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From The Shofar Man


"There is not enough space to express what has happened since we purchased this Shofar just a few weeks ago from you. In short, I have blown it over the phone to a woman who is dying of liver cancer and the doctors gave her no hope. She said that when I blew it, the Spirit of God went through all her body. The atmosphere of my house, my neighborhood, family, ministry, etc., has totally changed.  I can't explain it!

"Just last night I took my son to a park where there was a multitude of people.  I went off by myself with my Shofar and just began to blast.  In less than a minute, there was a crowd of people asking about the Shofar and we had church.  I had a chance to minister in depth to an Italian Catholic couple through the ministry of the Shofar.  I am glad the Spirit directed us to The Shofar Man, because we truly believe there is a special anointing on your ministry. We are praying that we will get to meet you soon.  Hopefully God will send you to New Jersey.  I have a sister who lives in Evansville, Indiana.  I don't know if that is close to where you are.  But she needs a good church and I referred her to your website.  I know you are going to be getting many more testimonies from us and others.  We will send them to The Shofar Man."  -- Pastor Anthony

"I just received my Shofar at Christmas, and I was thrilled.  My wife purchased a Fmedium Yemenite Shofar which came with the video and book.  I have read the book, and I am about to sit down and watch the video.  I have already blown the Shofar many times since I got it, and each time I love the temperature in the room has gone up drastically!!!  Praise God!!  I feel His loving and gentle spirit every time I blast it.  I have already blown it to the North, South, East, and West.  I think the neighborhood is going to think I have gone loopy.  Thank you, and I plan on purchasing a Rams Shofar in the near future from you plus a few extra things."  -- Pastor Darren

"I am writing in regard to the two Shofars I have purchased from you.  I have friends who purchased Shofars elsewhere but the anointing is not the same as on the two that I have purchased from you.  A friend and I were in a meeting in Ohio, and could feel the Holy Spirit on your Shofars.  I had to have one, when I went back the next night, I had to have another one.  Recently, our prayer team went out and prayed over the city.  I felt compelled by the Holy Spirit to invite my young friend along.  She plays a mean trumpet.  She played the Yemenite Shofar that was purchased from you and the anointing was so intense she had a hard time hold up the Shofar and playing it, but you would have never known it because of the strength of the Holy Spirit upon her.  She said to me, "Connie, it is hard blowing a Shofar when you can't stop smiling!"  I love when our young people meet with the Holy Spirit.  Her birthday is in two weeks, and my friend and I felt she needed a Shofar.  Without question, it was to be one of yours.  Thank you so much for your ministry!  Our city has had a break through.  The night you blew the Shofar, I knew something was going on in the heavenlies.  Things have changed here.  i do not say this lightly.  I have prayer walked this city for seven years.  I have held all night watches here, and God honored His servant and moved here because of your ministry and obedience to Him.  Thank you!"  -- Connie

"I have received the package.  I opened it up, and immediately, I felt the Spirit of God!!!  I will be getting a few more things.  Thanks again!!!"  -- Debra

"I received my prayer shawl (Esther "Hadassah") last night, and I'm delighted with it.  I can't believe how beautiful and regal it looks.  I enjoyed the tape immensely.  I will give my free shawl to my brother-in-law, an awesome man of God.  I will be wrapping my prayer shawl around myself each time I talk with my Lord and for the cold Sunday mornings in my church.  I had an urgency to purchase a prayer shawl and prayed that the Lord would direct me to a website where I would find a shawl that commemorates the story and memory of Hadassah.  I don't even know how I got to your website, but as I've been sharing with my sisters in Christ, "God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to behold."  From the moment I opened the package, I felt so blessed.  Thank you very much and I will make sure to distribute your business cards to my friends and family.  God Bless You."  -- Beverly

"I have just received my Shofar.  I could not be more pleased with the look, the sound, and all the extras that I received.  Friends gave me my first one in 2001 and I thought it was good, but now I've got one that is great and I can't wait until my church family gets to see and hear it.  Thank you so much."  -- Sharon

