JESUS DID IT! What Every Person Needs To Know

What EVERY Person Needs To Know


So WHAT Did He DO?                            God's Holy Bible assures us of WHAT Jesus Christ DID, and WHY.

The Holy Bible tells us: All of us were born with a sin nature. We inherited it from Adam and Eve - the first two created people - because of their disobedience (sin) to God. Jesus Christ paid for everyone's spiritual pardon come Judgment Day by taking their punishment by dying a cruel death on the cross -- that means YOUR punishment.

That's right! Jesus did it!  Jesus Christ paid the ransom payment for your ETERNAL SPIRITUAL FORGIVENESS - YOUR FREE PARDON FROM ETERNAL SPIRITUAL DEATH COME JUDGMENT DAY.

Imagine being in a courtroom, and the Judge has just sentenced you to death for the crime you committed. Also imagine Jesus Christ being your lawyer. Jesus Christ says to the Judge (or in other words, God the heavenly Father): "Your Honor, I want to serve my client's sentence and pay the price for his/her wrong-doing by dying instead so my client can go free for the crime he/she has committed." Can you imagine someone doing such a thing for you?! JESUS DID IT.

Of course you may be saying to yourself also at that moment: I haven't done anything to be sentenced to die! I'm being falsely accused! "What have I supposedly DONE, God?!" Here's your answer: God gave 10 commandments for people to keep in the Old Testament Bible. Anyone who breaks just one of those commandments must be punished for breaking them against God. Where does it say THAT?! It says that in Romans 6:23: For the wages of sin is death [Eternal suffering for one's sins], but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Have you ever lied? Lied just one time? Every one of us has lied at least once. Number 9 of the 10 commandments says: Thou shalt not lie (bear false witness). You know what that makes us? A disobedient sinning liar against God's moral law - His 10 commandments. (Revelation 21:8 also tells us what God thinks of lying). You just read above what God says about our disobedient sinning against Him by breaking just ONE of His moral laws: The wages of doing so is DEATH. Emotional - spiritual death. Total separation from God and agonizingly suffering for our sins for all eternity -- totally void of any love, peace, hope, joy or forgiveness from God ever again (otherwise known as hell).

BUT HERE IS GOD'S BEST NEWS! We can receive forgiveness for all our disobedience (sins) against God the Father and our sins against others RIGHT NOW and have certainty RIGHT NOW that on the Judgment Day, our sins WON'T be held against us! Furthermore, our name will be written in the Lambs Book of Life (See: Revelation 20:15). HOW CAN THAT BE?! By wisely asking Jesus Christ to forgive us for our sins and trusting that He HAS forgiven us of them simply by our asking and trusting! Jesus will do it! 1 John 1:8-9 says: If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Thus if we make Jesus our personal Lord and Savior - every time we sin - we have every right to ask Jesus Christ to forgive us of our sin/s - cleanse us as though we never sinned - so that when our heart stops beating, we can be assured that we won't have to suffer eternal damnation for our sins. Jesus Christ did what no other human being has ever done or ever could do. He was the ONLY person on this planet who has never sinned. And because He never sinned, He is the only acceptable sacrifice God the Father would accept to pay ransom payment for each of our sins. That is simply AMAZING, isn't it?! Yet JESUS DID IT!

WHY?  Because of His LOVE and MERCY for lost sinners who will reach out in humility and demonstrate appreciation for His FREE GIFT of eternal forgiveness!

None of us know when our heart will stop beating, do we? Be HIGHLY encouraged to make peace with God the Father through Jesus Christ this very moment. Pray and tell Jesus you are sorry for your sins against God. Ask Him to save you from your sins.  Daily put Him FIRST in everything you think, say and do. As soon as possible, be water baptized, and ask and trust Jesus to fill you with the Holy Spirit (and teach you how to STAY filled daily! - See: Ephesians 5:18-21) so you can be empowered by the Holy Spirit to enjoy reading the New Testament Bible (God's LATEST covenant Word to the human race), and obey the commands God has recorded for followers of Jesus Christ to obey (It is good for you -- you will be rewarded for doing so!).  Join with other Christian believers who can help answer the many questions you probably have, and who will pray for and encourage you.  Asking Jesus Christ to be your personal Savior, and making Him Lord of your life is THE WISEST DECISION YOU WILL EVER MAKE.  It will bring you eternal joyous rewards ... and God will be so pleased that you have NOT wasted the eternal purposes God has planned for you!   God never created you to be a wasted creation of His - never forget that - but it is up to YOU to let Him work in your life - daily.  He won't force you.  He must always be invited. (Intimate relationship is never sustained indefinitely with another person without effort; nor so with God. It requires ACTIVE pursuit of the most special person in your life.  God desires YOUR active pursuit of Him more than anything else in your life.  He desires FIRST place - not second.  And in your so doing ... NO ONE to Him is more desirable than YOU!  He so eagerly desires you to come to that realization, dear one. He truly does.  This life is your starting point with your loving Creator that will last for eternity.)

PLEASE make copies of this gospel writing and make them available to OTHERS who may not have heard what Jesus did for them by dying on the cross - paying the penalty for their sins so they can be forgiven of them.  Children especially need to hear what Jesus accomplished for them.  Please help get this into the hands of children.

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