I lost my friends.  I lost my house.  I lost my family.  Then . . .

It all started when I was 12 years old.  I had no one to look up to because my parents were drinkers.  My mom drank occasionally, and my dad drank a lot.  After awhile, my mom stopped, but my dad still drinks heavily, even to this day.  The only one I could look up to was my older brother because he was going to church.

During school, I felt lost.  I started to drink, but I never smoked or had sex.  At age 13, I was still drinking occasionally, and nothing really changed.  My older brother often asked me to go to church with him.  I went a couple of times, and I thought it was all right.  I remember this one day I went to church, and I was saved.  I felt like a new person.  I remember when I went to bed that night, my brother came into my room and prayed with me.  I felt so good, but that feeling only lasted a little while because I fell back into the old me again.

It all changed again when I turned 14.  I got back into church when someone asked me about playing the drums.  I even got to go to Indianapolis with the youth group to play down there.  By that time I had been back in church for awhile.  But one day it all changed.  It changed in a matter of seconds.

My dad told my mom that he had been cheating on her for four years.  He was gone, and my mom filed for divorce.  It hurt so bad.  I felt like I lost it all, and I did.  I lost the house I had lived in all my life.  I lost my friends because I had to change schools when we moved.  The thing that hurt me most was that I lost my family.  My dad was gone, my older brother got married in the middle of all this, and my other brother was gone.  My mom had asked him to leave because of his anger issues over the breakdown of our family.  All that was left was me and my mom.

When all this happened, I drew closer to God.  I feel so much better now with God in my life.  My relationship with God is much stronger than it was before. It feels like I am living a new life.  I have tried to put the past behind me, and I try not to think about all that has happened.  My older brother is now my youth pastor at church.  My other brother still lives with our grandparents, but I see him almost every day.  Things have settled down between him and my mom too.  I don't drink anymore either.  Now I am the drummer in the youth band at church, and in January I was baptized.  Every night, I pray for my mom and dad.  I also thank God all the time for the strength He has given me to get where I am today and for bringing my brothers, my mom, and myself back together as a family again.

-- Kyle




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