"I am writing from Roebling, NJ.  About a month ago, I attended a Jason Upton concert in Long Island at a church called the Upper Room.  I was speaking to a man named Steve about Shofars.  He told me to call The Shofar Man and tell them Steve from Long Island sent me.  So I did.  I spoke to a polite, patient woman.  She had someone blow Shofars over the phone for me.  I ordered a 45" Yemenite.  I was told that it would come in two to three days.  I ordered it on a Thursday afternoon.  I was expecting it on Monday, but after Monday I realized it will come on Tuesday.  Late in the afternoon, I was very discouraged and my seven year old son, Ezekiel said "Dad, just trust God".  Around 6 o'clock, the UPS man pulled up with the Shofar.  I have never blown a Shofar this size. I have a 17" Rams Horn and when I got my Shofar, I asked the UPS driver if he was a Christian.  He said 'yes,' but he never heard of a Shofar.  I ripped it out of the box and put it to my lips and it actually blew a blast all through my neighborhood.  He was amazed and got to learn a little bit about the Shofar. 

"The Shofar that I ordered 5 days ago has arrived. You are not kidding about fast shipping. Wow! I ordered the Shofar, sight un-seen, and I am not disappointed. Fact is I am impressed. I usually don't leave testimonials but with such an item as this I think it is important for others to be encouraged that what you say about your Shofars is correct. The Shofar has no bad odor; the sealing of the inside is the way to go and the sound of this horn is awesome!  Praise God. Brother I thank the Lord for you and knowing that you are as close as Indiana makes me thing that I may have to road trip out there to see you at one of your upcoming meetings. Great job and thank you."  -- David

"Thank you.  The items I bought arrived, and they are fantastic.  It's always a pleasure to do business with an honest and professional company.  Best regards."  -- Patti

"I ordered my Shofar, a 39"-40" Yemenite, the day after Rosh Hashanah (a Wednesday).  The scheduled delivery date was the Thursday 8 days after.  Sure enough, the Shofar came a day early, and I was so excited to get it that I intercepted the UPS man long before he got to my apartment and carried the box back up myself.  There is no other way to put this -- the Shofar is gorgeous.  In my opinion, it looks BETTER than the pictures on the website.  The horn has patches of an absolutely stunning red that run down to the black by the mouthpiece.  It's actual size is closer to 41", or MORE than what I paid for.  And if that weren't enough, the freebies are amazing.  The free velvet bag is great looking, practical and houses both the Yemenite and the 13" ram's horn (in a side pouch) that also came free with ordering a horn over 26".  As for playing, the instrument sounds beautiful.  I, a French horn player, easily got out 5 notes while playing softly (can't play too loudly inside my apartment) and the tone is rich and beautiful.  The mouthpiece widening took nothing from the sound and made playing a breeze.  I can't wait to sit in a practice room and blast glorious tones unto the heavens!  I can't wait to play on Yom Kippur, and I will definitely come back to The Shofar Man for all my Shofar needs.  Loving my amazing Shofar."  -- Gabriel

"WOW!  Such fast service.  I placed my order on Tuesday AM and the package was at my door Thursday PM.  My first Shofar has been getting a real workout lately.  After getting "MY" Shofar, my young son wanted his own.  Well, how can you say no to this?  We emailed you the size and shape we wanted.  Several great looking horns.  Just as we picked out mine.  We asked for more pics of the one he liked.  Then we asked you to sound it for us.  Great sound... sold!  We bought it on your layaway plan as an 11th birthday gift for our son.  The padded Shofar bag works great for my 21 inch horn.  Guess who wants one for his shofar!  You are a great company to buy from.  We recommend you to all wanting high quality goods and great service."  -- Larry

"The 43" Shofar arrived Friday afternoon.  Opening the box was pure excitement.  it was not out of the box more than a minute and I blew my first blast on it.  It was clear, and you could hear it echo across the desert.  I am not nearly as soon as you on the video, but the sound is "AWESOME."  I praise the Lord for your service.  I sit and practice as I can and each time I am amazed at the variation of sounds that is beautiful instrument provides.  It is truly an instrument of God, for each time I blow it, my spirit feels at peace and all right with the Lord.  I thank you again, my friend, for being a willing servant of the Lord."  -- Jimi

