I turned to say 'Pardon me,' and there was no one there.  Since then, it just keeps getting better and better . . .  

I have a good life, it's better now.  I have a mom and dad that love me and a sister who loves me.  Growing up was great, and my home life was great.  We went on vacations, I played sports, I took music lessons for three years, and I played the guitar here and there.

When I was twenty, I got married.  The marriage lasted for ten years, and then we divorced.  I married a second time to the wrong girl.  It lasted seven years, and I lost everything I ever worked for.  I married a third time and finally got it right.  My wife and I have been together for ten years with no problems.

When I played the guitar in my earlier years, it was meaningless.  I was playing to a bunch of drunks and fighters, so I quite playing.  I would pick it up now and again.  When I did, people would say, 'You should play.'  I always told them, 'No!'

Throughout my life, I felt empty.  Something was missing.  I wasn't 110% happy.  I wasn't whole.  My grandmother taught Sunday School and served the church and the Lord for over 57 years.  When I was a kid, I went to church with my mom, dad, and both grandmothers.  When I was getting ready to go into my teenage years, other things became more important to me.  Cars, guitars, girls, and sports were more important to me than church.  As I got older, I would party and drink.  That got old fast, and I still wasn't 110% happy.  Something was still missing.

I have a friend I work with named Tito.  He is like a brother to me and has been through thick and thin with me.  He gave his heart to the Lord, and I thought, 'Good for you.  I'm glad you're happy.'  Tito's parents passed away almost at the same time.  While his mom was in the hospital with a bad heart, his dad went to see her and had a massive heart attack.  Three hours after we buried his dad, Tito's mom passed away. I thought he would fall apart.  I said, 'I am here for you, anything you need.'

He said, 'I know, Mike' and gave me a hug.  Then he said, 'I have the Lord, and He will see me and the family through this.  He will help us stay strong, and I will rest in Him'  I saw the strongest man I had ever looked at.  Then we prayed.  He asked me to come to church with him, so my wife and I did.  At the same time this was happening, my wife's youngest daughter and the church she was going to were praying for us to come to the Lord.  We had no idea this was going on.

We went with Tito, his wife, and his kids to their church. I felt 110% happy and whole.  My wife's youngest daughter's birthday came, and all she wanted was for us to come to her church.  We did, and what happened that night was unreal.  My wife gave her heart to the Lord.  Then when the music (praise team) was playing, I heard someone speak to me.  I turned to say, 'Pardon me,' but there was no one behind me.  An elderly lady was in the last row of seats, about four or five rows behind me.  The voice I heard said, 'There.'  Then He said, 'Up there.'  When He said, 'Up there,' I turned again.  There was still no one behind me.

I now play guitar on that praise team.  Music is one of my gifts.  I pray that as you read this, you come to the Lord and see for yourself that it gets better.  There is so much more to tell, like being woken up at 2:48 am Saturday morning, you're at your bedside, and the Lord is talking to you and giving you answers to your prayers.  I hope and pray to meet you and tell you so much more.  Remember this:  Philippians 1:6 says God started good works in you and He will see them finished until Christ comes again.

My wife and I prayed for a church, and the Lord put us at Jubilee Worship Center.  I went to school with the pastor and even played football with him.  There are two women there who I also went to school with.  It's really funny how the Lord works and what He does in your life . . .  It just keeps getting better.

-- Mike




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