My life was extended. 38 years ago, the doctor gave me only 10 years to live ...

I was a mother of five children, one of which was only 18 months old. My doctor told me I had a hole in my heart. I was 38 years old. Heart surgery was fairly new and was a very high risk, especially with this type of surgery. The doctor told me that without this surgery, I would die. With the surgery, he said, I would have a chance. He said it would prolong my life for at least ten years. The day I had a consultation with the doctor, I made up my mind not to have the surgery. My husband was a strong believer in the Lord. Before I got out of the office, my husband and doctor encouraged me to have the surgery. I had children that needed me, and ten years would give me more time with them.

I knew God had answered many prayers of my behalf. My husband reminded me that God would see me through it, and this strengthened my faith. I was told about the recovery process and that I would have to be on bed rest during the recovery. I would not be able to do anything for myself. I had to believe that God would see me through this. Otherwise, I would fall apart. I chose to believe God. I needed twenty-one pints of blood. My insurance did not pay for blood at that time. We were barely making ends meet and did not know what to do. The newspaper advertised a blood drive on my behalf. People were calling from all over the place to give blood.

The day I had surgery, I found out that an entire county was praying for me. This was not even counting the people around me. God did see me through. The doctor told me God had given him the ability to do this surgery, and God would do the healing. My mother lived with us, and she took care of me and my children while I recovered. That was thirty-eight years ago, and God has done so many things for me over the last thirty-eight years. God gave me more than the ten years the doctor said the surgery could give me.

I have had other major things to go through. My husband had some serious health problems. God moved in and gave me the strength to care for my husband each time he needed me.

Three years ago, my husband was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease. I kept him home until the last few weeks of his life. It was hard, but God gave me the strength when I needed it. I am a widow now, but I am still active in the church and help out where I am needed. God is good. I know God extended my life. He has never failed me. I could tell you so much more about his goodness, but there is just not enough time or paper.

God wants to help you no matter what you are facing. His help is just a prayer away.

-- Marie




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