"I received my Yemenite Shofar last week and was extremely pleased.  This is the third Yemenite horn I've purchased from you.  I am amazed at the consistency of the preparation of the horns you have sent me.  While the first two Shofars were great looking horns, the most recent horn is absolutely beautiful.  I lifted the horn out of its packaging, admired the craftsmanship and colors, then easily blew three beautiful notes.  Your Yemenites are wonderful.  I will recommend your horns to anybody that wishes to purchase good craftsmanship and beauty.  Your company was very patient to answer my questions and your obvious anointing to sound the Shofar was a pleasant surprise.  God bless you and your family."  -- Rene

"I am thoroughly enjoying the double twist ram's horn Shofar I bought from you.  It's pretty easy to play, and I am recommending you to anyone who asks about it.  You are the ONLY place to buy Shofars!!"  -- Errol

"I want to tell you what a joy and blessing it was to meet you and your family this past Wednesday.  You were all extremely patient and helpful.  You have a powerful ministry and I pray that God will continue to bless it.  I am thrilled with the Yemenite Shofar that I purchased.  It has a beautiful sound (of course, my dog disagrees) and I am looking forward to incorporating it into our worship.  Thanks again."  -- John

"The Shofar arrived timely and was wrapped and presented to the Bar Mitzvah Boy this weekend.  It was absolutely perfect.  It even smelled of the holy land.  Thanks."  -- A-Lea 

"I just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how very happy I am with the Shofar you just sold me.  It is a 41" Yemenite.  I must admit that I was a little uncertain because the price was so low, but I was reassured by the wealth of information on your website.  Well, it arrived very quickly and undamaged, and I was surprised at the quality of finish.  I had played other Shofars before and as the claim is always that they are able to play 2 different notes, that is what I expected.  To my surprise, I was able to play from the root (first line E if you read music) up two full octaves and each note was clear and clean.  I have since modified the mouthpiece and sealed the inside to eliminate the smell.  It is now more comfortable to play and I am able to play not only the standard calls used in the temple but all the standard bugle calls as well.  It is rare that a product is actually better than advertised, so I wanted to make sure to thank you and commend you for your honesty and integrity.  Shalom."  -- Steve

"Thank you so much for your exceptionally good service.  I will recommend you to my friends as a great place to do business.  It is rare to get such prompt and quality service.  You have really impressed me and I look forward to doing business in the future.  Thank you again for the quick shipment and for ensuring that I receive quality items."  -- Jill 

"I just received my first order from you today.  It was the blue/gold Tallit with Tekhelets already tied.  I can't say enough about the quality and beauty of the Tallit.  It's better than great.  I can't wait to wear it this Sabbath Services, so I just want to thank you so much for the quality of your products.  The tape on the Tallits is very educational also.  You guys are the best.  I can't wait to get paid again so I can order some more."  -- T.E.

"I first found The Shofar Man website last year while surfing the net looking for a place to order a prayer shawl for my dear friend for Christmas.  I was late in my shopping, so I called my order in.  I had a very nice conversation with the grown son and was so assured that even though I was late in ordering, my order would be there in 2-5 days.  Sure enough!  I may try to get an earlier start this year and will always order from The Shofar Man!  Thank you so much for keeping your products at affordable prices.  As a mother of four, I feel blessed to have found a website that I can order special beautiful things for myself and the ones I love... Thanks again."  -- DeLisa 

"This is to inform you that our order was delivered this morning by UPS and we wish to compliment you for the high quality of your product.  We wish to thank you for your valuable service.  We are spreading your internet site to the members of our congregation."  -- Fernand

