People will fail you at some time in your life, but . . .

My parents married and had children at a somewhat young age.  My sister came first, and I arrived four years later.  Shortly after bringing me home from the hospital, I became ill.  My mother came into the room to check on me, and I was lying there breathless and turning colors.  She rushed me to the hospital, and they said I had Apnea.  My life could have ended there in my room breathless, but God had another plan for my life.

My mother and father always wanted the best for my sister and I, but the so-called 'perfect family' we had would no longer be in existence.  When I was only four years old, my parents divorced.  At the time, I was too young to know what was going on, except that Mommy and Daddy were going their separate ways.

As time moved on, so did my mom, my sister, and me.  I remember living in my Grandma's basement for awhile, then in an apartment.  I always wished that my parents would get back together.

My mom met another guy, which seemed okay to me.  Then things started getting serious between them, and they decided to get married. We were so used to it just being the girls, and now she wanted to add another guy into our life. 

My real dad always kept in touch with us, and we stayed with him every weekend.  My sister and I did not like the idea of having a step dad.  Then, my dad told us he was getting married.  This was too much change at one time.  It was hard getting used to my mom being married to another guy and having to live with him.

Once all this happened, it hit me like a rock that my parents were over and were not getting back together.  Occasional depression came upon me.  My sister and I had a hard time talking about our feelings to people.  We used the 'bottle up until you explode' method.  I was mad at my mom for doing this to us, and I constantly told her it was a sin to divorce.

I finally started to get used to the fact that my parents were not going to get back together.  My sister and I were at my dad's house one weekend.  I was about ten years old, and he told us he was moving to Florida.  This took a huge toll on my sister and I.  Once he moved, instead of spending the night with him every weekend, we now see him about once a year.

Once my dad left, I felt like my life was falling apart.  I've always been a 'Daddy's Girl.'  My sister became my role model.  I wanted to dress, act, and talk like her.  She was everything to me and seemed to be all that I had at the time.  She started to turn away from church and get involved in some sinful actions.  Once that happened, I felt like the only one I looked up to had completely failed me.  I started doing some of the same things that she was doing, even though deep down inside I knew it was wrong.

God started to do amazing work in my life, and I turned away from the things that I knew God did not want me involved in.  He taught me that I don't have to be like or act like my sister.  He loves me just the way that I am.  I realized that my sister made mistakes, and God forgave her, just like He forgives anyone who asks.

Any human will fail you at sometime in your life, but . . . God will NEVER fail you.

I have made many mistakes in my life, but God is always there for me to turn to, even when I have let him down.  God has also shown me that even though my parents are not together anymore, He provided me with two wonderful stepparents, two stepsisters, and two brothers.  It took a long time to get over all of the hurt, but I couldn't be any happier than I am now.  The only reason for my happiness is the joy and love that God shows me and wants to show you!

-- Michelle 




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