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From time to time we receive emails from people sharing their appreciation of how something from the ministry God has used to minister a blessing to them.  Every now and then we randomly add a new appreciation email below, just to give our supporters a cross-sampling of how their prayers and finances and testimonies are being used of the Lord to help expand His kingdom in the lives of people around this planet.

Feel free to email us at with how God has used this ministry to be a blessing to you.   To HIM goes all the thanksgiving and praise!

Sara:  Hi Norm! I stumbled across your video called "I want to kill myself" today whilst I was desperately searching for answers. I'm 22 years old and come from a past of abuse and struggle with mental illness. I feel like my life has no direction and since I was young I've just felt like a ticking time bomb. I usually don't reach out to strangers at all however your video really spoke to me as someone who has been wanting to connect with God however has really struggled to. I try to reach out to God however struggle to feel any connection at all, I just feel emptiness. I just wanted to ask if you could please pray for me even if it's just once.

Also I found your "Hey bad boy, what you gonna do when Jesus comes for you?" video and I laughed so hard I cried, so thanks for cheering me up for tonight!

Thanks again and warm regards.

Saints:  Let's keep Sara lifted up to the Lord in prayer for her complete and total deliverance and subsequent healing!

M Hall:  After coming to your website again after a few years of not visiting it, I just wanted to commend you all for your work, express my gratitude. When I first came to the Lord about 4 years ago, I would spend hours daily on your website and would watch testimonies. I spent quite a bit of time with a friend of mine using your website and we would study together. I took some time away from the website, studying other sources and developing my own exegetical skills. Today I find myself back on the website as I'm researching everything Christ did in the realm of application to our lives through our union with Christ (i.e. Col 3:1).

I want to thank you all for the extensive work everyone person involved has done. It has been a tremendous blessing to me, and as one of the first sources I went to after being saved, it did a tremendous amount in preparing me for the myriad of false beliefs and scripture-twisting that was yet to be exposed to.

P Umbaugh:  I had mentioned in my last update (  ) how Pastor Eric Geoffrey Okello in Uganda was using my testimony and many, many have come to a saving knowledge of our Lord because of it….I have been supporting him for several years now, and it is a very hard thing to do as I am a disabled Vet and very limited on my income….Our Lord spoke to me just this very morning and wanted me to update my testimony….I have shared my personal testimony now with several sites on the internet, personally with several, several people, and on other sites and ways….I have purchased tracts and pass them out in various places to include the Tampa VA Hospital, local VA Clinic, private hospitals, restaurants, stores, airports, etc… and am very happy to say that I have personally seen hundreds upon hundreds of previously lost souls come to a saving knowledge of our Lord….Pastor Eric has sent me pictures of hundreds upon hundreds of previously lost souls in Africa (Uganda and surrounding areas) come to a saving knowledge of our Lord (many of these lost souls having been Muslim)….I know all of these facts, as many, many people email me after Pastor Eric hands out my testimony to them….I have been in contact with so many of them and they are so Happy with their personal change after they accept our Lord.

B Ozmerz:  Your message was heartfelt and sincere. ( ). Here you are... such a burly kind of guy...and you are not one bit ashamed to let your tears flow in reverence for our lord and savior. I cried with you, and commend you. I totally believe you experienced this... and I am sorry that there are many who mock you. On the outside the really stupid mockers are just bullies who can only spew out the most ugly and disgusting things as possible... believing it is funny and clever. But truly on the inside, they are empty, lost, hurting individuals; without knowledge of what it feels to be truly loved. The educated mockers believe they are much more intelligent then those who have faith. Many unbelievers have higher levels of education training... and I do mean training. After they are well trained they believe they are above the foolish followers of Christ Jesus. Sad thing is they are not intelligent enough to find out the truth for themselves. I'm not saying this is true for all who have reached college levels or above either.... I have news... I've been educated thoroughly, I went to a University for six years, starting in my 30's. While there I witnessed many of our younger generation being molded into the university's agenda. Our education system fails in many ways. It plainly crams in our heads what they WANT us to know from the moment we begin. Free thinking now serves the... acceptance of sin. Much of what was, and is, taught has been falsified. Important facts are left out, or rewritten to suit the current agenda. Like is still a THEORY, not fact. But yet this pseudoscience is being crammed into us all as a truth; in schools, on television, on the internet, and in literature.... Meanwhile Creation and the Bible are mostly left out of the discussion. When they are discussed, they are dismantled, and comparatively disfigured by connotation with every religion. So if it only takes a bone fragments, and adaption to prove such a theory as evolution to the masses.... How is it so easy for the same to be blind and ignorant of the rich and PROVEN history, wisdom, and probabilities that are present in the scriptures?? Many that mock know very little about Jesus; or the Bible, or what Faith and Love really is. They would rather put their faith into nothing but cold science that offers meaninglessness once we die; that simply returns us to our carbon beginnings and nothing more. The Bible is not only a correct history book (being proven more and more everyday), it is a supernatural book in with many dimensions. The more you understand the more you see, like peeling back an onion. Creation, the human brain, our eyes, all around us are miracles of wonder, inexplicable to this day. Even science has recently proven there is a spark of light energy that happens at the moment of conception. That is so amazing.... open those blinded eyes! How can anyone believe that it is more intelligent to believe in nothing after life? While those who have had experiences, like yours, try to tell them different? How can so many of us be delusional as they claim? Oh but wait, many explain we are all having some sort of chemical glitch, and our fabulous brains just make it happen! But why would our brains even need to do this? Who decided in the evolutionary scheme that would be an easier way to die? Or easier to live here with others after we divulge? And who can believe such electrical energy and perfection that exists in our brains evolved? A stubborn fool could I guess. Where will it get them? In the end... to the absence of light and love... that is where. I pray something here will cause a search to begin. A search for answers, instead of perfecting the scoff. We in faith... truly want all to come to Christ and experience his love that promises everlasting life. Please let go of the pain... and let Jesus heal you... All you nonbelievers... Just ask him to prove he loves you... and watch what happens. Anyway... I wish I could have heard the very beginning of your story. You apparently ask to have a encounter? When I was in my late teens I had an experience with Jesus too. I also was shown the whys and wherefore's of our purpose here. I so wish I could have retained it all... It was beautiful, overwhelming complicated, yet simple at the same time. I retained the most important things... One being that we are created to love, by love, who is... God. Stay strong dear brother!

Patrick:  Thank you so much putting this video up.  I have bad anxiety and your experience gave me hope and calmed me down:

Delta:  I go to a biker church and you have explained Jesus’ gospel and His relationship with us in this video in a way that is clear even to that mindset. Thank you for speaking in such Truth:

Mary E. Adams:  Dear Norm and Kathleen - I came to your home years ago. I think you picked me up at the railway station in Grand Rapids, MI (We DID, Mary.  That had to be well over 20 years ago as of 2017). I just wanted to meet you both.  I am now 83, soon to be 84 years old. And since our encounter I have traveled the world sharing the wonderful things God has done in my life. Recently, I received this email from Bolivia:

Dear sister Adams,

My name is Valeria, I am a Bolivian Christian.  Yesterday I read your wonderful
testimony on Precious Testimonies.
Thank God for His grace. I wanted you to know that I really enjoyed your testimony, and all your other wonderful writings. They have encouraged me.

If you have the chance, I would love if you would pray to Jesus to deliver me spiritually and to save my relatives.

May God bless you abundantly.

Michael Garrett:  The Holy Spirit KNOWS!  Thank you Holy Spirit for prayers answered in finding lost money. I loaned a best friend money to help her out. She gave me money back yesterday and I thought I had lost it. I called the police and searched the street/yard but to no avail (had been doing yard work). I got on this website writing and prayed to Holy Spirit to help guide me.  I had been trying to retrace my steps but came up empty.

Around 3:30 this morning thoughts were being heard in my head: "Check kitchen." After searching numerous times and with my best friend's help (fresh set of eyes)... we stumbled upon the envelope buried under letters where I must have misplaced it.  PRAISE BE TO GOD OUR FATHER !!! Thank you for the many friends/neighbors who prayed for me on this matter! BEHOLD THE POWER OF OUR GOD!!! AMEN!!!

Tracey:  I am a recovering alcoholic who is over a year sober thanks to Jesus Christ my Lord. I am sharing my story and the promises the Lord has shared with me to the women of the treatment center I was once at and think this information would be greatly beneficial to their recovery too! So, I am requesting 50 copies of JESUS DID IT! Thank you so much in advance for all your service and help from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Blue: Thank you so much. This was a hard message to have to hear, ( )  but every word you spoke I could identify with and make sense of. You have encouraged me and given me strength and hope. Yes, I have accused God of betrayal and I've cursed Him for what He's putting me through. But your message has made sense of all that. Instinctively I know God is a not bad; but I really needed to hear your word to kinda make that knowing a reality. Oh my, the Christian walk can be dreadful, but your video has really helped me to make sense of what God is doing, and to press on. Thank you again.

Evangelist Jimmy Bedding:   I am getting flooded with emails like the one below from Uganda - God is moving! It all started via your website. 

I recently read your testimony:  I want to express my appreciation for your effort and work you are doing to help others connect with Jesus Christ. When you gave me your story I never even wanted to read it. I knew you are a born again Christian and for me, I am a Muslim. I took it home and threw it down on the table. After two days I was cleaning and came across it again; this time i was at peace and opened to read it. After reading half way through it, I felt a freshness -- I was feeling as if my body was expanding and my hair growing very fast. I stopped and started reading it again. I started feeling more at peace and started enjoying reading your words. Since that time I am reading it daily in the morning and evening before bed time; I have no Bible to read of some of the bible quotes you give in your testimony, since I am Muslim - I'm not allowed reading Christian books. Pastor - I am writing this and saying your words -- your story made me to say i am now no long Muslim. Pray for me to go to heaven also and for the forgiveness of my sins. I want to meet you. I shared your words with a group of now 18 Muslims friends’ women; they also said good message for them too. Pastor if you can remember me, I want to meet you and to have you come home so you can pray for my family. So far I have made 52 copies of your testimony/message and I gave out now 41 to my friends and I am kindly requesting you to support me by sending bible and words about salvation to us. I will send you my friend's email address also.

Marius:  Precious Testimonies is such a blessing to me!! My business specialises in agricultural construction. Which means that I'm rarely in a position to attend church services as I'm in the middle of nowhere most of the time. I really miss the fellowship and worship that forms part of a Jesus centered church.  Precious Testimonies have added much joy and appreciation to my life for the miraculous way the Lord relates to each individual!! Wow!! He IS the King of kings!!

T: Do you know how much you have comforted me by telling me Jesus loves me even if I'm not perfect; I could cry. Thank you my sister, soon now we will be called to heaven. I hope that those who are lost will listen to your fantastic true story. So many Christian's preach that if you aren't good enough you will go to hell; they totally leave out the complete story of the gospel of grace. God bless you. (From the video:

Donna:  I love listening to these Testimonies: .  Though I'm living for the Almighty. These people bring me to tears because I too was a wordily person who was caught up in impressing people an drugs filled my emptiness until they wore off.

You have to hit rock bottom in order for the Lord to reach down so low and raise you up.  It's a battle because I realize that could been me. I did drugs for years and almost OD so many times.

My boy was new to heroin. He overdosed.  My heart is grieving, wondering if his soul in Hell.  But turning from The Lord is not an option. You see I was a backslider and it took me 14 years to return to The Lord. At 57 I may never make it back if I relapsed and went back to using.

I do blame myself for not praying enough for my family. So just to remind you all ... please keep your family in prayer. They're soul depends on it. Though it's their choice, prayer definitely changes things.

M.B.: I just viewed the Debra Foran Story online and would like to give you my comments on the story. It appears that we are around the same age -- a time when talking about sexual abuse was just coming out. I am now 58 years old and received counseling in the early 90's for sexual abuse. I was abused by our next door neighbor from the age of 12 until 18. He was a good friend of the family and told me my father said it was ok for him to do this to me. When I turned 18, i wanted him to leave me alone because he was much older and I wanted to be with guys my own age. One evening, he forcibly rape me and I told my mother. She believed him and that was the end of our relationship for some time. In my 20's, I began to rebel and live dangerously, even though I was brought up in the church. I did 30 days in drug rehab and stayed clean for some time. During rehab is when my counselor asked about my life history. She wept as I told her my story and to me it was just a part of life. I continued counseling after rehab and during that time, brought a lawsuit against the abuser. Now he was dating my mother and said I was suing just for the drugs. We eventually made it to court where she was subpoenaed to testify against me and she did. I won the lawsuit and we didn't speak for a few years.

Fast forward to today: After viewing this story, although counseling did help, it did not heal me spiritually. I never thought about that part of my life needing to be healed. Thank you so much for pointing that out because many of us think we are ok after counseling but that hole ... that emptiness is still there. I am praying to God for healing from that spirit of defeat and being worthless. I am so grateful to you Ms Foran and I don't even know you but you have touched my life today.

Staff Note:  Thanks for sharing, sister.  I was fortunate to film Debra several years ago when she was living in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area.  She told me shortly after the filming that she was moving south; wasn’t sure where at that time.  I told her to keep us updated on current contact information, but after she moved, we never heard from her again.  She may be in heaven by now.  (Norm Rasmussen)

Serigo Alverz:  Hola,quiero compartir mi testimonio de liberacion y sanidad con uds.,estuve 10 años en tratamiento psiquiatrico con diagnostico de esquizofrenia paranoica aguda en la clinica psiquiatrica de la universidad de Chile,sufri los horrores de la psiquiatrizacion y daño con drogas psiquiatricas,y las torturas demoniacas de los espiritus inmundos,pero tenia la absoluta ccerteza de DIOS me sacaria de psiquiatria,el Dios de la biblia JEHOVA DE LOS EJERCITOS,muy muy enfermo entre a una iglesia evangelica,la alabanza era muy intensa,unos jovenes se pusieron a orar detras mio,y senti una presion en mi entrecejo,y de pronto de entre mis ojos salio un gran soplido ,como un viento que apago todas las luces de la iglesia,estoy seguro que salieron los demonios de mi cuerpo,el SEÑOR me sano!!!, gloria a DIOS,LUEGO pude conocer y aceptar al Señor Jesucristo como mi SALVADOR,el me dio un camino de sanidad,EL AYUNO, empece a ayunar y luego de un ayuno de 11 dias me volvieron los sentidos y las facultades mentales,GLORIA A DIOS ,SALUDOS HERMANOS,suyo SERGIO ALVAREZ ,SANTIAGO DE CHILE.

