conversions are some of the most rebellious people God has, as they continue walking with the Lord.

Yet here is why I believe God uses dramatic testimonies of certain people more than others. Some people are just more THANKFUL and APPRECIATIVE than others are. It is this attitude that God wants spread around. The zeal to glorify God and be a witness to others of a turned-on, formerly down and out born again sinner is incredibly contagious. One on-fire person for Jesus can change the course of a nation. How much more so a smaller community of believers who are battle weary?

Some of the most precious born again testimonies are from battle weary seasoned saints. They have learned priceless insights from God, His Word, and His ways of dealing with Humanity. Yet spiritual battle fatigue causes many of them to push aside opportunities to allow God to use their born again testimony to minister to others. If you know personally of someone (and there are many) who find it so painful to be excited about Jesus and what He has done for them, (as they once were), please keep them lifted up in prayer. Look for ways to encourage and exhort them to start looking for ways to share their testimony again. Satan is relentless and ruthless in the spiritual battle we're engaged in, and NONE of us are exempt from growing tired in this ugly, intense battle.

Some newly born again converts need to grow in God's grace before they are unleashed to share their born again testimonies. Their zeal and enthusiasm and appreciation to God for saving them and delivering and healing them cannot be denied, but their lack of wisdom can be. Zeal without wisdom can so easily work on behalf of Satan's causes.

Christians who have sat under a RELIGIOUS, LEGALISM SPIRIT (which is a demonic principality as spoken of in Ephesians 6:12) and have yet to be delivered from its slimy tentacles can be useful tools of Satan to cause a lot of harm to others. [We ask people to pray for this ministry at all times so we'll have the discernment to NOT give people such as this a platform to share their testimonies until their deliverance from this Satanic influence is sufficiently complete].

Christians who have sat under the influence of a CONTROLLING SPIRIT seem to fall victim to spiritual pride more than others. Spiritual pride is probably the WORSE SIN born again Christians can fall prey to, because it is so difficult to discern once it has gained a foothold in us.

Born again testimonies shared by vessels full of spiritual pride become very useful tools of Satan down the road to put confusion into the minds of people who are searching for answers concerning God. [Again, we ask for prayer to NOT give place to people on this Outreach who are walking in spiritual pride. It's THE sin that got Satan and a third of the angels kicked out of heaven for, and God will not tolerate it in born again believers either without eventually dealing with it . . . if we don't FIRST.]

Christians who have given themselves to an ACCUSING SPIRIT or a PITY SPIRIT likewise need to examine themselves closely before looking for ways to testify. Satan is 'the accuser of the brethren,' and Jesus would be the first to agree that life on this planet isn't 'fair' according to many of our definitions of fair. God the Father is fair in that He loves everyone EQUALLY THE SAME, from the worst of sinners, to the most saintliest of saints. (The favor of God must never be confused with the fairness of God).

An important reminder . . . Jesus came to give LIFE, and life more abundantly (John 10:10). Satan comes to steal, rob, and destroy . . . more abundantly (emphasis ours). Satan will rob your desire to look for on-going ways to share your born again testimony. Satan will steal your joy, so that even if you DO share your born again testimony, it will be in a dry, boring monotone. (A testimony shared without passion and enthusiasm is b-o-r-i-n-g). Satan will virtually DESTORY your credibility, thereby diminishing greatly those who could be touched by your testimony, if you underestimate his ability to do so. (Satan is not to be feared, but he's not to be UNDERESTIMATED either. God may allow him to do some real unpleasant things in our lives if we don't walk humbly and justly with our Lord).

Though we've deviated some from what a born again testimony IS, the Apostle Paul 's born again testimony serves as a very powerful reminder of what one can typically sound like: 'I once was spiritually blind, but NOW I see. I once thought I was pleasing to God, but NOW I realize I was really only pleasing to Satan in my spiritual blindness.

BEFORE and AFTER is a very common theme when hearing born again Christians testify.

If you are a rare exception to the norm, and you responded to the drawing of the Holy Spirit from the earliest of childhood, thereby not having a history of 'BEFORE', then your testimony will probably have a little different theme to it. Though we welcome anyone's testimony, we have been called primarily to publish BEFORE and AFTER born again testimonies. [HEALING TESTIMONIES and DYNAMIC ANSWERS TO PRAYER are some other topics God will have us publishing in due time, we suspect]. The audience we are called to reach are the spiritually lost -- the unsaved. How can they identify with someone who has always believed there was a God and chose to obey Him pretty much throughout their life in accordance with the Word of God? The people they can identify with and will be most prone to listen to are people who came out of backgrounds much like what they are experiencing NOW.

So - if you feel you do not have a born again testimony to share that the unsaved can identify with, then you may want to structure your testimony from the THANKSGIVING and PRAISE REPORT perspective. True sheep that belongs to Jesus Christ can share of times of God's faithfulness, with the single purpose of bringing glory to their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. They can share of times of struggle and difficulty where the Lord saw them through. Sharing the intimate details of times like this can be INCREDIBLY HOPE BUILDING AND INSPIRITING to others who are going through similar struggles of their own. The strong are to bear up the weak, and testifying how God gave grace in our own times of difficulty can be priceless tools for the Holy Spirit to use to minister to and bless others.

It has been said that down through Church history, ' God will never give a person more than what they can handle'. What has NOT been commonly said is that God will not give us more of Him than what we WANT either.

People who tend to testify at every opportunity that presents itself usually seem to want more of God than most. They are the types who aren't content to just get to heaven. They are the types that given an opportunity, would rather make a HUGE dent in this world for the cause of Christ, rather than just a little scratch. Whether it be from huge egos controlled by the Holy Spirit that makes people this way or a simple love and devotion to their Lord, or motivation for rewards on the Judgement Day . . . we leave up to God. Whatever the case, it would seem that those who sow the most to reach the lost have the MOST INTERESTING testimonies to listen to. We suspect you are one of these people, otherwise you would not have read this far. Are we correct in our estimation of you?

No two born again testimonies are exactly the same. Though there are many common similarities in our life's stories, no one's story is exactly like yours. THAT'S ONE REASON YOUR BORN AGAIN TESTIMONY IS SO PRICELESS TO GOD. IT'S ONE OF A KIND! GOD WON'T WRITE IT IN SOMEONE ELSE'S LIFE EXACTLY AS HE DID IN YOURS, AND HE WON'T LET IT BE COUNTERFEITED.

With the help and support of God's people who aren't simply content to get to heaven, but want to be HUGE DENT-MAKERS before they get there -- we humbly ask for your support to do something so special in the heart of God that it makes Satan tremble to the core of his being if Christians were to rally to the cause. Can we purpose to utilize computer technology and the Internet to be God's STOREHOUSE for born again testimonies like YOURS, and others you know of?

To what degree God wants to use THIS ministry to help accomplish this glorious task, we can't possibly know. But this we DO KNOW. IT WILL REQUIRE PRAYER COVERAGE OF THE GREATEST MAGNITUDE FOR ANY MINISTRY, NOT JUST THIS MINISTRY, TO WORK TOWARD THE GOAL.


If you do decide to lift this outreach ministry up in prayer from time to time, please feel free to let us know who you are. We want to keep people like you updated on what God is doing through the ministry as time goes on.

Thank you, and may God richly bless you with wisdom and confidence to share the most IMPACTING testimony you are capable of sharing. Would you please share it with us to enjoy as well, so we can pass it along to others?

If you would like to read Norm's born again testimony, you can click on this link:  http://precious-testimonies.com/BornAgain/L-N/Norm.htm

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