1960's Riviera - 130 M.P.H.


By: Dewey

1960's Riviera - 130 M.P.H. Big car. Big engine. Big mistake....

When I was 19 years old in 1981, I did something stupid, but my life was extended by the grace of God!

It all started when my best friend called me up, and asked me if I wanted to take a ride in his old car that he had been restoring. The car was a mid 1960's Buick Riviera, a big car with a big engine. Of course I said come and get me, let's test that bad boy out. Well, it was after midnight and we wanted to see how fast that car would go and my buddy wanted to impress me with his cool ride.

We went to Rand Road in Hobart. At that time, in 1981, the South side of Rand Road from the bridge to the golf course was corn fields, no houses. Also the bridge was very small and rickety, not nice like it is now. So what we started doing was start at Rt. 51 and get the car going as fast as we could until we got close to the stop sign across from Cressmoor Golf Course. We had that car going well over 100 mph. I believe my friend said we went over 130 mph at one time. He was doing all of the driving. It was thrilling and scary at the same time. When we would go over the bridge we seemed to go airborne. We drove like this for quite awhile with no problems, just having fun and acting crazy. Well, we had about enough and my friend said let's go home. I thought we should go one more run, then go home. He agreed with me so we did it. (BIG MISTAKE!)

We were both Christians, still young and dumb in the Lord at the time. Here we go on our last speed run of the night. We started going from Rt. 51 same as before, everything going smooth. We went across the bridge going over 100 mph. Right at that moment I felt very uneasy and I heard a voice tell me Boy you better start praying or you are going to die! So I did what I was told. I asked God to protect us and spare our lives. From what, I didn't know (not yet anyway.) We got up the hill and I told my friend to slow down. He looked at me with fear in his eyes and said I can't, the brakes are not working. At first I thought he might be joking, but he wasn't. Everything went fast after that. The stop sign was fast approaching and cars were on the road in front of the golf course. I continued to pray, while my friend drove the best he could. We went into oncoming traffic, we swerved to miss cars and then the last thing I saw was the car heading straight for a telephone pole. I remember asking God to save us, and then it was lights out!

At the point of impact I hit my head on the dashboard, and I was knocked unconscious. I don't know how long I was out. When I came to, I saw we were way up into the golf course. My friend was holding his face, but he seemed to be okay. We didn't have seatbelts on. I'm not sure if that car even had them. We got out of the car and then an ambulance showed up. I believe my friend had to get about 100 stitches in his face, from hitting the steering wheel. I had a big old lump across my forehead and my nose was moved over on the side of my face where it didn't belong. Other than that we were fine. I had surgery to fix my nose.

We found out the next day how God had protected us. First of all, the police said they couldn't believe we were both able to walk away from a crash like that. The car had gone between the telephone pole and the guide wire coming off the pole. The police said if we would have hit the pole or the wire we would have likely died because of the speed we were traveling. The distance between the pole and the wire didn't even look like a car could fit in between. My friend said he didn't even see the wire before we crashed. He just wanted to miss the pole. GOD IS AWESOME!

My buddy's car had a bent frame and had to be totaled out. We found out later that all the brake fluid had leaded out through the brake line, and that is why the brakes failed.

My friend told me later that after the wreck he was calling my name and when I didn't answer he was afraid to look at me because he thought for sure that I had died. I am thankful that God gave me a warning to start praying and then He let us live. Christ gave me a new life, a much better life.

I once was spiritually dead, until I repented of my sins and Jesus Christ gave me a new life, a much better life.

If you want to hear from God like I did, repent and accept Jesus Christ as your Savior. He will speak to your spirit and be your closest friend.

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