Darren:  I'll take you up on your offer. (Regarding:  I'll purchase the holder myself for them and I can print them out. Thanks so much for your ministry since your videos you posted have really inspired me.

Christy:  These "Precious Testimony "articles are such a blessing to me. I feel grace emanating from them as I read them.

I am a mother of three with an amazing family and a strong Christian background. But for the last four years I have been struggling with an ever increasing pull toward alcohol – in the form of wine. God has been so close to me during this dark battle and I know He led me to your website. I'm fasting today and prayerfully will be able to continue continue until the stronghold is broken. Thank you for sharing your heart and doing so with zero condemnation and 100% grace.

Editor's Note:  Here is some feedback from a Diane Ringer that we felt the Lord wanted us publishing: 

I just read your testimony, George, and I loved it! In your testimony you said you could not pray.  All you could say was, "Fix me." I know that feeling. My son was born with an illness so rare it had not been named until they saw it in him. He was very ill from birth and kids treated him so bad. He was always in the hospital but one time he started having seizures and then stopped breathing. It was a long time before they got him to breathe. Too long. The doctors came to me and told me he was going to die.

I was alone. No one was with me and all of a sudden my Pastor was by my side. I looked at him and he said, "I knowwww..."

I kept telling him I could not pray except to say "Help me", and he looked at me and said, "That is a very deep prayer full of feeling. You need say no more because God knows your heart and hears the rest."

My son did not die but he had a long way to come back. He was like a newborn and the doctors said that's the best he would ever be.

I fired the main doctor and got another one because God told me too. It took a long time but he did come back all the way. He still had the illness though so I took him to a healing service at church a few years later and with the laying on of hands, he was cured that night. He now has children of his own and runs a couple of big plants.

I understand how deep your pain has run. I did not go to prison but was in a kind of prison of my own -- watching my child hurt so much since birth and tried the hospitals.  I would rather have died then have him die.  So much pain for so long.

Yet God answered my prayer in that hospital and lead me all the way through with what to do.  George - I forgot to tell you in my story that what my son had was incurable. He could not be cured by anyone and a simple virus could have killed him. Doctors flew in from all over the world and even had a special conference about him in Sweden. He could not be cured and we lived in fear until God said, "With Me all things are possible" and He cured what could not be humanly done in my son.  Thank you so much for sharing your testimony!

Sarah:  I was saved 12 years ago. Unfortunately I back-slid for the past 4. Two days ago the Precious Testimonies YouTube video channel popped up by itself. I have been watching for most of the past 48 hours! I have stayed as high as possible for 4 yrs in an attempt to hide from the Lord. Wanting to go to Him but shame, guilt and remorse kept me from it. Jesus came to me through these amazing precious testimonies!


Nolwazi:  Just want to say thank you for the article you wrote about the feeling of being forsaken by God. I'm feeling so down , so alone, so betrayed, and mostly so forsaken. Then I stumbled over your writing which made so much sense to me. I want to pray and get back on track with the Lord by continuing to trust Him, but when I do pray I feel like I'm just talking to myself cause I feel like there is an incredible distance between us. I love the Lord Jesus, and I really want a way to trust and just let everything be but still I feel like He will continue to fail me. With me still feeling the way I am feeling, I thank you for your writing because it's given me an idea of what is may be happening and has reminded me that I SHOULDN'T LET GO OR STOP TRUSTING THE LORD. Before I read Precious Testimonies I was on the verge of letting go and disconnecting with God, but now I won't. What I'll do instead is try to pray and hold on cause Jesus did it. Please do send me other writings that you guys publish. It gives hope to the
hopeless and answers to the confused and alone.


Ray:  Excellent message, (I Felt Betrayed By God).   I'm guessing that some Christian web sites ( it took me about 15 minutes of reading through other sites of sincere but unhelpful advice, before stumbling into this one) wouldn't have enough experience to recognize its value , or would be afraid that this article might be put off by it - much like the believers in the author's Bible study Group who have not yet been exposed to Satan's relentless attacks on some of God's elect. Having been attacked for years by demonic entities and their ilk, I can completely relate to becoming frustrated with God for not bringing me relief, healing, being filled with His Spirit, or a few personal but major things I believed Him for. There's a good chance though painful to admit- that were demonic lies or I just disqualified myself for. Either way, time waits for no man, and I have to go forward, and God can make up to me whatever my soul keeps telling me I should have now in eternity...  The message is  heartfelt, has ring of truth to it and sheds light on the believer's struggles, ideals and  interactions with the spiritual realm...Very excellent, makes me want to go forward with God, pray for my friends and family and just not worry about my mental issues at all, and God willing I can...Thanks a lot for your diligence in God's service. These are treasures.

Greg:  “Wow” What a good read!:  Just what I needed. I stayed home from church this morning because I was felt God had let Me down. This article fit Me to a T.  Now I feel God kept Me home to lead me to this article (and website) and I feel revived in the spirit, Praise God! Thank You, but I could still use prayers.

John:  I want to thank you for your articles on Job trials and suicide. I've been dealing with both lately in a variety of ways and although I'm slowly moving past it, I've been struggling to make sense of what is happening. Most of the articles on the internet about the topic are short and largely repeat the same things. But your in-depth look at the situation really helped me frame the issues in my own life in terms of God's larger plan. So thank you for taking the time to write it. Know that if nothing else, you have helped at least one person see the world through different eyes. I have to go thank God for my own trials now.

John:  Amazing testimony. I was being tormented in the very early hours of this morning and I listened to testimony # 170 and peace came, and I made it through the night.

Jessica:  I read your comment on my salvation video and was in tears:  Thank you so much!

Sally:  This is the most helpful testimony; covering so many areas of life:    Thank you, and YES ... the Kleenex's were needed!

Peter:  Thank you for writing this article. As I was searching through, trying to find information on what it means to seek God's Kingdom first I came across this article. It has helped me realize, that yes I have been using Jesus as my fire insurance from going to hell. How do I know this because the one thing that kept me from dropping my faith is being concerned that I may go to hell for making such a decision if I died tomorrow. My understanding is all wrong and backwards. I need to believe because I understand and acknowledge who God is, not what could happen to me after I die. Even though yes none of us want to burn in hell for eternity but we need to look through a different lens. God has forgiven us so we may live in this freedom from sin, we only work against ourselves and bind ourselves in chains when we keep sinning. There is no freedom in sin, it is but an illusion.

Also, made me realize that I need to declare my selfishness before God because even though I'm "Christian" does not mean that I'm living for him and to bring his kingdom. This is no better than the unbeliever, I'm just as guilty! Thank you for helping me realize this. I would like to understand and live out this following his kingdom first idea. I feel that I've been doing all of this backwards. I sought my desires first than him.

Glad I read this article, thanks for being honest and speaking truth.

Russ (for Dhana, Elijah, Honour & Justus):  You do not know us, but we are a family of vagabond, sojourning missionary believers living in Canada. We have been going through these Job-like, Joseph-like experiences for 20+ years individually and as a couple since our wedding in 1997. Our pastor/mentor is personally experienced with this process to a great degree and has been very encouraging in areas of his experience and wise in those things which he does not yet understand, however you are the first to communicate beyond scripture, with-skin-on the personal story of a journey through some real 'stuff'.

Thank you for posting your story! Thank you for offering your experience in the processes of God "to whomsoever will"...You are living this out..."when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren". Thank you! Thank you! It has kept us to know that the Holy Spirit has and is working in others before us. I have to be brutally honest...your "Job-Encounter" story has been a light when I was so desperate that I did not know if I could make it another night. I thank God for you...

Arthur:  Thank you for the testimonies you provide for the Body of Christ.  They are truly a glass of water to this weary soul. And it may be that unbelievers also may read and be saved. As someone recently said: " Testimony is also prophecy to someone else who may hear and believe, saying", 'That could be my testimony too!'". 

May God richly reward you in every direction, and enlarge your territories.

Garnett:  Thank you so very, very much for posting this testimony, Broken-hearted Joy by Raymond Mowla. I was thirty years old when I began to have all the experiences with the living God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit that Mr. Mowla experienced. I am now seventy-five years old, having lived with God all the years since my powerful encounter. Reading his testimony has brought back all the power of those early moments. Since then, I have gone to seminary, been a missionary to foreign countries, served as a pastor for twenty-five years, and taught many years in Christian schools where I was free to share the wonders of knowing God and His love with my students. Thank you for letting me relive those showers of blessings of the beginning.

Kelly:  Thank you so very much for the work you do. No matter how close I feel to the Lord after he has removed my porn addiction, deep depression, suicidal thoughts and giving me strength to speak the Truth,.....these testimonies bring tear to my eyes and healing to my soul. These testimonies are truly, truly precious. May the Lord Jesus Christ always give you strength to carry on this task of spreading the Good News.

Scherra:  This is crazy, but I was just watching something else and it flipped off and this popped up. (Video Program #: 440) So I'm sitting like why am I watching this Lord, but then I just heard the ladies testimony about the man with the knife and the entire time I'm getting chills. I'm thankful that God changed what I had in mind to watch tonight.

Tim:   Thanks for publishing John Cramphorn's testimony.  It has been a great encouragement in my Christian walk.  I have already began forwarding it to others.  Keep up the great work.  God bless you.

Shery:  This may be a very late email to convey how much your website and almost all the testimonies in it are blessing me to a level I cannot just explain! I've just started reading it all and its just so awesome to see all of these experiences with God by different people! I would like to express my gratefulness to you and your team for such a wonderful initiative! You may have made the website years back but it is still being a blessing to all around the world! I have especially loved reading the Storm Warning:  by Pastor Alan Ryden who uses the Word as we are made in the eyes of God! It's just so amazing how God sees us and how little we consider of ourselves. I pray that more and more people be blessed by your website and give their lives to God!

Aimee:  I'm from Toronto Canada. I was an exotic dancer since I turned 18 and now I am 25. This testimony touched me so much. My man is a pimp, one of the most known and most successful from my city. He got incarcerated 6 months ago and when they took him I asked God to help us both and change our lives. We were robbed and he was almost killed because of other people in the life's jealousy. I went back to church and gave my life back to Jesus. I am becoming a member of my church and I have been sober and out the game since with out looking back. Every night I pray for my man to come back to Jesus and change for God. He feels he is justified in what he is doing at this point. He is going to be released soon and everyone tells me it's impossible for him to change but after reading this story it gave me so much hope. Today before I read this I threw my hands in the air and lost hope and wanted to give up on him. I feel this is a sign from God. We are all his children and we belong to him. God bless this brother please send him my love:  I WAS A GANGSTER AND A PIMP - By: Victor Malavet

Faith: I'm greatly uplifted by the article by Dave Root:  How to listen to the voice of God, for a long time I've been making wrong decisions and of course there's been disappointments in my life,  I thank God for this article because now I've learnt how to engage God in my decision making and how to listen to his voice.  As I read through it I kept remembering all the incidents when God spoke to me telling me what to do but I was busy listening to my own desires to recognise the voice of God within me.  May the good Lord continue to use him in enlightening people like me.

Christina:  I'm only 16 but I was just wondering how else can I get closer with God and focus on doing what he wants me to do like follow his Word instead of focusing so much on earthly things? Its sometimes hard to do but I know in the end when it's my time to be judged, I don't want to be very regretful of my life back on earth. I don't want to be so distracted by this world and forget that my eternal life depends on how I live my life on earth.

Reply: You are a VERY WISE 16 year old to be purposing to live your life that is pleasing to God in accordance with His revealed Truth (His Word - wisely interpreted; wisely applied). There are many things I don’t know, but one I DO know … God will reward you through eternity for making THIS your number ONE purpose for living, with all things else secondary.

So many Christians ONLY want to have their sins forgiven so they will be okay with God on their judgment day. In other words: “I just want to make certain I’ll get to heaven. I’ll let God take care of everything else beyond that.” That’s like Hillary Clinton (5-3-2015) saying to herself right now, 'I don’t really care whether I become the next President. I’m just satisfied knowing I can be proud than I RAN for President.' God is searching the human race for “World Changers For HIS Glory … not just a bunch of watchers from the bleachers.”

Having our sins forgiven is just the STARTING point in this relationship with God we are privileged to have. How about?: “Lord – I want to make a HUGE impact on this world for Jesus Christ during my time on earth. Use ME to touch the lives of multitudes for YOUR glory! Use me to help others give their lives to YOU. Help me to never set aside that purpose for living no matter how discouraging it may get at times – please … and I TRUST you to.”

There are “Sold out Jesus Christ impactors” … yet they are few in number, sister. The other 99.999% are just content to stay out of hell. They will REGRET having wasted so much of their time and resources down here once ETERNAL REWARDS are granted by God for what we DID to help OTHERS decide to accept the FREE GIFT OF PARDON FOR OUT SINS God has given us in and through Christ Jesus our Lord.

Multitudes will reject God’s message of eternal Salvation (Meaning: the free pardon of their sins). That’s a given. Yet God will reward us for demonstrating to Him that we did our BEST to try to keep them from ending up in hell AND being all that God intends for them to be throughout eternity.

Other than purposing to be a SOUL WINNER for Jesus, Christina … God will also reward us throughout eternity for trying to keep from sinning. As you grow older, you’ll understand the temptations to sin will hit you like a ton of bricks over and over – thus a DAILY PRAYER life with our Creator is very important to keep in place. The devil might be able to remove our Bibles, so get His Word deep in your being while you can, and remember: The devil CANNOT steal our prayer life – our intimate moment-by-moment conversation with God. Only WE can stop that. And the devil will do everything in his power to try to hinder it, so we must purpose diligently to preserve and TREASURE it.

