Kids so real, they could be someone you know!

Mikey, 9 years old:

One day in Kentucky I almost died by a water moccasin.  God saved me; Satan tried to kill me so I wouldn't know Jesus.  Another day I almost died by drowning, but then my dad saved me.  Satan tried to stop me again.  Then I got saved.  I love God.  You should ask God to be your Savior.

Pete, 11 years old:

When I was little, I hated coming to church, but now I love church.  I grew up in a Christian home all my life.  I am 11 years old.  I got baptized at about 5 or 6 years old.  God helped me through a broken arm and being hit in the head with a golf club.  I was saved and gave my heart to the Lord at about 7 or 8 years old.  I go to Jubilee Worship Center.  I come to church every Wednesday and Sunday morning and night.  I have a really good Sunday School teacher, a really good Youth Pastor, and two really, really awesome Wednesday night teachers. I have a wonderful family with my mom and dad who are elders in the church, and my sister is in the nursery ministry.  I love God very much, and I try my best to serve him, and even though I mess up, He still loves me and I love Him very, very much.

Jon, 8 years old:

I've went to church all my life.  I sprained my ankle and fractured three of my toes during a bike-a-thon.  My bike fell on top of my foot.  My family took me to the emergency room.  That happened when I was about seven and a half.  God healed me in about two weeks.  God could heal you.

Jeremiah, 9 years old:

My name is Jeremiah.  I am 9 years old.  I have been through some hard things.  I have never seen my real mom, but  I know God is watching over her.  She was very sick and couldn't take care of me.  So God gave me a new mom.  My mom taught me about God.  Now God is in my life.

Kaleb, 11 years old:

I got to know Jesus Christ when I was about five maybe six.  I got baptized also at the age of five or six.  I've almost made my brother die before.  Not on purpose though.  My brother and sister were fighting in the living room when I was in the kitchen playing with hot wheels.  One was a bus.  I really didn't like that they were fighting so I threw the bus.  It ended up hitting his forehead. It also ended up hitting one of his arteries.  As usual, the blood would have trickled down his head, but it didn't.  It busted like a fountain.  It was horrible.  It was God that helped my brother that day, and I'm thankful to have a good brother.  I thank God my Lord for helping me throughout my life.

Josh, 9 years old:

When I was four my mom used to gamble.  Every night my mom gambled.  When she got home, my dad used to fight with her.  I use to cry and get in the middle of the fights, but they would push me out of the way.  One day we went to church.  My mom got saved there.  We stayed there for 2 years.  Then my mom had a dream.  In the dream, God told her to go to Jubilee Worship Center.  That is an awesome church. There I have a good Sunday School teacher, and my mom has a good pastor to preach the gospel.  So I wrote this testimony to show people Jesus is my God.  Now my parents don't fight a lot.



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