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Can You REALLY Count On God?

The Good News About Christmas (And the SAD news)

Your Testimony Can Be Published In Thousands Of Real Life Stories Testimony Books

Why Pray For Our Enemies As Jesus Said To Do?

Please Keep Putting Me Out

Seeking Proof Of God?

The Importance Of God's Call On Your Life

How Many People Can A New Corvette Feed?

We All Have Storms In This Life

Laying Up Treasures In Heaven

Never Lose Trust In The Lord!

Christian Warning Alert!  Read This Before You Get Married Or Divorced!

What Do We Do When Our Trust In God Gets Frazzled - Shaken?

The Crucial Importance Of Guarding Our Thoughts

Special Rewards For Soul Winners

The Only Reason Jesus Died On The Cross Was To Save Lost Souls

What Old Testament Commandments Are Christians To Obey Today?

Encouraging A Wise 16 Year Old Girl

An Amazing Personal Encounter With The Risen Lord Jesus Christ!

Jesus Forgave His Crucifiers To Teach Us Something Incredibly Important!

To Walk In Increasing Joy, We Must Learn To Love Like God Loves, And Learn To Love What God Loves ... And Hate What God Hates.

Are You "Worthy" To Escape The Cold-blooded Evil That Is Coming Upon The Whole Earth?

How We Deal With Trials Is Very Important

Wild West Bear Story

How Does One Get The Peace Of God The Bible Says We Can Have?

What's The Wisdom Of Being Thankful To God When We Least Feel Like It?

You Really Need An End Time Spiritual Survival Kit If You're Wise

When Does Sin Stop Being Sin Against God?
(Satan's ideal world would be to simply have everyone stop believing sin is sin)

Will Jesus Find Faith When He Returns?
(Frustration with god is very dangerous saints!)

How Can I Believe The Truth About Our Victory Over Sin?
(There is victory over every addiction - every sin!)

Faith Simply Means ... Unwavering Confidence In God
(Being confident in GOD brings Him ALIVE in your life like little else CAN!)

Heaven: Total Unworthiness - Highest Royalty
(We sinners are the least deserving of the ROYALTY we've been granted in Christ)

How To Thrill God
(God likes being THRILLED you know!)

Why Do Some Christians Suffer More Than Others?
(Can some or a LOT of our suffering be minimized?  YES!)

Tips To Survive In The Christian Jungle
(If you're looking for reasons NOT to become a Christian, sadly ... there's no LACK of them!)

God's Strength Is Always Sufficient To Get Me And You Through Each Of Life's Trials We Face
(Every time you call on God's strength, He executes a miracle for you)

Satan's Power Is In The Lie
(Unlike God, Satan Is Into Deceptive Brainwashing)

How Desperate Are You For God's Help?
(There are some imporant keys to motivating God to help us)

There Is Only ONE To Fear For The Wise
(Fear is a means Satan uses to rob so much glory from God)

Having Confidence In God
(When You've Run Out Of Faith)

Thanksgiving Is Vitally Important For Our Spiritual Wholeness
(God's blessings can be withheld from thankless Christians)

Sin Will Kick Your Butt! 
(Sin has consequences, even after being forgiven)

Dealing With Guilt 
(Guilt is like cancer if undealt with) 

All Christians Are Called To Do "Good Works"
(Are you passionately engaged in doing "Good Works" for God?)

The Kind Of Prayer That God Honors The Most 
(God Tends To Answer The Prayers Of Those Who Delight In Honoring Him)

God - Why Have You Forsaken Me?   Video
(Feeling Forsaken By God Can Be So Painful)

What The Book Of Wisdom Has To Say About Trusting God
(God Desires That We Have A Confident Prayer Life - He Really Does)

Specific Date Setting The Time Of The Rapture is Unwise
(Tick - tick - tick ... )

Why Do People Suffer?
(There are at least 3 reasons WHY people suffer)

Your Passion Will Greatly Determine Your Eternal Rewards
(Are you passionate about what GOD is passionate about?)

A Glorious Glorified Body - In A Twinkling Of An Eye! 
(Ready for your new glorified body?  It's PART of your eternal reward!)

The Wisdom Of "Blessing" Those You Hate 
(Do You Want God's MAXIMIZED blessings?  Then you will need to bless your ENEMIES!)