Christian voices can get us all wacked out of emotional-spiritual shape trying to communicate wrong messages that prayer is supposed to be something it was never designed to be. Keep “prayer” simple: “Pray without ceasing” means nothing more than: NEVER HANG UP THE PHONE WITH GOD. Let Him know EVERYTHING that goes through your mind. He knows all about it ANYWAY. But as you confide with Him about it all, day after day … that is demonstrating to Him just how WILLING you are to trust Him to use your life to the MAXIMUM.

It’s the responsibility of the Holy Spirit to help you know the course the Father has laid out for you as you move forward, sister. Patience in it all is fruitful. Learn the wisdom of waiting on God for direction/direction change. TREASURE your intimate conversation with God from day to day … He most SURELY will lead and guide you all the days of your life down here as you make Him your number one FRIEND. He won’t force you … but He will sure be PLEASED that you will be willing to ALLOW Him to become and KEEP that in place.

Shirah:  Love Finally Discovered - The Dale Rasmussen Story Very impacting story. I got chills when he gave his life to Jesus and felt the anointing and joy within.  I love this story and the website is great!!! Please keep spreading God's word - you all are changing lives!

Monette: I really don’t know how to begin my testimony, but I feel that I have to tell it and touch somebody else, like I have been blessed and gained hoped with testimonies from this website especially the Gwen Lanning Cancer healing testimony.. My testimonies shows that GOD is still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, He still loves us, and hears our prayers, if only we give ourselves wholly to him, with all our heart and soul. We have to humble ourselves in front of HIM. We cannot lie, or pretend, because He sees our true self.

It all started when a situation developed at my in-laws. Apparently, the kids experimented some sexual play among each other, and my daughter got involved .They are between 4 and 8.After hearing that sad news, I decided to examine my 4 year old daughter because she always plays with the kids involved. I was shocked to see that her sexual part was different. I knew something was wrong, so I informed my stepmother who agreed with me. I started being depressed and had no idea what to do. The next day I brought her to the medical center and they referred me to social services, which made the necessary arrangement to have her examined. All these while, I started searching the net for prayers, and testimonies, where GOD has healed people and granted miracles. I fell into total depression and could not eat for 5 days. I searched for prayers and testimonies until I found this website. I read how GOD has healed and delivered bed ridden sick people, who were near death. I gained hope. I read how to plead for the promises of GOD. I remember one evening, I got so depressed that I went into the bathroom where no one could see me, and I cried my heart out to the Lord. I asked him to take away this pain now like He promised all those who come to Him. I told Him that I don’t have a lot of faith, that I am scared, that I don’t know what to do, and to please use whatever faith I have in me to heal my daughter and restore her virginity. I begged him to keep His promise to us that He made. He promised He is still the same that He will always be there for us if we come to Him. I told Him, Lord here I am. I don’t know what to do. Please help me. I cried my heart out to him. All these while, I never had the heart to examine my daughter again. I wanted the Lord to do his work. On the day of the examination, I got scared. In the waiting room, I kept praying that God will take upon him my burden and restore my daughter. When I was finally called, just before I opened the door for my daughter to be examine by the doctor I made one last prayer. I said” Lord, I leave my daughter in your hand. Please keep your promise and help me”

The doctor put on her gloves and within seconds she told me that my daughter is fine and I have nothing to worry. I was filled with joy and kept thanking Jesus. I could not believe it. I even examined her myself and found that she was fine. I remember continuously telling the nurse assistance that God is great, He has answered my prayer, but she didn’t understand what I have been through. I praised and thank the Lord for answering my prayer. I  was so happy that I went and tell my sister, who is also a reborn Christian. God made our path cross, because she was on her way out of the office, and I would have missed her to tell my testimony. I cried on her shoulder right there in town in front of everybody and kept saying” God is great. He exists. He has not forgotten about us” 

I know a lot of people are scared or who are in situations they have no answers to. I've been in those places. I was scared beyond belief. But I cried out to God. I did not know what else to do but cry pray and beg him for his promise. I was scared, doubtful, but I asked Him to use and accept me as I am because I cannot pretend, I cannot do more. Just ask Him to forgive you of your sins first and accept Him in your heart. He will do the rest. He promised us in Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all of you who are weary and loaded down with burdens, and I will give you rest”. 

Jesus has not abandoned us. He is still here with us. Just accept him into your heart and let him live in our heart. Let Him take control of our situations. He will help us. He loves us so much. He wants us to come to him and glorify him and to have a relationship with him. The calling is painful, but you will feel joy when you have established a relationship with Jesus. We are all scared, He knows that, but He will not leave us to suffer alone if only we ask Him to take our suffering. I asked the Lord Jesus for a relationship with Him, and He answered my prayer.

Thank you Jesus. Thank you. Lord I pray that you bless whoever reads my testimony, the same way you have blessed me with the other testimonies. Help that person, and please, I pray and plead your promises to help anyone who is suffering. That they humbly come to you, despite fears, doubt or depression. Let them share in your glory Lord. Amen.

Josian: Hi, I came across this site & I am a Christian man from Singapore. The Lord inspired me to share my testimony with this site to encourage others & give glory to Him. Thank you for starting this site & it is very encouraging to me to hear of what the Lord is doing for all of my brothers & sisters in the world. 

Let me start off by saying a bit more abt myself. I known God since I was in secondary school but drifted away till I was asked to go to church by someone I met online. This was a testimony in itself. I wanted to throw my bible away. I looked at it longingly as I still loved Him but I wanted to go back to my old lifestyle as it was a torture as I wanted to enjoy the same activities I did before but couldn't anymore as His word was in my heart, everytime I tried I would stop. In my youth I didn't realise that the Lord was protecting me so that I didn't go astray even more. I then heard a voice: "Do you still want to know me? Do you still love Me?" I paused. Do note that I was in a depression at this time. I thought I was crazy but in my heart & mind, I still loved Him but it was a very lonely life as everyone didn't want me around even though I wanted to do the things they did, calling me "Different." Out of our mouth flows the desires of our heart. I then said "Yes Lord. I do. Help me in this dark time. Reveal yourself to me!" It then told me, "Hold on to your bible for one more day!"

In my confusion, I imagined it to be my own craziness & just thought "Why not? Nothing more to lose anyway." I put it down & went to bed.

The next day, I was going onto the internet. In those days, people used MIRC programs to chat. I went to it to try & overcome my loneliness. Then, someone invited me to church! I knew then that the Lord was working! In my darkness, He had shone a light in my path. I accepted without hesitation.  

The next day at the service at Trinity Christian Center, I was so touched & moved by God. I realised that this was all I needed. I went to the front during the altar call & rededicated my life to Jesus! Then God called me to join the cell group there. I had so many friends & was no longer lonely. Indeed the Lord knows all the desires of our hearts & loves us so much! Friends, don't give up & God will eventually meet you as He did with me. I was even going to throw away my bible & He reached down again to bring me to Himself! All glory to God! I have been a member of the church ever since & God has been so faithful to my family & I. He has even given me a house for my family & a son who is gifted by Him with prophetic annointing! Really, all glory to God! I still have more to share but will do it the next time as it is already very long. Thank you for reading this part of my testimony & God bless you all.

I have been a Christian for a few years now and have been growing in my faith as well. However, about five days ago I had lost my car keys and had no earthly idea where they were. I searched until no end. I called my friends who I thought might have them, no luck. I continually looked and looked until 2 in the morning last night. I was praying that God would help me find them but I still put everything into my own hands, relying on my own luck. Finally, I said to God, “God, I’m going to go to bed. I know that you know where my keys are and I'm going to trust in you that you will show me where they are. Please show me a vision or a dream tonight that will give me a clue of where they might be (Phil. 4:6-7 helped me to not be anxious while doing this).” After praying this prayer I turned the lights off and closed my eyes for about 15 seconds and all of a sudden, I remembered a jacket I had on five days ago and I remember putting my keys in my left pocket of that jacket. I got out of bed, turned the lights on and looked for my jacket in a big suitcase. As soon as I grabbed my jacket in the suitcase, I could feel the keys. I got on my knees and cried and thanked God. It wasn’t the fact that I just found the keys, but the fact that as soon as I put my faith directly in God and not myself, he provided. God does incredible things and I just wanted to thank you guys for such an incredible reading about what to do when you lose your keys! You guys truly helped! God bless!

Thank you for this testimony that I enjoyed so much. I go to nursing homes with a group from our church. We try to encourage those who are elderly and in need of long term care. Each one of us have our own gifts of ministry that God has given us to be of help and to bring Jesus to each patient. Among us is a preacher, who brings the Word of God (KJV), some are singers, others come to just be an encouragement. My part is to tell stories about God's grace, mercy, and salvation through the finished work of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary, where He died to pay the sin debt of everyone who will ever live, and other stories that teach about God's love and mercy.

I found the story, NOBODY EVER ASKED JOHN TO COME (The "Devil John" Story), by the Helmans. I was touched by the fact that sometimes we fail to invite others to accept the gift of God's salvation. We need more Christians who are soul winners burdened enough to go and tell others that Jesus died for them.

Thank you for your outreach ministry.

  I was baptized and Holy Ghost filled 12 years ago! Praise the Lord! Unfortunately I have back slid for the past 4. Two days ago this channel popped up by itself:  I have been watching for most of the past 48 hours! I have stayed as high as possible for 4 years in an attempt to hide from the Lord. Wanting to go to Him but shame, guilt and remorse kept me. Jesus came to me!    

Marie:  I can't tell you how many times I have turned to Precious Testimonies to find courage.  Tape No. 376 - THE NUMBER ONE REASON CHRISTIAN MARRIAGES FAIL - that video is the best I have seen on the subject yet. Thank you SO MUCH for teaching so clearly on a difficult subject. Good job, well done!

My husband left me 5 years ago. He is planning to divorce me very soon. Tonight, I prayed according to the 100% factor. I humbled myself. I see clearly now how I was angry against my husband; how I hurt him with my fits of rage, how it destroyed his love for me ... how I opened the door to Satan. I believe that your teaching has fallen on 'good soil' and I believe it will bless me and my family in times to come. Jesus has appeared to destroy the devil's work.

I want to share a good story with you where your ministry had a direct impact on my life just before Christmas 2013:

I have believed for restoration of our marriage and have been standing in faith for years, but I remember once when I suddenly decided to give up. I had had enough; I was very angry at my husband. Meanwhile, my teenage daughter was upstairs in my bedroom resting, (this is the place where I usually pray for our marriage) when she randomly got a text message OUT OF ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE - an entire testimony by NORMAN RASMUSSEN writing about the devil roaring in HIS living room, seeking to destroy his marriage, and how he had to fight against Satan to save it! She immediately texted me the message and I got it on my cell the minute after I had decided to give up on my husband and marriage. Needless to say, I could read the writing on the wall and I got back to my standing position! We never could explain how that text appeared on her cell because she never visited your web page ministry ... and to think THAT testimony in particular was the one that was sent, in the split second when I was convinced to give up...! How do you explain that...?! it was the perfect testimony at the perfect time. Isn't God awesome!!!

Keep up the good work.

Sussane:  In my Christian lifetime, I have heard several testimonies. It is, however, a treat to hear one (James Petzold Testimony) that speaks to show the submissiveness of a believer, without that trying to be revealed. That was encouraging!

Anytime we strip ourselves before a HOLY GOD and ask to be filled with HIS SPIRIT, there is always great things to be revealed. I also appreciated the gift of wisdom that his wife faithfully demonstrated. This is a beautiful demonstration of how we are to be helpmeets to one another.

My husband and I do Biblical counseling and it is refreshing to sense humility, and to hear grace spoken from a strong believer. Our past is important...because it reminds us of how far we have come because of Jesus Christ, not because of anything we, ourselves have done.

I will be praying for you both. I praise a Holy God who has used you both for HIS good pleasure, as you seek to serve HIM.

Shawna:  I just finished reading Tricia Deavenport's article: The Truth About Heaven and Hell -- I Now Believe. I read every word of her precisely accurate, extremely well-written, very informative article. I felt as though she was describing ME. How could this woman describe everything I think and feel so well? Is there a way to get a message to her to let her know what a blessing it was to read her words? Does she have a Facebook page?

I came across her page after experiencing a vision last night, a vision while I was WIDE AWAKE. I wanted to see if I could find some information online to possibly translate what had happened. I was unable to fall asleep last night when I felt something like a tight blanket suddenly wrapped around me and felt a feeling of impending doom. When I tried to move, I realized I was unable to do so. I was unable to speak as well but I could internalize a conversation in my head. (Yes, I'm aware this sounds crazy but it's very true. For whatever reason, my first thought -- before I understood what was going on -- was "Is this was Schizophrenics experience?" !!!) Out of my peripheral vision, I saw misery..... I heard gnashing of teeth, cries and screams of pain and agony. I then realized the very tight feeling blanket wrapped around me was Satan. I tried to move again but couldn't. Unable to speak, but internalizing a conversation, I told Satan he could squeeze all he wanted but he had no way in because I had Jesus Christ on my side. After saying this, I tried to move again and was able to move my leg but that was it. I could still see all the pain and misery. I could hear the gnashing of teeth and the screams and cries. I still felt the tight blanket. My sis-in-law, niece, and nephew were staying the night. My sis-in-law, Liz, had fallen asleep next to me shortly before all this occurred. At this point, I tell Satan, Look, you're not getting in. I have Jesus. If you don't stop now and just go away, I'm going to wake Liz up and there will be TWO of us. Suddenly, that was the end of it. The tight blanket feeling was gone, I was able to move, I could talk, and the misery with the gnashing teeth and the screams and cries were gone. I didn't know what to make of it. I decided not to wake Liz because I couldn't gather my thoughts and piece this all together enough to understand what it meant.

Throughout the entire vision, Satan never scared me. I knew I was safe from him. The misery in the background had me freaked out a bit though. I felt for them and it's bothered me all day. I don't know what I'm supposed to do with this information. Something? Anything? What does it mean? Any idea?

Anyway, this is what led me to Mrs. Deavenport's article. I want her to know what a blessing her words have been.

