Dear God,

It has been a long time since I have written a letter, but I feel the need to write this one as a testimony to your awesome power.  As you know, I was an agnostic, tip-toeing ever so close toward becoming a total atheist.  You see --- I was educated (joke), a liberal-minded feminist, strong-willed and independent, with no responsibilities other than to myself.  And I didn't need anyone or anybody for anything.

So who do you bring into my life ---  a married Christian woman with five kids.  What a sense of humor; what a combination; what a plan.  Even though we were definitely unevenly yoked, we somehow became the best of friends, without my trying to lead her into temptation and without her trying to force her religion on me. 

No, she waited patiently -- five years -- until I was ready.

So in February, I stepped inside these walls for the first time --- maybe the third or fourth time in the past thirty years that I had been inside a church.  She said she thought I was going to bolt for the door any minute that first day, but I didn't --- I didn't understand a word --- but I stayed and kept coming back.  One day her son put a Bible on my lap and my legs began to feel like they were on fire.  I almost did bolt for the door that day.  My experience with a Bible involved dusting the big family one off once in a while.

But the day finally came for me to have my own Bible.  She picked out and bought just the right one, but there was a problem.  It was wrapped in plastic and I couldn't bring myself to open it.  So after several days she ripped off the plastic, randomly opened it up and said, 'There! Start reading!' 

Now I can't stop reading.

Eight months ago my favorite TV show was 'Buffy, The Vampire Slayer.'  Now I know all the programming on the Christian TV channel.  I even started watching Pat Robertson and The 700 Club.  Oh my!  I told her I was reading, watching, and listening to religious stuff all the time. 

She said, 'You're starved for the Word.'  I have never heard a phrase like that before --- strange, but I thought maybe true.

Then over the summer, I decided I needed to start coming to Wednesday Bible study, but it just wasn't convenient.  A Bible note gave me a new perspective on convenience.  It stated, 'It wasn't convenient for Jesus to suffer and die on that cross for you.' --- Been coming to Bible Study ever since.

So here we are today --- eight months later --- Baptism day.  I was born of my mother on this date and now soon to be born again of You.  What a glorious and miraculous day it is in the House of the Lord in Hobart, IN.  I finally understand the words 'I once was lost, but now I'm found --- was blind, but now I see.'  I know you have been by my side, but please stand extra close as I make my way to the front of this church with trembling knees and a pounding heart.

Thank you, thank you, thank you --- for your Grace, for my Salvation, for everything.

Your servant,

-- Cindy

Real Life Stories - Chapter 3