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2016 was another fruitful year for helping expand the kingdom of God in the lives of others through Precious Testimonies. The Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has gone out across the world in a number of different ways through the ministry. Following are many of the highlights we are thankful and blessed to share with those who know about this outreach ministry … or would like to know more.


We continue to make new 2-hour video testimony broadcasts and play them weekly on Cable TV Public Access Stations in Battle Creek, Holland, Grand Haven, Grand Rapids (two locations), and Jenison, Michigan. The TV station in Jenison (WCET-TV) streams the broadcasts for local viewers as well as on the Internet. People can see them every Sunday evening around the world who has Internet access. Reports come in frequently of people telling us how blessed they were to see them playing on their TV.


Every new 2-hour testimony video we make for Public Access stations also gets posted on the Internet for people to be able to listen to them any time they want … 24 X 7. Views in the thousands continue to get logged on the testimonies. Comments left on the video’s run the gauntlet from sincere appreciation for Christians who watch them for encouragement, to slanderous demonic attacks. We especially LOVE the demonic attacks, because this tells us the unsaved are watching many of them, and that is the audience we are purposing to reach! Encouragement to struggling Christians cannot be under-emphasized we realize, but being used of the Lord to plant and water seeds of truth of the cross in the unsaved is the primary target audience God desires for us to continue to keep reaching out to with the testimonies.

If you’ve never taken the time to look at any of the video testimonies on the Internet, to read some of the comments people leave – some can be quite interesting. In addition, go to any popular Internet Search Engine and type in these search names, and you’ll see how God has allowed us to place a HUGE presence (and growing) on the Internet through these video testimonies: Born Again Testimonies – Christian Testimonies – Testimonies – Salvation Testimonies – Real Life God Stories.

If you do further investigation, you’ll find where other Christians are making copies of the video testimonies and using them for their own ministry outlets as well, and even putting them into non-English speaking foreign countries. It is amazing how God is using technology to take the Gospel to the four corners of the earth and using these video testimonials!

In addition to the new 2-hour video broadcasts we keep producing, the Holy Spirit leads us from time to time to play individual video testimonies produced by other believers on OUR different ministry YouTube channels, to give them additional exposure.

Since we started posting video testimonies a few years back, we have been privileged to post over 1,000 video testimonies on six different video accounts, all to the glory of God! There are varying lengths: Some testimonies clips are a few minutes long – others are up to 2-hours.

The video accounts we post most often on are YouTube: [Type in]: Precious Testimonies … and YouTube: [Type in]: Norm Rasmussen 2. Anyone adverse to clicking onto YouTube can click onto Vimeo and do a search on Precious Testimonies to view our testimonies on that website, (which is advertising free). The unsaved are mostly using YouTube so that is where we definitely want to have our heaviest presence.

In addition to producing video content for the Public Access stations and the Internet, the Holy Spirit has been leading Norm for several months now to do some WITNESSING on various other NON-CHRISTIAN YouTube video clips. He does this primarily by linking to this Gospel writing:


We continue to publish salvation testimonies (primarily) as people send them to us. Reports come in frequently from people being moved to give their heart to the Lord by reading them -- to young Christians receiving encouragement from them in their times of struggles.


Over the years, God has given Norm the unction to write about various Bible topics and put them on the website and that aspect of the ministry continues as well. It is so humbling to read some of the comments sent to us, how the Holy Spirit has used the writings to minister to others through them. As a part-time struggling, frustrated writer for many, many years before ever writing content by inspiration of the Holy Spirit … Norm’s head sometimes can’t fully take it all in that God in fact DID put it in his heart to write at a young age … but it took YEARS before it got channeled for helping expand the Kingdom of God in the lives of people!


In addition to writing for Jesus, from time to time the Holy Spirit prompts Norm to set up the camcorder and do some preaching – exhorting on video and put those clips on the Internet as well for Him to use as He wills. Years ago when Norm first got saved he had a few people say that he was called to be a “Preacher”, but he never desired to do that, to be honest. He was content just to help publish testimonies. In the last few years, he’s been preaching and exhorting all right … to people AROUND THE WORLD … again through the use of technology.


More and more people continue to reach out for help from us across the Internet, and sometimes it is almost overwhelming in that two people can only do so much. We try to hear from the Holy Spirit regarding each person who contacts us, and do as He leads us to do.


This is Norm’s calling more than it has been Kathleen’s, but she has certainly given out a lot of testimony books. Many of you probably know this by now – some of you don’t. An evangelist brother by the name of Jim Barbarossa living in northern Indiana has been called of the Lord to self-publish Real Life Stories Testimony Books with the Gospel Truth included, for several years now. His primary reason for doing so was to produce content to win lost souls to Jesus, but he had a secondary reason. That reason was to demonstrate to Pastors and local church fellowships across the world that funds don’t always have to be given to missionaries in foreign lands to help reach the lost … when we have lost souls in our own back yards. Brother Jim continues to work with Pastors who will produce their OWN Real Life Stories Testimony Books from people giving God THEIR testimonies to go in their very own testimony book to help plant and water in the lives of the unsaved in their OWN neighborhoods.