Jennifer:  What an amazing article this is: How To Hear The Voice Of God. I have been battling with a situation for several years and I know the truths and desires that have been put in my heart and soul are from God. But because the circumstances of the situation seem to be getting more difficult, I have been doubting what I know to be true in my spirit. I have had numerous confirmations from God, yet lately I find myself doubting them. My soul hasn't been at peace for days and I wasn't able to sleep tonight so I did a Google search on how to know that you have heard from God and this article was the first to pop up. My soul is now at peace because once again I know that in spite of how impossible what was promised to me seems, I know that God specializes in impossibilities. Thank you and may God continue to bless you.

Esaglia:  I just read "I Saw Jesus But Felt So Unworthy!" written by Denny Tanis, and it really affected me. I haven't really seen Jesus like that, but I have felt exactly the way Denny did while in this experience, and I really agree on the fact that it's unexplicable; that love, that warmth, that God! I don't even know what more to write, because simply thinking about Jesus' love makes me mute. I get all teared up, because Jesus really IS standing next to you, He, being the Holy Spirit, really IS inside of you, and when you feel's really something emotional. I got teared up reading this text also.

Karen:  Truly I would would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to say what a blessing this article GOD STILL ALLOWS "JOB ENCOUNTERS" by Norm Rasmussen has been to me. It is 2:44 a.m. and I could not stop until I read each word. I came across it while searching on the internet to try to find some understanding as to how it seems like (at least in my life) the enemy keeps winning. Thank God I have not lost my love for God and I am in no ways even contemplating looking/going back; but doggone it seems like my life from childhood to my age of now 51 has been a series of not just trials but fiery trials. Not just every once in a while, not just back to back; but often times simultaneously.

I've only been walking with the Lord nearly 25 years now; but even in my youth, people have lied on me causing me unjust consequences; shunned, mocked, and called names. Some of this was from people who didn't mean anything significant to me; but often times it was from people who meant the most to me. To this day, cause it still happens, for the life of me I don't understand it. Although I think I have always had an unusual love for people, just a weird kind of genuine love for everybody even those who have lied on me and treated me poorly; when I got saved back in January 1990, it seems like God magnified my love for people. And I just can't understand how I am living for Christ (I won't say all I know how cause my walk definitely is not the same as when I first began); believing every scripture to the core (I love and take to heart the Word of God with every fiber of my being); quote all the victory and faith bible verses and Plead the Blood of Jesus when I know I am under enemy attack and going through each trial as I mentioned above, and it just seems like the unjust situations the enemy uses against wins.

I am not claiming victim status, nothing like that. I am telling you real verified, like subtle, sometimes blatant battles that I have publically declared victory over in hopes of it being a testimony to some non-believers just how awesome God is. Those who know me and my story always tell me to read the book of Job. I have before; but I always tell them, "well, look at the giant Job was; I certainly, with all my shortcomings wouldn't want to dare try to consider myself to be worthy of the comparison". I said all that to say thanks to this article; I think I now have a different perspective on the Job experience as it relates to modern day trials. I am still hurting just because I just want a breather from all the trials, and relax and enjoy at least some of the time I am not under attack. I want to be able to win every once in a while so that non-believers can see victory; not just hear me talk about it.

Rob:  I was searching the internet for scripture and commentary to send to a woman who goes to court next week for a custody and divorce trial. She is a believer, but she is scared to death that lies her husband has told about her will stick and the truth about his physical, mental, etc. abuse to her and her young children will not be believed. She came to me scared and ashamed that she presently lacks faith that God is in control.

Your story came to me through the Holy Spirit and provides me with insight to provide to this woman- the fact that this is a spiritual battle- that God will fight those battles for us- and, it is NEVER too late to place all of your faith in the Lord.

Thank you my brother in Christ for leveraging your Story to help others turn to the Lord.

Chrys:  Thank you so much for this wonderful article: God Still Allows Job Encounters, I've Painfully Discovered.  To be honest I have read it two or three times before but have always managed to spiritually "set it aside". But today I believe it has taken root. I think the most powerful part for me was: "Am I a good God or a bad God?" And there it is in black and white, and as clear as it is ever going to get. I can no longer set this issue aside.....I cannot run under or over it as if it isn't there. In prayer God reminded me that I am very much a "cut and run" kind of person.  If a situation gets too sticky, I find some way to get out from under ... and it has always worked!

But the trial that I am currently facing seems to have no exit sign and I find myself angry and bitter at God for being as I see it, the "permitting parent" . I seem to be always mad at Him and to be very honest resentful that He says that His burden is light! And where is this peace I keep hearing about? I have been saved a long while, and I have never seen a Christian displaying this special peace that I would instantly recognize. So now I am spiritually drifting. Creatively, spiritually and emotionally I am hollow, going through the motions. I am close to a family member that seems to sometimes hate me, but I know that underneath all the medications (he also has severe back pain and has been so kicked around by the system) that he is a good person even though very removed from the Lord. So, thanks to you, I will hang thoughts have gotten dark at times, but I cannot envision the ultimate "cut and run", thank you, Lord. Thank you again for this very honest and powerful glimpse into your life and struggle. I wish there were more articles like yours available....many are too  sweet and rosy to help in times of anguish. May God bless you with prosperity and health!

Susan:  I have been reading the testimony "No Matter How Deep The Pit, God Is Even Deeper" by Dana McClure over and over tonight. Her words and scriptures are soothing to my soul as I am experiencing similar anguish, fear and major
depression. This is a lonely night of crying out to God to protect my kids and I, and her testimony reminds me that He has a future and hope for us in spite of some continual frightening and difficult circumstances. Dana's testimony reminds me of one of my favorite verses...Romans 8:28. I am thankful that she shared such a personal, painful story to show others that with God all things are possible.

Rossana:  I want to thank you for the wonderful article “God - Why Have You Forsaken Me?” by Norm Rasmussen.  I have felt God had forsaken me for a number of years. This article helped me by clearing my thinking. I have been overwhelmed facing some serious difficulties and couldn't see straight, feeling I had little spiritual strength left. This article laid it all out in a scripturally sound and to the point way.  It strengthened me by reminding me that Christians face trials and difficulties; and God definitely does not grant us all our petitions. In fact, God is interested in birthing Christ like character in us. I am pleased this article did not tell me that God will remove every uncomfortable or difficult circumstance in my life.

I am very grateful for the comfort I received, that Norm Rasmussen had gone before me to prepare a place of direction and help.

Crystal:  This message has truly blessed me completely.  I knew it, I knew it, I knew it!  (SMILE!) I knew that God had a way even for a committed sex offender to help in the Kingdom of God and to show others that we all are children of God.  I manage an online ministry (Sexual Abuse Awareness and Discussion Group) and have been somewhat fearful of bringing up topics that include a sex offenders testimony or presenting things in a way that might suggest that we need to be aware that we all make mistakes and commit sin. Of course, I know this to be the Absolute truth. But it is kind of touchy as to when, how, and if to say certain things – (I guess I do understand peoples response also).  Your testimony however, says it all!

Don’t you dare doubt the Goodness of God.  Of course, I do not know where you are in your life now – but don’t you dare forget that you are a powerful man of God, a beloved child of God – and that you are loved, deeply!!!

Thanks Elam, for your wonderful story.  Praise be to the God of great possibility and great love of life, in Jesus’ matchless name – Amen!

Staff Note Response 7-12-2014:  Hi Sister Crystal.  Thanks so for taking the time to share your heart and appreciation to Jim for sharing his testimony with the world.  My wife, Kathleen and I, met brother Jim in a Muskegon, MI facility a few years back.  I exhorted him to pray about writing up his testimony, which he did, because I felt deeply that God wanted to use it to plant and water in the lives of others.  Jim got released from that prison a couple years back now; he was supposed to be getting out.  We haven't heard from him since, which is pretty much normal.  The brothers know how busy we are in other areas of ministry, and we just don't get the time to do follow up to speak of with the brothers once they get out. 

So many of the brothers we are used of the Lord to minister to inside prison walls have such powerful testimonies much like Jim's, and God could use them mightily if we could only get them to write them out and send them to us.  Rare does it happen however - sadly.  Most of the guys are afraid that the devil will somehow use their testimonies posted on the Internet to extend their stay in prison, or at the very minimum, suffer greater persecution somehow.  I believe that to be all smoke and mirrors the devil throws out to the guys ... but that stronghold is so deeply entrenched in so many of them that we start turning prisoners off if we start hammering away at that stronghold with any intensity when we are in their presence.     

Pamela:  Thank you so much for writing the wonderful piece:  "What Is The Word Of Our Testimony?"

I have been a Christian for 16 years now. I had no interest in God.  My sister became born again 3 years before me and prayed me into the kingdom.

I left school with nothing and started on the party scene.  I was raped with a belt around my neck at a young age then went of to being raped again before the age of 20 with a knife to my throat.  I kept all this a secret.  By the time I
was thirty I was making money and leading a very fast life. I became a prostitute so was really being used by Satan by then.

My brother had become mentally ill and burnt himself alive, which I saw.  I was so far from God until one day my sister asked if I would come to church that evening.  I was 8 months pregnant and not much else was going on so I thought I'd give it a try.

Cutting my story short - I was baptized with the Holy sprit that night and had to go back to find out what had happened as I did not know anything about Jesus!  All I knew was something or THINGS had left my body.  That evening I received the gift of tongues which I didn't understand either.  It just felt clean.  I don't drink, take drugs, smoke, party,  sleep around anymore.

I'm now married and leading a children's church with 48 members on staff.  Today I was asked if I would share my testimony for the first time .  Ten minutes later - after agreeing - I was told news that seemed to rip open my my heart, and I know Satan was the one who was behind it all!  I came home in tears and cried out to God ...

So with a wet face, I came across this teaching.  It has truly encouraged and been used by God. I pray my brief testimony here will Glorify God and be used to show the power of God so others can connect with Him like He has enabled me to.

Obviously I have not put all the details in, as there is not time.  I need to go back for the evening church service now,
but be reassured God is still working in ways you can't even imagine!  God bless you all and may the word of God run with you swiftly.

Patrick:  I found the link that you sent me about 'Did God Die?' I found it so touching and it made me change my perspective about why Jesus died and the real meaning of the cross  I have friends of mine whom I want to read it as well. The thing is they speak French so if you can, can you send me the same link to a French page?   Thank you and God bless you...

Tiffany:  I came across your sight a few weeks ago, in search of understanding. Your sight provided just that and through the Holy Spirit and the word of God you shared... my Life has been dramatically changed forever! I am so grateful for people like you who take the time to make sure Gods real message is spread and received! There is so much more I could say but all glory be to God for He is Great!  Thank you so much! 


Nancy:  Ten days ago I began again to memorize Scriptures as a daily devotion.  One of my two verses for the first week was Ephesians 4:31, which I labeled "Anger is a Sin".  Sure enough a few days ago there was trouble with an aggressive neighbor and an opportunity to hold my temper, forgive and pray for her every day, and then stand up under false accusation yesterday that sent me into a tailspin.  But by the Holy Spirit's help I told the Lord I would stand patiently under this and let Him handle it and not give in to anger.  I reached out to friends for advice and was greatly supported and counseled to keep my peace and not fight back.  Then tonight after being led to Alan Youngblood's testimony on YouTube of being delivered from pride and anger I clicked on a few Precious Testimonies and found a link to your article: Anger: The Lethal Killer.  It is such a confirmation for me that God is now working patience in me, because you ended this article with the memory verse I'm currently working on, Ephesians 4:31.  I can feel so much peace in knowing that being attacked is just part of God's plan to sanctify me that I no longer feel threatened by this neighbor!  God is so amazing!


Rachael:  I  just wanted to say how blessed I was by reading Eddie Roman's testimony "Sexual Purity At Marriage"... in such a sex crazed society,  it can be tough,  but God sure is amazing!


Triana:  I have been going through a couple of months of one hit after another. I came across Norms article "The Night I Got Sifted By Satan."


I have  been hit by so many things. At work, I keep being late , no matter what I do. I just got a final notice. I have had lots of attacks on my transportation The thing is, I was having this horrible rage toward my 3 year-old daughter. I immediately recognized it when I read your article. I prayed a d now am much more calm and peaceful. I thank God that he is great and worthy to be praised!  And thank you for writing this down!

Cristabel I feel so encouraged by this testimony written by Denny Tanis ‘I saw Jesus but felt unworthy’. I m one of those people who feel so eager to see Jesus in a vision or a dream but since I read this testimony I feel content that Jesus is alive and that He shall show himself to me one day when the time comes.  

Thank you so much.  I’m still reading testimonies on this website and I find them reviving and refreshing to  my soul.  Glory be to God!

Felicia:  Completely awesome! Wow` what a blessing that included Holy Bible Scripture and an education about our Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth as well. Thank you so much for sharing this experience with the entire world. I received peace just from listening to your testimony. This video was encouraging and edifying for me. It gives me hope and courage as well as an increase of faith in our Lord God. It was beautiful and factual. It gave me what I needed to stay on he narrow path. I will watch this again.

Kaleigh:  I really was so blessed by the article "In the desert of "feeling" forsakened by God?" by Norm Rasmussen! I'm 16 years old and I've been walking through this desert of feeling forsakened by God, though I didn't fully realise it until I read this article! My friend sent it to me because she felt God lead her to this article on google, even though she had never even seen or heard of it before. I was a complete wreck inside and everything was a blur of confusion, and I kept asking God what was going on, and why He was doing this to me, and this article completely answered ALL of my questions!! It was honestly perfect, and I can't thank God enough for it!! It has brought so much clarity to where I'm at and I now have a massive hope set within my soul, and I feel so great knowing that God's got this under control! I'm so thankful to God that He spoke to Norm about this, because this has been one of the most difficult times I've ever been through! The ministry you guys are doing is changing lives!

