Real Life God Stories - Chapter 9:



I want to say I love the Lord and thank Him for his faithfulness because He always shows up in my time of need. 

I want to talk about three events that took place in mine and my wifeís life that God showed us His mercy.  The first thing that took place is the sudden death of my mother in Kentucky in November 1999.  God prompted my heart in the week prior to her death to prepare me for her passing. 

The night we traveled to Kentucky from Indiana to make arrangements for her funeral was very hard.  She was a single mother who raised 7 children and buried 2 daughters as babies.  But I understand that at 65 years of age she was tired and the Lord picked one of His favorite flowers to go home.

That night after her funeral when we went to the motel in Kentucky and turned on the television set and Ray Boltz was singing The Anchor Holds --  God showed up right on time. 

That week after she passed, I was praying on my way to work asking the Lord to give me an assurance everything was all right with my mommaís soul.  And suddenly I felt a hand squeeze my right shoulder.  I was afraid to look in the back thinking someone was in my car. Once again God showed up and God filled me with His peace.

The second event that took place in my life was in December of 2000.  I was on my way from Portage to Highland in my new 2000 Peterbuilt tracker-trailer.  I was westbound on I-94 in a rain-sleet storm that was changing to ice.  As I approached Burr St. exit, I hit a bump in the road and my trailer started jack-knifing as the road became a sheet of ice.  I lost control of my semi and broke toward the concrete wall to the left and then swung back to the right.  I cried out to the Lord, "please help me Jesus!"  I went into the ditch nose first on the right side of the road.  When I stopped, my truck was facing eastbound in the ditch a 180 degree turn around. 

The miracle of this situation is I never hit another vehicle; the concrete wall or a light pole or even a mile marker sign and the truck never turned over and there was minor damage to the tractor-trailer.  Once again God showed up.

The third event that took place was an accident in October 2001, that our son had in Wisconsin.  At 2:30 AM on the 19th, we received a phone call form our family in Wisconsin.  Our son was involved in a terrible car accident and had to be air lifted to a trauma center.  He suffered broken bones in both arms and both legs, a dislocated hip and a head injury.  He was put into an induced coma.  We called on our Pastor and prayer immediately went up for him. 

The miracle of this situation to make the story short, is  one of the doctors gave us word on the third night that he was in the trauma center, that his lungs were filled with fluid and he would be lucky to live through the night.  The doctor said there was nothing he could do.  So we went to the hospital chapel and had a prayer meeting and once again, the Lord showed up and healed him.  One thing I failed to mention is that the doctor said that he was the sickest patient in the trauma center. 

During the course of the following week, five patients had died in the center.  I recalled Dr. Greene during the next few weeks walking out of our sonís from nodding his head and smiling saying that Darrell was a miracle man.  By the end of January 2002, Darrell had recovered.  Once again, our God showed up.

-- Darrell