By: David

Arrested for ATTEMPTED MURDER! Alcohol, Drugs, Anger, and Rage took me to a place I never wanted to go...

I started doing drugs while in high school. An older brother turned me on to marijuana. I was having an identity crisis, and the drugs seemed to help. I coasted through my classes and graduated. Then I went to college. It was there that I discovered I could sell this to other kids and make money!

It was also there that I discovered the bad side of drugs. During the Easter Holiday, a couple of us stayed in the dorm. The Dean caught us in full party mode with beer, wine, and reefer!

I decided to come home and go to I.U. Indiana University told me that due to my incomplete semester, I would just be an advanced freshman. I said no way and went to work in the mills, selling marijuana to supplement my income.

Another brother and I were renting out the basement apartment in my parents' home. One day, one of our drug customers couldn't find us, so he asked my mom if she had any weed to sell! After that, some guys came and robbed us at gun point. I knew then that I had to get that kind of lifestyle away from my parents. It was the Holy Spirit convicting me then!

Later on that year, I got hired at the Post Office. God was making a way for me to get out of that lifestyle. The security of a steady job, and a constant tugging at my spirit to be righteous, helped me to stop dealing. I was still using though. I tried cocaine and liked it. Then I started smoking it. Big trouble. I met a 'coke-man' who would front me any amount I wanted. I was still working, but I was working for my habit. Bills went unpaid, and my temper was flaring. I was a mess.

It was around this time that I met my wife. We dated, then got married, and then divorced. She went through all these things that I did. Once, while trying to get back together, we went out - drinking, drugging, and arguing. The argument got out of hand, and her sister's husband got out of the car. They had been arguing too. He said he would walk home, so she told me to get out too.. Then he took off in a rage. I got out and couldn't find him, so I was by myself. By this time, I was in a rage! I got a couple of rides to the state line. I was really wet and furious. When I got back to Gary to her house, I made a very foolish move. I let the rage in me build and I hit my wife in the head with a sledge hammer. I knew instantly that I was wrong. I took her to the hospital. Her dad pulled a gun on me, and told me to get out of there.

When I first went to jail, the Lord instructed me to read His Word. I know this is what everyone does when they first go to jail, 'Jailhouse Religion'. But this was different. God told me that He would take care of me. I felt that I was completely unworthy of His loving kindness! He provided a jailer for me that was from my neighborhood. This jailer watched over me, uplifted me, and told me that he knew I was a good person. At this time, I definitely did not feel like a 'good person!'

My wife was in the hospital, in critical condition. My two sons were without a mom and dad. I felt like I was losing everything. When I got out, I vowed that I would set things straight. While sitting at home, unable to go to work, unable to go see my wife, and unable to see my kids; the Lord sent a saint by. This young man knocked at my door. I looked out and saw a young white boy. I knew he was a 'Bible Thumper.' Normally I would just ignore these guys and they would go away. This time the Lord had made me ready. This young man was out being obedient, trying to save souls! He asked me if I knew Christ as my Savior.  I told him he should run from me, and that I was an awful man who had almost killed my wife. He said that Jesus loved me and would forgive me if I just asked Him to. I surrendered to the Lord and let Him fill me. This young man's sincere prayer and determination won me over.

The Lord already had me reading my Bible while I was off. Things began to change. Vickie's health was improving (Though at one time, word was that she had passed.) She was slowly coming around each day and getting stronger. One of her family members arranged for me to see my sons! After 3 weeks, Vickie got out. She came to see me. That just broke my heart. Here was this woman that I just hurt so bad standing at my doorway. She told me that she still loved me and forgave me. I felt so unworthy of her love. I vowed that I would never ever fight with my wife again. With God's help, I have kept that vow since 1986. We reconciled, broke up again, got back together, broke up again, got back together, just going through a cycle. We both got back into drugs, reefer, and coke. Then one day, it just clicked. God had not saved us both just to fall back into sin!

My wife and kids started going to church regularly. I was sitting at home watching football, smoking joints, drinking beer. But I could see the change in her! She quit smoking cigarettes and reefer! She changed her whole lifestyle. I realized she was setting a better example than me. I had gotten everything back, but still felt a void. I had backslidden. I realized that I had better get right with God. He was the one that had saved me, not me! I made up my mind to go to church with my family. Since that time, God has set me free of drugs, drinking and anger.

Friend, if you are dealing with any of these same problems I had, you need help. You can't fix it. Man can't fix it. Only God can help you.

Real Life Stories - Chapter 30



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