My Powerful Salvation Testimony!

By: Tanja Zimmermann

I was traditional Religious, got baptised as a Baby and went through Confirmation! I tried very hard to see and find God but I couldn't. And when we got "blessed" by Confirmation I expected something to happen. To experience God. But I was very disappointed when nothing happened, so I left church! I made my decision to go for the world, have Fun in the world and boys, boys and Discos (Nightclubs). Then I went totally after my own Will. Was working as a Praxis Nurse for the same GP 8 years apart 10 month I worked for another Doctor. I came to the stage where I had everything what I dreamed of. A small Farm, many Animals, a Husband, great Job (I liked and   lived for my work), huge Garden, Ballett, a Horse which was like Mine (my Boss just paid for the Bills), many friends, got respected highly etc...
But then one time I stood in the Kitchen and suddenly I felt if the "ceiling crushed down onto my Head" (a German expression). I had everything what I wanted but suddenly, I felt so dead and empty in my Inside! This was a horrible Feeling. Then I went on a long walk on top of a hill and there was the first time that I earnestly asked God questions for direction:

"God is that Life?
Isn't there more to real Life?
Is that Love?
Isn't there more to real Love?
Is that what I'm here for, day in day out the same till I'm 80 years old and then die?
Isn't there more to real LOVE and real LIFE?"

And suddenly I knew in my Heart; that can't be all! And there I made my decision to leave everything behind, my husband, family, work, friends, hobbies and small farm. It was a big decision. But it was a real one; no one could change my heart and mind! Then I went into the wide world for a SEARCH for the REAL LOVE and REAL LIFE! But because I went after my own will on my search, I fell deep! I searched in different sort of works, for example I wanted to become a stewardess; this is why I went to England to improve my English. But once I was there I came into travelling and gave up the wish of stewardess. Then I searched in drugs, pot, speed, exstasy and twice cocain. This scene took roughly 3 month. Just Marijuana I kept on smoking. I also searched for the real Love in Men, but constantly got let down in a big way, that I sometimes even thought about Suizide. I went through a very hard evil time in England, Bournemouth and London; all together I stayed there about 1 year and 5 month! Then I went to Australia with a trip over Arizona. In Australia I meat my de facto Mark, with whom I lived nearly 5 years and the relationship ended end of last year Dez. 1997.

1993/1994 I visited Germany with him for about 6 weeks. There I meat an old patient, were I thought she would be dead by now, how I knew her.
But when I saw her, she was so FRESH OF LIFE, IN LOVE
❤️WITH JESUS, beamed on her face, her eyes were shining Light and she was "schwärmen" LOVE TALK about JESUS. That JESUS changed her LIFE!

And everything she was into before, for example backwan guru, she said then, it was big nonsense.
I was shocked, surprised and wondered if that "dead" Jesus who I knew at the time, really could have done that? Now I know I was the dead one not Jesus, HE IS ALIVE!!! I could see, she was alive with Jesus Christ but I was dead in my Inside!

Roughly about 6-8 weeks later, middle of Jan. 1994, I was alone in a farmhouse in Australia. There I was reading a pamphlet "in the Bann of demonic power". And when I read that doing quitschiboard is very evil, that you get in contact with demons and evil Powers and that God hates that, if people do that.
Suddenly he opened my heart and showed me by his Holy Spirit that I have done all this evil things against him and that I am his Enemy. Also he has showed me by his Holy Spirit in my Heart, when I married my ex husband in 1988, just before when we walked to the altar in church to give our "yes". A big spiritual voice inside of me said:"NO"! At the time I was so shocked and said:" I can't say no now, all my relatives, friends and the Party afterwards". And then I pushed that voice (spiritual not verbal) away with saying:" Ach, that must be nervousness!" And I said Yes. And the marriage turned out to be a big bluff! We didn't fit at all together. Our opinion in life was completely different and we departed 1 and a half year later.

Anyway in Jan. 1994 God made me see, that I was a big Sinner have done very evil things against him. And he showed me that I am his Enemy and need HIS SON JESUS the CHRIST to have PEACE with Him!

