. . . for a man that I loved more than life itself.  Then . . .

I was five years old when my parents decided to move from Arkansas.  We moved up north to Chicago to seek a better life.  When arriving in Chicago, one of the first things my parents did was find a church for us.  This was a priority in our life, and every Sunday we were there, come rain or shine.

The move to Chicago did improve our way of life, and as we settled in, the years passed by pleasantly and swiftly.  Before I knew it, I had become a teenager.  My interests naturally began to gravitate to the opposite sex, and I soon met the man who was to become my husband.  He did not attend church, and there were times I would slip out of church at the opportune moment to be with him.

We married when I was 18, and he was the only one for me.  I loved him more than life itself, and I would do anything for him.  Since he had no interest in going to church, I too lost interest and quit going altogether.

I conformed to his lifestyle and joined him in drinking and partying.  At first I only drank socially, but gradually it progressed to the point that I was drinking all the time.  Drinking together and with friends was the main event in our lives.  We did have four children, and somehow we managed to raise them and care for them despite our habit.

The beginning of a turning point in my life came when one of our drinking friends asked me to go to A.A. with her because she knew she had a problem.  After attending a few meetings with her, I knew that what they were talking about at A.A. fit me to a 'T'.  I admitted I was an alcoholic and committed myself to the program.

As a result, I made a 360 degree turnaround.  I no longer drank, partied, or spent time with drinking friends.  The change was more obvious to my husband, and he did not like what he saw.  He wanted me to go back to the way I was.  He could not accept the change.  He did not like the 'new me.'  In many ways he became abusive, and my love for him was now overshadowed by fear and dread.  One thing lead to another, and our marriage ended in divorce.

I started attending church again, and one Sunday the minister said that when evil is gone from your life, you must fill it with something else and do it quickly.  I knew these words were given to me as a safeguard to keep me from drifting back to my past life.

I heard about a program to adopt kids in need.   Since my children were now adults and on their own, I found out as much as I could about this program.  I started out as a foster parent and ended up being an adoptive parent.  I now have four adopted children.  I am a single mom, and God has provided for us every step of the way.

My life is full and enriched by these children.  When problems arise, I praise God because I know that He will see us through.  He is my counselor as well as my provider.

God used the A.A. program to get through to me.  Because of my condition, He knew at the time I would not turn to Him for help.  I praise God for my deliverance from alcohol.  It is because of Him that I have not had a drink or had the desire to take a drink since.

-- Adella




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