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The marijuana test. When the joint comes to me, what should I do? I grew up in a nice Christian home. We went to church pretty much whenever the doors were open for services. I was taught from the start, 'Stay away from drugs and alcohol.' I heard it from my parents, I heard it from the Sunday School teacher, I heard it from the Pastor, and I heard it from the teachers at school.

Many of life's tests come to us when we are teenagers. The test I'm talking about now is the 'Marijuana Test.' Some of the neighborhood guys and I were just hanging out. They were the guys I played sports with, camped out with, and made forts with. We were all pretty much like family. We were all in a circle just talking and having a good time. One of the guys took out a joint and lit it. By this time, I knew they were all into smoking pot, but this was the first time they had ever done it in front of me. 'Hey, this is some good stuff. It came from Mexico. You guys want some?' the first guy said. All the other guys said, 'Yeah, bring it on friend.'

I didn't say anything. When it came to me, I didn't know what to do. I sat there thinking, 'Should I smoke it? Should I just suck it into my mouth and not inhale? Should I just tell the guys that I have to go home now?'

The second guy in the circle took the joint, put it up to his lips, took a big hit, held it in for as long as he could, then exhaled. 'Dude, this is good stuff,' he said. The joint was getting closer and closer to me. The third guy went. The fourth, fifth, and sixth guys went.

Then the big moment came. The joint was passed to me. By that time, I was very nervous. I took the joint from my friend, held it between my forefinger and thumb, and passed it in front of me to the next guy. 'Wow, that wasn't hard,' I thought. The guys made fun of me and said a few remarks, but I passed the 'Marijuana Test.'

Now, when I talk to those guys, they still say to me, 'I wish I could have been like you and said 'No.' I really respect you for what you believe.'

I am far from perfect. I have made mistakes, but I have been able to stay away from some very bad things in life. I have been able to say 'No' and to stay away from trouble because my parents, church, and most importantly, because of Jesus Christ. I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was a young boy. It doesn't matter what age you are, what kind of things you have done, or who you have hurt. Jesus Christ will accept you the way you are. 'For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God.' -- Romans 3:23.

It's simple. Talk to Jesus. Tell Him you are sorry for the sins you have committed. Ask Him to come and live in your heart and be your personal Savior. Do it now.

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Dear Reader - are you at peace with God?  If not, you can be.  Do you know what awaits you when you die?  You can have the assurance from God that heaven will be your home, if you would like to be certain.  Either Jesus Christ died for yours sins, or He didn't (He did!).  Are you prepared to stand before God on the Judgment Day and tell Him that you didn't need the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross to have your sins forgiven and get in right-standing with God?  We plead with you ... please don't make such a tragic mistake.

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