The Christian testimonies on this website are of everyday people whose lives have been changed by the redeeming - life transforming power of Jesus Christ.  They may live in your community; shop at the same stores you do, yet have struggles in life just like you and I have.  Most are not published authors, and their way of expressing themselves may not be all that "polished", but because of their gratitude for what Jesus Christ has done in their lives ... they feel compelled to share their stories publicly to give Him all the glory that He rightly deserves!  (Psalm 96:3)

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Who REALLY Is Jesus Christ?  
Sober And Secure In The Name Of Jesus! I Almost Self-Destructed Because Of Hatred, But Jesus Had Mercy On Me
I Would Not Wish The Hell I Experienced (Outer Darkness) On My Worst Enemy! I Was A Workaholic And A Raceaholic (But Now A Trucker For Jesus)
Your Testimony Can Be Published In Thousands Of Real Life Stories Testimony Books Amazing Encounters With God You'll Never Forget!
How I Came To Frighteningly Realize Satan And Demons Are Real God Turns Our Past Into A Purpose
My Hate For God Is Gone Because Now I Understand A Testimony Of What God Has Done In My Life

How Could I Believe In Jesus If He Was Not GOD?

The Day I Opened God's Gift I Didn't Even Know WAS A Gift

God's Liquid Love Engulfed Me - My Baptism In The Spirit


I Didn't Think I Deserved To Live Anymore

My Story - God's Grace (And He Wants YOU To Experience It As Well!)

From Deceptive New Age To Jesus Christ Who Is Ageless 

I've Discovered The Secret To Enjoy God!

God Desires That We Pass Every Painful Trial

The Greatest Testimony Ever Heard

Broken-Hearted Joy

My Struggles And Victories With Trusting God

Being Locked Up In Prison Was God's Way Of Helping Me


I Gave Jesus All My Heavy Luggage To Carry

The Testimony Of The Lord Is Sure Making Wise The Simple

Wow!  Three Life-Changing Words God Spoke To Me!

The God I Hated The Most Became The One I Now Love Most!

Connecting With Jesus In Prison

A Broken Heart Made Whole Thru God's Immeasurable Love

From Atheism To Christianity: My Personal Journey

The Only Thing We Own Is Free Will

I Was Stubborn And Felt Too Smart For God

My Search For Love

I Was Running From God

Whatever It Takes

My Life Was Full Of Broken Promises

The LIGHT? That's What I WANTED!

I Was Mad At The World, Myself, And God

Touched By More Than Just An Angel

Bound By Fear & Lack Of Confidence

Bound, Broken, Born Again

From Hell To The Glory Of God!

There Is Hope For Us All!

Resist The Devil And He Will Flee From You

I Knocked At Hell's Gate

My Hatred For Murderers Got Destroyed!

Out Of Living Death

Being Labeled A Murderer Caused Me To Hate Everyone

Before I Was Born - God Knew Me

68 Pages Worth Of Experiences Proving God Loves Me

Pleasing My Heavenly Father

From Spiritual Death To Spiritual Life!

Supernaturally Set Free!

The Big "J"

"Then Run!" Said God

Was I Born To Be Abused?  No!  And You Weren't Either!

The Morning God Became Real! (N Rasmussen, Director/In-depth Version)

Born Again Testimony of Norm Rasmussen (Short Version)

Finally Free!  (Kathleen Rasmussen, Co-Director)

Lonely Cabin On The Forty Mile

I Learned I Was Special To God (As You Are)

The Man Who Thinks He Can - Can! 

Violence Became My Career

"You Are Not A Quitter!
God Is Good - So Why Did I Feel So Empty? 

Praise To The Glory Of God's Grace

Dwelling In Darkness

Eternity Gains Another Precious Former Lost Soul 

Freed From Enslavement By Demons 

I Was Shown A Vision Of Hell 

It's Okay - I Am Here

Behind The Badge

My Deliverance From the Bondage & Deception Of Satan

I Left God, And I'm So Thankful He Took Me Back 

Hell Encounters Dr. M Rawlings Pt 1 Pt2 Pt3 Pt4 Pt5

Now I Have A Purpose Beyond Myself - I live For God

Indian Converts To Christianity

Hopeless And Filled With Grief - No More! 