"I can't believe it.  On Monday afternoon I placed my order from you for my son's Talis.  On Tuesday afternoon I came home to tell my wife that I had received confirmation of the order, and she told me that it had already been delivered earlier that afternoon.  I sent out our invitations on Friday, and I am still waiting for my mother to get hers.  I have never had service like this before.  The Talis is just what we wanted, and I wanted to let you know how happy we were with the selection and service.  We will let others know about you!"  -- Richard

"This is just a quick message to let you know that I received my item and that it is fantastic!  It has been a pleasure to do business with you and thank you for going out of your way to accommodate me.  I liked the tape you sent, and let me say thank you once more.  You were outstanding!"  -- Mark

"The Shofars arrived 20 minutes ago.  I took each one out and blew them for my wife.  WOW!  Is all I can say.  The anointing is rising, they sound fantastic (even got more notes out than I could on Saturday).  Thanks again for all of your help."  --Robert

"A couple of years back, I was researching the history and sale locations for Shofars.  The Shofar Man website was and still is the best site for not just Shofars, but for all varieties of Judaica supplies anywhere to be found.  I recommend The Shofar Man to many every month.  If The Shofar Man does not have it, then it is not to be found."  -- Rabbi M.C.B.

"I have to tell you how beautiful my daughter looked with her designer silk Talis by Emanuel over her cream silk suit.  It is so gorgeous and will serve her well over her lifetime.  My synagogue offered nothing as nice as this Talis, and there are so few Jewish shopping options in Tampa.  Thank you for offering such beautiful products."  -- Pat

"My wife and I heard about your company by surfing the internet.  Now your name is coming up in chat rooms and on religious forums.  It seems that everyone who knows of you recommends your products because of quality and price."  -- Dan

"I first heard of you around a year ago.  The quality of your merchandise is excellent, which is why I will keep coming back."  -- Elise

"Thank you so very much.  The Tallit arrived today, and I am very, very pleased.  I give you high marks.  I am looking forward to doing more business with you in the days to come.  Thanks once again."  -- Gary

"I discovered your great company when I found a wonderful Tallit with Shofars on it for my trumpet-playing husband.  This is our first Tallit, and I love seeing Gary wear it each Shabbat in our congregation."  -- Deborah

"Just a note to say that the Tallit we ordered was beyond our expectations.  Our daughter's Bat Mitzvah was a great success... and she looked beautiful in her Kippah and Tallit.  Thank you for providing good quality items at a reasonable price."  --Mary

"I received the Shofars today.  I want to thank you for the wonderful job of matching them for me.  I am thrilled with them.  Thank you also for the free gifts."  -- Chuck

"Hello, I just wanted to say that this 35" Sterling Silver Yemenite Shofar is the most beautiful Shofar I've ever seen."  -- Rebecca

"Just to let you know that our order was received in good order today.  We are very pleased with the Shofar and the other items received.  Thank you for your prompt service.  We will be placing another order in the near future."  -- Dan

"I just wanted to let you know that I received my order already - I couldn't believe that it came so fast!  THANK YOU SO MUCH.  I also wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the quality of the two Mezuzahs I ordered - they were not only affordable, but quite nice.  I like both the design and the weight of the brass is pretty hefty.  I had looked at a few other sites on the internet and their prices were so high I couldn't even consider purchasing from them.  And I didn't like their designs, either.  You have such a wide selection both of designs and prices."  -- Jean

"I received the Star of David earrings today and am very happy they came so quickly and in plenty of time for the Bat Mitzvah Saturday.  The earrings are prettier than I expected, a little smaller, but that's ok as I like small, dainty things!  My own daughters, who helped me choose them, would like a pair themselves!  Thank you again for your quick service and great product!  You saved me from having to travel some 60 miles to buy a gift.  If I need anything again, I will be sure to go to you."  --Kathy

"Your professionalism, courtesy, and advice speak volumes about your devotion to both G-D and your business.  On behalf of myself and my fellow congregants, I thank you for helping to make this donation to our Synagogue one of the highest quality, one that will inspire for generations to come.  We all look forward to seeing (and hearing) the Shofar you've helped us to select in the near future."  -- Jonathan

