By: Tom

Depressed and wanted to die. Dysfunctional home. I had parents that would scream, yell, fight, and call each other names. And I felt unwanted, until ...

I learned to forgive!

I was so depressed that I wanted to die!

It all started by growing up in a dysfunctional home with parents who did nothing but scream, yell, fight and call each other names. I also grew up with an older sister. She was so much older than me that she never wanted to have anything to do with me. My parents would often go out to eat at restaurants and tell my sister to baby-sit me. My sister would call her friends over to the house and completely ignore me. This caused me to feel unwanted by my immediate family.

This all continued until I was old enough to watch myself at about ten years old.

My father worked at LTV Steel. He worked so much overtime that I never saw him or got to spend any quality time with him. This began to cause me to resent him more with every passing day.

Years passed, and things pretty much stayed the same. My parents' health began to decline. My father became a diabetic in 1988. My mother was diagnosed with cancer in 1989. My mother went through chemotherapy treatments until she went into remission in 1990. She stayed in remission until April of 1999, when she was re-diagnosed with colon cancer. It took her life in January of 2000. After my mother's death, I just sank into a deep and dark pit of despair and depression. I was never as close as I should have been with my parents, and this depressed me more than anything. My father's diabetes took his eyesight and caused him to be on kidney dialysis three days a week for seven years. This took a physical toll on him, along with congestive heart failure. He passed away in July of 2001. It was at that point that I felt like I wanted to join both of  my parents in death. If it had not been for my wife and her family, I believe that I would have taken my own life. They constantly prayed for me.

I had gone to church off and on my whole life. I knew it would be wrong to take my own life because I would end up in Hell. I came to know the Lord in 1996, but I never felt any kind of spiritual fulfillment where my wife and I attended church. Fellow members of the congregation would criticize me because of my depression and because I was going through so many jobs. They would make fun of me behind my back at the same time.

In March of 2004, my wife and I were able to buy our first home. I wanted to have a new start for my family's spiritual growth. I found it at Jubilee Worship Center. I learned to forgive my parents and my sister for their actions. I have come out of the depression I was in, Thanks to Jesus Christ!

Real Life Stories - Chapter 23:


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