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By:  Norm Rasmussen

Trusting the Lord never used to be something I did easily, and you may well be able to identify. I've come to believe that is quite normal for many people to struggle with trusting Him when they first start out on their journey walking with Him.

From my own personal struggles of trusting God in the past ' from hearing the difficulties of so many others having similar trust issues with God ' I've come to realize there are some COMMON REASONS that hinder one's ability to trust God. So ' let's take a look at some of the most common ones:

The very first issue that needs to be addressed is the question of whether or not a person has connected with God the way the New Testament Bible says they must. Anyone attempting to bypass Jesus Christ to connect to God the Father ' Creator ' The Ultimate Judge - will struggle their whole life trusting God. The New Testament Bible makes it abundantly clear that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to connect with God the Father. (http://biblehub.com/john/14-6.htm). There are no 'back-up options.'

Once a person has personally asked Jesus Christ to be their Savior and have told Him and meant business telling Him that they want Him to be their personal, daily Lord ' have asked Him to forgive them of all their sins ' they THEN have every right to begin trusting their Lord to have the full backing/support of God the Father, Jesus Christ Himself, and the Holy Spirit. In other words: the triune God that makes up the eternal Godhead ' the distinct 3 Persons of the Godhead actually in complete oneness.

Proverbs 3:5-6 is the most common scripture passage most Christians rely on regarding this matter of trusting the Lord:

Trust in the Lord will all your heart, lean not unto your own understanding, acknowledge Him in all you ways, and he will direct your path.

The Lord is so honored when we trust Him with all our heart. 

The number one area of frustration that comes into play in trying to make Proverbs 3:5-6 work for us is the same area regarding answered prayer vs unanswered prayer: My will or God's will. Am I trusting God for something I want Him to grant me '. Or am I trusting Him that He will grant me what is best for me ' trusting Him that He knows what is best?

James states in Chapter 4:3: You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures.

James could have said it this way as well:  You trust and do not receive, because your trust is selfishly motivated.

When we pray or when we trust, we are setting ourselves up for disappointment, if we are doing selfishly, because God rarely grants our selfish wants ' our selfish desires.

Proverbs 3:5-6 promises us that the Lord will direct our 'paths'. This promise has much more to do with our making decisions about important matters than it does receiving 'things' we are asking and trusting the Lord for.

SOME FOR-INSTANCES:  'Should I divorce him, Lord, or shouldn't I?' That's the kind of question we can trust the Lord to help us come to a wise decision on, though we need to be very patient with God in matters such as this.

Another: 'Should I quit this job and take another one Lord, or should I stay right where I am working. I'll patiently wait and trust you to show me what to do.' This is the kind of trusting God honors.

'Lord ' I want out of this jail before the year is done and I'm trusting you to cause it to happen.' Not so wise, unless the Lord is strongly leading a person to believe that way.

'Lord ' I would like to get out of this jail soon but you know when the right time is, so I trust you to keep me patient until you decide when it's time for me to be freed.' Very wise.

Putting selfish mandates in our trusting the Lord can bring us to frustration and discouragement in wanting us to trust the Lord for other things. The same applies to answered prayer. Unselfishly prayed prayers tend to get answered and when they do, it builds up our confidence in our prayer lives. Selfishly prayed prayers God is resistant to answering the way we would like them answered.
The wise disciple of Jesus Christ asks Jesus to teach them how to wisely TRUST and PRAY early in their relationship with Him. I've been zealous with God, but in all honesty I've never been known for being very wise far too often, and I've had to learn very painfully that my selfish trusting and praying has brought me to a lot of frustration and discouragement in my journey of walking with the Lord.

Shortly after I first became born again (early 1980's), I wanted God to tell me for certain which direction I should go in ministry ' specifically: 'Lord ' do you REALLY want me to publish born again Christian testimonies or don't you?'

Intelligent question for me, but how I went about trying to move God to answer me went one step over the line, I was to learn later, though I wouldn't doubt if there are angels still getting a laugh about it!