Tom:  WOW! I was looking for something else here on YouTube and just "happened" to come to your . I was moved, touched, and blessed to tears... May you continue to "...OVERCOME the enemy - BY THE BLOOD OF THE LAMB AND THE WORD OF YOUR TESTIMONY..." The LORD is using you GLORIOUSLY to speak in to the FUTURE of many precious people...Eternal Gratitude

Tina:  FROM GANGS TO SOLDIER FOR CHRIST - The TOMMY SCOTT Amazing Transformation Christian Testimony ...  I shared this testimony on my prayer group page started. Last year. Such a great testament to Gods power and love

Christian:  Glory be to God and our savior Jesus Chris. I'm 20 years old. God came in my life when I was 18 years old and since then his grace and mercy has kept me I've just finished reading you testimony (From Hell To The Glory Of God) and you don't know how much it has helped me. I've got a really long story on how i came across your testimony but only God knows when he wants his children to see the truth. I mean - I was about to sin and instead He guided me straight to your testimony and I'm sp thankful for that. May God and our Lord and savior Jesus Christ be with you and continue Blessing you and your family and ministries and I pray that your testimony will reach a lot of people through the mercy and grace of God. I thank the Lord and you for making this possible. Have a Bless Night.


Mia:  I've been going through a very hard time with the loss of employment and struggling to make ends meet. Well, yesterday was the last straw! Or so I thought. As I'm talking to the manager making payment arrangements my car was repossessed. Well, that was it for me. The last straw; the straw that broke the camel's back! Not an emotional person and very seldom lend myself to crying, I found myself balling like a baby, which recently I have been prone to do. I prayed and prayed and asked God to forgive me for my sins. I asked that He forgive me for not being a good steward of my finances and not to turn me over to my enemies. So, why was this happening?  I flashed back over everything I had done. Every sin I had committed, every action that wasn't pleasing to God and begged for forgiveness. Why was this all happening?  I beat myself up so badly. It's because you haven't been diligent in you tithing and offering, you've been prideful and boastful, you haven't prayed enough ... and the list of self-condemnation went on until it just became unbearable.


So, there I sat, eyes swollen, unable to breath, gasping for air as the tears ran down my face uncontrollably.  "Why God why?  Have I been that terrible?  Is there anything - just anything I've done that has been pleasing to you?  Why am I being banished in this manner?  What's the point God? What's the point?"


So, after I emptied my body of every tear, I decided  to seek the answer. Why God have you forsaken me?  As I read through the article, a sense of calmness came over me. God, hasn't forsaken you. He's been trying to get your attention for the longest time. Now, I realize ... or think I do, that God was reaching out to me so much and because of my own selfish desires and sowing to my flesh I suppressed those urgings. Now, I believe and know he hasn't forsaken me. He is right here with me and He's been so all along. I know now He has plans to prosper me and bring me into His fullness.  Thank you so much for this article.

Anonymous (On our part):  The reason I'm writing this email is because I'm living with my alcoholic mother who, despite everything I have tried so desperately to do to prevent this from happening, has managed to purchase herself a car today.  She has had 3 DUI's in 2009, had to go to jail for about 4 months,  and of course in celebration of buying herself a car she is laying in her bedroom drunk.  She has been nothing but belligerent and emotionally abusive until I gave her dinner, which I had to lace with Passion Flower and Kava Kava so I would not have to listen to her being belligerent and abusive all evening.  I have been BEGGING God to help me get back on my feet and help me stop the situation to escalating to what it has become, and things have only been getting worse and worse to the point I just want to end my life because I cannot take it anymore. I have no way of being able to move out of this situation because I work at a fast food restaurant and am only making not even $200 every 2 weeks.   I believe in God and believe he is a loving God, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why he is making me suffer like I am.  I don't feel like I have been this awful of a person that I should be feeling like this.

Reply from Kathleen Rasmussen, Co-Director: 

Dear "Anonymous",

We want to thank you so much for having the courage to reach out to us.  We want you to know that we really did pray for you and your mother as soon as we read your message here.  We prayed that God would draw you closer to Him in this trial you are going through and for the deliverance and salvation of your mother.  We do know and believe that God hears all of our prayers and that includes yours too.  He loves you so much and wants you to know that!  You may not feel like that in your heart, but truly He does love you.  He sees everything you’re going through, and believe it or not, He is not the one causing you to go through this suffering.  There is an enemy of your soul who does not want you free and happy, and if you don’t know or realize that right now, his name is Satan and he is the one who is putting you through all this pain and suffering.  When things like this happen to us, God may only be ALLOWING it to happen to draw us closer to Him, but He is not causing the suffering.  When we truly put our faith, trust and focus only on Jesus Christ (and that should be on a daily basis –moment by moment) we will have a calm peace in the midst of whatever storms we may have to face now or in the future.  I and my husband honestly know that from our 33+ years of walking with the Lord. 

If you truly have not surrendered your WHOLE life and asked Jesus Christ to be not only your Savior, but also the LORD of your life, we encourage you to do that today.  He loves you so much that He gave His life so you could be free in Him.  He has a plan for your life, but you’ll never be the best you can be if you haven’t truly surrendered your life to Him.  There is so much peace and freedom when we do things God’s way and not our own.  He wants to bless you so much, but we have a part to play in this too.  We need to give Jesus our best and trust Him completely for everything we go through in this life.  We pray that you will be filled with His love and peace in whatever you do or wherever you go, in the precious and mighty name of Jesus Christ!

Dorothy:  Thanks for sharing Mr. Lance and God bless you and keep you safe:

Sandra:  I feel blessed by the article by Norm Rasmussen. I have fighting God on a few things I felt he was ignoring me on and through this Testimonies I feel God was talking to me. I had been trying to see how I could believe in a loving God when he allowed faithful people like Job to be put through so much, in fact I was angry with God. Through this article I saw many things about myself and realized I am listening to Satan and doubting Gods sifting.  Praise be to our Lord for the many ways he seems to get our attention, even when it hurts to see our self as he sees us. Yet that is exactly what he wants us to do.  Bless this Ministry.

Sam:  The lesson I learned about Gods grace in your article meant the world to me. I can't tell you how much peace, joy and hope I have now that I can rely on God's grace to help me through my weaknesses. Thank you for allowing God to use you to write that article:


Cynthia:  I just wanted to thank you for this website. I did quite a bit of research on fasting, and I have fasted in the past.  However, just as of late, I felt led to another fast and I knew that this would be a longer fast or a more difficult fast.  I was a bit frozen in fear and yet wanted to draw closer to the Lord.  After reading the articles on your site extensively and praying a bit, I felt fortified in the knowledge I needed to move forward.  I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you are doing in educating people about fasting.

It is absolutely true that a fast is like a spiritual nuclear warhead, and it is one of the greatest weapons in the arsenal of a Christian.  I am so grateful for the work you are doing to enlighten the minds of others thereby providing them with the necessary information to make a good decision about using this as a way to draw closer to Our Lord.  There are benefits and it is a secret discipline.  Though Our Lord made no qualms about the necessity of doing this, it seems to escape the sight of the mainstream churches.  Though fasting is not a commandment, it is both a privilege and a benefit.  I believe many disciples are missing out on a wonderful opportunity.

Again, thank you so very much for your work.  It has been a while since I was literally enthralled by web page content, and your site did that for me.

Elaine:  I have just read Dave Root’s article on the website on: How to Hear the Voice of God! I have been saved since 1956 – read  my Bible, been in ministry, etc., but honestly I have never read or heard such a comprehensive and inspiring sermon on the subject of ‘Hearing the Voice of God’ – I believe every word, but could never have expressed it in such a manner. I thank the Lord for inspiring you to write this article. All glory to Him!

Lisa:  This morning I woke up, and once again like so many times in the last four years, begged God to talk to me. I have felt so forsaken and unloved by God. So many times I have decided to just give up.

So many times I decided to quit praying, to quit believing. I have been so mad at God, not understanding why he won't answer my prayers, help me financially, give me a faithful and loving husband.  Why me; why does everyone have someone to love but me. Why can they prosper and not me. Why, Why, Why are you punishing me. I have loved you and cried out to you for mercy, but yet nothing. No answer, no help, just emptiness and loneliness. Why God did you take my husband, why did you take my father. Why have you left me here to die alone. Why have you left me??? I'm sorry God; show me what I did wrong, give me a second chance...but still nothing.

I lost my husband of 23 years. He drowned in our pool in the backyard. He went into a diabetic coma.  My 14 year old daughter found him. Two months before, I lost my Father.  He died of a heart attack. I loved him so much - he was my best friend - the greatest Dad anyone could ever have. Eleven days before my husband passed away, his Mother died of cancer. Our family was just gone, the people we loved were just gone. My daughter and I went to the bottom of the pit, truly the blackest pit you could ever be in. The pain was unbearable, day after day after day. My hopes, my dreams, my faithful husband, my daughter's Father, our everything...gone. I had no one to help me pick up the pieces of our old life.  Friends tried in vain to help us cope, but we couldn't.

I sold everything I had and moved to a town where no one knew us.  I wanted my daughter to be away from the pain.  I wanted to be away from the pain.  Dying was what I prayed for.

Our move was the best thing I could have done for my daughter, but sadly not for me. I just knew after a few years, when the pain would subside that God would bring a wonderful man into my life. I want to be a wife again. I want my daughter to have a father again. Most of all, I just want a family again. I want someone to share life with. Being alone, coming home to an empty house day after day, night after night is almost unbearable. Everyday I pray to God to have mercy on me and my daughter, to pay us back what Satan stole. But nothing ... just silence. I watch my friends find love and happiness, get married and still I sit here alone, my only friend is my tears.

All day long I have fought back my sadness, my tears, just trying to get though work so I could come home and cry. I sat at my computer reading stories others have posted about hating God - there is no God - he has forsaken us, etc. He takes pleasure in punishing us; he hates us ... story after story of people just like me ... they have cried out to God for mercy and no answer.

But God did answer me today!  He answered me by leading me to this website, to this story. The story of his trials and tribulations written by Norm Rasmussen.

My answer is in your story!  My answer is my selfishness -- me telling God what I need -- me telling God "get me out of this"!!! . Me telling God what I think He needs to do for me.

I bow my head in shame and have asked God to forgive me. The answer is Thanking and Praising him for all to hear, for the devil to hear: "Even though he slay me, yet will I trust him"

Thank you for your healing words Mr. Rasmussen. Thank you for showing me that God deserves to be honored and praised no matter what my circumstances are. That my trials are from Him and a test for my eternity in heaven with Him -- with my family again. Thank you for helping me see that God is God; His way is the only way. He is the Master and I am the servant.

Thank you for opening my eyes, reminding me who He is, and who I am not.  For reminding me that I am in no way equal to God, that He owes me nothing. But that He promises me that He will give me something, that He will reward me in heaven for passing the test, for not believing Satan's lies, and for trusting Him with my life no matter what.

Thank you so much for the blessing of your story.

Carol:  Your article has really helped me and I identify with it and it is a blessing to know that we need to witness to strangers about our faith.  I sometimes have been in situation where I should have prayed for people but because of fear and selfishness I have not done that.  However, other times I have managed to pray for people if they are going through some problems and issues and God is faithful and will prompt you.  Let's pray for one another as the body of Christ that God will change us and give us the boldness to witness to strangers his LOVE  and PEACE. 

Thank you for the article: HOW CAN I PRAY FOR YOU? - and I pray that God will give you the boldness and strength to carry out his work.  I enjoy reading the articles and they have helped through my journey as a Christian.

Henri:  I have been born again for 5 years and at this point, I feel completely betrayed by God because my commitment for Him only led me into sufferings and stalemates.

I feel like He used every single opportunity to crush me.

I understand that God is working on my character so that I can reflect the image of His son in a better way. However, I am suffering so much in the process that I want to put an end to my life whatever the consequences. The pain is unbearable.  I even regret to have let so much place for God in my life, to have put Him first into my decisions. I will try to follow your advice which is to thank God for the work He is doing and for the eternal gift of salvation. But it's hard to do so while being in pain.

Thanks for your videos because I see that I am not the only one to go through this sensation of abandon, betrayal and so on. It helps me. God bless you and your family.


Julie:  I so so so wish I had read this: THE ATTACK IS ON (YOUR) MARRIAGE,  and opened the Word of God long ago. At 31 years old being a single mother of 4 kids most of my adult life due to choosing partners myself - not letting God pick my husband for me - I met a wonderful man who would be my husband 4 years later. Little did I know the attacks of Satan were in this household early on and I fell short in turning to God -- my husband being a non practicing catholic also living a worldly life. I was raised in a Christian home of wonderful parents who just had their 51st wedding anniversary and I chose not to listen to them or read what I had been brought up to read. This past Nov ember my husband left. I accepted him back 4 times and the final straw for him was last week. He has  filed for divorce and done something that I never thought he was capable of -- that he probably never thought he was capable of either.  H moved in with his girlfriend of 3 months, although I have full faith God will guide me in His way. I did not turn to Him until my husband left the second time (Nov 20th).  I had a tongue full of fire, quick, sharp, hateful wit and a hurt and hardened heart, as did he. My friend is facing these issues now and as I'm begging her to realize just how under attack their marriage is, I found  this piece to send to her. The lions head is in the home ready to attack and kill this marriage, my marriage and every home on this planet. I will pass this on to everyone I know and let it be known I am a prime example of this attack. How sad I am. But so hopeful that someone will read this and join this fight!!! Thank you and God bless you.

Bekah:  I'm going through a very rough time right now. Out of desperation, I Googled "Struggling To Trust God" and this link came up, so I clicked on it. It really touched me, and reminded me of episodes where God was in some way revealed to me in my own past. It's hard to maintain hope during terrifying times, but I wanted to say thank you. Everything that can help me continue to try and be patient and let God work is a blessing.

Cheryl:  Your message about suicide really did help me. I have attempted suicide many times in my life. I started at the age of eleven. I am thirty five now. About forty eight hours ago I was downstairs in the basement of the rooming house where I living trying to take a bunch of sleeping pills. All of the sudden out of nowhere a Daddy Longlegs appeared and ran right between my feet. Then it ran right back out. Then it stayed right there. I believe God sent that insect to get my attention. I need to remember that suicide will be a worse suffering than all of the suffering I am going through now. I am so tired of suffering. I don't know what to do but to hold on. I am trying to move into another apartment. I need to get out of here. I am trying to move onto a better place. But I am scared. I think about jumping in front of a subway train whenever I am in pain as far as feeling like a failure out in the world. I have to hold onto the pillar or close my eyes or walk back up the stairs to get away from the train before it comes. Part of me really wants to be a mother. Part of me believes I can be a successful speaker. I am good at encouraging other people. To an amazing extent people listen to me when I talk to them. They take action in their lives and it seems like a revelation for them. I am glad. There is some positive impact I have had in the world. Really when I die that will be true. But I want to live until God takes me away naturally. I just want to live good instead of bad. I wish I could have a brain surgery or something to erase all the depression and cynicism. Please continue to reach out to people who are in pain like this. I really hope people are not punished with hell from committing suicide. Suicide is because of pain. People don't need more pain-or deserve it. But just in case it is true I sure would like for people to be saved. Your mission is good. Thank you for the work you do. We need you.