Free At Last 

Once Wrapped In A Web Of Darkness

Walls Can No Longer Confine Me 

Backup Plan 

I Just Want You Back Because You're So Special To Me 

Staunch Atheist Bows To Jesus 

Sent To Shake Things Up!
I Found Living Water!

Delivered From Severe Depression & Suicidal Thoughts,

Hopelessness, And The Scars Of Sin 
If You KNEW What Truth Is, What Would You Do About It?
Becoming Born Again Isn't Just Knowledge Of The Bible 
My Story Of Forgiveness And Liberation 
Molested As A Child 
I Killed My Four Virgin Daughters For Demonic Power 
Ask - Trust - Receive 

Tribulation Came Knocking 

Lord If You Can Do Anything With My Mess...

I Was Not Ready To Change 
What Happens When There's No Love And Acceptance 
Searching For Love & Acceptance In The Wrong Places  Video
If You KNEW What Truth Is - What Would You DO With It?
I Couldn't Fill The Void Deep Inside 
Sorry Folks, But God Hates Religion And So Do I  Video
Rejection No Longer Holds Me In Bondage!  Video
From A Street Gangster To A Preacher  
Born Again - Never The Same! 
The Day I Got Saved And Filled With The Holy Spirit 
Saved From Being Crushed In A Trash Compactor! 
He Sent A Man to Free Me (One of the most often read)
Dying To Live (Amazing death experience & encounter with God!) 
Set Free From The Lies Of Roman Catholicism
40 Days, Nights & Years In a Barren Spiritual Wilderness 
Last Rights                             
Ryan's Life 

I Kneeled On God's Word ... To Stand!  
My Freedom From Demons 
The Struggle Of Being A Christian 

Finding The Peace And Love Of God 

From Rags To Riches 

"Religion" Will Take You Straight To Hell

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me About This Years Ago?   

Rejecting The Call Of The Lord - Don't! 

Change - Or You Have Six Months To Live!
Freedom-A Matter Of The Heart
Together Again!
God Stopped My Car!

Passing Through Troubled Waters     

Not Afraid To Die
Night In The Wilderness
I Heard Angels Singing!
The Coin Momma Lost

I Found True Freedom      
Let Me Live Or Let Me Die!
Being Gay
The Miracle Of Marvin
Dad ... Jesus Is Here!
This Jew Is For Jesus!
Free-Fulfilled-And Forgiven!
Forsaken But Not Left Behind
Love Finally Discovered
Jesus, Get Me Out Of Here!
Are You Among The Chosen?
When I Needed Jesus Badly
Marriage On The Only Rock!
Saved In Bed
Rebellious But Restored!
How I Came To Know Him!
Jesus Power
Marine For Jesus
Looking to Be Loved And Needed
A Completed Jew
A Bad Heart
Hidden In The Church
Strong Finish
Marriage on the Rocks
An Average Teenager
Get Some!!
Before The Mercy Seat of God
A Chasing of The Winds
Love You Mom Wherever You Are
Once A Nobody-Now A Somebody
A Man Sent From God
Jump For Jesus
It's Never Too Late!
Let God Fight Your Battles
What Is Truth?

Have You Ever Felt Rejected?
A Recovered Alcoholic
A Legalistic Cult
Nothing But Dirt...
Now I Am A Real Christian...
Fear Gone Of Having AIDES
A Chinese Testimony
My Changed Life
Another Prodigal Son Reunited...
How I Got Life-Changing Love
He Bringeth Out Those Which Are Bound In Chains
Freedom From Satanism
Something Was Wrong
Change Comes In Seasons...
The Spirit of Adoption
Tragedy To Triumph
Washed White As Snow
Gateways to Hell

Stripped Of Self - Clothed With God's Spiritual Truth
The Blood of Jesus Only Saves

Victims of Foolish Past Behaviors

The Journey
From Death to Life...
Abortion Is Not The Answer
Proclamation of Grace!
Not Just An Affair
The Child of Destiny
Is "Islam" Truth?  No!!
A Change of Heart
Jesus Saved My Life

Two Prisons
Getting Right With God...