Dying On The Inside - Chapter 15 - REAL LIFE STORIES 
(Pauline discovered that "Seeking God's Kingdom FIRST" is not optional!)

Discerning God's Will For Your Life 
(Struggling to know God's direction for your life?  Here is how the Apostle Paul learned to discern God's will)

About Prayer and Power
(Through your connection with God the Father, because of your position IN Christ Jesus, there is no limit to how much glory you can bring to God)

What Spiritual Octane Is The Gas You Are Using?  In TRULY Matters!
(To stay healthy spiritually, you need to USE every weapon God has given you)

Is God Fair?  Absolutely NOT!
(If it upsets you that God isn't fair, perhaps this will help a little)

Trust Me?
(Trusting the Lord motivates Him to bless your socks off!)

Acquiring Peace In Unsettling Times  Highly Recommended Reading
(Here are four spiritual disciplines that are absolutely MANDATORY)

What Will Be Your Legacy?
(The only legacy that will matter on the Judgment Day is what you've done for Jesus)  

Breaking Free From The Bondage Of Guilt And Shame
(Holding on to Guilt and Shame is a poison that can destroy your peace and joy with God)

Without Jesus Christ, We Can Do Nothing Of Eternal Significance
(We need to know who Jesus Christ REALLY was and is to grasp this crucial truth)

Maybe Some Of The Best Testimonies Rarely Get Published
(Is one's faithfulness to Jesus while suffering the BEST testimony of all?)

Why Were You And I Created?

The Crucial Importance Of Getting To Know God - Better
(The one thing God desires more than anything else is that WE desire to be one of His
closest friends)

How To Make Your Marriage Work...
(Here's some advice for strained marriages)

Why Does God Stress The Importance Of Being Watchful In Prayer?
(To keep from being a victim of Satanic terrorism, among other reasons!)

When Things Don't Go Our Way ... Let God Determine

A New Creature

Resentment And Bitterness: The Deadly Joy Killers

One Seed Planted Can Take Over An Entire Field

Having Difficulties In Trusting The Lord? Here's Some Tips That Might Help

 Our Need To Be Needed Can Imprison Us Or Liberate Us

The Most Important Realization Addicts Need To Know

Battling The Discouraging "No One CARES About Me" Monster

Are You Wasting Heartbeats?

Evaluating The Desires Of Our Heart Is Wisely Important
(We all have a heavenly 401K -- How well are we adding to it?)

"Have Faith In God" - A Suggestion ... Or A Commandment?
(I always looked at it as a suggestion, but now I'm thinking differently)

Becoming Offended - Beware Of Satan's Trap!
(We all have been offended.  How we deal with offenses is crucial!)

Your Battle Is The Lord's
(We can wisely invite God to help win our battles or we can foolishly exclude Him)

The Amazing Medicine Of "Praise You - Thank You Jesus!"
(Think God knows which medicine we need?)

What Is TRUE Christianity?  It Is RSD
(Satan's deluding fog is obscuring what it is SUPPOSED to be)

"How Can I Pray For You?"
(If we want God to bless US - we must FIRST bless OTHERS)

Does God Want Me Frustrated With Prayer?
(NO! But I can assure you who DOES)

Thanksgiving And Praise Video Index
(Video segments addressing the vital importance of engaging in frequent thanksgiving and praise)

The Secret To Joyless - Faithless - Miserable - Christianity Is To Eliminate Praise And Thanksgiving
(Joyless Christianity is what the devil desires for YOU)

You Already ARE Accepted In Christ
(The key to living a victorious Christian life is knowing and believing the TRUTH)

Spiritual Warfare - Christian Suffering - Future Glory
(God wants Christians waging effective spiritual warfare yet understanding that suffering often transcends spiritual warfare issues)

Thoughts On Faith And Trust
(Trusting the Lord isn't something we have to do.  It's something we GET to do!)

What Is Salvation?  How Can You Get It,  And Can You Lose It?
(This is a very important question to have answered) 

Do You Believe You Aren't WORTHY ENOUGH To Be Saved?
(Truth is, there was/is only ONE worthy enough to pay full punishment for our sins)

Having An Eternal Perspective On Life Will Pay Eternal Dividends!
(We'll never fully comprehend on this side of eternity WHY God visits so much suffering in the lives of certain people, because we aren't on the OTHER side YET)

You Are So Special To God
(It is not what you have or don't have that makes you so special to God, nor is it how many times you may think you've failed Him)

Help In Trusting The Lord (Having Faith In God)
(Trusting God Is not always easy, but God will reward those who persist in their trusting in accordance with Truth, no matter how much discouragement comes with it)

Build A Bible Doctrine Shelf To Safeguard Your Relationship With God  (Who is right and who is wrong about Christian Bible doctrines?)