Francis:  Thank you for posting the article “God, Why Have You Forsaken Me?” and its companion, “’Feel’ like God Has Let You Down?

I couldn’t sleep the evening of 1/6/13 and as you can see it is still early (or late) and I am composing this message. Lying awake asking a non-responsive God about my situation. He has stripped me of everything, dreams, jobs, money, family, friends, health, transportation – EVERYTHING! While He has miraculously sustained me, recently, it started to feel like He had turned His back on me, which was hard to digest. My hope that hinged on His promises was fading. God did not come through. How could this be?

All week I journaled, “I feel like Jesus did as He hung on the cross jacked up and ‘forsakened’.” I even wrote the words Jesus uttered in His language, “Eli, Eli lama sabachthani” to be sure. As I attempted to endure this excruciating pain last evening, the thought to get up and research, “God, why have you forsaken me” came to mind. I wondered if anyone else had experienced this. How could God hate me? How could He forsake me when He said He would not? As I Googled the aforementioned phrase, I swept some papers off my makeshift footstool and on the back of an envelope that propped itself against the wall vertically (as if to say, read me) were the words “Do you have what it takes?” I thought, wow, how ominous; I used to think I had what it takes. Now, I was not so sure. Then your article proceeded to answer every one of my questions as it mirrored my words and thoughts almost verbatim.

I did not know what was happening to me and yes, I was disappointed, angry, shocked, confused; just did not know what to think. I struggled to not give Satan the glory because I knew he was behind those feelings of abandonment and dejection. I also knew God allowed it so what does this make God - maniacal? I kept replaying this thought pattern and it kept taking me back to square one –  is God like Satan? It was a circular argument I could not unravel. I knew better but this was not making sense!  Is this a test? And if so, what is the point? Is God playing games with my life or is there a deeper meaning for this excruciating pain? Baffled, I was.  I knew I could not leave God because beyond God there is nothing but darkness, and Satan was not an option because I hate sin and Satan. So, that left me researching this phenomenon.  Glad I obeyed the Holy Spirit whom I thought ceased to talk to me. Death, just felt like death.

I thought there was no pain like being rejected by your only child until I experienced this - being rejected by the only True God. I wept tears of blood, grieved all week and last evening and into this morning as I uttered the words, “God has let me down, now what?” To type those words still gives me a sickening feeling. God was my only hope; it was how I made it through each day for the past year. If God does not want me, then who? Where do I go from here? What is the point? Now, I know.

What am I trying to say? Thank you for your ministry. Perhaps I can take a nap now…

Tanya:  I just wanted to pass on how blessed I was reading about Who We Are In Christ.  I have been taking a course (meaning real life experiences - not a book or class) on what it means to renew our minds, spiritual warfare on the mind and why we have to know who we are in Christ.  The battle has been tough, but I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Your teachings I have heard and read, but your wording was powerful "war of words" and then the scripture "and they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony";... That just summed it up for me.  I have been speaking the Word out loud and meditating on it, but I would only have freedom for a day or so then I would be back depressed, oppressed, believing a lie.  Now when the enemy comes I am no longer moved by the fiery darts and the emotions that come with them.  The difference, I refuse to believe the what I am feeling and continue to speak the truth.

I realize that war will continue.  Before I was more passive thinking victory was conqurered in a moment and then you move to another life changing event.  But the reality is he is sending darts sometimes all day long. Its been hard, but I know The Lord wanted me to learn to fight and not walk in fear, depression, oppression, defeat and being ineffective for the Kingdom.  I love the Lord our God so much and I choose to always only believe the report of the Lord.  God bless you and thank you for posting the teaching the Lord laid on your heart by His Spirit to speak. 

Tanaz:  I want to thank you for your message on the power of the grace of Christ to deliver.  I rarely respond to messages by the web. but this one hit home to me and I feel it necessary to encourage you to keep on bringing these enlightening messages to the body of  Christ.  I have been battling with a nicotine addiction for years. Over the years I have quit several times.  Your enlightening article on the power of Gods grace is so liberating and it has given me supernatural hope.  I grew up not knowing the love of father and mother the way God intended, during my critical preteen and teenage years i lived with so many different people.  I still dont understand the psychological affect this has had on me.  I am now a mother of  4.  I have been married for 21 years and have pretty well adjusted kids.  I may have been a bit overprotective of them because of my own experience of feeling undervalued and not cared for.  I have never had any formal counselling but have relied on God's Word for courage and strength, but this one habit has followed me and I hate it.  It started in my teenage years and developed into a comfort crutch like sucking your thumb.  I have a friend who sucked her thumb until she was 23.  She would do it in the closet because she was so ashamed.  I know it's not funny but just the image. Anyway, back to your article, it made me see that because I never really felt like I could rely on people, I have had the same attitude w/God. How terrible! And also I have had to be so self-sufficient (pride/ego?) -- I have really been carrying this burden alone, asking God to remove it but holding on to it so tight and maybe really afraid of what it will mean ... that I have to face the emotional void that nicotine has filled all these years.  

Anyway, after reading your article on the power of God's Grace to deliver, I am now looking forward to experiencing this grace.  I intend to understand as much as I can about God's grace through His Word and revelation of His Spirit. I don't feel so alone anymore or condemned; just a healthy expectation that my Heavenly Father is just waiting for me to get to the end of my own self reliance and receive His strength through the grace of Christ.  I dont know all of what that means but I am willing to honestly receive.  Thank you once again and I hope this response will encourage you to continue helping people through your articles.  May God bless and keep you and yours. Always in His Love.

Candace:  I can’t even begin  to express how thankful and grateful I am that you have printed such an article: In The Desert Of "Feeling Forsaken" By God?   My husband and I and our two daughters have been going through a very painful “night season” with God that can be found in Isaiah 50 vs 10 (amplified version).    We also have literally been living 1 Corinthians 4 vs 11 (amplified version) and very few believers would be able to relate to us.  We have been called insane and mentally ill and at the moment we are living in a hotel room waiting for our next step.   It has been extremely difficult to stay focused and keep fresh all of the many nuggets of wisdom and understanding that God has given us as a church family these past five years.   Last night I felt bombarded with all kinds of thoughts of betrayal and abandonment and is God still with us?   When I read about the self-will that God wants to deal with in us I knew that this article was divinely required reading for today.  The Bride of Christ must be purged of self will because the church is subject to Christ….she cannot have any spirit of harlotry or self will left but only God's will as in the Lord’s prayer….Thy will be done on earth…..

Thank you again for the rich encouragement …God bless you for your faithfulness to give out such encouraging food for those who are experiencing the valley of the  shadow of death …

Becky:  I just wanted to let the man [Dave Root] know who wrote How To Hear The Voice Of God - that I refer back to the Precious Testimonies website more than any other web site while I'm at work.  I find it to feel right to me and what I already know about God and the bible as a Christian.  That it is easy to understand and makes all the right points.  It is just the perfect web site to go to and read or re-read about the different ways God speaks and how to listen.  I can get something from it each time.  It doesnt get old.  Thank you. 


Jim:  I read Brion's life journey and it really spoke to my heart. I spent many years wondering why God will not answer my prayers in my life. Of course, much like Brion, I would not surrender my life to God and wanted to do "my own thing." I spent much of my time drinking, drifting in and out of relationships, and being very depressed. I accepted the Lord as my savior in college at 21, but didn't accept Him as Lord until I was 33. It wasn't an easy path after that either. I have the tendency to take the "Lordship" back as my own from time to time. Now at 40 and alot of christian counseling, I have begun to learn to let the King keep his throne. I still have many difficulties in areas of my life, but, as long as I leave God in rightful place, I have peace that He is in control. I am now learning to trust Him in difficult situations and accepting "no" and "wait" as answers to my prayers. The Lord has begun the healing process in my marriage, in me personally, and beginning to give me peace with the past. Thanks for sharing, Brion -- it has been a great encouragement to me!


Delvar:  Malcolm Ridgeway's testimony has really touched my life -- how God has given his children the power to forgive. The moment we choose to forgive God annoints us to forgive the things the other person had done to you. God can change our lives the moment we surrender it to him.  Lastly I want to thank you very much for this testmony.  As I am writting I feel the presence of God and it tells me to go into my bedroom to pray.

Frances:  Thank you for sharing this testimony.  I too have lost two children and both times I was pretty far along in my pregnancies. I was the secretary of my church at one point but I was weak and backslided because I became so depressed over not having children. I became upset with God. I have asked for forgiveness and have recently accepted him again and I now think I'm pregnant. But sometimes I have doubt because so many times I thought I was and I wasn't, but I know I'm suppose to have faith and I'm trying to not doubt because the lord has told me through dreams and visions that I will be a mother. I been married three years and I want so badly to give him children. Your story has given me hope.  Please keep us in your prayers.

Gabe:  Thank you!  This video was truly a blessing:

Tony:  I have been truly blessed by Roberta Laurila's testimony and I felt that I must express that this is such a blessing and so needed today in the body of Christ. I myself, a former gay man that is embarking on writing a memoir of my own, was very pleased to hear that there are others that have trail blazed the way for us today. I thank God for the entire website and for each and every testimony (that I haven't read yet). I believe that God has an awesome plan for true deliverance to take place and I am willing to do my part in the fight.

In reading over the Precious Testimonies website I was pleased to see that there are people that have the compassion for gay and lesbian people and are not treating them like they are lepers, dispelling them from receiving the same God that has delivered us. I always go back to the fact that "God loves people - He hates sin". I understand that it's the love of Jesus Christ that will draw those unsaved to Him and we are the ones that have to show it in the earth.

Thank you for your labor of Love.  God will truly bless each one of you for your diligence and faithfulness for all things holy. Stay in the race as will I.

Delphine:  This article, What Is The Word Of Our Testimony That Overcomes Satan, was certainly an eye opener and has blessed me so much. It is clearly humbling. God be Honoured indeed in our lives.

Charles:  I came across your web link regarding the healing of Pastor Talbot's eyes:

Praise God for healing you! Every time I hear a true story of healing it is a blessing.and it increases my faith. Your life was being crippled, darkened and limited, but God did not forget you. He was faithful; He is blessing you and keeping you (correct tense). He crowneth us all with loving kindness and tender mercies (Oh, only if we knew).

Bless the Lord oh my soul and all that is within me ( Like King David, I stir myself up with this scripture)!  The bible says that the Lord was with Joseph and he was a prosperous (or successful) man. How, much more are we successful since we are sealed with His spirit.

Your testimony, Pastor Talbot, has given me joy and a spirit of thankfulness; That is how it has blessed me!  Praise God and Thank you!

Bill:  I am a 68 year old man crying as I type.  You have helped me reconcile with God, by just explaining the way.  God bless.

Irma:  Today, I just typed in the Google search: When you feel like God has forgotten you.  I came to your website.  I read the part under " 'Feel' Like God Has Let You Down?"  Well, I just wanted to tell you that it helped me. I just went into the chapel today before work and said to God, "I feel like you have turned me into a beggar.  Now I feel like a Romanian orphan baby." (Side note:  Years ago on "20/20" they ran a story on little Romanian babies who weren't being held or given much affection.  They desperately wanted to be picked up and loved.)  I told God that I loved Him, but that is how I have been feeling.  I told Him I need to be held.  I kind of let Him have it today.

About a year ago, I had my heart broken.  I was replaced by another girl.  At that time, I ran straight to God, the Father.
He really helped me through that.  It was funny during the first weeks of letting go of a love, I knew God, the Father was the only one that could help me.  I'm a devout Catholic, and I love Jesus, the Blessed Mother, and the saints. But, for the first time in my life, I had to go to God, the Father.  I would walk in a stairwell at work that passed a beautiful statue of Jesus.  I would walk by and say interiorly, "Jesus, I can't tell you about this hurt.  I have to go to God with this one."  Actually, I know that's not right.  I believe in the Trinity.  It's just that I had never experienced that level of hurt before.  It drove me to God, the Father - the Creator of the Universe. 

Well, today, I hit a little snag in my healing.  I just felt forgotten.  But, your website helped me.  I do feel like
I'm being tested.  I just needed a little encouragement at this moment.  Your website helped!


Winalou:  Amazing testimony sister!  GOOD DEEDS GET YOU TO HEAVEN? NO! - SUNILA & JASON PRASAD - (From: Matthew Needham, Evangelist)


Karen:  I just read your testimony: "This Jew is For Jesus."  It brought tears to my eyes.  As a Catholic all my life and a few years ago becoming born again in a Calvary Chapel church now.  I have always loved the Jewish people and have been fascinated with them and the fact that they are truly a miraculous group of people, truly different than all and they have blessed every nation (whether they know it or not).  Living in the United States we have been abundantly blessed for blessing Israel and it makes me sad that might change or is changing. 
The reason I was searching is a long story so I will try to keep it short.  I'm in prison ministry and one of the inmates I write to is on fire for the Lord as a new Christian and he was promised a single cell (the first time in 17 years).  Well, his door opened and a guy was moving in.  Well he is an Iranian Jew with broken English.  Jews are usually not put in the mainline in a level 3 prison, I'm guessing because of the skin head gangs in prison.  Well, we all feel that this man was put in our friend's cell for a reason.  I told our friend not to come on too strong with Christianity.  We told him to let God guide him and use his mouth to say only what God wants him to say.  I have a way of getting in the way of the Holy Spirit and can ruin things quite often.  Well that was only last week and now we found out that with all the changes in the California prison that our friend will be moving to a lower level prison.  I'm so disappointed that these guys will not have a long opportunity.  I was looking for something to tell his new friend and kind of fast forward things.  Now as I type this I realize that I am trying to take over the HOly Spirit's job.  Nothing is impossible for God.
Anyways I'm going to send your testimony to my friend.  I told him to ask his new Jewish friend what he thinks will happen when he dies, and I thought that might start an interesting conversation.  I guess maybe I should buy this guy a Bible.  Will you pray for us and for him?  His name is Amir.  He is teaching our friend Hebrew and some "secret" prayers! 
Thank you and God bless!  I pray more Jewish people come to the saving knowledge of their messiah Jesus Christ!  If I can point them in the right direction God has a willing servant in me!
God bless you and your family and your ministry.