I REPENTED underneath lots of tears for about 3 days on the ground; but not constantly. I felt so disgusted about myself, that I could have stepped with revolting feeling on top of me! I felt like pooh! I even said to God: "Stick me to Hell, I deserve it with everything what comes with it. But if you can use me, my body for your Glory, your Holy Name, go for it. (Do. it). I'd love to die for you!!! And when you finished with it, you still can stick me to Hell because I deserve it, I won't complain!!!"

I meant that with all my heart and life! And I still hold on to that! I gave him my word! And I love to do it! I felt so much LOVE
❤️ for HIM at the time that this deal was meant truefully!

But he told me I need JESUS CHRIST to have PEACE with HIM, and I thought I have him already because I was Protestant in my head! Now I know God wants our hearts not head. And I didn't know or understood anyway what he has done for us on the cross.

So for the next 10 month I SEARCHED, first in the Bibel, then one time in a church and I tried to be good. But the more I tried to be good out of my own strength, the more uncontrolled I got. I hated myself then and cried very often up to Jesus to help me. Because I drank once Alcohol till I collapsed. Was an easy girl with flirting, also cheated my boyfriend twice. Smoked daily marijuana uncontrolled. And cigarettes I smoked one after the other. It scared me very much! I could not control my selfish human nature. I had a bad language and cursed as far as I can remember. I was evil and hated myself for that. I wanted to be good but I couldn't !!!

I cried to Jesus often for help and forgiveness! And in this dark evil time where I was so uncontrolled, evil and lost; suddenly one night:

JESUS CHRIST appeared to me!

I saw his head and he looked directly into my eyes. And his eyes were so beautiful,
Full of LOVE
❤️and COMPASSION, sooo Holy, soo Good.
I never thought anything sooo good exists.
I got drawn to him like a Magnet. In my Spirit it was if he asked me:
"Follow Me!"
And I answered in my Spirit:
I do whatever you want, I go wherever you want me to, I will follow you, whatever, wherever and whenever!"

And then he suddenly disappeared and I hopped up in bed and was sad that he was gone.

Not long after when I travelled with my partner and two other acquaintances from the west coast to the east coast; I went again through a hard time and were thinking of killing myself, for whatever I did, was wrong. But through a divine appointment, I met a Christian about 1-2 days after, who told me that I can get new water baptised, even when I was a baby and got water baptised, and she gave me the address of her church, where we arrived the next or following day at the evening service. Because when I lived in Meekatharra, where I went through the evil hard time and JESUS appeared there to me in a Vision or whatever it was. It was real! I wanted to make my real own decision for HIM! For the baby baptism wasn't my decision, neither the confirmation. I never knew what it was about, just went through it like school. But I didn't know if I can get new water baptised especially as an adult. I didn't know anything apart Protestant. And that Christian girl near Townsville told me that I can get water baptised as an adult and I was very JOYFUL hearing that. And when we arrived that evening in Townsville it was like a big conference room without pictures etc. and the Christians started to worship JESUS and put their hands up and looked up; I suddenly could see, JESUS is so REAL for them, if they see him sitting on the Throne. And I wanted that also! I was HUNGRY for JESUS to become REAL to (for) me. From the preaching I don't know nothing. But in the end they said, if someone wants a prayer, they shall come into the front. After some time, took me courage, I went in the front and a lady came in front of me and looked directly into my eyes. And suddenly I could see the same (glow) shine in her eyes, like from JESUS when he looked into my eyes.
It was if JESUS looked through her eyes into my eyes. And in this split second,I started to cry (wail) very loud and "uncontrolled"! That was the first time that I had that wailing Love cry. I couldn't stop crying so she called the pastor!

In my Inside and Heart
❤️ I felt:

"Finally arrived at HOME after a hard, long, evil way in life!"
It was such a relieving feeling inside of me, like if I was lost, couldn't find the right way, went through a very very hard evil time, walking in the shadow of death and finally found the RIGHT WAY, got brought HOME, in the Holy, good arms of my dear FATHER in HEAVEN, through HIS beloved begotten SON JESUS the CHRIST, the SAVIOUR of the whole world!!!