I picked a stand of old growth hardwood trees off the main highway (M-45) in Western Michigan over by Grand Valley State University to be my 'lightening strike test site.' I hauled a ladder down the side of the road, across a ravine or two, then raised the ladder up a number of different trees and nailed big white house letters to them where they could be clearly seen from the road when a person drove by. I nailed five numbers on five different trees for my 'Yes', and then nailed five numbers on five other trees some distance away for my 'No.'

Then I prayed and told the Lord I trusted Him to hit the five 'Yes' trees with lightening strikes when the first lightening storm came through if I was to publish Christian testimonies, OR ' strike the five trees with lightening that represented 'No' regarding publishing testimonies. Pretty darn clever, I thought. No matter what ' five trees were going to have to scars of lightening disfigure them, and I could always point them out to others if I ever ran out of things to try to make someone think God doesn't honor your trust.

After every lightning storm that went through that area, I would beat it out to the college just as fast as I could, wondering how much damage got done to five trees. Time after time my heart sank when I saw the numbers stayed tacked to the trees just as nice as the day I nailed them up there, and NO trees got smoked by lightning strikes.

But I was determined to be patient! So I continued with this charade all that summer and into the spring of the next year. Suffice it to say, those trees are still growing bigger to this very day and embarrassingly I had to take my ladder to each tree and take each number down, while keeping my tail tucked between my legs the whole time so to speak.

In my mind, I was totally convinced God would honor my request. I certainly was trusting Him to with everything in me. When He didn't, it caused me to back off some in my eagerness to trust Him going forward for a season. Satan had to be laughing of course at my frustration as to WHY God didn't honor my trust.

Why did God NOT honor my "fleece"? Because I was tempting Him, and didn't realize I was. I was trying to manipulate God to do something He doesn't like us doing. God won't let you manipulate Him even when we call it trust and/or faith. When He determines our trust/faith is disguised by our lustful, impatient selfish motives ' He locks His jaws with hesitancy.

Are you familiar with the scripture passage found in Mark 12:22-24 when Jesus tells us that if we want to move a mountain into the sea, it's possible we can do it by commanding it to dislodge and fly over to the nearest ocean - believe it's going to happen ' and it's got to happen?

Well ' being young in the Lord, I wanted to see how well that little power play actually works. I was out in the woods one day by myself, and I decided it was time to do some serious miracle 'mountain moving.' There weren't any mountains around me ' only flat ground ' so I found a little tree about a foot or two high growing innocently out of the ground, and I began commanding it to uproot and re-root itself about five feet away.

I commanded and commanded that little tree to uproot ' 'Come up out of the ground NOW, in Jesus name! I command you!' I must have commanded it at least 50 times ' until it began to dawn on me that evidently I picked the only deaf tree in the entire forest, so maybe I should go find another one to command, which I did. No surprise, it was deaf too. Bummer. Must not have had enough faith, right?

It took me some years to grow to realize that the 'mountains' Jesus tells us we can 'cast into the sea' are spiritual strongholds that hinder either our walk with Him, or demonic spiritual strongholds hindering someone else's growth with Him. It also took me some years to realize that God is trying to communicate to us disciples that we have AUTHORTITY given by Him to do His will in every situation we face in this life, but just because we've been given His AUTHORITY to do things on His behalf doesn't mean He's careless with His POWER.

[Sidebar:  As time went on, God had a whole different way of communicating to me that it was indeed His will for me to publish born again Christian testimonies. And of course ... I would have done it differently than the way He did it ... but isn't that the story of many of our lives in our relationship with Him?!  We so easily think God needs our help when things aren't happening as quickly as we would like!]

For dense headed disciples like myself, I've grown to be a lot more careful in how I go about trusting the Lord and praying to Him these days. And to the glory of God, I can truthfully say that my trust gets honor a great deal more than it did back in those days of trying to destroy God's beautiful forests by my foolish antics ' as do my prayers getting answered much more frequently. If God wants it to happen and I line my trust up the way He wants it happening, chances are excellent it will end up an awesome praise report in trusting God!

If God wants it to happen and I pray the way He wants it to happen, it often results ' no matter how long it takes ' in an awesome praise report to answered prayer.

If I've learned anything about walking with God while I've walked with Him, He truly desires that we forever keep trusting Him and praying to Him. It's His will that we do so successfully ' fruitfully. But in the process of learning how to pray and trust more effectively, He wants us inquiring of Him to TEACH us how to trust and pray more wisely.

