I was arrested. I was put in jail.  I remember the day I asked myself, 'What are you doing to your life?  To the lives of your husband and children.'

I grew up one of eleven children in Illinois.  My parents were divorced when I was two years old.  I never saw my dad, and my mother was an alcoholic.  I remember times growing up when my younger brother and I would come home from school, and the electric would be shut off.  Funny thing how the electric would be shut off, but my mom and her boyfriend always had alcohol to drink.

My mom passed away when I was in junior high school from liver and kidney failure.  I remember thinking at night and saying to my younger brother, 'What will happen to us now?'  My older siblings would constantly fight about who was going to take us because no one wanted two more mouths to feed.  Getting through those days was tough, feeling like no one wanted us.

I was 19 years old when I had my daughter.  As a single mother, I thought I did pretty well for her and I.  I was very happy when I met my husband.  He is the only man I have every loved.  However, after being married for a couple of years, I started to change.  I would lie constantly, and I would write bad checks to pay for everything and anything that I wanted.  I would even write bad checks to pay my bills.  I found myself spending money on things that did not matter and that I did not need.

I remember the day my electric and water were shut off.  I told my husband, 'There must be a mistake.  I did pay the bill.'  The thing was, I paid it with a check that bounced.  I would lie so much that I even began believing my own lies.  I almost lost my husband, the man that loves me and that I love many times over. I was doing all the things I swore I would never do to my family.

One day, the best thing ever happened to me.  I was arrested. My bond was set so high that I was not able to get out right away.  I remember sitting and waiting to go into a cell thinking, 'What are you doing to your life and to your family?  You are going to lose your family.'

While I was in jail, I met a woman, and right away she said, 'You have to come to church with me.'

I remember thinking to myself, 'Is it okay, church in jail?  Isn't there something wrong with that?'  I went, not knowing that it would change my life.  I was saved on November 22, 2005.  I started reading the Bible daily and praying daily.  I stopped swearing and am a much better person now.  I have learned to put my trust and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

While I was in jail, I would start saying things like, 'Thank You, Jesus, for putting me here and for showing me I needed to change.'

The other women would look at me in amazement.  I could tell they were thinking, 'Is she really thanking Jesus for being in jail?'  Yes, I was.  I cannot tell you how good it felt when Jesus brought me home to my family.  I was able to hug them after being away for three weeks.  I realized then that life is a precious gift from God and not to throw it away.

I am still faced with struggles at times, but I have learned there  are better ways to go about solving my problems.  I pray morning, noon, and night.  I go to a church that my family and I love attending.  I gave all my problems to Jesus, and it feels so good to be able to sleep at night and not worry.

As you are reading this, I want to tell you that the Bible is a precious gift, waiting to be opened.  The peace you will feel while reading it is amazing.  It can help you break any stronghold that you have.

To the Lord Jesus, thank You for showing me the right path to take.  Thank You for forgiving all my sins, as many as there were.  Thank You for always being here for me and for giving me two great families.

To my husband, thank you for hanging in there for me.  I love you.

To my new family at Jubilee, thank you all so much for welcoming my family and me into your lives.  You mean so much to me.

-- Jackie




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