By:  Lisa

What do you want to be when you grow up? I am what I always wanted to be. How about you?

Have you ever been asked this simple question? What do you want to be when you grow up? I think that all of us at some stage in our life have pondered this. My question is somewhat similar. It demands the same amount of pondering. Many of us give up on our hopes and dreams due to unforeseen circumstances in our life. Some may always have that reoccurring thought of what life would be like if they had only done things differently, or if they would have completed college, or ever listened to well meaning parents who offered words of wisdom in given situations. You, as well as I, know that looking back with regret or in some cases even remorse, does not change our present situation. However, it may haunt a secret place in our mind and open doors that need to remain closed. Could this information be of interest to you? Then read on, my friend.

Life and adolescence for me were a wonderful experience. You are not going to read of any type of abuses or addictions. I was raised in a Christian home. However, I would like to offer a definition of the term, Christian, that is so lightly used in our day. Christian means to be like Christ. My sister and I were shielded from the evils of this world to the very best of my parents' ability. We were taken to church and encouraged to be active participants in all the activities. I never heard my parents speak disrespectfully of any of our pastors, government leaders, or school officials. They were honest and usually taken advantage of because of their generosity. My sister and I were encouraged to pursue our dreams and aspirations with much support, love, and acceptance. I did venture from the teaching of my parents for a few very short years and became acquainted with all the traps that present themselves to our young people. Thank God for praying parents and other Christians who called my name in prayer.

My heart and life were returned to Christ in 1976 while I was in the 9th grade at Edison High School. It was at that time that I began my pursuit to become what I always wanted to be. It is with much joy and appreciation that my endeavor was to be a preacher's wife. I not only wanted to serve my Lord, but also the one He called to serve His people. It is a most honorable position, one in which I feel most unworthy and not to mention inadequate. However, it is who I am and what I always wanted to be.

My life is not one of remorse, regret, or of what if's. It is one of certainty because I am certain that Jesus Christ placed me where I am today. I have peace that passes all understanding, even in times of difficulty. My past has never haunted me, and my future is destined to succeed, and carries with it a guarantee written in the blood of my risen Savior. I am what I always wanted to be, and that makes life full, complete, and happy for me. Since you are still with me this far, I am going to assume that your life may need someone to bring completeness, peace, and certainty. You may need someone to remove regrets and remorse and to answer those questions that sometimes just seem so difficult to find answers to. Questions like, 'Where did I go wrong?'  'How did I get off track?'  'Is it too late for me?'  'How can my life ever be one of peace in a world where uncertainty reigns?'

There is no answer to these questions without Christ, but through Christ and a real genuine relationship with Him, answers come, and the pieces to the puzzle of one's life begin to fit. Hope in every circumstance is renewed. Jesus is the answer, and you can be what He wants you to be, even if you are all grown up and even if you are not! It is a mysterious phenomenon that takes place. It is one that cannot be explained, but has to be experienced. He someway and somehow makes all things new and okay.  One more question: What do you want to be when you grow up? A Christian or not? If you chose to be a Christian, you chose eternal life.

If I can be of any assistance to you, I am the senior pastor's wife at Jubilee Worship Center. I would love to meet you and hear about all the wonderful things Christ has done for you.

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