This I've learned: Trusting unselfishly - praying unselfishly ' gets better positive results. 'Here's what I would like to see happen Lord, but I fully trust and believe that what You know is best in this given situation ' that's what I accept and thank You for allowing to come forth."

Just because God might will something to happen on this planet doesn't mean it's going to happen. God has included His Bride ' The Body of Christ ' to work in conjunction with His will. Prayer and trust on our part releases God's will into the affairs of mankind a whole lot more than what Satan wants the Church realizing.

A final tip that might help you in trusting and exercising your faith in any given situation. The Christian who has settled the issue about dying and has no longer any fear of dying is the one God tends to use the most to pray prayers that He intends to answer. A lot of selfishly motivated prayer requests don't get prayed by people who have been set free from the fear of dying. You'll have voices telling you 'You must have a death wish!' if you freely share with others that you have no fear of dying anymore. If it fits, you can politely tell them that, 'Yeah ' I want my self-will to die so that I can become more Christ-like to live more joyfully.' Or ' You can answer them with, 'No ' I don't have a death wish. I know where my eternal destiny is, and that's called: 'a REAL LIFE wish.' ' Answers like that may get them to become more open to allowing the Holy Spirit to draw them to Jesus.

It seems only right to make mention of people who have grown up in traumatic - dysfunctional - intensely stressful family situations. Children who have put their trust in adults ... only to be taken advantage of in various ways; lied to; betrayed ... tend to have more difficulties trusting God than those who have grown up in more stable family environments. I grew up in a home environment where the tension between my mother and father was so constant that I did everything I could think of to NOT be around them as often as possible. I recall making a pact with myself in my mid-teens that I was no longer going to put my trust in ANY adult, which meant that I then needed to trust only myself. (In my own mind, God had given me parents that I didn't enjoy being around most of the time, so WHY would I put my trust in God who GAVE them to me?)  Satan loves it when we come up with such a conclusion. 

Battered spouses lose trust in entering new marriages, and understandably so in many cases. Abused employees can come to the place where they drop out of the work force and decide it is easier living in the streets than trust going back to work for another insensitive, unappreciative slave driver boss. We live in a world where it is becoming more and more difficult to believe anything a politician says anymore, knowing that what they say and what they are even able to do anything about it once they come to power, is little more than a snide chuckle to ourselves - sad to have to say. 

God knew what He was saying when this scripture passage got written:  It is better to take refuge in the Lord than it is to trust in humans. (Psalms 118:8)

When we are around others who are struggling to trust the Lord, let us be very cautious and not be so eagerly flippant in telling them they just need to trust the Lord more to find a breakthrough in their situation. That might be true, but inwardly, it might be falling on deaf ears. They may have a bleeding heart that has been gashed and gnashed from their prior trusting. It takes some people a long, long time before they are willing to step out and trust the Lord even for salvation, let alone more than that. We need to each be sensitive to people who deeply fear to trust God. Proving to them that WE can be trusted is sometimes the first wisest strategy we can employ before advancing any further in trying to encourage them to start trusting the Lord.

Probably the wisest thing we can do is daily ask the Lord in prayer to teach us how to trust Him more and more. God doesn't want us struggling with trusting Him indefinitely. He wants us to delight and excel in trusting Him. It's Satan who wants us to keep struggling with trusting our Lord.



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This needs to be repeated to help try to make it sink in deeply: United - unselfish - Holy Spirit guided, persistent prayer (not backing off until the Holy Spirit gives release to do so) is the very most threatening thing to Satan there IS. He KNOWS He is totally powerless against God when God decides to do something...but Satan more than anyone else in the demonic spirit realm fully understands that if he can keep the Body of Christ from regularly being engaged in UNITED CORPORATE PRAYER against his evil schemes...he will continue to make advances and the Church will continue to diminish in influence and God may well delay the return of Christ BECAUSE of it with a great deal of unnecessary persecution of believers! God has sovereignly ordained the Body of Christ to work in united harmony with Him to execute His will on this planet, and Satan makes that his number one priority to try to keep from happening in any major way.

Are we going to let him keep doing that, saints?!  

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