Let’s stop here a moment. From the very beginning of when God called us to publish testimonies (In early 1980’s), God didn’t ask us to compete with The 700 Club or any other evangelistic testimony producing/publishing ministry. What God DID call us to do was to exhort the Body of Christ to use testimonies along with teaching and preaching the Word to help plant and water in the lives of the unsaved. In our lifetime as believers here in America, we’ve seen no shortage of preaching and teaching, but we sure HAVE seen a HUGE shortage of quality testimonies being made available to take out into the highways and byways of where the unsaved live. Hence, brother Jim Barbarossa! He too has seen the same thing. Yet he has never sat on his hands and complained about it. God kept kicking him in the rear to DO something about it: Hence producing non-religious looking Real Life Stories Testimonies Books alongside local church fellowships who will treasure the gift God has placed in Jim and Carla in helping reach the lost continues to go forth, to the glory of our Savior.

So … it isn’t that my wife, Kathleen, and I are just helping distribute “generic” testimony books. In our hearts … we are carrying on the call of God to motivate OTHERS (Mainly Pastors) in the Body of Christ through these particular testimony books who have the power to do something about it to publish their OWN testimony books (certainly with the clearly presented Gospel message as Jim and Carla always does) and give them to their congregations to give out free in their communities like you would tracts.

Bottom line? That ultimately removes brother Jim and his wife Carla and people like Kathleen and I from the equation. Pastors and elders can easily do the same thing Jim and Carla are doing long after they have gone to glory.

The challenging part in publishing a testimony book is not so much of coming up with the finances to publish the book. The HARDEST PART is coming up with quality testimonies to MAKE UP the book (Just ask Jim!). [The same applies to the Internet, by the way. It is SO DIFFICULT to motivate born again believers to let God use their salvation testimonies to go out in writing and/or on video. Warfare of the highest magnitude is launched upon believers to go to their grave without God being allowed to use their salvation testimonies to the fullest for His purposes. I made this video a few months back addressing this very issue: ].
The second hardest part when it comes to printing up a testimony book is to motivate Christians to THEN use it. Satan battles so intensely to use apathy and fear to keep Christians from being valuable vessels for the Lord to be able to use to place these testimony books out into the highways and byways.

Jim has allowed Kathleen and I to help distribute thousands of copies of these FREE Real Life Story Testimony Books for several years now. We have not had a lot of finances to purchase these books from Jim, yet Jim has given most of them to us to distribute at no cost, yet a BIG cost to him. Thus with the few donations we receive at Precious Testimonies every year, beyond paying for the expenses of computer related needs to keep the ministry operating, it helps to pay for our gasoline and car expenses as we travel to different cities to distribute the books.

In addition to distributing the testimony books, we are also distributing written Christian tracts in the highways and byways; mainly: . (The testimonies we could share of the people we have encountered along the way of distributing this Holy Spirit seed would require many books to be published to do it justice!)


Though God has cut back on our going into prison to minister lives as we’ve been privileged to do more in times past, we continue to go in regularly in the State Prison in Muskegon, MI. Around 40 – 50 brothers attend each gathering, and we are so thankful to be used of the Lord to try to deliver something to the brothers to come to the Lord and then help them in their journey with the Lord. Norm gets at the most about 30 minutes to preach, teach, exhort … which is often too short of a time to deliver a message well, but what is so neat is that he can write out the message and/or videotape the message at his leisure and put it out on the Internet for God to use, so he never has to leave prison frustrated for running out of time to deliver a message in totality God has given him!

Kathleen loves to minister in song and words of encouragement to the brothers, so Norm is personally so blessed to have a wife ministering arm in arm with him while in that setting.


Back to the Real Life Stories Testimony Book series. Brother Jim was led of the Lord to put together a special edition testimony book just for prisoners and their families a few years back. He titled it: Real Life Stories Inmate To Inmate. It is filled with either current prisoner testimonies or ex-prisoner testimonies. It too has the Gospel message clearly presented. Jim has allowed us to help get thousands of copies of that book into many prisons across the land. If God should ever give us more than enough donations to meet our immediate ministry expenses, we can almost assure everyone we will be paying for the printing of many, many more copies of that respective book to go into prisons to help reach the lost behind prison walls. If anyone reading this is interested in being used of the Lord to help place this book into prisons, be encouraged to contact brother Jim at:

In closing, again we want to thank each and every one of you who encourage us in this outreach, pray for us and the usefulness to the Lord regarding this outreach, and those who help support it with their finances. After that great resurrection day and throughout all eternity, as the Lord wills, we’ll learn of the lives God touched for His glory this highways and byways outreach … because of YOUR precious support.

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