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Tips On Writing Your Christian Testimony - Pt 1 of 3
The Immeasurable Value Of Your Christian Testimony (God Story) - Pt 2 of 3
How To Write (SHARE) Your Testimony With Impact - Pt 3 of 3

I Would Not Wish This Hell (Outer Darkness) On My Worst Enemy!

Two Incredible Encounters With God That Are So Full Of Hope And Encouragement

My Incredible Experience Of Being In The Mind Of Christ - Literally

Peace About Dying I Didn't Have That Ed Had

How God Miraculously Saved Me and Healed Me Of Chronic Cirrhosis Of The Liver!

The Wisdom Of Detoxing - Juicing - For Your Healing

How I Met Jesus (One of the most amazing personal testimonies you'll ever hear)

From A Young Age As A Girl, I believed Satan's Lie That I Was A Boy

The Greatest Testimony Ever Heard (Told) - Norm Rasmussen

My Personal Struggles And Victories With Trusting The Lord - Norm Rasmussen

Deliverance From Addictions Is Available Through Jesus Christ - Western Michigan Teen Challenge

In The Glorious Presence Of Jesus Christ - Norm Rasmussen

The Demonic Spirit Of Suicide Knocking?  Heads Up! 

Heaven and Hell Testimonies - Lance Trudell - Tim LaFond

Changed Lives By Jesus Christ Through His Word -

My Conversion From Hinduism To Christianity - C. P. Matthew, Pastor

My Unconditional Love Encounter With God On A Dusty Road - Norm Rasmussen

Jesus Christ Saves "Throw-Away" People, And I Thought I Was One Of Them! - Pat

Amazing Testimonies Of People Overcoming Addictions - Teen Challenge

The Miracle Man - Dan Revoir

My Heaven Experience - "It's REAL And AWESOME!" - Lance Trudell

My Eybrow Raising Life-After-Death Encounter - Howard Pittman

How God Helped Me In My Kayak Accident - Kathleen Rasmussen

How A Feakish Car Accident Straightened Out Jesus - Norm Rasmussen

God Healed Me From My Childhood Sexual Abuse - Annie Hicks

Jesus Healed My Deep Wounds From Sexual Incest - Patty

Interesting Airplane Encounter - Laura Timmermann

And All That Time, My Wife Thought I Was Saved - Steve Hytinen

Some Additional Victories In Fasting To Encourage Others - Norm Rasmussen

Rewards Of A Fast To Encourage Others - Norm Rasmussen

VA Vets Are Hungry For God Stories Of Hope  - Norm Rasmussen

Training Your Children To Experience God's Reality Through Prayer  - Barbara McClain/Norm Rasmussen

Money Abuses, Church And God  - Jim Clark

How Do I Fill The Vacuum In My Soul?  - Norm Rasmussen

Real Help For Drug Addiction - Description Dave Greathouse

God And Dad's Plymouth Miracle - Description - Norm Rasmussen

Mystery Lady In A White Dress - Description - Cynthia Williams

I Left God, And I'm Glad He Took Me Back - Description - Pam Wawee 

Delivered And Healed From Schizophrenia - Description - James Stacey

The Book Of Mormon -  Description  - Doug McCrea     

Saved On A Slab Of Ice - DescriptionDoug McCrea  

Western Michigan Teen Challenge - Spring Banquet

Finally Connecting With God Description - Trish Margadona

Finding Christ In Prison - Kevin Cochran 

I Didn't Realize The Holy Spirit Could Be So Much Fun - Brian Gossan 

Connecting With Christ Is So Much Better Than Drugs - Carl Raab

Troubles To Triumph - John Patrick

Loneliness Made Me So Vulnerable - Clara Gibson Pierce

The Monster Under My Bed - Pete Castorena

Passionate With The Love Of God For Hurting People - Nancy Rickles

Salvation Came To Me In A Rather Amazing Way - Bernard Kirabira

I Was Playing Games With God  - Tony Wilkins

Touched By God On A College Bench Sharing The "Willing To Wait On Sexual Intimacy Message" With Youth - Eric Verstraete

I Was So Lonely And Miserable - Scott Reynolds

God Has A Plan For Your Life - Patricia Riley

From Working In A Strip Club To Lover Of God's Amazing Love - Description - Michelle Otero

The Night Jesus Appeared To Me - Description - Denny Tanis

My Hell Encounter - Description - Debra Pursell

Hell - I Really Believed I Was There Description - Linda Laine

I Died And Was Judged By God - Description - Oliver John Calvert

An Angel Saved Our Lives - Description - Barry Pierce

I Could Feel The Flames Of Hell - Description - Frank Davis

The Day The Deliverer Showed Up - Description - Susan Brown

Society's Rebel To God's Bold Warrior - Description - Danny Stevenson

The Morning God Became Real - Description - Norm Rasmussen

My Frightening Dream Of Hell Changed My Life - Description - Alice Cloud

Miraculously Freed From Prison To Help Free Others From Their SPIRITUAL Prisons - Description - Mike Benson

