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Precious Testimonies Evangelistic Ministries grants full permission without contacting us to forward any writing or video segment we have on our website to another by means of email, Facebook, and any other means of transmission. In fact, we STRONGLY encourage it! (That's one of God's primarily calls’ for this ministry: Multiplying spiritual seed). All we ask is that they are not sold, but distributed free of charge.

We also grant full permission without any need to contact us if you desire to print copies of any testimony or writing we have on our website to help multiply spiritual seed. Again, all we ask is that they are not sold, but distributed free of charge.

We grant full permission to use any writing on the Precious Testimonies website on a website - blog - social media post - of your own, to multiply seed.

Regarding book publishing: Precious Testimonies Evangelistic Ministries DOES NOT grant permission for any individual/s or book publisher to publish any testimonies from the Precious Testimonies website. However - if an individual or a book publisher wishes to use a testimony or writing from the Precious Testimonies website to be included in a book or booklet, pamphlet, magazine, their own website, blog, etc. … they must contact the testifier directly and receive written permission from the testifier to use the testifier’s testimony or writing in the book, booklet, pamphlet, magazine, being published.  Important: Neither the testifier nor the publisher publishing the testifier’s testimony or writing needs the written or verbal permission from Precious Testimonies Evangelistic Ministries to accomplish this process.

If an email address is given at the bottom of a testimony, this is how you will be able to contact the testifier directly.  Otherwise - Precious Testimonies does NOT give out testifier contact information to ANYONE (if we even HAVE current contact information, which in many times we don't as time passes as the testifier/s fail to update us with new contact information, or a friend of the testifier fails to alert us that the testifier has passed into glory).

Another matter about book/pamphlet (etc.) publishing: Once a testimony or writing gets published in a book, (Or on another website/blog for that matter) if a testifier requests to have their testimony or writing removed from the book (or website/blog) or wording changes made, which many times happens [especially in divorce-remarriage situations and even sometimes for security reasons] that is nearly impossible to do without stopping the distribution of the entire testimonial book ... (Or getting hold of the proprietor of another website/blog who may have become gravely ill or maybe even died ... yet the website/blog remains up on the Internet or stays in print).

Again – Please try to understand why we make the above stipulations. We want God to be able to use the testimonies and spiritual writings on the Precious Testimonies website to reach as many people as possible. Nevertheless, over time, many testifiers have clearly told us that the ONLY reason they are sending (have sent) us their testimonies to publish is because Precious Testimonies does not project the impression to viewers and listeners that we are “after people’s money.” Saying it a little differently: “We are not doing this ministry for personal financial gain, though we are letting people know that they can sow finances (contributions) into this ministry if they desire to help us pay ministry expenses.”

We want to make a couple of things very clear about the ownership of each testimony we publish on the Precious Testimonies website, whether written, audio, and/or video. THE TESTIFIER/S OWN’S THEIR TESTIMONY. Precious Testimonies Evangelistic Ministries does NOT. The testifier has exclusive rights to have their testimonies removed from the Precious Testimonies website any time they choose, or request changes be made to their testimony.  [We make every reasonable effort to make SURE who is requesting changes be made to a testimony, however; especially when someone requests to have it removed completely off the Precious Testimonies website].  

Bottom line in all this: We desire as many people as possible to have the opportunity to read or hear the testimonies we feel God wants us to publish, and that Satan is not granted an easier open door to harass either the testifier, officers of this ministry, or the ministry itself.

Regarding possible advertising:  If you or an organization you work for wishes to advertise on the Precious Testimonies website, we will not allow it.  That projects that we are making money off the advertising, which we believe God does not want us doing.  Furthermore, often times advertising companies endorse things we want no direct or indirect connection to or association with.  Thanks for understanding.    

Not withstanding: All Rights Reserved

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Thank you for your thoughtful consideration in the above matters.