Running From God...
Salvation Testimonies

Holey Socks

The Night Jesus Came To Visit
How I Became A Christian
Lonely Cabin On The Forty-Mile
The Insanity of My Addiction
Jesus Has Become My Passion!

All It Takes Is One Little Prayer...

How Can I Find God?

Fibromyalgia: Helping Others 

You Don't Need to Clean Yourself Up 1st!
There Is A Hope & A Future For You!
Adopted Twice!

Searching For Worthwhile Love
"Being Good" Will Not Get You To Heaven 
Lost In A Snowstorm 

Christian Stories

The Tanja Zimmermann Salvation Testimony
Knowing of God Is Not Knowing Him

You Can Miss Heaven By 18 Inches 

God Revealed To Me There Is Life After Death

In God's House Of Mirrors

God Wants To Fill That Aching Hole In You

Being Prepared For Eternity   (Staff note: A MUST read!)

God's Story - My Chapter

Deceived By Satan's Lies Regarding Being Gay

Jesus - Help Me!

The Best Decision I Ever Made Was To Become Born Again

My Confession Of Faith And Burning Passion To Share God's Love 

The Fight From Within 

Too Wild For Grandma 

Tomorrow, Today Will Be Yesterday 
Enjoying My True Self 

Void Of God - Filled With Self (No More) 

God's Gang 

God Dropped An Anvil On My Head

Three Strikes And I May Or May Not Be Out

The Great Runner 

Hell Is A Reality - I Was Shown A Vision Of It 

Set Free From The Sin Of Lesbianism 

God Is Love 

From Atheistic Scientist To Children's Christian Entertainer

 Crutch To Christ 

My Struggles Of Being A Christian In An Indian Culture

A Diamond In The Rough 

"Jesus - Fix Me" 

I Needed To Go To Jail To Be Humbled! 

 Amazing Grace - How Can It Be? 

Alcohol And Drugs Can Remove Everything Precious In Life!

Wow! God Sent A Lawyer

(A hope-inspiring Christian testimony for prisoners)
From The Unimaginable - To The Extraordinary  

What God Can Do With A Homeless - Hopeless Junkie

In Search Of Love - Revealing Buried Secrets To Help Others

The Truth About Heaven And Hell - I NOW Believe!  

Forgiveness  (Ever Feel Like Your Life Has Been A Total Waste?)

I Was A New Age Junkie

 I Saw Jesus But Felt So Unworthy 
Help!  I Can't Take It Anymore! 
For Anyone Who Has Been Sexually Molested 

The MIKE BENSON Born Again Testimony  
A Letter To God 
Jesus: My 911 Rescuer
My Sin Put Jesus On The Cross  Video 
Momma Never Gave Up On Me    Video 
Supernaturally Healed In More Ways Than One  Video
No More An Atheist  Video
Soldiers In God's Army  Video
It Came Down To Either Suicide - Or God 
I Have A New Identify! 
I'm Celebrating My Recovery! 
Suicide Is Not The Way Out! 
Go Ahead - Jump! 
A Jew Open To Truth 
Can God Become A Man? 
I'm No Longer Blind - In More Ways Than One! 
(Awesome Inspiration for both physically & spiritually handicapped!) 

