Were you aware that Christian stories have great value in communicating the reality of God?  Were you aware that true Christian stories reveal God at work in the lives of people?  Were you aware that Christian stories help people understand truths of the Bible?  Were you aware that true Christian stories help declare God's glory, as Psalms 96:3 encourages Christians to do?  Were you aware that Christian stories give others hope, encouragement, and can impart faith?  Were you aware that true Christian stories can bring about positive change in the lives of others ' especially for those searching answers about God?

Simply stated ... God uses Christian stores for His glory in a number of different ways.

Were you aware that the story of how God has worked in YOUR life has great potential in being used of Him to help fulfill His purposes on this planet?  ABSOLUTELY! 

Please never underestimate the value of YOUR Christian story.  It can be very, very useful to God!

What might your Christian story BE?  It can be any number of different 'spiritual chapters' in your life.  It can be the story about a moment in time when you prayed a prayer, and God answered you in a very amazing way.  God often answers our prayers in an amazing way just so that when we share them with others, it encourages them to keep trusting God in a trying situation they may be going through.

Sometimes we just need an opportunity to share our Christian stories to encourage OURSELVES.  Almost everyone goes through times in their life when they question God on this or that, and sometimes they need to remind themselves of what God has done in their past to help them get through something they are going through at the present.  Though we share spiritual moments of our past to encourage others, we can find OURSELVES getting fresh encouragement from it as well!   God's Spirit has a way of doing those things.

There are other times when we may be going through some trial in our life and we hear a true Christian story of another that pulls us right out of our hopeless, discouragement or despair.  Christian stories can make a huge impact in the lives of others, which now leads us to say THIS:

Do YOU have a Christian story that you have buried inside of you, that you've never written down yet?  May we encourage you to seriously consider taking a little time out of your busy schedule and write it down for God to use?  He can't use it if you don't give it to Him to use, now can He? 

The Internet is such a valuable tool God has given humanity to get YOUR Christian story out to those God may want to touch in some way through reading it.  Only through eternity will you learn of how many people may have been helped in some way by you taking the time to write out your Christian story.

Can we share a little secret with you that you maybe didn't know?  Those who let God use their Christian stories to help others grow to understand it is one of the very best ways God has provided to lay up for themselves treasures in heaven.  Maybe you weren't AWARE that Jesus told us we can lay up for ourselves treasures in heaven?  If not, it is found in Matthew 6:19-20 in the Bible.  It reads:

'Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal.'

Surely you don't want to wait until you get to heaven and then find out that you could have had many, many more rewards waiting for you when you got there if you just would have taken the time to write down your Christian story/stories and let them get published on the Internet before dying, do you?

Here's a website where you can have your Christian stories published, for FREE of course:   Thousands look at this website weekly.  Many go to it to try to learn more about God.  Many got to it to get encouraged.  Others go to it simply because they aren't even sure what they believe about God.  Who knows ' perhaps YOUR Christian story ... once you write it and send it to them to be put on their website ' will be responsible for touching the lives of millions over time! 

If you not quite sure HOW to write your Christian story, you can click on the following link to gain some tips on how to go about doing so:

You can submit your story right now on the following link:  Submit Your story

Many people put off writing about what God has done in their lives because they are waiting for God to do MORE in their lives.  We encourage most people not to wait.  The reason being, we never know if we'll be alive tomorrow to be able to write it.  That makes sense, doesn't it?

Please ' do yourself and God a HUGE favor.  Don't put off writing down your Christian story.  It's too priceless to keep tucked inside yourself!

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