By: DaLisha

I was stereotyped. I was hated by all the girls my age. I had to live up to everyone's expectations. I felt like I lived my life under a microscope. Then, I gave up everything....

Sharing my dirt is not something that comes natural or easy to me. All my life I have felt like I had an enormous weight to carry. I felt I had to live up to everyone else's expectations. I was a pastor's daughter, and I thought I had to be this perfect child that would be a role model for all preacher's kids.

When you are born into the ministry, you are pretty much stereotyped, 'Preacher's kids are the worst.' You live your life under a microscope, and people tend to know your business even before you do. In fact, they usually know more about you than you know about yourself. All that you do is ten times worse than what anyone else could do. You're like a super-human, only you're scrutinized for every wrong move you make.

Once I was old enough to set goals for myself, I promised that I would be the exception to rule. I said I would be the good kid, the one that everyone loved. While I was greatly loved by most adults, the girls my age pretty much hated me. I had only one true friend growing up. Although we have since gone our separate ways, she was the only one who really took the time to get to know me. I played by rules and lived up to most of the expectations that I and others had set for me.

I was nearly 16 before I started dating. Things visible to the human eye were great with my boyfriend and me. We were very involved in church, attended all the youth outings, and played by most of the rules. We dated steady for nearly a year and then hit the first hardship in our relationship. I was almost 17 when Nathan and I broke up, for what we thought was for good.

At 17, I started dating an older man who I thought truly loved me. I was naive and was easily fooled into thinking he loved me. It was at this point in my life that I decided I was tired of playing the perfect church girl role and took a nose dive straight into sin. I was determined to prove to everyone that I was not this perfect person and that I was capable of making mistakes. I made some HUGE mistakes, which now have turned into the biggest regrets of my life. I gave up everything, all for this guy, who I thought was going to marry me at age 17.

Thankfully, I have praying parents, who prayed me out of that relationship before it got any uglier than what it already was. It was a rocky road from that point on, and the mistakes of that relationship taunted me day in and day out.

I rededicated my life to the Lord, and He, more willingly than you could ever imagine, forgave and welcomed me right back into His arms. I had won that battle, but the war was far from over.

Just a short time later, Nathan and I got back together. We had just got back from youth camp and were on fire for God. Relationships are wonderful as long as God is involved. We served Him whole heartedly for a while. Then, before we knew it, sin had again taken over. We were presented with too many choices and made all the wrong ones. Misery set in and in order to get our lives back on track, we knew we had to split up. That's exactly what we did.

We spent several months apart and focused on restoring our lives and getting right with God. We both had so much baggage to deal with and had to truly learn how to 'let go and let God.' Once we were able to allow God to be first in every area of our lives, we were able to date again. It wasn't the perfect relationship. We made plenty of mistakes and had many fights, but God dealt with us in more areas than you could imagine. He brought us back together for a reason.

It wasn't too much longer before Nathan and I were engaged. We married in August of 2003. God provided us with the finances to purchase a home and blessed us with more than enough home furnishings.

We faced so much during our first year of marriage. It is really difficult learning to live with someone other than.

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