By: Charmagne McGillivray

And they overcame him (devil) by the blood of the Lamb
and the word of their testimony. (Rev 12:11)

I first heard of Set Free Ministries from a friend who has had many difficult situations in her life. Someone at her church recommended Set Free to her as a possible source of help. She requested an application and found the personal inventory very personal and very intense. Before sending in her paperwork she asked if I would be her spiritual partner. You see, we met three years ago at a Walk to Emmaus and have been connected by the love of God ever since. It is a true blessing to have unconditional love from another person. Of course, I accepted; prayer is something I enjoy and do very often!

When we arrived at the church, I thought I would go into another room and pray while they worked. To my surprise I was right in the room with her. What a night for both of us. It was all I could do to remain focused on her and God, and pray while she went through each step. I cannot remember a time when my prayer was such a concerted effort. At the end of the first session I left feeling defeated, convicted, and spiritually spent. I was emotionally down for days. It took all I had mentally to go to her next appointment. I spent the whole day praying to God for both of us. I knew if it was hard on me, it had to be even harder for her. Little did I know that was wrong.

During that last night I continued to pray with all I had in me and all God would provide. While praying for her while she related an experience of physical abuse, a memory came over me, something I had no idea was real, something that would change my life. God allowed me to remember abuse in my own childhood in a safe and loving environment. That session ended with me asking the leaders to be able to go through the sessions myself.

I told how I finally remembered abuse that happened in my home while I was growing up and how for the last week I felt like I had a lead weight tied around every limb of my body. The counselors handed me an inventory and set up an appointment for me the very next week. For that week I felt like I was bound to this world and the past so tightly, I would never be free. I suffered from problems of sleeping, eating, concentrating, and I was angry at everyone and everything for no obvious reason. It was like my whole life finally made sense and I hated it.

When the night came for my appointment, I was both excited and scared. I had no idea what was going to happen even though I had been through appointments with my friend, who I did ask to be my prayer partner. I honestly knew in my heart that she wouldn’t show; she did and then I knew she wouldn’t love me once she heard what I had to say. I was wrong again, Praise the Lord! We are closer now than ever before.

As I went through the Steps to Freedom I could feel each weight being taken off. Each step freed me from things both known and unknown that kept me bound to this world. By the end of my experience I felt such overwhelming freedom that joy and peace were the only words I could think of to express how I feel. I realized that up until that night, I was a prisoner to fear, addictions, and lies. Now I am free of those and I have never felt better!

Sleep is a friend that is welcomed and enjoyed in my home for the first time in years. My son even commented on how much happier I seemed and how he wanted to spend more time with me. Co-workers now come to me to talk and visit. It is true, when allowing God to work through us and free us from this world, His light will shine from us so bright that others will be drawn to us. Now I am not saying that I am perfect from this experience. I do have a counselor who is working with me on my abuse experience, there is a lot of history there that needs to be exposed to the light. What I am saying is that I have a security and freedom in Christ that I never had before. He has touched me deep inside and exposed all the lies of Satan for what they are, just lies. I now can see things more clearly and this allows me to set the priorities of things in my life. His lies will be defeated with God’s truth.

I thank Neil Anderson and all those involved in the Set Free Ministries and his books - Bondage Breakers and Victory in Darkness. I live everyday with the thought that "God's will will not lead me where the grace of God cannot keep me" (Victory over Darkness). With that there is no fear left, only faith in God and His desire for me to remain free!

Thank you for taking the time to read my testimony of how the Lord Jesus has set me free.  If you have any questions or have any prayer requests, I encourage you to contact me.  Just click on the link with my name and you can email me that way.  If you would like to contact Set Free Ministries, just click on the links below also for their contact addresses.  Thanks again and God bless you!

Charmagne McGillivray

NOTE FROM EDITOR:  The person who wrote this testimony did so after going through the "Steps to Freedom In Christ" with volunteer prayer partners from Set Free Ministries. If you have a desire to get right with God and experience God's love and forgiveness then call us at Set Free Ministries to go through your very own freedom appointment . 

"For who the Son sets free is free indeed"  

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