When things got bad, I would hide in the closet.  That was my safe spot ...

Since I was 8, I could always remember my parents fighting or arguing.  I never knew how bad it could get, until it got extremely ugly.  My dad was always beating on someone, but thank God it was never me. It got so bad that I wasn't allowed to have friends or even family over.

One day while I was playing, all I could hear was my dad yelling at my brother.  I knew something bad was going to happen.  So, I went into the closet.  That was my safe spot.  The next thing I heard was my brother crying.  He had gotten his earrings pulled straight down out of his ears.  After my dad was done making a scene, he would go out or just go to sleep. 

After this went on for a while, my mom kicked my dad out.  While the divorce was getting settled, I had to visit my dad every other weekend and holidays.  Sometimes I would have fun and then other times I just didn't want to be there.  One particular weekend stands out from others.  I noticed that my dad was sleeping more than usual, and I could just feel that something was wrong.  I told my mom something was really wrong.  My dad had to have a drug test, and he tested positive for cocaine.  I couldn't believe my dad.  He used to be a really good friend, but that turned everything around.

I haven't seen my dad or my family since then.  Since the drug test came back positive, I wasn't allowed to visit him regularly.  I had to go to supervised visitation, which have cameras on and an adult watching over at all times.  I haven't seen my dad since I was ten.  I was able to talk to him only on certain days and times.  I didn't always want to talk to him, because it seemed like every time we talked we were always fighting about something.  My dad would get so mad sometimes, he would hang up on me and not call me for weeks at a time.  During this time, I was going through emotional stages in my life.  I started taking everything out on everyone.  Then it went to having extremely bad temper problems.  So I had to go to counseling.  It helped sometimes, but then other times just made everything worse.  Just when I thought what else could go wrong?

After the divorce, my mom got engaged.  I liked him, but I felt my mom wouldn't have enough time for me anymore.  Because of the engagement, my brother didn't want anything to do with my mom and neither did I.  I felt like this for a while, but now I realize that it was better for both of us.  I knew I needed a father figure and that's what I got.  I haven't talked to my dad for 5 months now, but I think it's better that way.  Now my brother and I are closer than ever, and my home situation is a whole lot better as well.  I now realize that the situation made me stronger even though it was extremely hard.

A little piece of advice - just give all your problems and situations to God.  He is the one that will take care of everything.  Even if it's not right away, his timing is perfect.  Today my safe spot is with God.  If you need a safe spot like I did, don't run and hide in the closet, but run to God.

-- Whitney




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