It was like if a child runs away from home, got lost couldn't find the way back. Went through hell and suddenly saw LIGHT. And the LIGHT JESUS CHRIST brought it save HOME on his shoulders! This relieving great glorious feeling, no one can understand if you haven't gone through it yourself.
Anyway because everything was so perfect I was begging but really begging the pastor to baptise me the next day, because we had to keep on travelling to Cairns for my German acquaintance had to fly out. And the pastor didn't want to first, because of time pressure. But because I "pushed" him into the corner with begging, he called up to heaven:"Jesus help me!" And straightaway he tipped something in his machine and said tomorrow about 2 pm!

I was full of JOY and couldn't wait:
-To make my final decision for JESUS CHRIST
-To turn away from my evil doing and Sinns
-I wanted my Sinns to be forgiven and forgotten (because I felt judged guilty from Jan.1994 when I had Repentance until the day of water baptism 21 Nov. 1994; since then my conscience
Is cleansed of all my Sinns; before I felt like in a court judged guilty!)
-I wanted a New Start in Life with Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour
- I wanted to live for the good side not anymore for the evil side
- I wanted to be washed clean by HIS BLOOD and by the Water baptism
- I wanted to be like Jesus, follow him; I admired him so much how full of LOVE
❤️ and how good he is!
The next day the pastor went from the stage into a below pool of water, like a little room below the stage full of water. I laughed first when I saw it, for I just knew the water baptism with a bit water sprinkling over your head. That was, when the pastor noticed I don't understand what the water baptism is for. So he explained that AMAZING GRACE PEACE OFFER from GOD ALMIGHTY!

He said:  "When I get drowned backwards flat into the water I die (to the old tanja whom I hated) with JESUS on the CROSS! And when he pulls me out of the water,
I RISE UP WITH CHRIST into a NEW LIFE within HIM! I belong to HIM then! And I receive the Holy Spirit either now or later! I have to ask the Father in Heaven in Jesus Name for him. Because the Holy Spirit is the Hotline between Jesus and me, for communication, comfort, leading, guiding.....

And when I came out of the water I felt like a FRESH NEW BORNE BABY; clean conscience, lightheaded, full of Peace in my Inside and glorious JOY!!! I even jumped up in the air like a child clapping in my hands out of joy praising God! And because it was such a glorious experience, I felt sad that I just can do it once, for this time was my real own decision for him! And it was such an Amazing Experience! And from this water baptism On Jesus Christ Name everything which I was a prisoner of, like marijuana, alcohol, cigarettes and uncontrolled sex fell away! I was totally set free of all this things and much more how I have noticed in the longer run. The desire and lust was completely washed away!

And the evening before the water baptism and on the day of the water baptism was the first time that I noticed my eyes were flickering. But because I didn't get the Holy Spirit in Power at the water baptism, I was very HUNGRY to receive him from my dear Father in Heaven through his beloved Son Jesus the Christ! Because I wanted to know from Jesus what he wants me to do for him. I wanted to know what he likes me to do or not. What I shall leave behind for him. Because all the questions I had at the pastor, I didn't get proper answered. All he said was: "You have to ask Jesus yourself, it's your own, private, intimate relationship with him!"

So, that was the reason why I wanted in all the world emergent the Holy Spirit, for the pastor told me, he is the Hotline and I can communicate with Jesus through him.
The following days we kept on travelling up to Cairns and I was very hungry reading a book about the Holy SPIRIT! I was so right into it, that i was not hungry for normal food! That my acquaintance and partner even got worried. Through another divine appointment I got the address of a Christian fellowship in Cairns, where we went about 8 times to church on Sundays. And had 8 weeks fellowship! There I was asking whoever I found to pray for me so I receive the Holy Spirit. But nothing happened. Then we kept on travelling up to Cooktown. There I met an old Christian man and he has told me his experience how he got baptised with the Holy Spirit and how drunk he was in him, so that he even couldn't drive his car. His wive had to do that!

I was amazed and wanted also that this is happening to me. Through a car brake down we were forced to return to Cairns which gave me much Joy, because I was very much looking forward to go to church again.