Talk About Needing To Be Saved -- I Was Trapped Under A Car - Description - Rudy Escobar

I Was Called The Dope Fiend From Hell - Description - Pam Martin

Average Life Ghetto Child - Description - Wanda Rogers

Party! Party! Party!  Yet It Didn't Fulfill - Description - Jennifer Owens

What God Did For This Desperate Drug Addict - He'll Do For ANYONE - Description - Moses And Diane Alexander

Little Girl Sexual Abuse - What It Can Do To You - Description - Debra Foran

I Hated My Husband So Much, I Decided To Poison Him - Description - Nona Wright

I Was Buried Alive  - Description - Ken Owens

I Was Thankful To Be Delivered From The Mormon Cult - Description -  Shelly Bauer

Desperate To Hear The Voice Of God - Description - Andrew Leach

God Delivered Me From 26 Years Of Schizophrenia - Description - James Stacey

Once Gay But Now Accepted And Loved In Christ - Description - Darol Stacy

Victory Finally Over Alcohol And Drug (Crack) Addiction - Description - Tom Rankey

I Died On A Drug Overdose And Left My Body (And God Spoke To Me) - Fred Spica

Love On A Dusty Road - How God Revealed His Unconditional Love To Me - Description - Norm Rasmussen

From The Flagpole To The Cross - Cal Aldrink

I Felt Like A Little Kitten Caught In A Trap - Description - Rosemary Barnes

So You Want To Be A Professional Thief? - Description - Perfecto Brown

I Was In A Major Battle Between Good And Evil - Description - Judy Moore

Longing For Love And A Meaningful Relationship - Description - Kathleen Rasmussen

My Marriage Was On The Rocks - Description - Flora Cheadle

I Loved Music And Smoking Dope - Description - Doug White

Starved For Love And Looking In All The Wrong Places - Description - Rae Slager (Hall)

Is Hell Real?  Here Is How I Got My Answer - Description - Norm Rasmussen

Raped - Description - By: Valerie Faulkner

Losing Someone You Love Is Painful - Description - Denny Heeringa

Dope Addiction To Street Minister - Description - Doug Malear

The Holy Spirit Made The Difference - Description - Jerry Cheadle

Oh Man - I've Been Shot - Description - Jerry Wilkerson

I Was Healed Of An Incurable Disease - Description - Jim Barbarossa

I Had No Control - My Addiction Controlled Me - Description - Cathie Rohloff

Alcohol And Anger: A Lethal Combination - Description - Dennis Napieralski

Misunderstandings About God - Description - Leon Alderman

The Life And Times Of Amazing "Momma Sue Seals" - Description - Sue Seals

Sports And Booze Was My God - Description - Jim La Duke

What's This Born Again - Holy Spirit - "Stuff"? - Description - Mike Anderson

Is You Name Written In The Lamb's Book Of Life, Or Do You Care? - Description - Larry Houseman

Can The Bible Really Be Trusted? - Description - Norm Rasmussen

How Joe Constalleno Became Born Again - Joe Constalleno

Help!  I Can't Take It Anymore! - Description - Dale Hop

The Milk Miracle - Description - Judy Peel

What Does The Lordship Of Jesus Christ Really Mean?  - Mark Howard

It's Been A Rocky Spiritual Journey - (But Worth It!) - Orville Sullivan

You Can Make It! - Richelle Lutz

I Knocked On Hell's Gate - DescriptionDebra Pursell

Saved From Vietnam - Norm Rasmussen

More Than We Could Ask Or Think - Description - Beth and Steve Poll

How I Became The Witness God Intended Me To Become - Jim and Carla Barbarossa

Butcher Knife Bear Attack Story (If you could use a little humor about now) - Calvin Bergsma

Let God Use Your Testimony - Description - Daryl Favreau

Abused - Abortions - Abandoned - Description - Cathy Van Portfleet

Understanding Reasons For Being Gay - Lesbian - Description - David Kyle Foster

I Just Wanted Someone To Help Me - Description - Billy Schneider

Saved From Suicide - Description - Toni Gonzalez

Treated Like A Worthless Nobody - Teen Challenge

Jew Converts To Jesus - Teen Challenge

Through Jesus, You Can Become Something - Description - Jim Berdinkski

Amazing Vietnam Stories - Phil Hovinga

My Secret To A Fruitful Prayer Life - Description - Florence Bohner

A Prisoner And His Shoeshine Box - Kennedy Akins

Christians Have Power No One Else Has - David Dodes

You've Got To Be Aggressive With The Devil - Nancy Dodes

"Boy - You Better Start Praying Or You Are Going To Die!" - Real Life Stories

"I Love You Rachel -- I'll See You In Heaven" - Joe Fleeger

I'm Living Proof Of What God Can Do In A "Nobody" - Description - Gerald Blue

Lord - I Give You My Mess - Description - Ed Tripp

How Sue Tanis Became Born Again - Description - Sue Tanis

Prisoners Killing Prisoners In Prison Over Nothing - Description - Perfecto Brown

