By:  Carmen

My son was kidnapped.  There were times in my life when I felt like I just wanted to die...

At the age of 15, I married my first husband.  He was twelve years older than I was.  I married just to get out of my parents' house.  My parents and my family were poor, and I did not want to be a burden.

My husband and I were married for twelve years.  It was a very unhappy marriage.  My husband was an excessive gambler and was never home for my son and I.  I can recall one time when my son was ill, and I couldn't find my husband anywhere.  My son's godfather had to take us to the hospital.  When I finally found my husband, he was in another woman's house. 

After twelve years of marriage, I got tired of the cheating and gambling.  I left California with my son and moved back to Indiana with my family.  Months later, my husband came to Indiana to try to get me back, but I told him no.  A week later, my son went to the store with my sister and my niece, and my husband kidnapped my son at gunpoint.  The police wouldn't do anything about it.

I worked in Illinois to pay for my divorce, and the courts gave me custody of my son.  Then, I found out that my husband had taken my son to Puerto Rico to live with his aunt.  I was never able to get the money to go to Puerto Rico to fight for custody of my son.  I suffered a lot.  It was the grace of God that got me through it all.  I wasn't able to see my son until he was a grown man.  He came to see me with his wife.  It was a blessing that God brought my son back to me.

Years later, I met the father of my second son while I was working in Illinois.  We were together for four years, but we were never married.  We didn't stay together because when my son was one year old, I came home to find his father in my bed with another woman.  I left and never saw him again.  I never received any help from him for my son.  I had to struggle and work hard to support my son and myself.

While working cleaning a house, I met my youngest son's father.  We stayed together until my son was three years old.  Then we separated because he was an alcoholic and was verbally abusive to me.  He gave me child support, but I still struggled to take care of my two boys.

I don't regret what happened in my life.  I just thank God that I was able and in good health to do what I had to do.  At that time in my life, I didn't know the Lord like I know Him now.  I was doing some things that I knew were wrong in God's eyes.  As my sons got older, they began to hang out with the wrong people.  I felt like they were headed for self-destruction, so I decided to move them away from the trouble.  We were living in East Chicago, and we moved to Lake Station. 

In Lake Station, I met my current husband.  We went through a lot of ups and downs.  At first, he was a heavy drinker and was verbally abusive.  We separated for awhile, but then he changed his life around and we got back together with God's help and a lot of prayer.  We are both God-fearing people now.  There were times in my life when I felt like I wanted to die because I didn't know God at that time.  I had done so many wrong things, and I was paying the consequences for  all the things I had done. 

I began to go to church with my youngest son, and that's when I met the Lord.  I realize that even though I had done all those things, I met the Lord in a mighty way, and He changed my life completely.  If you want to change your life, ask Him for forgiveness and to come into your life like I did.

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