Lesley:  I am 53 years old and returning to Christ. My son of 28 years completed suicide three days before my birthday this year 2012. Allan just completely spoke directly to my soul. Satan is trying to deceive me also with feelings of NOT being saved. Satan had me believing that neither God or the Devil existed! Neutral life was just fine. What a HUGE mistake that was as it led me to clinical depression and attempted suicide. The LORD spoke directly to me as though I were hearing it: "NEVER DO THAT AGAIN". God Bless you Allan for sharing your testimony!


Nika:  I would like to say that I love this site, as it has been a source of encouragement and refuge when I am down. More so, thank God that He has provided this space for His name to be glorified.


Linn:  I am so very thankful to Our Lord God for the whole Precious Testimonies ministry, and I especially was powerfully blessed by this particular article: What Is The Word Of Our Testimony?, by Brother Rasmussen.  This is a powerful confirmation of what the Lord showed me a few years ago.  Up until then, I just had not been sure what was meant by the "word of our testimony" exactly.   I somehow was never convinced that it had anything to do with our salvation testimony. After I had been doing spiritual battle for some time, with the Word of God as it pertained to a given situation, and, I pray, wisely (so importantly pointed out in your article), the Lord made it so clear to me that indeed, it was a testifying of His own Word, held in complete faith, pertaining to the situation at hand.  Now, armed with this understanding, I can fully grasp the power with which we may come against the enemy - what a combination, the Blood of the Lamb, and His own Word, fully believed and spoken out.   I have never, ever come across a message like this one you have shared.  I feel it is of the utmost importance, more than ever, for the saints to know and understand this message, (the whole article in it's entirety).  I wish this message could go out to every believer, to every church, to every teacher of the Word of God. 


Thank you Brother, and your dear wife Kathleen too, for all you have been through and done for the body of Christ, and for those dear ones we all pray will become partakers with us of the heavenly kingdom.


Regen:  This story really blessed me to see how quickly a Jewish person can come to the Lord.  I have several Jewish friends that I have witnessed to and your story encouraged me that my prayers for them will be answered.  Thank you and Shalom!

Andriana:  In June of 2009, I was laid off from my job which I really loved. I was young and naive and thought that the recession would not effect me. Boy was I wrong. I was extremely arrogant and prideful and preferred to do everything alone. With that being said, loosing my job was a very tough pill to swallow. My boss told me that this would be temporary and that I would have unemployment to help until things are better for me to return to work.

I waited and waited. Weeks turned into months. I have a family and felt like unemployment wasn't enough. I got a job that I hated followed by another job that I hated more. After that I wound up unemployed again.

My son was starting kindergarten in less than two weeks, and I had nothing for him. I felt like a failure. Trying to scramble and find another job, the Lord told me to just check my account. There was about $1,100 in it. God, made a way for me to receive unemployment to help.

While being thankful for the blessing, I wanted more. I still wanted my old job back and to take the load off of my fiance. He reminded me that my boss said that the unemployment would help me until it was time for her to hire me back. My boss hired me back. Its not full time. I work one day every two weeks. Of course, I would love to have more. I know that the small business is still on shaky ground to hire me back fully.

This morning, I found out that I will no longer have unemployment. I started to cry and worry. I never would think that I would still be in this position. I called down and said "No, no more crying. God has been there for me for the last 3 years and would not leave me now".

Its been 3 years since being laid off. When it first happened, I was devastated. I have been having a very hard time finding work. My wonderful fiance reminds me that it simply isn't the right time yet. God has been providing. When it is time, it will be time. If it is in His will for me to get hired back full time, He will make it happen. In 2009, I cried to God asking him to please help me in all aspects in life. God has been faithful and done so. I have found peace, a new apartment, good health and wedding this October!

After reading this article: DESPERATION: A SECRET TO TRUSTING THE LORD?, I have even more faith that I will be alright. Actually more than alright. Waiting has made me so much stronger in my faith in God.  I pray that my time is soon. I have been praying this whole time, telling God that I'm ready for work. I can not tell God what is good for me! He knows what is. I have learned that I can't always do things alone. I need God. I have to trust Him and wait on His will. Taking things into my own hands messes up what God has in store for me. I have learned that I do not need to be a control freak. God is in control! I am going to talk to God and ask him if it is time, not tell him. Thank you for listening and for this testimony. It has helped me more than you will ever know. God bless!

Jaime:   Thank you for posting this testimony/writing. I thank my wife for coming across your site in preparation for her Sunday school class.

I too am a Gulf War/ Iraqi Freedom Veteran. I served with the 3AD (Germany US Army) during the Storm and was attached to 4ID (Ft Hood) during the Iraqi Freedom campaign (general support Artillery Battalion III Corps Ft Sill) as a former artilleryman. I can verify the effect of the WP and HE rounds.

As a Christian, I hate to think of the way we downplayed Iraqi humanity. We purposefully fired white phosphorus and High Explosive rounds in a fire missions dubbed “shake and bake” -- how callous is that?

It was not until the Iraqi Freedom campaign that I was to reconcile my disdain for the Iraqis when we were positioned in eastern Iraq in the Kurdish zone. So many expatriates returned to the country during the rebuilding and worked with us as translators and the like. I found that the Kurds were Coptic’s and those Americanized expats were Christians. They would actually come to our Chapel Services on Sundays and worship with us. What an awesome experience to worship God in Babylon!

Thanks again - this testimony is the confirmation I needed to continue my life in God’s will and I will remain faithful to my newly found VA sponsored group therapy team.  Praise God!

Linda:  Thanks for this post regarding anger. You have saved me from going to bed angry and bitter tonight. I had an argument with my sister; said a few nasty words to her and then stormed off. I was right in being angry but wrong in acting on it. Although I felt a real injustice done to me tonight, reading your post has made me realize how serious this is if I stay angry and leave the door open for the devil. Thank you for using God's word to remind us of these things which we often forget about. I have made peace with my sister and with God. The door is closed to the devil now, thanks!  - Cape Town, South Africa

Black Widow:  I watched the video on what lamanin is.  I was so touched by what i saw.  All the times I thought I was alone.  God was with me all along.  I was never alone.  The cross has been holding me together since the beginning.  Thank you so much, may god bless you.

Najma:   Hello.  I was on the Precious Testimonies site today.  I visited it last year, and sent a message because it did move me.  Today, I read it again.  In particular: "Let me encourage you today to never forget that God loves you so much. He DOES have a specific plan and purpose for your life. The fact is we often don't know exactly what that plan and purpose is. But we have the assurance that as long as we are living in obedience to the Lord, doing our best to follow His Word, and are yielded to His Sprit, we will be right where God wants us to be and doing the things God wants us to be doing. Your life matters! You are part of God's plan! As you wake up each day and give your life afresh to the Lord you will be in His perfect will!"

I am not Christian, but I do believe in one God and His prophets and angels.  I struggle so much with accepting God's will for me.  I have prayed for my life to blossom and unfold, after a heartbreak 2 years ago, but instead my life has folded.  It s hard for me to conceptualize a brighter future or one where God answers my prayers.  How can this darkness and loneliness be God's will for me?  How can I accept that?  Especially when I know that there are others who have sinned, yet they are surrounded by people who love and care for them?

Interesting, I landed on your website after googling the following Muslim proverb: "when God inspires you to ask, know that He wants to give."

Go figure!

Jo Anne:  Marriage On The Only Rock: This story touched me like no other.  I too am struggling through a time such as this, I don't talk to my spouse but recently he sent a message to tell me he loves and misses me and doesn't want a divorce.  I have recently shared with him my testimony and an experience that only grew my faith and pushed me to handing this over to god.  When I read this story it spoke volumes as to how God works and prompts us to do things such as this.  Prior to my own experience I kept silent about my belief in god, I have since asked the Lord for forgiveness for my silence and proudly bare withness to his grace.  It has been only recently that I have also started sharing to my spouse these feelings.  He doesn't respond but I know the Lord will have him open his heart, mind, ears and soul in time.

Scott:  Great timing with your message:  How Desperate Are You For God's Help?  We have been discussing about that very subject (Abundant Life In The Wilderness).  It is the BEST of times for the serious Christians, while for the rest of the world it is the WORST of times.

The "lukewarm" Christians need to get serious and not get offended and fall away if they want God's blessings.

Rhoda:  Thank you very much for the article on 'How Desperate Are You For God's Help?' It has confirmed something that God has been leading me on in the last few months. I am one of the people with a testimony on your website "Saved From Enslavement Of Demons" and I thank God for how real He has been in my life. I have seen just how concerned He is with those who surrender their all to him. Running to Him only when in trouble was what had brought me to the pit I was in when I was being attacked by demons. Sometimes God lets us have a taste of what we are playing with and I thank Him constantly for letting me go through that to teach me a lesson that I will never forget.

God has called me to be a prayer warrior, and sometimes - though I know what terrible things God can let one go through - I have to pray for people that God will do with that person whatever He has to do to bring them back to Him, because one thing I know is that even in my trouble and shame He was there.

So many of us take the grace of God for granted, forgetting that this grace is only for a time ... that if we die in our sins, our grace period is over. Sometimes I don't know whether to pray for God to rescue them from their problems or let them wallow in them until they are completely converted. (Many people would think me very unkind and would be very offended if they knew that is how I pray for them but sometimes we have to be spiritually realistic).

God bless you and continue to be blunt whether people like it or not. There are too many preachers lying to us and telling us peace when there is no peace. Tell us the truth and I pray that your articles spread far and wide.

Troy:  Thank you for this insight. I found it helpful because it allows me to see present difficulties in the context of God's eternal perspective, and to be reminded of His love, which is way beyond one's present concerns. It also directs the reader to what the Scripture states about this matters, rather than relying on personal experiences, either one;s own or another's; experiences must be judged in the light of Scripture.

Reading this article reminded me not to take my eyes off of Jesus. As a college student, and a bit of a rebellious spirit, I have plenty of opportunities to theorize a different existence, and support to live to myself. Lately, the Lord has been revealing to me the emptiness of fun activities, even humanitarian activities, divorced from Him. I thought for a long time that I would find meaning through, if not travel and sports, acts of giving and kindness. Divorcing the second concept from God, has left me no way to measure results in serving. I had questions about the details of how to define if I'd done good for people in my service. I really had problems defining what is good. In the end, service without God became dead. Then all of these questions became a large source of fear. Paralyzing fear began to grip my every action through analytic activity. That is when I googled being delivered from fear and read this story. It is great to remember, I just have to keep bringing God to be my primary, center, and singular focus. He will take care of the rest! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks for your website.  It has greatly encouraged me.  When I first got saved, I read and reread testimonies on it.  It's been a real blessing to me. 

This testimony is one very special story of true grit & desperation that was saved in the nick of time! I love to read these testimonies but this one is definitely one I'll remember! Thank you Robin Eastman for your sheer honesty and bold testimony! Praise God!

  I just finished reading your article on fasting and prayer breakthrough and was tremendously blessed. My pastor just kicked off a 21-day corporate Daniel fast for our congregation and while he equipped us with lots of scripture and purpose for the fast, I still felt I had no direction or point of focus for my fasting on a personal level. The only expectation I had was to have more humbleness in my soul. But after reading this article, I have much more insight from the scriptures which has helped me to increase my expectation and has really gotten me fired up about what this fast will do for our local body, as well as the Body of Christ as a whole, since every joint supplies! I especially appreciated the section on feeling estranged from God. I am a second year ministry student getting ready to graduate, and have really been challenged in my thinking and emotions lately about the genuineness of my relationship with God. So as I read that heading, my heart rejoiced thinking, I am in a great place to start this fast! Not to mention all of the other benefits discussed such as removing tension from relationships, divine revelation and being equipped to equip others. I really could go on, for every point in the article, but I will stop here to give thanks! Thank you again for your diligence to search the Word of God and put it in such a simple format so that I could enjoy it and share it with my friends and family this morning. I am empowered to go full steam ahead into this corporate fast with a renewed faith and expectation that I will come out transformed by the power of God's Word and His awesome method of prayer and fasting. May God continue to richly bless you and your work for His kingdom!

Lots of love,


Deb:  I am a 57 year old Christian woman, only knowing Christ Jesus for the last 3-1/2 years of my life.  My life has been riddled with heartbreak, seeing both of my adult sons imprisoned for many of the same reasons Paul Cummings was.  His testimony has truly touched my heart, and I am going to share this with both of my sons.  My youngest suffers from Hepatitis C from his heroin use but has found Christ as His Savior through this difficulty; the other has just been released and is on his way to knowing Christ.  I thank the Lord every day for delivering us all from the evils of drug use (myself included), imprisonment, and sin.  Paul should know how strongly his testimony has touched me this morning, and that I will be sharing it with my sons as well as a group of ladies who are involved in a prison fellowship ministry - all of them have loved ones imprisoned.  I believe this will bring them all a ray of sunshine, hope, in knowing that Jesus lives behind those prison walls!  Thank you, Paul, for sharing such beautiful, inspirational and heartfelt words with the world - what a tremendous legacy you have given us all!  God Bless You and Keep you safe! 

Mag:  I'm writing to say thank you. As I sit in my bathroom crying this morning I am encouraged by your words. I am facing a big problem right now. Thank you for reminding me of how great our God is! He has seen me through a brain tumor, the death of my mother, four births of healthy children, a foreclosure on a rental home, a move like Abraham to a place I did not know, two failed relationships, and so much more, even giving when I thought it was crazy! He loves me and thank you for reminding me of that! I have sought His face for many years so I know I am where He wants me to be right now even though I don't see the solution. Thank you for reminding me that it is going to turn out better than I ever imagined!