Failing Isn't The Problem - Description - Henry Bullis

God Sent A Butterfly To Show Me His Reality - Description - Alta Monte

Praise And Thanksgiving Is The Language Of Faith - Kathleen Rasmussen

Persistence In Prayer Is Vitally Important - Dave Steenwyk and Calvin Bergsma

Through A Little Boy's Eyes - John Morris

The Devastation Of Bottled Up Anger - Description - Steve Aman

Supernaturally Touched By God - Steve Goulooze

Rewards In Heaven - My Amazing Dream - Description - Norm Rasmussen

Jesus Can Be Whatever You Need - Mary Lou Blue

There Really Is A God Afterall - Description - Judy Peel

Healing Insights For Those Who Have Been Sexually Abused As A Child - Description - Jeff Mills

My Frightening Out Of Body Encounter - Description - Rick Lopez

How I Got Stretched By The Holy Spirit - Description - Frank Fernandez

Simply Sharing My Love For God - Description - Kristy Miller

The Pain Of Losing A Loved One Can Cause One To Be Bitter With God - Complete Version - Description - Richard Augburn

Filled With Rage - Description - Hugh Hackney

Garage Sale Salvation - Description - Phyllis Krueger

I'm Not Taking Abuse Anymore! - Complete Version - Angie Green

Speeding To Find Happiness - Description - Chris Wickey

Love Is Calling - Description - Alonzo Rozemond

Barb - Don't Take Your Life - Description - Hal Leath

Painful Confessions Of A Former Drunk - Description - Ervin Johnson

Anna Finds Jesus - Description - Anna Wickey

A REAL LIFE STORY (All For The Glory Of God) - Real Life Story Book

What Prayer Accomplished In My Husband - Tina Stacey

More Than We Can Ask Or Imagine - Description - Beth and Steve Poll

Trials Of A Single Parent - Description - Vi Schneider

Life After A Very Short Death - Description - Nelson Moren

I've Been Shot! - Description - Emilio Piontes

Beware Of The Gambling Trap - Description - Ervin Rogers

Either Take Me To Heaven ... Or Heal Me Right Now - Description - Pat Dillinger

God -- WHY Are You Doing This To Me? - Description - Rae Slager (Hall)

From Atheist To God Lover - Description - John Anthony

Temptation Knocked On The Door And I Opened It Wide - Description - Jack Quaid

Four Fingers Cut Off In An Accident (Miracle - WOW!) - Real Life Stories Book

You May Not Have Lived Through The End Of The Year - Real Life Stories Book

Who Is The TRUE Jewish Messiah? - Description - David Halphern

How I Became Born Again - Sue Tanis

No - It Wasn't Luck ... It Was God - Description - Steve Krueger

Stabbed 14 Times And Given Up For Dead - Description - Marie Mosely (Dail)

What I Came To Realize About Jesus Christ: WOW! - Judy Rousseau

An Impossible Marriage Restored - Description - Paul and Judy Rousseau

Traumatized By Teen Age Sexual Abuse - Description - Betty Mullinax

Getting High With Friends Turned Into Full Blown Cocaine Addiction  - Description - Jamaesha Gilbert

Discovering God's Amazing Love  - Tim Hall

Delivered From A Fifth Of Booze A Day - Mark Jones

Sifted Like Wheat (Demonic Oppression)  - MP3 - Norm Rasmussen

Out Of Prison And Excited To Do The Work Of Jesus - Troy Hayes

My Struggles And Victory With God - Tom Treeza

The Void Has Been Filled - George Kantz

Rejection - Bitterness No More! - Fred Spica

Together Again - Description - Dave & Laura Greathouse

Comfort & Hope For Grieving Parents - Ann Niskala

Lost In The Canadian Wilderness - Description - Norm Rasmussen


Video Christian Testimonies Glorifying Jesus Christ

Dear Reader - are you at peace with God?  If not, you can be.  Do you know what awaits you when you die?  You can have the assurance from God that heaven will be your home, if you would like to be certain.  Either Jesus Christ died for your sins, or He didn't (He did!).  Are you prepared to stand before God on the Judgment Day and tell Him that you didn't need the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross to have your sins forgiven and get in right-standing with God?  We plead with you...please don't make such a tragic mistake.

To get to know God, to be at peace with God, to have your sins forgiven, to make certain heaven will be your home for eternity, to make certain that you are in right-standing with God right now ... please click here to help you understand the importance of being reconciled to God.  What you do about being reconciled to God will determine where you will spend eternity, precious one.  Your decision to be reconciled to God is the most important decision you'll ever make in this life. 

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