It was April 9, 2006, and I sat in Sunday School.  We had a special speaker who was demonstrating about 40 different flags from her flag ministry and what they meant.  As she came to one particular flag, she raised it and with a whip in her swing and began to wave the flag with such authority and said, 'This flag represents The Battle Is The Lords!'  At that moment the Lord quickened me in a way of warning and said, 'This Battle Is Mine!'  I said to the Lord, 'What battle Lord, what are you talking about?'  He just said that I soon would know.

I walked downstairs to the sanctuary to get ready for the worship service, and I felt such an uneasiness that I can't describe.  I was by myself because Andy had some things to take care of that morning.  I sat there for a few minutes just looking through by Bible and I came across the scripture verse that said, 'No weapon formed against you will prosper.'  There was that quickening in my spirit again.  I said to the Lord once more, 'What weapon Lord, what are you talking about?'  He just said, 'Debbie, you will know soon.'

By this time tears formed in my eyes because there was such a war going on in my spirit.  I cried through the whole worship service.  By the time the preaching began, I finally had peace.  I went home and told Andy what I had experienced in church.  Both of us just kind of looked at each other.

The next day on April 10, 2006, Andy had a doctors appointment because he hadn't been feeling well.  It was unlike him to be sick because he was never sick.  After running a few tests, the doctor came in to talk to me.  I knew by the look on his face that something was wrong.  He sat down beside me and hesitated for a moment and in a soft spoken voice, he told me that he didn't know how to tell me this, but your husband has stage #3 colon cancer and it might have already spread into his lungs and liver.

With such disbelief I was in total shock!  A million things began to race through my mind!  I kept asking the doctor, 'Is he going to make it?  Is he going to be OK?'  He wouldn't give me a straight answer.  It was at the moment that the Lord spoke to me in a way that got my attention and said, 'Remember what I told you yesterday in church?  This Battle Is Mine!'  It all began to make sense to me.  The Lord was trying to prepare my heart that a storm was coming but not to worry because He had it all under control.  Isn't that just like the Lord!

Needless to say I was speechless and I knew that we had a long road ahead of us.  Within five minutes the doctor told us that Andy was being scheduled for immediate surgery to remove around 24 inches of his colon, a tumor the size of a golf ball, and 36 lymph glands.  He contacted our family doctor and also referred us to a cancer doctor to begin chemotherapy treatments after he recovered from surgery.

The first time he went in for his first round of chemo, I wanted to walk out.  I had tears well up in my eyes.  I had never been in a place like that before.  It had the look and smell of death.  There were so many sick people with bald heads and weak bodies. 

Since Andy had aggressive cancer, they had to treat the cancer aggressively, which meant long and strong treatments.  Andy handled it better than anyone I had ever known.  He never seemed to complain even though the treatments had so many side effects and it made him sick.

The Lord truly provided for all our needs during this time.  Andy had so many sick days built up at this job that the 7 weeks he missed from work because of surgery, he never missed a paycheck.  He even worked though chemotherapy treatments.  I don't know how he did it.  Our insurance paid about 95% of all of our medical bills.  The cost of treatments are so costly.

It has been a year now and the doctors have begun to run tests to see how everything worked.  When the doctor thought the cancer  had spread to his lungs and liver, it had not.  It was in the colon and one lymph gland.  They ran colonoscopy and the test came back: NORMAL!  They ran CT scans and the tests came back: NORMAL!  They ran an ultrasound and the test cam back: NORMAL!  They ran blood work and everything came back: NORMAL! except for one part of the blood work that was slightly elevated, and they said they aren't too concerned about it.

There was a song that I played quite often during this time.  It was from the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir called, 'He's Been Faithful.'  He truly was faithful to us during this time.

I never lost control of myself during this time because of the encounter that I had with the Lord during Sunday School and church.  He gave me a peace that the Bible describes as the peace that passes all understanding.

On March 5, 2007, we celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary.  There were times that I had wondered if we would see that day.  This has probably been the biggest trial of our life.

The doctors told Andy to go and enjoy his summer, and we will see you in three months.  They like to call it remission, but we like to call it a miracle!

Thank you Jubilee for all of your prayers, cards, phone calls, and visits.  You were such support to us.  Thank you Pastor Combs for coming up to the hospital and praying for Andy before he was taken into surgery.  Also, we want to thank my family for all of the encouragement that you gave to us also.  After every doctor's appointment or test that was run, it was always followed by phone calls to see how Andy was doing.

Continue to pray that Andy would stay well, and that this cancer would never return.  The storm has finally calmed and we are praising the Lord that He truly fought this battle for us!

-- Love, Debbie & Andy




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