If You Sin Just Once, Is There No Longer Any Forgiveness For it?  (Absolutely there is!)

Faith Matters But So Does Kingdom Priorities
(When our priorities line up with GOD'S ... life takes on a whole new meaning)

Why Were You And I Created?
(Knowing your purpose for being created is crucial)

Who Will End Up In Hell?
(Here's a convenient gauge to help judge yourself by) 

Do We Have To Pay God To Get Saved And Stay Saved (Tithe)?
(The abuse of money in Christianity must make God incredibly angry)

Pouring Your Life Into Others With Holy Spirit Inspired Wisdom
(What will people have to say about you at YOUR funeral?) 

The Other Side Of The Stone
(An awesome message for those weary in life)

Who REALLY Is The REAL Jesus Christ?   Video
(Once you know, you'll never be the same!)

Why Does God Exhort Christians To "Rejoice Always?"
(Rejoicing is not about trying to make yourself "feel good") 

Who Is A True Christian (By God's Definition)?
(Does even GOD know anymore who the TRUE Christians are?!)

God Promises He Rewards Prayer And Fasting
(Need a little encouragement in your prayer life?)

"Have To" Or "Get To" Christianity:  Which Is Best?
(Perception is crucially important in our relationship with God)

The Painful Cross Of Discouragement - Beware!
(Learning to handle discouragement wisely is CRUCIAL for spiritual survival!)

What Is Truth?  What God Says
(When you're God, it's really quite simple knowing what truth is)

Guard Your Faith - It's Crucially Important!
(God warns us in the Bible to guard our faith.  It's more important now than ever before)

What To Do When The Cares Of This World Start To Overwhelm You?
(The cares of this life can strangle the spiritual life right out of you, so BEWARE!)

How God Uses Our Trials 
(We all have trials.  What purposes do they really serve?)

Discouraged? - Remind Yourself Of How Much God Loves You!
(Reminding ourselves of how much God loves us in Christ is great spiritual medicine!)

Stepping Outside Your Expectations
(We can place ourselves in a self-imposed prison and never realize it)

WHO And WHAT Will You Ultimately Show Your Allegiance To?
(If it came down to having to die for your country or Jesus, which would you choose?) 

Cast Your Cares Upon God, Because He Wants You To

(Sometimes it is hard to believe that God Truly wants us to, but He does!)

Anger: The Lethal Killer   Video
(BEWARE: If anger is not restrained, it can be used against a person!)

Why Should Christians Set Their Mind On Things Above?
(Setting our mind on things above is more than a casual suggestion)

Do You Want God's Spiritual Favor?  It's Available!
(God wants us to seek His Spiritual favor)

Wanted:  Spiritual Water-Walkers
(Being a spiritual water-walker is something we ALL can do)

What Does God Think About Low Gas Prices?

(How important is honesty at the gas pump?)

Why Will Many Of The First Be Last, And The Last First?
(Spiritual poverty is a CHOICE.  Choose WISELY!) 

When Will Jesus Christ Return For Christians?
(Two things must happen FIRST; One already HAS and IS happening!)

"Lord - I'm Being Faithful: Where Is My Reward?"
(Has the Lord forgotten your name?  Absolutely NOT!)   

A Daily Warfare Guide To Make Your Day Go Better
(If you want God's maximized protection, daily you need to do YOUR part)

God - Are You Out There?
(Ever feel like God is nowhere to be found?)

Let Impatience Have It's Perfect Work
(Insights into having more patience)

Focus On The Significant

Santa Claus God?   
(If you view God as your "Santa Claus" - BEWARE!)

Why Forgiveness And Thanksgiving Are So Liberating  Video
  (Both will help set you FREE)

What Does It Mean To Be In Christ?

(The Believer's identity in Christ is what helps set them FREE!)

Which Is The True (Christian) Church?
(If you're at all confused about this matter, definitely read!)

Is God's Grace Sufficient -- Or Isn't It? 
(How powerful is God's grace?)

Is God Truly Good ... Or Something Other?
("Good" needs to be qualified)

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