(A Jack Olson True-Life Story)

By: Jack Olson


That's how polite people answer dumb requests.

We had lost a business three years ago through a series of bad decisions. Now the mistakes of our past were about to nail us.

We were two months behind on our mortgage. We owed the IRS $3,000. We had been approved for a loan that would pay them off, give us a better rate on our home, and pay off a second mortgage. But, three days before closing, the IRS put a lien on our house and the bank killed the loan. If I hadn't been so dumb, none of this would be happening, I thought.

Now, with that lien and two months arrears, I was going to ask for another two-month grace. I would also ask for a reduction in interest from 14% to 11% plus $3,000 to pay off the IRS. Anyone knows that no banker would consider me worthy. I fastened the seat belts, turned the key and prayed for favor.

The bank was half an hour away, so I decided to continue memorizing scriptures. I pushed a tape into the player and sat in amazement.

Instead of my voice reciting scripture, another came through the speakers. It said, "When you go to the bank, by faith, speak life into that relationship. Bind away death." In other words, believe the promises of God and act upon them. The message was clear and detailed. And since I was going to the bank, I took this as the providence of God and gladly did as instructed.

I parked, walked in, shook hands, and sat down as any normal person would, and made my ridiculous request.

The banker just sat there with a knowing smile. I of course wondered what she was smiling at because my countenance was not smiling. Then she made a counter offer.

They didn't give me two months; they gave me four. They didn't give me 11%; they gave me 10.5%. They didn't give me $3,000, they gave me $6,000 so that I could pay the second mortgage as well.

To cap it off, they wrote a glowing commendation which secured a better loan with another bank at 9%. So everyone got paid, including themselves. I didn't mention I was unworthy of all their kindness. I accepted it gratefully. And I thanked God for making it happen.

Just think of how powerful and clever He is. The IRS got satisfied, the bank got satisfied, and I got satisfied. And it was all done without any fuss. In fact it was all done in a spirit of kindness toward them all. It makes a person want to be more like Jesus: getting things done through kindness instead of through anger or submission.

It was like He was saying, "don't think 'impossible.'" I love you in spite of your stupidity in getting into this mess.

I'd still like to know what He said to that banker. Or did He meddle with her point of view. Perhaps He foreknew what I'd be doing that day and got her out of bed wanting to do something really kind. Perhaps He place a nice banker there a few years previously just for that day. I know I may be waxing proud, but I also know He is able to work to our benefit in a dozen different ways. And apparently He likes to do that. Scripture backs that up.

The IRS never found out the truth of what happened because I failed to tell them. Big mistake on my part. I seem to err ceaselessly.

Regardless of who you are or what you have done, God loves you.

Your record, like mine, may be stained. You may be unworthy, deserving only the mess you've created. But God, who makes all things possible, doesn't consider your past. He regards you with unconditional love. Ask him for salvation from your situation, and like this little example, you will receive benefits far beyond what's reasonable. You cannot understand it and you don't deserve it. But God bestows upon you the love of a father, waiting patiently for you to accept His provision: the punishment of His firstborn son, Jesus, to free you from guilt and judgment.

By the way, He flat owns all the banks and the IRS. They just don't know it.

What He has done for others He can do for you!

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