"Just a quick not to let you know that the Shofar you sent was better looking than the picture you sent, and it got here Wednesday (two days after you sent it).  My wife was overjoyed when she unwrapped the gift and was able to make a good but small sound come out of it.  She kept it on her lap while she was unwrapping the other gifts, and carried it around the rest of the time.  She has been blowing in it and getting better at it every day since then.  Thank you for helping make her year of jubilee wonderful."  -- Andy

"Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful Tallits.  They far surpass what your web site shows."  -- Ric & Cindy

"I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for your help.  The package arrived in excellent condition today, and the items are even nicer than I thought they would be.  I'll pass the brochures around to people who I know will be interested in your good merchandise and quick service.  Thank you again."  -- Julie

"Just wanted to let you know that everything I ordered from you arrived here safely yesterday.  Thank you for sending them so promptly.  I'm thrilled with everything, especially the Talis... it's so meaningful and beautiful!  I will remember your website for any future needs.  Thanks again!"  -- Nancy

"We received the Shofar and it is beautiful and we all can blow it.  The sound is rich and deep.  We are hoping that the L-rd will extend this instrument and the knowledge of it to many, many others.  Even the detail of the color was our heart's desire.  Thank you!"  -- Linda & Family

"We received the Talis and Talis Clips yesterday.  The Talis is beautiful and the clips are the perfect match.  Our son, Andrew, is thrilled with the Talis and I know he will wear it proudly on his Bar Mitzvah.  Thank you again for your assistance and I will absolutely recommend your web site to other parents interested in purchasing these items as well."  -- Lewis

"Just writing to inform you that the Ram's Horn arrived yesterday morning.  The item is wonderful; I am very pleased.  Again thanks for your service."  -- Eve

"I wanted to take a minute to let you know how blessed I am to have received these beautiful Shofars from you.  I ordered a rams horn and a Yemenite Shofar.  This Sunday, I intend to give our Pastor the tape and book that you sent me.  I have listened to the tape and am praying that he will be moved to invite you to our church.  The Lord told me to get a Shofar nearly a year ago.  I didn't know much about the Shofar.  I still don't.  I pray God will teach and lead me as He has done you.  All I know right now is that I just want to blow it.  I can't keep my hands off of it.  I thought I was doing pretty good until I heard you blow it on the tape.  I pray that God will show me how to blow it as well as you do.  I am having a difficult time getting a high note out of it.  I will keep trying and praying.  There is an anointing in the sound.  I thank you again and pray that God continues to bless you and your wife."  -- Angie

"I just received the extra large Rams Horn Shofar today and it is truly a wonderful blessing.  It has the voice of an angel, a strong angel of the L-rd!  It will cry out victory!  I don't think I can sound it like you did over the phone - yet, but with practice and the Ruach HaKodesh it will sound the voice of Adonai.  Many thanks and blessings."  -- Quentin

"Hi Shofar Man.  Just wanted to confirm that I received the Shofar Wednesday in excellent condition.  It's certainly a beauty, and plays much easier than I anticipated.  Wonderful range of tones.  Able to hit an A major triad with it.  The Yemenite Shofar Bag is really nice too.  Better than what I expected.  You have a top grade product to work with, and I haven't found anybody else with a Yemenite Shofar case like this either.  The book and video look really great too.  I haven't had time to go through them yet.  I just glanced through a few sections of the book last night and was really inspired by the testimonies of ministry by the Shofar.  I'm anxious to see how G-d may choose to move through the use of this Shofar in our area.  Looking forward to absorbing more of the material and becoming proficient in how to play and minister with the Shofar.  They were so simple, yet so profound and unexpected for somebody who may have expected a discourse on how to play and minister with the Shofar - listen to the leading of the Holy Spirit.  Thanks."  -- Dave

"I received my order last Friday, the Shofar is very beautiful, sounds wonderful as well... Thank you very much."  -- Mike

"Hello...I received our 12" Shofar today and I just want to say "Thank You."  I have so enjoyed the Scents of the Bible perfume.  It is a pleasure doing business with you."  -- Linda


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