Seeking For Self-Worth Nearly Killed Me!
(Meth Addiction Was Killing Her)

I Saw Jesus But Felt So Unworthy! 
Out Of The Mafia - Back To Life 
I Was Taken To Outer Darkness! 
I Saw The Lake Of Fire (In Hell)! 
From A Pothead To A Preacher's Wife  

Out Of The Darkness Into The Light 
He Saves Me From ME 
When Life On Earth Is Over - Then What?  
Hot Pursuit 
I've Seen the Light 
Conquering Life's Mountains 
Something Unusual Happened To Me, Alright! 
Being Able To Forgive Those I Hated Has Set Me Free! 
The 11th Hour
I Saw An Angel Alright!

100 Mile-An-Hour-Salvation
From Call Girl to God's Girl
God Has A Way
Walls Can No Longer Confine Me!
Being Good Will Not Get You To Heaven
Runaway Heart
"Jesus Loves You, Man"
Stop The Pain!
Running From Jesus...
I Didn't Believe God Would Forgive Me
God Is My Shield
The Half-Inch Spanner
God's Grace Eight Stories Up
Feel Unwanted? That Was Me
Dream Warning!
Pakistani Muslim Faces Jesus Christ
A Touch Of Lazarus
The City Of Bells!
True Freedom
Jesus Was Only A Swear Word To Me

Delivered From Dark Feelings & Vultures

Ex-Occultist Becomes Born Again!
Divine Mother-Goddess or Deceived?
Simple Faith In Jesus
God Has Been Good To Me...
Waitin' On The Lord's Greyhound Bus
Only Jesus Can Heal A Diseased Spirit
Free Indeed!
Make Yourself Ready!

The Story Of Two Defectors
Let Go!

I Hate God
Reconciled To God & Family

Delivered of Cocaine & Baseball Bats
Seeking The Master's Touch
Victory In Prison
Love Lifted Me!
Telling It Like It Happened
Reflection Of An Old Life
I Can't Imagine Not Living A Christian Life
Drugs Are A Trap!
Be His Witness
My Life Has Been Transformed!
Is This All There Is To Life?
Have You Ever Questioned Life?
Free Advice
The Jewish Messiah Miracle
Called By A New Name
Stop Playing With Sin!
From Sin-to Sentence-to Salvation
A Needle In A Haystack
Do You Know Jesus?
Writing My Legacy
God's Saving Grace
Only An Imitation of Life!!!
Broken Chains
Made "Hole" From Shame
How a DRUNK Gets Sober
Saved From Suicide
From Hollywood Actor to Preacher
Drugs, Sex & Booze...Just Don't Get It!
Convinced I Was A Christian
He Took The Sword Out of My Hands!
I Didn't Know What Sober Was
Through The Eyes Of A Child
Calling On Jesus WILL Change You
Singing In The Pews...On My Way To Hell
It's Been Fun With God!!
God Saves Whores Too!!
Feeling "GAY" IS Wrong
A Change of Heart
Money Can't Buy You Love

Deception of the Occult & Cults

Delivered From Low Self-Esteem & Sex
God's Amazing Grace In My Life
Freedom From Satanism
Bringing Out Those Bound In Chains!
A Muslim Transformed

Searching All the Wrong Doctrines
The Long Way Home
Searching For Love...
Lost In Sin - Found In Love
The Day The Deliverer Showed Up
I Don't Hate God Anymore!
There Has to Be More To Life...
The Hand of God Upon My Life
When My Father & Mother Forsake Me
The Demonic Voices Had To Go

A Time Of Small Beginnings 

My Deliverance From Suicide, Fear And Lies
Jesus In The Sky

I Was A Witch For Seven Years


All that we do in this life comes back to our God-given purpose which is to serve and glorify God (which is truly OPPORTUNITY!) - making Him FIRST in our life daily if we're wise. The money and assets we accumulate (if not used to help reach lost souls to Christ), the fame and power we've attained or seek to attain - all of the things of this nature will one day pass away, but those lives we help bring to Jesus Christ and disciple will last for ETERNITY, and we will be rewarded for the part we helped play by impacting those lives ... for ETERNITY.  (Matthew 6:19-20 is our assurance). 

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