And the following Sunday the 18 of Dez.1994 that Amazing Grace experience has happened to me, what also has happened to the Apostel at the Day of Pentecost where they behaved like "drunkards". (Act 2)

There was "an altar" call; whoever wants to feel the Holy Spirit shall come to the front! And wow, I just was waiting for something like that and straightaway in Joy I went to the front.   Suddenly I gently went backwards onto the ground. There I was stuck to the ground for about 1.5-2 hours. I couldn't get up, God's power was holding me down. And when some other people tried to lift me up, God's Power pushed me against their power straight back to the ground.

I felt like Electricity going through my limbs especially over my Mouth-Nose area, it circled around there for a very long time. In my belli I felt something very hot and it pumped like a heart and it went in time break very slowly directly into my heart; and as soon as this has happened, I felt so pure real LOVE
❤️ for JESUS on the cross and cried, out of LOVE ❤️ to JESUS the CHRIST. Also I felt very much Peace and Comfort inside of me. It was such a glorious experience, I never will forget, I believe! Once they got me up, I was so "high" saturated in GOD'S GLORY that I behaved  like a drunkard or a druggy and said "lallend" (couldn't speak proper, spoke like on drugs) slurring speech:" wow that's better than any drug I have ever taken and I never marry!" For I felt so much PURE LOVE ❤️ for JESUS CHRIST that I just wanted to be close united to him!
And in 1991 I was on high drugs for about 3-4 month for example, speed, ecstasy and bit cocain, so I do know what drugs are like!
But this glorious highness what comes from Heaven above, you can not compare with the things from down below. It's so pure and Holy, no words can explain the things Gifts what god has got for us!

This was the start of my experience with Jesus the Christ. I have got much much more to tell, for example he has set me free of all the fear I had; also he has set me free,by his mighty Name Jesus, his Blood, his Holy Spirit, his Holy Angels and with the Victory he achieved over the devil over 2000 years ago, from the evil powers here on earth. Since then I even can't feel them anymore around me! It looks like, if they fly away when they see me coming by Gods Spirit, who lives within me in my Heart
❤️! Also I got introduced from my Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ the risen Lord to my real Father in Heaven; that was a very very very powerful experience! Where I received Power and My dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has touched people especially children through me, by his Holy Spirit in a glorious amazing way! That I myself was so astonished and felt like if I lifted already up to Heaven!

Surly huge persecution from religious people and churches came after me! They threw me out of their meetings. Carried me out, ripped dragged me out! Hit me on my back, saying:"so I spit the "devil" out"; which is and was the Holy Spirit! Amen! But God forgive, for they don't know or knew what they were doing!

Since the water baptism on the 21 Nov.1994 in Townsville, I never belonged to a church or group of People; this was often the case why I got accused to have a devil in me and can't have the Holy Spirit because I don't belong to a church! At the 14 Nov.1995 I had enough when they dragged me out of the entertainment centre in Perth where a big Christian meeting was and accused me again to have a "devil".

I said good bye to the churches then and went my own way with my dear beloved Lord and Saviour Jesus the Christ, my real Love and Real Life! Amen! I did that before anyway but I still went once in a while to a big meeting. But since then, I kept myself away of churches etc....
They always tried very hard to get me involved in some fellowship since the water baptism but I refused from start one!

I want to be free in Christ my dear Lord and Saviour, also Redeemer and Healer! He has healed me now completely from my childhood! To the first time I felt love and compassion for my past bodily "father"! Before, I hated him to death!

My dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has made a much better person out of me, who gets more and more the Gifts of the delightful Powerful Holy Spirit like:
-glorious Joy
-Friendliness and

My real Love and real Life, my dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ has changed my whole Life and he is still doing it for the better!
I love
❤️ Him more than anything in the whole wide world! Amen! Halleluiah!
And I love to give my New Life within Him for Him! Amen!
I feel he is my Lover and I am married to him!!!
And I am waiting with passion for HIS RETURN! Amen!
I had many spiritual experiences but I do not feel to write them all down.
God knows why!!!
I let myself be guided and lead by God's Holy Spirit! Amen!