Gabriela:  Thank you so so so so so so much! God Bless you. I happened to stumble across your website today while looking for certain prayers for someone. I've always worried about whether or not God truly forgave all my sins and if one day I would prove to be unworthy of eternity with Him, which is what I most sincerely want. This article about to "Be Reconciled to God" helped me a lot. I will be eternally grateful. I'm in high school so I feel the devil's stare and grip many a time, but this article gave me hope. I wish I could just meet you and give you a HUGE hug, ha ha. I really needed this. God Bless you and I hope you touch many more hearts.

Kyarikunda:  I am a student at Makerere University. I have visited your website today and have been blessed by your teaching on prayer and fasting. I declared this week for prayer and fasting and I wanted a break-through in my academics, relationships, employment, family deliverance and cell ministry. Hardly did I know the importance of fasting and what fasting is meant for.  But by visiting your website, I have been able to understand the circumstances that we should fast in and the relevance of fasting in a Christian life.  I am very blessed by this message, I has helped me spiritually and hope to be fruitful in my salvation life.  God bless you!
Chosen:  May the good Lord continue to bless and keep this fire burning always in you. I am really touched by the wonderful testimony of Gina, in her testimony CHILD OF DESTINY, for her story gave me a similar picture of what I passed through in the hands of men of God, and also of how this awesome Jesus has been so faithful to me, although recently I was living a double standard  Christian life. I some how compromised my life, especially when my mum passed on and I in deep need of Love and warmth compromised my faith for a love and security that I later realized was  totally vain and did not exist. This particular evening I was so depressed and whilst trying to feed my spirit with just anything that will edify my soul, the holy spirit directed me to this website and my life is totally transformed. I have prayed to the good lord and I know he has restored me. Thanks for this wonderful testimony, keep up the good work.

Rean:  Anger: The Lethal Killer. This past Saturday I became very angry with my three daughters. Somehow, as I turned to the Google screen this afternoon, this message along with several other messages about anger were there on my iPad screen. I have no idea how it got there other than to know that God put it there. I'm so happy to know that I have confirmation that I am still his child. Thank you Jesus for blessing me another day.

Soumya:  I just want to share with you that God has greatly encouraged and comforted me after reading your testimony "DIVORCED IN HEART NO MORE."

My husband and I have been having a lot of conflicts lately and reading your testimony gave me hope that someday our marriage will be a testimony to the world. Yesterday, we even prayed the "conversational prayer" that you wrote about. It REALLY helped. I told my husband that we should pray in this manner, from now on, when we have any conflict.
Thanks so much: I praise God for your ministry!

Maria:  I am Bulgarian. First, I would like to thank you for the great job you all are doing with Precious Testimonies. I have translated some of the testimonies into my native Bulgarian language.  Several days ago I read Brother Will Morales’ testimony. I was speechless.  I contacted him by an e-mail and I dare to say we started a good friendship. May God bless him and have more brave Christians, who are willing to share their life stories, in order to encourage and lift up those who have stepped away from Jesus! I confess – I was one of them.  Here is a link to his testimony and some others from your wonderful Precious Testimonies website in the Bulgarian language: .

Anil:  Thank you for sharing your life with others for the glory of God. I have forwarded these testimony to my online friends who expressed inability to escape fleshly immoral temptations and groaning in side for deliverance.

Roberto:  I have just read the Judy Peel's testimony and really loved it. After filled for chapter 7 bankruptcy last year I have been living with fear many days of my life, some days I am working and living a great and blessed life with my life, but suddenly the enemy starts to lie in my years making to become worry about my future. Reading Mrs. Peel's story it gave me courage to deal with his lies in the days to come.

Darreshia:  I read "Seek First the Kingdom of God-What Does that Really Mean?" by Norm Rasmussen and it was phenomenal!!!!!! He explained what I consider to be a very, very abstract and difficult biblical concept in such a way that any Christian or even unsaved person would have a clear idea of what God's kingdom really is.  By reading this article, I realized that I did not know what the kingdom of God really was...I did not realize that it was spiritual, invisible, and established in the heart's of men.  This was like a revelation to me that I never understood before.  And the article not only explained what God's kingdom was, but what it looks like in the earthly realm.  In other words, I can begin to gauge if I have truly made Jesus my Lord and allowed his kingdom to be established in my heart by the 3 general categories or "outward" expressions of Jesus' "inner" lordship discussed in the article.  I was so "wowed" by this article that I am now going back to each of the individual links to get more info.  Above all, I believe the article presented a view of God and Jesus that is consistent with scriptures, in other words, I did not feel like I was being deceived or tricked by one of the many false gospels that were out there.  I definitely consider Precious Testimonies a credible and reliable source for biblical commentary!  Thanks so much for being obedient and true to God's Word!

Lisa:  I just wanted to write to say thank you for this website.  It has been more beneficial to me then I can explain. I just read Craig Van Wyk's testimony and I truly believe God brought me to his testimony.  I could so relate to everything he wrote; right down to the moment God touched his life, and it's so re-assuring to read when somebody else experiences the same thing as you!  It just confirms that my experience is truly from God!  Also, I love Craig's advice to parents. There's just way too many reasons for me to explain what his testimony has done for me ... but thank you Craig!  And thank you Precious Testimonies!  God Bless!

Troy Lynch: Great work on the video: PRAYER ENCOURAGEMENT FOR UNSAVED LOVED ONES. I concur, that many people I come across come to faith after someone has been praying for them for years. For example, how about Alice Cooper: his grandmother prayed for him and he is now a believer. It is funny to see him in his get up being interviewed by the media (here in Australia) and then trot out all this stuff about the Lord Jesus and the Bible, and so on.

Also, I should state that I was greatly encouraged by two of your essays, which you refer to as mini-Job episodes. They are great. Poor old Job -- and it looks like you as well -- went through the ringer, but the Lord is faithful. It refers to the Lord in the new testament as being very tender-hearted and pitiful to Job - and HE delivered Job! I am going through a similar extended period of unemployment.
Keep up the good work on your website. I am sure that it is making a difference beyond your comprehension!

Brian Miller:  Just want to let you know how much I appreciate these testimonies. I just finished reading Leslie Johnson’s story about her husband Gary. I am in the army and stationed in Kuwait and these testimonies are a breath of fresh air! Thanks and God bless.

Tom Reed:  I just read the two testimonies by Brenda Hoeve; Atheist Bows to Jesus & Dear Wonderful Father of Miracles and they were both a blessing.  I was saved and filled with the Holy spirit in 1979 so I could easily relate to what she said.  Holy Spirit testimonies really bless me and build my faith in GOD! 

Lonyae Thomas:  I would like to thank you for blessing me with the truth in your writing:  Seeking FIRST The Kingdom.  I hear soooo many things from churches and sermons and pastors, and even my own interpretation of the Bible, that makes this whole Christian life seem more about my own earthly satisfaction, and at best, the earthly satisfaction of others. Thank you for giving the truth, no matter how tough it is, and not trying to make it attractive to please our selfishness, but simply letting God work through you. Our purpose is to bring Him glory. We do that by knowing how much He has loved us and pouring and sharing that love to others so that they may come to Him. Everything else is secondary.

Chi-Chi Ekweozor:  Thank you for posting Oliver John Calvert's testimony.  You are doing God's work and making Him smile. I watched this video 3 months ago and was reminded to forward it to two friends this morning.

Be encouraged and never give up on God because He sees all you do. He will provide all that you need, and reward you.

2 Corinthians 2:14 (AMP):  "But thanks be to God, Who in Christ always leads us in triumph [as trophies of Christ’s victory] and through us spreads and makes evident the fragrance of the knowledge of God everywhere."

Dion:  Today after working hours were over, I did a Google search for "God help my marriage" and your site came up.  I read the testimony titled "Marriage Attack Foiled" and I had to fight tears while sitting at my desk as I didn't want my coworkers to wonder what was wrong with me.  My wife and I are currently going through a really tough situation right now and it has been going on for almost 8 months.  I'm not sure why she doubts our marriage but it is hurting me everyday.  We currently sleep in separate rooms and I just pray that one day soon I wake up and she is beside me.  Reading this testimony is what I hope for in my future.  I'm at that point where I've just given this situation to God because my physical body can't take it anymore.  In my mind, I want to be that person giving the testimony to someone else that may be going through what I WENT through.  But I sit here now in patience and praying to the Lord that He heal our marriage and our love.  Thank you for having this testimony out for readers like me to find hope and to reassure faith.

Deedie:   I was reading your message on Why Does God Exhort us to Rejoice Always and I have to tell you that it really touched me. In fact, my sister and I were discussing this on Sunday. We both had a pretty bad weekend with our husbands and I had told her that it was all I could do to go to church and raise my hands and praise God. I knew though no matter what was going on in my life He has taught me to say "It is well with my soul," so I could only praise Him even though in my physical body it was hard, because all I wanted to do was cry.

My husband is an alcoholic and on Saturday I had gone over to my sister's house to help out with my 86 year old mother and give my sister a break from the care-giving. I had spent most of the day over there and when I got back home later on that day, I found my husband passed out from the alcohol. It was all I could do not to blow up. Instead, I just went to my room and cried. I got up early Sunday morning to spend some time with the Lord, before getting ready for church and all I could do was cry again thinking about the whole situation. I finally got dressed and went on to church and, as stated, it was all I could do to raise my hands and praise the God who has never forsaken me. I felt better after I went to church, but my spirit was again crushed when I got home as my husband was again drinking and on his way to getting drunk. Later on that day, my sister called me and told me the problems with her husband and I remember her saying she was getting really mad at God. All I could tell her was, I could not be mad ... although I did not understand what God was doing regarding my husband, but I knew He heard my endless prayers for his salvation and I trusted in Him as I knew He would see me through until the end. After speaking those words to her, she told me she needed to hear that and was blessed.
I actually came across this article when I was looking for the verse where Job said, "Though he slay me, yet will I trust Him." (paraphased) to post on my Facebook status with the song "It is well with my soul." I decided to read the article and was truly blessed by the words and I felt like I had to express my appreciation to you. I am posting it on my Facebook for my sister to read.
Again, thank you for your healing words.

T. Lazano:  God Never Gave Up On Me But I Did Him:  This testimony touched my heart.  Brandy is a personal friend of mine, and we're just getting to know each other better.  I've always liked the way she doesn't judge others for the things that they do, yet she's never afraid to talk about God and her walk with Him.

Flutterby:  Thank you very much for your latest video post. This testimony helped me see what has been going on with me at times during the last few years as I started going back to church and wanted to give my life to the Lord. This stuff I have dealt with is from Satan and your testimony has helped me see how I need to fight it and not go through guilt trips from Satan, saying it is happening because I am a bad person and God is mad at me. To know that I am being tested and to recognize how gentle the Holy Spirit is, and how much choice he gives us whenever he speaks to us is such a relief. The Spirit reasoned with you in intelligence and told you truth, but let you make the decision. Thank you, keep posting these great testimonies!

Rajan:   I'm actually a Hindu born but I always used to get an image of the lord Jesus when I closed my eyes to ask Him for help since my childhood.  I've never been religious at all most of my life. What made me to write this letter to you is that I decided to surrender myself to lord Jesus.

What makes me surrender is that I recently had a tragedy of losing my vision on my right eye while i was playing a game called Paint Ball.  The bullet actually hit my eye directly and has damaged the retina along with severe damage to macula (Which actually creates centre vision). The doctors are not able to assure or confirm how much of vision I will regain. I only have my last hopes and I'm believing the lord Jesus to help me through this bad time.

I've also confessed myself for all the mistakes that I made and for all the sins that I've commited.  Hence i am willing to surrender myself to lord Jesus and I'm ready to do anything and everything for the lord for the rest of my life.

Please help me be guided in right direction and I also request you to pray for my vision so that the lord touches me and heals me.

Hannah:  When reading, “WAITIN' FOR THE LORD'S GREYHOUND BUS!” by Gene Ferdig, as someone who often struggles with fear and worry about what comes in the next life, it was reassuring to hear and remember how simple it really is. Although my faith is still weak and with faults, this testimony has moved me and I hope to, one day, have the peace that Gene felt in the last weeks of his life. Praise the lord that a brother in Christ was saved and could cherish that little time left on earth before God took him home to be at peace forever.

Kathy:  It's 4:13 am and I am unable to sleep because I fell asleep earlier.  I am a Christian. I was very touched by Sister Robin's testimony.  I come out of 21 foster homes.  I understand the inferiority that comes with being unloved.  About 2 years ago I went through an ugly divorce.  It wasn't ugly because of what was said but how I had been treated by him and his family.  I was abandon in a house with no heat, no money and he had a job.  I loved my husband with all my heart, but it was not enough to keep him from doing drugs and sleeping with someone else.  

God still opened doors for me. Things are not easy for me but I know God is making a way.  This is what God revealed to me today. "The Lord promised me that everything would be alright.  No greater reassurance could have been given than this.  There is no reason to fear what I am facing because the outcome has already been determined.  All I have to do is be obedient in the time and way which I move.  Proverbs 30:5 says "Every word of God is pure: He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him.  So don't second guess Him: Proverbs 30:6Sister Robin Eastman's testimony reminded me that my God still is in control.  God Bless You Sister


Dear Reader - are you at peace with God?  If not, you can be.  Do you know what awaits you when you die?  You can have the assurance from the Holy Spirit that heaven will be your home, if you would like to be certain.  Either Jesus Christ died for yours sins, or He didn't (and He did!).  Are you prepared to stand before God on the Judgment Day and tell Him that you didn't need the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross to cover your sins?  We plead with you ... please don't make such a tragic mistake.

To be at peace with God; to make certain heaven will be your home for eternity; to make certain that you are in right-standing with God right now ... please click here to help you understand the importance of being reconciled to God.  What you do about being reconciled to God will determine where you will spend eternity, dear one.  Your decision to be reconciled to God is the most important decision you'll ever make in this life. 

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