Growing up in a family with eight siblings and a Christian mom, that meant we all went to church twice on Sunday, once on Wednesday, once on Friday for young peoples meeting, (Roy was the youth leader), and seven days a week when a tent revival was in town.

My mother losing two sons, Roy at 18 years old from a cerebral hemorrhage and Rodney dying later from brain cancer at 31.  It almost drove my mother crazy, but she held on with the Grace of Jesus Christ to see her through.

By the time I reached the age of twenty, I had been married to a girl from my brother Rodney's church, divorced, and had been to Viet Nam and came home and was ready to party!  Forget about church, I had other things to do like drugs, booze, and wrecking cars, running into cop cars, and driving through train gates.  Boy was  I having fun --- so I thought.  Ha! Ha!

After about three years of that kind of living, I met my soon to be wife Sue, who I boondoggled into marrying me.  That will be 33 years on July 6, 2007.  Thank you Jesus for my wife.  (I don't think she always thought that though.)  Through the years before my mom's death, I would always call my mom or other saved family members to pray for me, my wife and children, and also for work and other problems.

You see, I knew God wouldn't hear my prayers.  I wasn't a Christian, so I went around the back door for what I needed.  By doing it that way, I knew it worked for me, and I sometimes got the help we needed.  The Holy Spirit would always question me about where my family and myself were going to spend eternity.  At almost every free moment on or off work, he would pose the question.  Day after day, year after year never any peace of mind.  I'd always think to myself if my family's not going to Heaven, then I don't want to go either.  Well that worked for years, but after a while things just kept getting worse.  My mother died and she begged me on her death bed to accept Jesus, but I would not do it. Then a year later, my dad passed away.

I came home from work after a really bad day feeling down, needing help.  So I went upstairs and laid in our bed.  I got on the phone to my brother Jack (to use the back door method again).  He's the CEO of  They work with the Salvation Army to help out when disaster strikes.  I told him about my day and while he was praying for me, Jack asked if I wanted to accept Jesus.  Well, I broke down and started crying and couldn't stop crying long enough to say the sinner's prayer.  I asked Jack if I could just think the words and he said, 'NO.  You have to profess Jesus as your Savior with YOUR mouth.'  I finally stopped crying long enough to profess Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  THANK YOU JESUS!!!

That night the phone rang off the hook.  Nick finally came to Jesus.  What a shocker to everybody in our family.  I always knew I wanted to come to Jesus.  I just didn't know when.  I always feared going to Hell, because Hell is real and forever.

My brother Clarence and his wife Mary called from Streamwood, Illinois to say they were coming down that Saturday to spend the night.  They knew of a church here in Hobart, Indiana called Jubilee Worship Center.  Their pastor knew Bishop Combs.  I went with Clarence and Mary for Sunday services at Jubilee Worship Center.  I was enjoying the service and at one point, the pastor asked if anyone needed prayer to come up on the platform.  So I ran up there along with about a dozen other people.  Then Pastor Combs said he was going to pray a special anointing on whoever wanted it, but if you stayed for this, you better take it serious or leave.  As I was praying with God trying to figure out what to do, I told God I came to you with ALL OR NOTHING and I was staying.  While God and I were working this out with the thought of ALL OR NOTHING running through my mind, the pastor walked up to me and said, 'YOU'RE A NEW LAMB OF GOD,' and guess what else he said to me.  (Now remember I never seen Pastor Combs before in my life.)  He said just what God and I were talking about. He told me, 'ALL OR NOTHING,' and laid his hands on me.  I could not stand up.  My knees buckled and down I went.  As I laid on the floor, I knew that there was a God for sure.  There's no way the pastor knew what God and I were talking and thinking about.  God had let Pastor Combs into our conversation.  WOW, what a feeling I had and still have every time I think about how good God is.

Well, that is my story how I came to the Lord!!  But I have one more short story to tell you how God spoke to me that same night and told me that I was HOME, LIKE A LOST LAMB AND HOME AT JUBILEE WORSHIP CENTER.  The next time God spoke to me was the following Sunday night on the way to church.  He told me to watch my tongue.  I didn't have a clue what God meant.  (I'm sure my wife could tell you what he meant.)

Thank you for reading my story, and I'd beg you like my mom begged me on her death bed to come to the Lord if I thought it would work, but I know that's not how God works.  In closing, I just want you to think about where your family and you will spend eternity.  Who knows.  Maybe today will be your day to accept Jesus Christ into your life.

-- Nick 




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